As our Final Tribute of Aaliyah here is a story by New Writer of Aaliyah vs new comer Alicia Keys - enjoy


Aaliyah wore some black cotton panties that stretched perfectly around her two ass cheeks with a matching small black padded bra that clung loosely around her little breast. Her opponent on the other had was very new to this sport, since this was going to be her first ever catfight match, she was dressed to impress. Alicia Keys had on low cut denim jeans that were centimeters from the tip of her ass crack as her plump and juicy ass stuck out in that air. She also had on a red v-neck tank top with a white lace bra that pushed up her modest breast, making them look plumper and softer. Alicia had already made a huge impact in the music industry and now she was hoping to take over the catfighting industry by starting at the bottom of the list with Aaliyah.

The two locked up where Aaliyah quickly started off the match with a thumb to the eye followed by a front headlock. Alicia grunted in shock as she looked for a reversal, but Aaliyah quickly changed tatics and bulldogged Keys face first into the ground. Aaliyah tried for a quick cover but only managed to get a one count. She began to pick Alicia back up on her feet but the young sensation slammed a right fist into Aaliyah’s gut then another fist into Aaliyah’s face. Aaliyah stumbled backwards a few steps before Alicia plowed Aaliyah over by running her down with a spear. She straddled the veteran and began to pound away on Aaliyah’s pretty face.

AaliyahAlicia pulled Aaliyah up by her hair and whipped her into the ropes where Aaliyah was then caught with a airplane spin. The newcomer pulled off a very hard and surprising move that shocked everybody. Alicia acting like a pro, began to spin around in circles causing a huge sick feeling in Aaliyah’s gut as she began to get dizzier and dizzier. After a couple of rotations Alicia slowed it down just enough to flip Aaliyah up in the air and catch her with a neck breaker. Aaliyah crumpled to the ground as Alicia grabbed the back of Aaliyah’s tights and pulled them up, lifting the girl up off the ground like a suitcase. Aaliyah’s black cotton underwear squeezed between Aaliyah’s ass cheeks as she struggled to gain balance again but soon enough Alicia dropped her chest first to the ground followed by an elbow drop to the small of Aaliyah’s back. Alicia hurled herself up on the top rope and planned to jump knee first into Aaliyah’s head but just as she lifted up off the turnbuckle Aaliyah rolled out of the way allowing Alicia to bounce off the floor with a huge impact. She struggled back up to her feet where she was only knocked back down with a super kick, as Aaliyah landed the heel of her foot straight into Alicia’s mouth.

Alicia fell to the ground and rolled out of the ring as she clutched at her jaw as if it was broken. This gave Aaliyah time to pull her wedgie out and fling herself over the top rope onto Alicia’s unprotected body. Aaliyah landed comfortably on top of Alicia and took this time to tear away at Alicia’s red tank top leaving her bare breast in Aaliyah’s hands. Aaliyah gripped onto both of Alicia’s pointed nipples and began to tear the juice out of them, as the newcomer screamed in fear while her breast were being stretched out to its' limits. The soft and tenderness of Alicia’s breast made it easy for Aaliyah to enjoy this as she began to play around with the two mounds of jelly, smacking them back and forth before rolling back into the ring and waving to her fans. She waited till Alicia pulled herself up before reaching over and dragging the young girl back in. Aaliyah then grabbed the waist of Alicia’s pants and pulled them off too. Alicia stood dazed in front of millions of people only in her red satin panties with her very small jeans wrapped around her ankles like handcuffs. Aaliyah showed that she had no remorse for any person who wanted to challenge her.

Alicia KeysShe hoisted Alicia up onto her shoulders and delivered a running powerslam before jumping up on the top rope and hitting her famous splash. She crashed into Alicia’s skinny body making the poor singer cry out in pain. Alicia was beginning to sweat profusely as she now got an understanding how hard fighting really was. She then felt Aaliyah grip onto her wet and stinky crotch. Alicia shook her head “no”. She knew she hasn’t been shaving lately, but without her consent Aaliyah ripped the panties off, showing the crowd her pink pussy with scattered black pubic hair all around her crotch area. Alicia cried in humiliation placing her hands over her crotch trying to cover herself up, but it was no use as the audience had already gotten a couple pictures in.

Aaliyah laughed at the position Alicia was in. She was laying flat on her back with her two hands over her cunt. Taking advantage of this, she rolled Alicia onto her stomach now revealing her wide open ass. Alicia screamed for Aaliyah to stop as now she had to make a choice to hide her pussy or asshole. Without giving her time to think Aaliyah grabbed a handful of jelly ass and began to rattle it in her hand, watching the jello shake back and forth through out her very white ass cheeks. Alicia felt her fat move side to side so in reaction she shot her hands over her ass and tried to stop the jiggling. But just then Aaliyah saw a opening and jammed her right hand deep into Alicia’s pussy. Her cunt felt very warm and moist as Aaliyah grinded her fist into the small opening causing Alicia’s body to stiffen. Alicia was completely shocked at what was going on. Alicia gripped onto the mat trying to force the small hands out of her tight pussy but she barely had any energy. She laid there sweating very hard as she felt a small grumble start to rise in her stomach. Alicia squinted her eye’s. She knew that she was on the verge of a orgasm, as her face wrinkled up and then all at once she let out a huge breath of air and her juices began to shoot out of her pussy and all over Aaliyah’s arm. Aaliyah pulled her soaked hand out and whipped it on the mat before getting up and rolling Alicia back onto her back.

The young girl looked up in complete desperation as she was motionless on the ground with her small chest heaving up and down. Her eye’s flutter hoping Aaliyah would just get it over with, but the ebony ass goddess wasn’t just going to pin her, she was planning on making her summit. Aaliyah gripped onto the front of her black panties and slowly pulled them off her crotch revealing her neatly trimmed bush as she lowered her pussy inches away from Alicia’s face. She could feel her heavy breath shoot up into her warm cunt as she teased the girl but soon enough she locked her jiggling ass over Alicia’s scared face and began to rub her ass back and forth grinding her cunt all over. Alicia quickly began to tap out. The ref tried to pull her off but it was no use as Aaliyah was getting to into it and she too felt a orgasm. So she grabbed the top of Alicia’s braids and forcefully held Alicia’s head straight into her cunt as she let out streams of endless piss and jizz all over her face. Aaliyah settled her stomach down as she got off her poor victim and stumbled back. She too was a little bit dizzy from all the fluid she lost but she would get over it as she proved her superiority to the newcomer of this sport.

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