Jessica Simpson vs Aaliyah

Jessica Simpson v.s Aaliyah Haughton

Jessica Simpson was familiar with Aaliyah’s catfighting skills. She had been studying all of the young ebony girl's past matches and made it a life goal to destroy this actress. After a couple of weeks of rough training Jessica was ready and booked a match against her opponent. Aaliyah was a little worried. She never saw a certain celebrity ready to take her apart like Jessica, but still remained cocky as she just retaliated by making rude gestures about her, hoping to show her bad side.

Aaliyah was the first to enter the ring. She wore a pair of gray baggy blue jeans, black boxers, a white tube top that was stretched around her firm breast, and her usual hair over the left eye style. She waved to her cheering fans as she blew out kisses and poses to the cameras. She was hoping to win the crowd over by cheap pops, but still Aaliyah was not getting the support that she was hoping for.

Next Jessica came to the ring wearing a very innocent school girls outfit. She had on a red plaid school skirt, long white knee sox's, a white silk blouse, and her hair tied in a pony tail. Jessica had a very huge smile as she jumped into the ring and stood toe to toe with the ebony goddess. The two stood breast to breast. They began to exchange words about what they thought of each other, but all of a sudden Aaliyah’s mouth dropped as she looked behind Jessica and saw Ananda Lewis and Christina Aguilera walking to the ring.

Jessica took advantage of Aaliyah’s shock as she spit in Aaliyah's eyes and locked her in a head lock. Aaliyah squirmed under Jessica’s arms. Jessica used her other hand to slap Aaliyahs head like drums. Just as Aaliyah was powering out she leaped forwards and smashed the ebony beauty face first into the ground. Aaliyah managed to get on her knees but not for long before she was sent back down with a hard kick to her spine. Jessica had noticed in Aaliyah's past videos that she was having problems with her back and knew that was the main target. She began to send stomp after stomp smashing the poor girl flat on the mat. Jessica sent one more hard stomp down before grabbing her long silky hair and pulling her back on her feet. Jessica grabbed a hold of her boxers and wedged them up between her legs giving her an amazing ride but Aaliyah retaliated by grabbing Jessica’s head and jammed it between her breast. Jessica was shocked at this move. She didn’t expect this and soon she let go of her boxers and laid lifeless in the black breast.

Aaliyah gave out a sigh of relief as she rearranged her boxers and began to go to work on the white princess. She began to slash her claws all over Jessica’s white body leaving huge red claw marks all over her soft flesh. Aaliyah slashed back and forth making sure to rip away her blouse leaving her wide open for an attack. Jessica stood in the ring clutching at her huge breast as the ebony beauty began to claw and slap them bright red. Aaliyah, after making sure Jessica was dazed, grabbed both of her sexy love handles and lifted the girls up and dropped her across her knee in an inverted atomic drop. Jessica clutched at her womanhood as she bounced around the mat. Next Aaliyah grabbed her from behind and began to send knee lift after knee lift into Jessica’s pink plump ass. With each smack Jessica groaned in pain as she desperately tried to fight the black knee out of her ass but it was too much and soon Jessica was once again in space. Aaliyah kicked her in the gut and set her up for a power bomb, but before lifting her up, she gave her one last humiliation as she pulled up Jessica’s skirt revealing her bright red ass to the crowd. She then lifted her up in the air and attempted to throw her down but Jessica hooked her legs and flipped Aaliyah over in a huricanranna. The crowd gave out a loud cheer as Aaliyah was thrown almost out of the ring as she fell into the ropes tied up.

