Madonna vs Natalie Portman


Promoters and fans anticipated the cock fight between Natalie Portman and Madonna ever since it was announced a few weeks ago. As the time for the match approached, Natalie grew more anxious and nervous. She didn’t know how exactly to prepare for the match and she had no strategy for the match either. Not to mention that this was her first ever fight in her life, which made her nervous and anxious already, it would be her first cock fight which made her more nervous. She would fight in front a large live and televised worldwide audience, naked of all things, which added to her anxiety even more. If all that didn’t make her want to give up already, she would fight with one of the most experienced and elite fighters in the business, not to mention one of the most feared fighters of all, not to mention best cock fighter of all, Madonna. She looked up to and respected Madonna for her lifetime accomplishments, but she also feared her as well due to her fighting ability and what she‘s done to her opponents. She wanted to call off the match before it started but decided against it because she didn’t want to appear as a wimp. She paced back and forth nervously in her locker room waiting for the match to begin.

Match time came and both were in the ring both wearing 12-inch dildos. The ring announcer introduced both competitors and Natalie only got a few cheers, whereas Madonna got the most cheers and she reveled in it, by blowing them kisses and doing a little dance for them. She was in awesome shape, especially for her age. She was as strong as ever as her body was very toned from all her exercising and weight lifting. Natalie nervously looked over Madonna’s strong form and envied her body because her own body is toned but nowhere near that form. Natalie had a confident yet nervous look about her in the ring.

The bell rang to start the match and the two approached each other, but Natalie more tentatively. They lock up for a test of strength, their muscles straining as they push against each other. Natalie’s back arches and she begins to lose ground as Madonna quickly gains the upper hand and starts to push her back. Taking advantage of the situation, Madonna kneed Natalie a few times in the crotch eliciting a few shrieks of pain and causing her to double over a little whereupon Madonna kneed her a few more times in the gut causing Natalie even more pain. Their hands still together from the strength contest, Madonna uses her superior strength to throw Natalie into the corner, whereupon Natalie holds her hurting body. Not one to let her opponents rest, plus noticing Natalie’s growing fear, the wily veteran Madonna pounces on Natalie and unleashes a series of punches to Natalie‘s prone body and face. Madonna follows up the punches and kicks to Natalie’s body causing her to slump to a sitting position in the corner with her legs spread and arms draped over the second rope.

Madonna then holds the rope for leverage as she places her foot on Natalie’s exposed throat and presses down. Natalie flails at then grabs Madonna’s leg trying to get the foot off but to no avail. "I‘m going to sex you up little girl. You got into a cock fight with the wrong woman." said Madonna almost gleefully as she pressed her foot down on Nat‘s throat.

Madonna released her foot and paraded around the ring with her arms up victoriously knowing that she’s in control of the match. She even asks members of the audience how they wanted to see their favorite star do her young competitor. After a short interlude, Madonna walks back to Natalie in the corner who by now has got her breath back. Madonna grabs her by the hair pulling her to her feet and as she does Natalie tries to take a few swipes at her but is too far away. Madonna hurdles Natalie off the ropes and as she is coming back to her, kicks her in the stomach causing her to instinctively double over. Then using her superior strength, Madonna hoists Natalie up vertically upside down in the air, twirls her around and slams her back into her outstretched knee eliciting a painful scream from Natalie. While still on her knee, Madonna pushed down on Natalie‘s throat causing her to arch her back a little and with her free hand, began pummeling Natalie’s exposed stomach, chest and breasts. After having her fun with this momentary punishment, Madonna releases Natalie‘s throat and begins mauling her breasts eliciting more painful screams from her. Throughout all the punishment, Madonna is smiling because she enjoys being able to dominate her opponent so easily, who is too weak and scared to defend herself.

After a moment of breast mauling that turned Natalie’s breasts into throbbing red orbs of pain, she pulls Natalie hair and brings her to her feet. She puts Natalie in a headlock and takes a few steps back. Natalie is aware of what Madonna is planning to do and starts punching her in the stomach, but she stops when Madonna knees her a couple times in the chest. Madonna quickly follows up with a DDT causing Natalie’s head to viciously connect with the mat. Natalie’s body trembles slightly before it turns over into a sitting position. Natalie has a blank stare on her face before she falls onto her back.

