Busty sexpot Scarlett Johansson and lithesome beauty Amber Heard face off over Amber getting The Rum Diary role

Prelude: There is a party being held in Beverly Hills which of course is heavily attended by the beautiful people. It is not uncommon to have some catty comments flying back and forth about who the hottest women are there, who is dressed like a skank, whose career is heading down the toilet faster than a rotor rooter tool, etc. But this party has special possibilities to reach a never seen plateau in cattiness. A much talked about movie called The Rum Diary has been cast with Johnny Depp in the lead role. The female lead came down to Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard, both of which are at this party. It was a close decision as to who got the part but Amber Heard ended up with it in perhaps an upset, the rumor being that Amber would do the nudity while Scarlett would not.

Each of these woman is probably a lot more famous off screen than on since it isn't like either has a mantle full of Oscars. And when you have a chance to be in a film with Johnny Depp who is one of the film industries biggest stars, there is a quite the difference in getting the part versus not getting it for whatever reason. So, the other partygoers are just hoping that the two women will bump into each other whch indeed does happen to everyone's delight. Scarlett true to her name is wearing a red dress, low cut to show off those bodacious boobs of her while Amber is also in a low cut dress of green color . Both are sleeveless to show off their beautiful fit arms and short enough to show off their luscious legs. As they literally bump into other the sparks fly.

Scarlett: "Well, if it isn't the tramp herself.....Amber Heard! I heard you literally stripped your way into getting the movie part."
Amber: "Hello paparazzi whore! I see as your keep losing out on parts, your dresses get lower and lower cut...just a concidence right hun? And as far as me getting the part instead of you, yeah I think they wanted to project a little more than just a busty bimbo."
Scarlett: "Yeah, if busty is what they wanted to avoid, they certainly have no worries with you. By the way, baby, if you ever need any more bras, I have some old Halloween masks I could give you to. They wouldn't give any support to breasts but then again.... "
Amber: "Oh, that's cute, slut! I don't care what most people think about you being a tramp, fat, and dumb. I don't think you are dumb."
Scarlett: "Smartass! Let's cut to the chase! I know you are a lesbian so it isn't like I could go out and steal your guy, so I guess we need to settle this the old fashioned way. I challenge you to a catfight, you cheap cunt!" {slapping Amber's face as she says that}
Amber {slapping Scarlett back}: "I accept and let's add a beauty contest on top of that. I want to see how saggy your body really is."

Beauty Contest: The other partygoers are getting a treat beyond belief as two hot starlets in their mid 20s are going to have it out both with comparisons of their beauty and their strength and fitness. They have readily agreed to judge the assets comparison competition which will consist of 8 anatomical areas...facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt. Whoever is judged to win more of these will win the beauty contest part. The catfight will be no holds barred and submission only which means no referee is needed for that one. The women will of course strip during the beauty contest to reveal any clothed areas that need to be judged as they come to them during the contest.

They start off with a comparison of their faces including their tresses. Each obviously is way above average in this area but this is a pretty clear cut win for Amber Heard who has a very model-like face and not as full as Scarlett's. That gives Amber a 1-0 lead and normally they would just move on to the chest comparison without any hesitation other than to obviously take off their dress and their bras. But after the women disrobe a bit, Amber pulls a surprise on Scarlett by grabbing her face with both hands and kissing passionately her rival as if to accentuate her facial beauty win. Amber pulls away with a smirk on her face knowing she has shocker her actress rival while indeed Scarlett looks stunned by the unexpected move and attack on her luscious lips. Anyway, they now move on to the chest comparison. And this one easily goes Scarlett's way with her very prominent tits, particularly compared to Amber. So the competition is tied 1-1 with the next area to be decided being the midsection. But before this can occur, it is Scarlett's turn to do the unexpected. Scarlett grabs Amber's beauty contest winning face and pulls it hard into her own beauty contest winning breasts...perhaps showing up Amber Heard in a revenge move. Now, it is Scarlett with the confident smile on her face and Amber with the glazed over look in her look.