The two ladies where both a little dazed but Jessica recovered quicker and reached over at Aaliyah's belt and yanked it from Aaliyah’s pants. She returned the favor to Aaliyah for past attacks as she pulled down Aaliyah’s tube top revealing her chocolate breast to the whole crowd. Jessica then began to lash the belt across her chest making the poor girl scream in pain as the leather strap cuts into her breast like knives. With each loud smack her breast would sway back and forth. After a couple of whips her breast turned bright red as blood rushed into the orbs. Jessica then tied the belt around Aaliyah’s neck and whipped her across the ring. In a huge embarrassment, since Aaliyah didn’t have her belt to hold her pants up, her jeans fell down tripping her up and making the young actress fall face first into the ground. The crowd cheered and laughed, and Aaliyah was turning bright red from humiliation. Aaliyah laid sprawled out in the ring as Jessica took a hold of her little leash on Aaliyah and began to mock the ebony beauty by dragging her around the ring. She soon came to rest back in the center and locked on a camel clutch, again working on her back. To add more insult she still had a hold of the leash and was bending her in a U. Aaliyah was turning purple as little veins began to pop out all over her body and soon she passed out.

Jessica dropped the sweat soaked girl and pulled her up by her boxers and began to dangle her in the air making her ass cheeks and pussy lips burst out from the sides. Aaliyah was a total mess. Her body turned pale and her hair was a mess as sweat pour out of her skin like a faucet. Aaliyah begged Jessica to let her go as her boxer material was cutting up her hairy pussy lips. She gave one last hard pull before throwing her to the ropes and tying her arms between the middle and top rope. Jessica kissed her fist and cocked them as far back as she could, and smashed them into Aaliyah’s pretty face knocking out her two front teeth, blooding her nose, and giving her a black eye.

Aaliyah woke up. She could barely move her face but had enough in her to see herself tied up in the ropes. Aaliyah begged Jessica with offers of every sort hoping to stop Jessica’s punishment. Before she could give one last offer she was shut up when Jessica shot her fist into Aaliyah’s flabby gut. Aaliyah bursted out into tears and felt she might pass out again. Jessica then pulled down Aaliyah’s boxers revealing her batted down bush and grabbed a hold of it. Aaliyah’s eye widened as Jessica made sure to slip a finger between the sweaty lips as she began to squeeze and rip apart her cunt. It wasn’t long before Aaliyah bursted into a huge orgasm as her juices splattered onto the mat along with some small curly hair. Aaliyah was in shock. She just had lost her virginity to another women in front of millions of people but she quickly lost thought of that as Jessica ripped out a huge patch of hair and jammed it into Aaliyah’s own mouth. Aaliyah had no idea what was going to happen next but soon she found out as she felt something hold her feet apart.

She managed to glance to the side and saw Christina and Ananda holding her. She once again cried for her help, but what happened next took her mind right off of that. Jessica stepped back and did a football type kick between her legs. The shock was to much for Aaliyah as she lost control of her blatter and let out a long stream of piss all over the place. The bell was rung as it was obvious that Aaliyah had lost.

Christina and Ananda jumped into the ring to celebrate with Jessica who pranced around the ring to the claps and cheers from the fans. Aaliyah finally fell to the ground and was managing to crawl out of the ring but then was pulled back, Ananda and Christina weren’t done yet. Aaliyah screamed for mercy as she offered anything to them but instead got a boot to the face. They dragged her to the middle of the ring and started to send elbow after elbow into Aaliyah’s back trying desperately to break it. Jessica surprisingly stepped in and pulled them back. She bent over Aaliyah and lowered her ass about two inches from her face. Jessica then demanded that Aaliyah to eat her out. Soon the ebony beauty complied and began to lick away. Jessica gave out groans of excitement. After Jessica finished she stood up and signaled Ananda and Christina to pick Aaliyah up. They pulled the ebony actress to her feet where they bent her over giving the crowd a good view of her black ass. Jessica grabbed a permanent pen from Ananda and began to run the tip in and out of Aaliyah’s hole just teasing her. She then began to write her name in huge bold letters across her cheeks before shoving the pen back into her cunt. Aaliyah cried. She has never been so humiliated in her life but had no choice. It was obvious the new Generation Next team had marked her a slave. They then dropped her nude body to the mat gave her one last kick into her ass before leaving her half dead in the ring.

The End?

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