Storyman's Quickshot
Traci Bingham & Halle Berry vs Carmen Electra & Pam Anderson

Traci BinghamHalle BerryVSCarmen ElectraPam Anderson

"How's this feel? Not to good, huh?" the beautiful woman in control whispers into her opponent's ear as she tightens her long sexy legs and squeezes hard around the waist.

"Stop. Uhhhhhh. Ungggggh. Leggo." The demand combination plea like requests gets fainter as the busty brunette claws frantically at the smooth strong leg muscles that keeps squeezing harder.

"Quit struggling bitch-and I might go easier on you," Traci Bingham taunts as she leans forward, grabs a handful of the bikini-clad Carmen Electra's hair and jerks her head back hard. Traci, along with the most observant ringside onlookers noted the two bulging breasts almost ready to pop out of the skimpy bikini top. Another hard jerk of that pretty little head, her lovely upper body wrenches backwards and a rock hard, fully erect thick nipple peaked out of the torn fabric. Carmen yelps as her neck, shoulders and upper back are feeling the pain.

"I think it's called a camel-clutch," Traci chirped as she slips a hand down, cups Carmen's chin and jerks back steadily. Traci leans back pulling her squirming rival; she looks across the ring and smiles seeing Halle Berry deliver a series of head pounding, bell ringing jabs to Pamela Anderson's face, nailing both jaw and chin. The busty blonde's eyes roll as her arms fly up wildly in the air and she staggers both sideways and backwards. She hears Halle give a shout of victory and takes a moment to watch the sexy, exciting action.

"Your friend's gettin' her pretty ass kicked good," Traci says as she watches Halle move in for the grand finale, hammering Pam backwards into the ropes. The dazed and outgunned blonde hangs one arm over the top rope and trys swinging weakly with the other just barely giving Halle token resistance. Halle leaned forward wound up and smacked her glove into Pam's huge left breast. The blonde shrieks and moves both arms to cover her chest. A hook to the jaw. Pam's legs wobble, her arms go limp. Seizing the moment and looking for a more exciting change of venue, Halle threw off her gloves, grabs two handfuls of long platinum blonde hair and jerks Pam around the ring. The blonde's skimpy top barely contained her two big boobs and suddenly Halle decided her punch drunk was a bit overdressed. She grabs each thin shoulder strap and jerks outward. The flimsy material gives way and Pam's famous chest is revealed.

Two well rounded targets, just hangin' around almost beggin' for some action, "boxin'babe" style.

"You're too easy," Halle shouts as she faked a shot to Pam's head; no need as she gets barely a response. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. The light taps are delivered with just enough force to smart and make for some hot erotic jiggle. With a shout, Halle drops down low, grabs Pam around the knees, jerks her off balance and drops her hard, butt first on the mat. The blonde squeals as she did a sexy hot body bounce, with those big boobs putting on their own little show.

Pam Anderson"Poor Pammie. But enough about her. How 'bout you, Miss Carmen?" Traci asks as she quickly maneuvers around and executes a most perfect backbreaker. Traci releases her opponent, jerks her to her feet, drops down, extends her bent leg, and with a hard yank on that lustrous dark hair, bends Carmen backwards, nigh in two. Carmen gasps as her arms flails helplessly and the small of her back feels like it is both on fire and tingling numb at the same time. A dexterous move. Then her top is untied and her two shoulder straps are yanked off her shoulders. As she struggles the top slides slowly down until it falls to the canvas.

"Feelin' comfy dear?" Traci cackled with sheer delights as she forces Carmen to stick her chest out to the max. "Always wanted to do this too," Traci smirked as she clamps a hand on Carmen's flat but somewhat soft abs and digs her nails in deep, squeezing and twisting hard. She notices the brunette's quivering lips and she slowly slips her open hand downwards, two fingers sliding into the bikini briefs. They found "silk" and began to twist and pull. Carmen shrieks like a wild woman. Traci has her in a terrible way, now pulling hair, both scalp and groin. Suddenly Traci withdraws her leg, releases both hairpulls, mades a double fist and as Carmen falls backwards, she slams the doublefist deep into the fallen brunette's belly. With a shrill scream the topless brunette kicks her legs out wildly and upward as she then begins to writhe holding her tummy.

"Oh, did that hurt? Maybe we can give you a bit of sweetness to ease your pain," Traci said as she sees out of the corner of her eye, Halle hauling a barely standing, barely alert Pam towards her.


"Unnnnnggggh." The swift side kick courtesy of Halle's sexy strong leg sends Pam to the mat landing on her back sprawling out all over.

Traci Bingham"Get's your pretty ass up, Mizz Carmen!" Traci demands as she jerks the brunette to her feet. Three wicked backhand slaps, a series of jabs to that lovely face, a knee to the crotch, a double nipple grab and twist and Carmen ps standing weakly over her friend Pam.

"You're goin' down girl. And you'd better figure out what's down below," Traci chuckled as both her and Halle grab Carmen and forces her down. A good "two gal" push on her head and neck and Carmen is singing the "Muffffmphhfffh tune."

"I think blondie's gonna like this a whole lot," Halle giggles. Halle grabs Pam and pins her arms to her side, then sits on Pam's face. She starts a slow grind and reachs out and cups the blonde's two huge breasts, squeezes them firmly and pinches and twist the nipples on occassion as she enjoys the ride, reluctantly giving Pam the needed air.

"Get it. Get some goody," Traci snickered as she holds Carmen's head down. She seems to be doing things right as Pam is both moaning with pleasure and a bit out of disgust and embarrasment. Halle and Pam are fully enjoying themselves.

"Hurry Up. I'm next Miss Carmen." Says Traci.