Regardless, it is time to move on to the midsection comparison which is the most competitive of the areas compared so far with each having a flat and sexy shape and stomach. But in this close judgment, Amber's midsection seems just a little bit tauter which gives her the win and a 2-1 lead. The women already took over their tops when their chests were compared but now they become completely nude as panties must go in order for their pussies to be compared. In this most personal of judgments, no winner can really be decided with each pussy being fine but neither reaching the divine stage. So halfway through the competition, Amber Heard leads Scarlett Johansson 2-1-1 with the next area being the legs to be compared. This area is one of the easiest to decide, not because Scarlett's legs aren't good but because Amber's legs may be her best asset along with her face. They are shapely and also with some muscularity showing. Amber's easy win gives her a 3-1-1 lead with the last frontside area of arms/armpits the next region to be judged. Neither woman has remarkable arms but are very nice nonetheless. This is another close one with actually the armpits making the difference with Amber having the better contoured ones to take not only the win but to clinch the overall contest which pisses off Scarlett no end. Amber leads 4-1-1 with only the backside areas of butt and back left to be judged. The women turn around and their backs are now judged. Both have nice ones, but Scarlett's is a little bit better to give her only her second win of the competition but at least has cut the deficit to Amber down to 4-2-1 with only the asses left to be judged. This pits Scarlett's fuller butt against Amber's more compact one. The partygoers go with Amber's in this instance to complete a pretty good old fashioned rout of Scarlett Johansson with a 5-2-1 final tally. Amber Heard celebrates by throwing her arms into the air and giving Scarlett an air kiss while Scarlett does a little something into the air also...specifically extending her hands towards Amber with the middle finger of each hand extended.

Catfight: Scarlett and Amber are more than anxious to get to the catfight, particularly Scarlett who has lots of motivation. First, she lost out to Amber Heard on the movie part and then she gets humiliated in a rather lopsided loss in the beauty contest. So this can be a chance for retribution for her. But first the woman have to decide how they are going to begin this wise. They are nude of course after having to disrobe for all their assets to be judged. They don't run around nude a lot in movies and certainly in a party of some strangers, they probably don't want to start out that way. They decide on the middle route which is not to remain nude nor to completely reclothe. Instead, Scarlett puts back on her scarlett colored (what color would you expect) bra and panties while Amber puts back on her forest green undies. While the women have been deciding on their starting attire and eventually putting back on bras and panties, some of the people at the party have been making a room more catfight friendly by moving some furniture and some food areas although they can't move everything away from the room. But at least they move most of the furniture out of the way and the carpeting is good there which will cushion falls.

Now, the women are ready to go at it, and the disdain that each has for the other leaves contempt back on a street corner 3 blocks back. The action starts with Scarlett Johansson pushing her body into Amber Heard's, making sure that her bra covered tits hit hard into Amber's overmatched boobs. Amber counters by grabbing two fistfuls of hair which is usually a classic sign of a match with a lot of personal feelings on the line. Scarlett immediately does her own hairpulling of Amber's locks which has the sexy, beautiful womens' heads being moved violently by their hair being yanked around by the opponent. Neither woman seems to gain much of an advantage here but they love hearing the other girl scream when they pull especially well on that hair for a moment. Finally, they can't stay standing up with the violent body movements and drop down to their knees where the hairpulling continues. Finally, Amber releases Scarlett's hair but only because she wants to slap the shit out of her actress rival. Scarlett feels the sting of Amber's right palm and retaliates with a hard righthanded slap of her own against the beauty contest winning face of Amber. Both women get their slaps in and decide quickly they don't want their faces marked up with blows.

Even after abandoning the hairpulling and the faceslapping, it stays about as personal as it gets. Scarlett and Amber literally goes for the other's throat with their hands in primal choking. Their eyes are beautiful even at normal size but they grow bigger here as they feel the other's hands around their windpipe and the rest of their neck area. Each gasps for breath and coughs but probably each thinks she will simply suffer through some choking from her opponent as long as she herself can choke that rival out into unconsciousness first and thus win the catfight. But as this continues, each is getting concerned that she might be miscalculating and doesn't want to be on the wrong end of a chokeout. It is Amber who removes her hands first from around Scarlett's throat but only to throw a fist into the beautiful jaw of the Iron Man 2 actress... a blow that jolts the blonde bombshell into releasing Amber Heard's throat. Amber lunges at Scarlett Johansson's stunned form and sends her down on to her back. Amber straddles Scarlett's midsection with her doubled up legs as she puts her beauty contest winning ass right in the middle of Scarlett's stomach. Amber hops up and down a few times to try to force breathing problems for Scarlett but her main target is soon known.