Having a bad girl streak in her and wanting to have a little more fun at Natalie’s expense, Madonna slides up and wraps her legs around Natalie’s neck in a classic scissor hold. Natalie, Being too dazed and weak to do anything offers little resistance as she kicks her legs a little and arches her back. Madonna smiles at Natalie’s attempts to free herself. Natalie soon begins to sob and plead with Madonna "P-Please Madonna, I…I can’t take anymore. I give up."

"Awww, poor Natalie can’t take anymore? She wants to give up. Things aren’t that easy Natalie." teased Madonna as she flexed her thigh muscles causing Natalie to groan in pain.

Becoming more scared, Natalie sobs even more and getting desperate, she says "I-I‘ll do whatever you want, just don‘t hurt me anymore."

"You’re scared of me aren’t you?" asked Madonna.

"Yes, very scared." said a trembling Natalie.

"You’ll do whatever I want, won’t you bitch?" said Madonna with a sadistic glee in her voice.

"Yes, I‘ll do whatever you want. I know what you‘ve done to the other wrestlers and don‘t want you to do the same to me." responded Natalie with a quiver in her voice.

"In that case, let‘s make a deal, if you give up and promise to be my little bitch, I‘ll stop torturing you. What do you say Natalie? Do you surrender to my superiority?" said Madonna smiling as she knew Natalie would agree to anything at this point.

Knowing she‘s in no position to negotiate and she was turning red from the lack of air, Natalie responds "Yes Madonna, I give up. I surrender to your superiority. I promise to be your little bitch, just don’t torture me anymore and finish me."

At that point Madonna released the hold and stood up. She watched as Natalie gasped for air, remove her own dildo throwing it aside and spread her legs as a sign that she‘s ready for her defeat. Madonna straddled Natalie’s stomach. She then leaned over and began kissing and licking Natalie’s sore neck all the while massaging her breasts and nipples softly as she prepared Natalie for her first loss. Natalie, knowing that she was powerless to do anything against Madonna and hoping to be in her good graces, offered no resistance. In one motion, Madonna placed her lips on that of Natalie‘s for a passionate kiss and laid her body so that her dildo was in prime position for maximum effect. She then slowly inserted the dildo inside Natalie’s womanhood and began to thrust it back and forth inside of it. Natalie‘s moans were muffled by Madonna passionate kissing. Madonna soon raised her head up and placed her hands on Natalie‘s shoulders as she continued to grind away at Natalie‘s womanhood.

"How does this feel Natalie? Doesn‘t it feel good to be controlled like this?" asked Madonna seemingly unaware of Natalie’s moans of pleasure.

"Yes, mistress. It feels so good. Do me like the whore I am." said Natalie as she the sensation of pleasure was coursing through her body and her body gyrating to the beat of Madonna‘s thrusts in her womanhood. Her gyrations and moaning increased until she screamed in orgasmic pleasure when her fluids finally released in climax. It didn‘t stop there for either of them, Madonna continued to pump away at Natalie‘s womanhood even though she had been declared the winner and for Natalie, her first orgasm was like a domino effect as one orgasm quickly followed another. Madonna soon gave Natalie and her worn body rest as she removed the dildo from her womanhood causing Natalie to give out one last moan and body spasm. Madonna then crawled up Natalie’s body and place the dildo, soaked in Natalie’s juices, above her mouth.

"Time to taste your own juices, sweetie. I want you to clean off your own juices from this dildo, you got that?" ordered Madonna as she pressed the dildo to Natalie‘s mouth, and to no one’s surprised, Natalie submissively obeyed as she opened up her mouth, took the dildo in and cleaned the juices off.

With the dildo cleaned off, Madonna stood up ordered Natalie to come to her dressing room afterward for training and then left the ring to her dressing room to the chants of her name. Natalie, collected herself after a few minutes and finally left the ring to begin her new life as Madonna‘s new bitch.

Madonna still the Queen of The Cock Fight

Natalie becomes a Sex Slave



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