Pow. The fist blazed forth catching the gorgeous busty blonde babe square on the chin. The lovely face grimaced, beautiful eyes glazed as that lovely head snapped backwards.

"Wow! This is gonna be hot-she's one of my favorites'," Stone Rage mused to a few of his catfight lovin' friends. Only a few lucky ones got to sit about twenty feet from the action in the posh private suite. They were invited to watch (but not touch) and cast their silent votes for the winner of this fantastic matchup-possible future Catfight Hall of Famer...

"Argggghhh. Yeowwwccch!" the busty blonde screamed in agony as her "drop-dead" beautiful angry rival latched on to her two huge beautiful breasts and squeezed the luscious firm orbs tenaciously.

"Nice TITS," Goldie Blair hissed as she hooked two fingers in her rivals sexy low-cut evening gown. Goldie snarled as she ripped Jeri's gown down exposing her bare flesh to more torture from her talons. Goldie dug her thumbs hard against the blonde's rock hard thick super sensitive nipples. She ground her knee up hard between her legs.

Legs. Jeri's beautiful legs kicked frantically; Goldie had her on her back, pinned on a table. One of Jeri's heels went flying, the other was still halfway on her foot. The two waist length slits now revealed the blonde's gorgeous long sexy pantyhose clad legs.

"Man, I mean woman, can she fight!"

Go Goldie, get her, work her boobs over good."

Lots of hot catfighting comments flowed freely as the observers were finding it somehat "hard" not to move closer to the action.


"Uhhhhh," Goldie gasped in pain; somehow Jeri's flailing arms had gotten hold of a tray; another good bonk on Goldies noggin' and Jeri pushed her off and backwards sending her sprawling to the carpet.

"Ahhhhh, come on get up," someone shouted.

Goldie's two huge lovely knockers almost fell out of her low-cut dress when she hit the floor.

"Look out Goldie, Look Out!"

Jeri (now topless in the torn evening gown that hung at her waist) attacked Goldie with fury. She grabbed her by the hair, burying her fingers in that lustrous reddish brown hair. Angrily she jerked Goldie to her feet and introduced her head to a nearby wall. She fired several jabbing punches to her ribs, lowerback; spinning her around she sunk a fist into the lovely catfighters' solar plexus. A knee to the cunt....


"Now let's see yours bitch," Jeri snapped as she tore Goldie's dress clean to her waist. The strapless sexy bra was next;

Pow. Pow. A solid punch to each beautiful breast. As Goldie shrieked and grabbed her breasts Jeri grabbed a nearby plateful of creamy dessert; she slammed it into Goldies face.

"Oh my a pie, I mean a creamy pie fight!" Temporarily blinded and stunned, Goldie offered little resistance as Jeri grabbed each big beautiful breast and squeezed hard as she slammed Goldie backwards into the wall.

"Argggggh. My boobs, my nipples, stop, help somebody." (Wouldn't somebody help?) That naughty highly erotic nipple twistin's just gotta be stopped?!

As Jeri torqued Goldies nipples, suddenly the catfighting legend got her second wind. A punch to Jeri's jaw. A vicious hair pull; a solid jab to her chin. As Jeri winced her groin exploded. Was that a knee or a fist? Her gorgeous legs went weak; she wobbled.

Rippppppppp. Ripppppppp.

Jeri was now stripped to her pantyhose. Goldie's flurry of punches turned to slaps....to that lovely face and those beautiful titties. She slapped Jeri and punched her all around the room. Jeri even fell backwards right next to one of the observers. Hey watch what you try and hang on to?!

Goldie put the dazed and breathless Jeri into several of her favorite holds before she brought her defeated foe to a small dessert table.

"Oh by the way sweetie, that dessert was so creamy and delicious-I want to return the favor."

"Nooooo! Aieeeeee. Pleaseeee,Uhhhh-Uhhhhh." Desserts some creamy and some not, found lovely targets. Goldie laughed and made fun of the gorgeous blonde as she'd slam the sweet gooey treats into Jeri's body. Finally she put her opponent in a sleeperhold.

"Sweet Dreams!" ------


London Rivers vs Marcello
London Rivers vs Marcello

Busty Angelique