Amber reaches for that fire engine red bra that Scarlett earlier put back on and takes it off a lot quicker than it took to put on in the first place. Amber tosses the piece of lingerie into Scarlett's face with utter disrespect, and then the Zombieland actress goes immediately for those now revealed ample orbs that earned Scarlett the boobs victory during the beauty contest. Amber laughs as she squeezes and otherwise mauls those huge hooters that Scarlett Johansson is so proud of. Scarlett grunts and screams in desperation as she certainly doesn't like the assault on her treasure chest. The only good news for Scarlett is Amber becomes obsessed with her titanic tits just like all men always do and a lot of women for that matter. That loss of focus on trying to keep Scarlett covered properly allows her rival to buck her tormentor off her sizzling bod and obviously ends the titsmauling and the punishment to her midsection.

Amber falls backward and ends up lying feet to feet in relation to Scarlett's body which of course is still also supine just like her own body is right now. Scarlett delivers a thrust kick with her feet right into Amber Heard's crotch area....her thin forest green panties providing little protection to this obvious low blow. Now, it is Amber who is screaming and grunting with a panicked frown on her face. Scarlett gets off her back and moves to cover Amber with a full body pin. Scarlett is ready to rub and grind her own form across Amber's but first wants to make their bodies match up even better. That means to her that she needs to remove Amber's forest green colored bra which now makes them both topless. After doing that, Scarlett can't resist making her first big move a smashing of her bigger tits against Amber's inferior ones in the first tit battle of the fight. Amber again grunts and screams and she is desperate to try to escape, but Scarlett has her well covered. The good news for Amber is that Scarlett stops the boobs to boobs contact, but the bad news is that Scarlett moves forward enough to have her heavy hangers now over the beauty contest winning face of the opponent.

Scarlett scrubs Amber's gorgeous face with her jumbo juggs which includes making sure that as much of the sweat that has accumulated on her big breasts is being transferred to Amber's face. Along with that perspiration is of course body odor which also makes this a very unpleasant experience for The Rum Diary actress. And when Scarlett's large volume tits hit flush against Amber's face in the right manner, she is also able to interrupt her hated foe's respiration. Scarlett isn't satisifed with just a titsmother but really wants to give Amber some horrible memories of this particular portion of the catfight. She moves her left armpit over Amber's drop dead gorgeous face and rubs that normally pleasant but now very distasteful area around the beauty contest winner's face. Again, sweat and foul body odor and a restriction of respiration of her opponent are the plusses of Scarlett's maneuver. She is so happy with the left underarm that she is about to do the same thing with her right armpit before Amber finally is able to mount a little defense by pulling on Scarlett's hair to pull her to the side of her own form to end the smothering sequence.

Amber is pissed off and doesn't waste any time feeling sorry for her recent humiliations. With Scarlett sent over on to her back by the hairpull, Amber moves to cover her foe's upper body not with a full body cover but more via a body cover from the side. Amber uses her smaller orbs to titsmother Scarlett and give her a taste of her sweat and a smell of her body odor. And Amber doesn't forget the punishment she suffered due to Scarlett's sweaty left armpit and gives her opponent even better ones since hers were the underarms that helped her win the arms/armpits comparison during the beauty contest. Amber does a left armpit smother and then double barrels the punishment and humiliation with her right armpit doing the second round of damage, But just like Scarlett earlier, her movements to do these smothers have left her susceptible to being bumped off her victim's form. and Scarlett is able to generate enough body movement with her uncovered legs to kickout of her trapped position and sends Amber off her body.

