Madonna vs Aaliyah

Aaliyah Dani Haughton v.s Madonna (Cock Match)

Aaliyah had already lost her first cock match to Jessica Simpson and hope to level it out by beating the cock queen herself Madonna at her own game. Not that long ago, fellow group member Britney Spears, was put in a match against Madonna where the pop princess found herself being buried alive. Nelly Furtado and Aaliyah charged the ring hoping to save their leader but only ended up with huge headaches. Finally being bounded together and strapped up against a steel railing.

After the match Aaliyah was infuriated by Madonna’s actions and found her career in the Stone Rage organization was on a downward slide. Aaliyah had not even been asked to be in any big matches yet. So by winning her second match she hopes that this would boost her ranking and give her the number one war queen title shot. Before the cock match took place Aaliyah was prompted by her fellow groupie Britney Spears and newest friend Nelly Furtado as they escorted her down to the ring.

Aaliyah was wearing a simple leopard skin tube top with matching leopard skin hot pants which she showed off her famous ass to the crowd. She had no problem wedging her own shorts up a little higher in her ass crack. The crowd went crazy, they did not know much about this young ebony girl, but new she had a body that was very fuckable. As Generation Next prepared to put the 10 inch strap-on around Aaliyah’s waste they were startled by Madonna’s quick entrance. The war queen jumped into the ring and stood face to face with the ebony goddess.

“Wow so you're the famous girl in this organization that gets bossed around. What do they call you again...hold on I cant remember your it Ugliyah?” mocked Madonna.

“As a matter of fact it's Aaliyah and trust me by the end of this night I will strip you of your title and your dignity after I stick this 10 inch dick between your legs.” threatened Aaliyah.

“Hmm only a 10 inch huh, well now I know your a amateur.” Madonna reached out from the ring side and pulled out a very huge 25inch strap-on cock. “Ahhh don’t be afraid its OK, I'll go easy on your tight ass hole, but only if you tell your two lesbian friends to leave the ring......unless you're afraid of me dominating you like so many other people are.” asked Madonna.

With out permission from Aaliyah, Nelly and Britney didn’t even hesitate to leave the ring. Before Aaliyah could turn around to confront them, they were already half way gone. Aaliyah desperately pressed up against the ropes screaming for them to come back. Turning her back away from the blonde icon was her first mistake. Madonna slammed the side of her dildo up against Aaliyah’s jiggly ass and sent waves through the blubber. Aaliyah turned around just in time to see Madonna’s fist land straight in front of her smooth face. The ebony goddess was shot back up against the ropes where Madonna gripped onto Aaliyah’s small 10inch cock and began to twirl Aaliyah around in circles by it. Aaliyah was thrown around like a doll. To her relief, the buckle on her dildo snapped and she was released from Madonna’s grip. Aaliyah stumbled back to her feet. She charged Madonna and attempted to land a splash but the veteran moved out of the way just enough, then she grabbed the back of Aaliyah’s silky black hair and slammed her backwards into the ground. Aaliyah crumpled up into a ball as Madonna managed to rip out a handful of black hair. She then sprinkled it back on Aaliyah’s body.

“Poor girl! Look at you, its only been about 1 minute and your already knocked out” sneered Madonna as she reached down and grabbed hold of Aaliyah’s leopard skin shorts and hoisted them up between her two blubbery ass cheeks.

Aaliyah let out a short yelp as the cotton material easily slid up her tan ass cheeks. To her disbelief Madonna did not only hoist the shorts between her legs, she managed to lift the small ebony girl off the ground by them. Aaliyah cried as all of her 120 pounds of weight was focused in on her very sensitive crotch section. She kicked wildly to try to get free. Madonna bounced Aaliyah up and down as if she was a toy but soon enough the sweat that was pouring out of Aaliyah’s ass crack made the material soft and very easy to rip. Aaliyah landed hard on the ground with a thud.

Aaliyah held her pained crotch. She massaged her hairy pussy trying to get the burning feeling out. But it didn’t take long before Madonna worked her magic as she jammed the 25 inch dildo deep into Aaliyah's unexpecting mouth. Aaliyah gagged as she felt the tip of the cock slide between her two slimy lips. She gripped onto the cock and desperately tried to pull it out, but the stonger Madonna overpowered Aaliyah and almost shoved the entire thing down Aaliyah’s throat.