The women get up to sitting on doubled up legs with each pissed off at the recent smothers she was forced to endure...only helped somewhat in that each girl thinks she gave as well if not better than she received. Scarlett wraps her arms around Amber's waist as she clearly wants to start up a tit battle again using one of her most her formidable weapons....her chest. Plus, she may think she can take Amber in a mutual bearhug. Amber has little choice but to participate in this duel and quickly reciprocates by wrapping her arms around Scarlett's midsection. The bearhugs end up pretty even with each having thinnish midsections that are fit and arms that are pretty close to average in strength. But just like Scarlett wanted, she wants to turn the main event into a battle of the boobs, and here Amber Heard is simply and hopelessly outgunned. As Scarlett forces her will in the breast battle, Amber is looking for an out and quits her own bearhug in order to moves her hands to Scarlett's tits, specifically her nipples, and gives Scarlett a vicious twist of those protruding nips to elicit not only a scream from Scarlett but an end to the general tit to tit contest.

Scarlett moves her hands to Amber's hands and pulls them away from her huge hooters and then pushes the beauty contest winner away from her so she can't repeat the attack. Both women get to standing positions for the first time in a long while. Some might guess they would have lost a lot of their allure but the sweat saturating their sizzling bods only makes them look if they are oiled up for that type of wrestling match. Add to that the fact that they are now topless, and most might say they look better than they did at the beginning. Only their tresses look worse for the wear with that matted and loss of conditioning look that perspiration will do every single time.

Scarlett is the aggressor again as she rushes towards Amber and locks on a headlock on that beautiful face and neck that Amber possesses. Scarlett moves her arms viciously up and down to ratchet up the pressure as she forces Amber's head to move with her arms. All the time, Scarlett has her teeth gritted and hardly resembles the smiling face she puts forward to the paparazzi as she loves to have her picture taken as often as possible. Scarlett tortures Amber with this hold until Amber regains her composure and decides to dish out some punishement of her own. Amber starts to throw fists into Miss Johansson's side. At this point, Scarlett has to decide whether she is punishing Amber more or Miss Heard is hurting her more. Scarlett figures out her own screams and grunts when Amber connects with those fists are louder than Amber's reactions when her head is pulled around via the headlock so Scarlett ends the hold and moves away.

The sexy, sizzling women face off again from standing positions. This time it is Amber who moves suddenly forward and rams her body into Scarlett's. Normally, the force applied would send them both down to the plush carpet but this time a sofa that couldn't be moved out of the room due to the size breaks their fall. The actresses end up on the sofa with Scarlett's back pinned against the back support by Amber's body which is still in front of it. Amber gives Scarlett some rapid punches to her midsection to try to take some energy out of the beautiful, fit blonde bombshell. That process does punish Scarlett for a while until she spots one of the pillows on the sofa that is within arm's length of her trapped form.

Scarlett grabs that pillow and begins to pummel Amber around the head to take a little offensive force to Amber. Those blows cause Amber to stop her own punching as she grabs the other pillow that was on the other end of the sofa. A full fledged pillow fight ensues, but of the sofa not of the bedroom variety. Each woman takes solace in hitting any anatomical area of her foe but especially enjoys the head shots. Scarlett gets in the finest shot of the exchange which knocks Amber on to her back as she lies on the sofa. Scarlett perhaps has been a pillow smotherer in one of her movies because she does a great rendition of it by putting her own pillow over Amber's face to try to smother the beauty contest winning actress out and end this catfight here and now. But the pillow has seen better days with the hits it has delivered along with the pulling on it by Amber now. It begins to disintegrate which ends Scarlett's hope of a smother using it. Being able to breath again help Amber with her countermove. With Scarlett poised over her own supine form, Amber suddenly wraps her strong legs around her rival's midsection in a surprisingly effective legscissors. Scarlett immediately drops what is left of the pillow as she lets out a scream of pain as Amber's muscular legs put the squeeze on her rival's stomach area.

Scarlett is still in anquish as she moves her hands and arms down to Amber's legs to try to pry them off the encirclement of her midsection area. But even if she is finally able to accomplish this, it will take too long in her judgment so she makes fists of her hands and starts to hit Amber's luscious legs. Amber, not wanting to have her legs bruised by the blows, ends the legscissors. However, Amber coils up her legs in front of Scarlett's treasure chest and unfurls them right into that most prized area of Scarlett Johansson. That force sends Scarlett backward from her current sitting position and she falls off the sofa when she becomes more unbalanced due to the powerful hit.