For a couple of seconds, Aaliyah stood still in shock and thought she was going to die. Madonna, seeing how much she could toy with this washed up singer, pulled the sticky dildo out of Aaliyah’s mouth and began to smack it against Aaliyah’s face. Aaliyah whimpered in pain as she laid bottomless on the ground with drool dripping out of her mouth from the deep throating. But as the smacks from the hard cock started increasing Aaliyah’s sensitivity started decreasing.

The ebony beauty shot up with rage and tackled the surprised icon down to the ground and straddled her stomach. Aaliyah began to send punch after punch into Madonna’s soft face as Aaliyah started to let off a lot of anger, but once again the veteran using her wide knowledge of cock fighting. She reached under Aaliyah’s two thighs grabbed hold of her huge dick and jammed it into Aaliyah’s small black ass hole. Aaliyah was shocked! She sat up from pain, but just as she sat up Madonna sent a hard right uppercut between her two black thighs causing her pussy lips to splatter against her fist. Aaliyah groaned in pain as she clenched her legs tightly together trying to squeeze the dick out but it was no use. Soon enough the dick was taking its toll and Aaliyah felt a huge rumble in her bladder. Aaliyah looked around helplessly. She cried out for Britney and Nelly, who were in the back watching nervously. They saw Aaliyah’s small sweaty body start to tense as the ebony goddess desperately tried to keep herself from orgasming. Madonna seeing the stamina in Aaliyah’s body took the easy way out as she slid underneath Aaliyah’s spread legs and slipped a finger in between the tip of her pussy. She stroked it up and down Aaliyah’s pussy line giving her a huge masturbation while at the same time jammed the dick into her tight ass hole.

Sweat began to pour out of Aaliyah’s face as she turned red from pain. As time passed Aaliyah let out a final plea for help as she gripped onto her bulging stomach and let out a high pitch scream. All at once she lost control of her body and let out a shower of orgasm all over the ground. The force from the orgasm was amazed Madonna. She had never seen so much orgasmic juice forced out of a young body. As Aaliyah stood suspended on her feet as gushes of white and green slime began to pour out of every opening from Aaliyah’s body. After the huge loss of juices in Aaliyah’s body the ebony queen fell down to her knee’s with a blank look on her face, then fell straight down face first into the pile of juices. It was obvious she was to tired to fight on.

Madonna had a huge smile on her face. Out of all the cock matches she had been in, this was the most arousing. She was covered in Aaliyah’s filth. After a strokng orgasmic slime from her eyes Madonna, rolled Aaliyah onto her stomach. She placed the tip of her huge dick right up against Aaliyah’s pink pussy lips. Afterall, her ass hole has been already ripped completely wide open. Aaliyah’s pussy lips looked very raw. They have turned very bright pink standing out from the rest of her tan body. To no avail Madonna lived up to the name “war queen” as she gripped onto both of Aaliyah’s slender ankles and began to slide Aaliyah towards her, making the dildo slide smoothly up between her vaginal canal. After 15 inches the dildo had trouble traveling smoothly, Madonna was forced to use some of her power. She slammend her hips making the dick rip through some of Aaliyah’s inner pussy tissue, till the huge cock was 25 inches deep into Aaliyah’s impaled body. The crowd was in “aw”! They thought it could not be done, but Madonna proved them wrong. She managed to stuff a 25 inch cock into a 5’8 tall women with out killing her. The bell was rang and Madonna was announced the winner.

To make sure it was record a doctor with a x-ray came down to the ring almost tripping in Aaliyah’s orgasmic juice and took pictures. The very next day the x-rays were put up everywhere on X-rated web pages, "People’s Magazine", and the t.v show Guinness Book of Records showing the 25 inch dildo logged from the opening of her vagina.

Surprisingly out of all this, Britney Spears and Nelly Furtado swore revenge on Madonna for putting there star player out of action. Once Aaliyah returned she earned the respect of every person in the locker room and was more widley used in there rosters.

The End?


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