With Scarlett sitting against the front of the sofa, Amber's legs can still be used since her longish legs keeps Scarlett within range. So, Amber moves to slap on a legscissors around Scarlett's neck which again proves how strong they are as they have the red pantied girl on the defensive once more. But Scarlett is able to move Amber's legs just enough to get them never her mouth. Scarlett proves her perfect teeth can serve another practical purpose other than just helping her photograph incredibly sexy with that dazzling smile. With Amber's ankles close enough now to her own mouth, Scarlett bites that area to elicit a blood curdling scream out of Amber that would make a horror film producer smile. Immediately Amber retracts her legs as Scarlett has dodged two bullets as far as Amber's punishing legscissors go.

Amber gets off of the sofa now, perhaps afraid that Scarlett might try to pounce on top of her. Scarlett is still sitting as Amber stands up but Scarlett doesn't let that positional advantage stay around for long. Scarlett sweeps around her legs in an arc and buckles those strong, beauty contest winning legs of Amber Heard out from under her. That obviously sends Amber down to the carpet right near where Scarlett is residing. The women are facing each other as they probe with their arms and hands forward from their now sitting forms. Their bodies twist and turn a bit as each woman is trying to gain some sort of a body positioning edge to implement a new hold. Scarlett decides to return to a previous successful tactic as she throws a fist into Amber's midsection. That forces a fist response by Amber as she rocks Scarlett with a hit to the jaw.

Each woman loves hitting her opponent, but being hit...not so much. Scarlett and Amber don't seem to now know where to take this fight until one imaginative spectator from the party decides to make this a much more exciting and sexual fight as he/she tosses a double headed dildo right near their sitting, facing forms. The sexpot girls still have their panties on but they aren't the most comfortable in them at this point since they are soaked with sweat. So, Amber and Scarlett remove their panties and place one end of the double headed toy into their pussies and begin a pussy war. The normally glamourous actresses are now engaging in primal warfare as their most private area is trying to push their end of the dildo away from their own pussy and thus the other end deeper into their rival's one. This goes on for a few minutes with the women even elevating their upper bodies a bit using their arms to try to improve the leverage to get a better push. Finally, both women end up cumming about the same time which pretty much makes this a draw. Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard are frustrated that they couldn't get a clear cut victory but are pleased that they brought the other woman to a climax anyway. They pull out the dildo and toss it aside.

Both women slowly get up, pushing off the sofa that they are still near to help them get to that standing position. Each sees a tray of dips and chips along with some cups of drinks and begin to sling whatever they can get hold of at their actress rival. Their poor aim most of the time leads the partygoers to believe perhaps stunt women would have done better jobs of actually hitting their targets but as people say when gifts are exchanged...."it is the thought that counts." Amber and Scarlett run out of food and drink ammo and circle each other. Both women are clearly fit and athletic to a certain degree but if they had done catfights in the past, they probably didn't last as long as this one is lasting. Both women are visibly tired but still want this to come to a conclusion. Amber Heard initiates the new action by raising her arms in front of her form and obviously challenging Scarlett to match her opposite hands with her own by clasping together in a classic test of arm strength. Their fit arms tremble as the other girl pushes against their opponent. Both Scarlett and Amber have their moments by pushing the other actress' arms past vertical for temporary advantage only to the foe recover and move their arms at least to the vertical position again if not actually taking the edge. Finally, after this back and forth, Amber gains the advantage by bending Scarlett's arms past vertical and also bending back the busty star's body in the process.

Amber Heard sends Scarlett then to her knees in front of her and has her almost in a worship posture. Amber hangs on to Scarlett's hands with her own stronger ones and bends them back awkwardly and painfully which adds physical torture to Scarlett's humiliation of being put down to her knees. And it only gets worse when Amber once again employs those deceptively strong legs of hers and surrounds Scarlett's beautiful head and face with a standing legscissors...her third legscissors of the fight. Amber hopes the 3rd one will be the charm as Scarlett must get out of this hold or most certainly submit. Scarlett Johansson wiggles and/or pulls her head trying to get if free of Amber's muscular legs. That fails, so she tries to free her own hands which she can then use to try to pry Amber Heard's legs apart but Amber holds fast those hands. Scarlett then might try to charge Amber but the actress has wisely braced her legs against that same sofa which has played such a prominent role in this fight. Scarlett Johansson is getting frustrated that her actress rival is having much the better of her right now, but the bottom line is that Amber Heard has done it with stronger arms and hands, stronger legs, and a good strategy at perhaps the end of this fight. Amber believes this is the end and is ready to entice a submission from her opponent.

Amber: "Well Scarlett, looks like you are earning your name again baby....your face is turning beet red." {laughing}
Scarlett: "You bitch!!! Just wait until I get out of this. I can't wait to send you into dreamland by smothering you out with my titanic tits." {interrupted by Amber}
Amber: "Listen you overrated whore, you aren't getting out of this, but I guess you need a little more convincing." {squeezing her strong legs even more around Scarlett's head and also bending back her foe's hands into even more awkward and painful positions}
Scarlett: "Ooooohhh shhhhiiitttt.....I give....I give....I can't take anymore of win....let me go....please!"
Amber {smiling and laughing}: "Now that wasn't too humiliating was it? Oh, but wait, I have a few postfight things I might want to do to you and you won't be able to stop me."
Postmatch: Amber lets go of Scarlett's hands and also spreads her legs apart to allow Scarlett to pull her head and neck out of the legscissors. But Scarlett's energy has been so sapped by the fight in general and this recent torture that she simply falls back down flat on her back in front of not only Amber of course but also the partygoers, many of which celebrate Amber's victory while some of the Scarlett fans are disappointed. Many didn't care who won as long as both women ended up hopefully nude and put on a competitive catfight which they certainly did. But that is history now, and Amber is ready to make some new history.

Amber sits down on Scarlett's midsection and as she did earlier during the fight, Amber Heard enjoys herself as she mauls those huge hooters that Scarlett is so proud of. Scarlett reacts with some low level squeals and grunts, made softer not due to the punishment being less perhaps but probably more due to the fact that she simply doesn't have the spunk to react the way she did earlier in the fight when she was fresher. Amber changes from sitting on Scarlett's midsection to doing a full body pin with her own body skewed slightly forward to put her tits on top of Scarlett's face in a nice titsmother. Amber doesn't have the bodacious boobs that Scarlett has but still she knows how to deliver a titsmother and does so again in the postmatch time. Amber loves rubbing her medium sized orbs all around Scarlett's beautiful face to transfer sweat, body odor, and restrict breathing at the same time she is humiliating her defeated rival simply by the process herself. And Amber remembers the fun she has with her armpit smothers and does those again. All of these smothers are even more devastating than they were earlier because Amber has more sweat, more body odor, and an easier task to do these since Scarlett's resistance is now gone.

Amber finishes these smothers and grabs the dildo that they were using when the women put one end of the toy in their pussy during their pussy war during the fight. Amber pushes the end that was in Scarlett's most personal area before into that orifice again and succeeds once again in forcing her opponent to cum. Amber Heard collects that whitish fluid on the dildo and takes it up to Scarlett's beautiful face and rolls it across that area like a painter putting a coat of paint on a house. Indeed, the whitish fluid causes Scarlett's face to look pale with the addition of the fluid.

Amber then hovers her beauty contest winning ass tantalizingly above Scarlett's face before dropping down her butt on top of that beautiful area and begins to squirm and wiggle that sweat covered fit ass all across Scarlett's face to smooth her own cum across it. Amber strikes the classic pose of triumph by putting her hands on the top of her head which highlights her fit arms and nice armpits as she still facesits her defeated actress rival. Amber is ready to get off of Scarlett but maybe not completely through with her foe's face. Amber requests some guacamole dip and paints Amber's face to be greenish with that food.

Amber looks around for her own forest green lingerie and Scarlett's scarlet colored bra and panties....her opponent's lingerie obviously being taken as trophies for her huge beauty contest and catfight wins. Scarlett regains a little more energy as Amber's assault of her has stopped. Someone throws her a towel which she takes and removes the green dip that coated her face but still has not much more energy than that. Amber Heard accepts the congratulations of the partygoers with the satisfaction that she has put Scarlett Johansson in her place...and that place is behind her.


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