Melyssa Ford vs Bai Ling vs Vanessa Blue


Chance meeting in an elevator....Steamy...Erotic....Sizzling...

Breathless deep, tongue. Lips on lips.
A gasp, seaking relief from the instant, unexpected most pleasurable passion.

Asian beauty winces ever so softly as her "almost" conquest gasps for air.

"Oooooh, feels good," Bai Ling moans as she feels the fingers capture her huge fully erect super sensitive nipple. Not that it was hard to find. The luscious nub was almost totally exposed in her low cut evening gown.

"I could do you right here and now!" Not spoken, but defnitely thought. Both women. Totally different women. In more ways than one. Maybe even twenty.

Melyssa Ford. Bai Ling. Both dressed to "kill." Both a bit tipsy from several ultra delicious sumptous cocktails. In an upscale bar. Drinks paid for. Notes exchanged via a smiling, chuckling bargirl. Actually, not two. But three.

"Who, yes Who was the mysterious unnamed gentleman who started the two-way, soon to become three-way exchange. "How strange. How weird. I'd never...Well, I might; but it's so ridiculous. Could be dangerous..yet maybe fun. I could...Yes I could....YES, I might...."

"Hey, I know you----Bai something, Right?" Melyssa stared at the beautiful Asian. Her lips, that had been surprised, yet teased, yes, even pleasured quivered a bit. (And thats a very sexy quiver)

"But I don't think you're supposed to involved in this, are you?" Too much, too fast...on the outside this encounter might prove to be fun...but so, so STRANGE....


"Excuse me, this is my floor," Melyssa said as she pushed Bai Ling out of her way. The Asian beauty pushed back, suddenly grabbed Meyssas hair and shoved her against the elevator wall. Her strength surprised Melyssa. Such a slender bitch.

"Don't get sassy with me; I'd love to take you down, but I haven't been invited."


Bai Ling slapped the busty beauty, made a fist and pressed her fist hard into Melyssa's big left breast.

"Owwww. What the hell are you doing?"

"Hey, what's going on here?"

Interruption. The man and his wife (assumptions, assumptions) wanted the elevator-NOW!

Bai ling backed off. Melyssa charged out. She looked for the room. The special room.

"Come on in. You sure you want to do this?" Vanessa Blue sized up her possible opponent. Every inch, every luscious sensuous inch of her.

"Ever fought before? Any style? Boxing, wrestling-even a catfight?" Vanessa laughed. In her mind she'd have loved to see this hottie be in a catfight. Nice hair, nice body, nice tits. At least two well deserving targets for some angry fingers or fingernails.

"What did he, I mean the note say to you?"

"Well, I think this IS kind of stupid. Is it for real? We're supposed to fight? Nothing real serious, no blood, no guts, no scratching? And no permanent marks. That's okay?"

"But why?" Melyssa further asked. She accepted yet another drink.

"Guys, lots of guys and yeah, even some girls like to see women fight; its a turn on for them," Vanessa said as she quickly drank her drink-expensive, only the best she mused. She poured herself another, then did the same for Melyssa who was now giggling and had kicked off her heels.

"I fight serious and did he tell you just HOW much the winner gets?"

"Oh yeah, but How much can we trust a man, let an unknown man?"

A knock on the door....

"Oh, it's you...I thought you might be involved, but I was hoping that..."

"Yes, and I'm going to-"

"What the hell are you doing slant eyed bony BITC----"

Wham. Times three. Fast and furious.

One beautiful Asian babe was all over the gorgeous Melyssa; slaps, punches. Some serious pushing and shoving. Then it really got hot...

"Oh my, this is good," Vanessa (who was familiar with and loved catfighting) watched Melyssa get a fast and hard lesson on how to do battle with another woman.

Rippppppp. Score one for Melyssa. She finally got lucky and tore Bai Lings evening gown clean to the waist. The Asians huge famous nipples were the biggest, most sumptous Pokies that Vanessa had ever seen. No nip for Melyssa, who even though she tried to pinch 'em, was slapped and punched silly by the fiesty Asian lovely.

"Yeah pull her hair, twist that lovely head, good move." Vanessa cheered Bai Ling on...Suddenly Bai Ling sent Melyssa flying towards Vanessa. Vanessa caught her, grabbed her arms and found herself shouting...

"Come get her, I'll hold her, feel her up.."

"Yeah hold her still, I want to have some fun," Bai Ling shouted. She reached out and cupped Melyssa's huge breasts, squeezing them through the thin, torn, smudged evening gown...a few good twists and the evening gown surrendered.

"Gosh, they're big," Vanessa cooed as she watched Bai Ling suddenly turn tender with her breast assault; from mauling to milking shall we say...

"Hey I want some action...she was supposed to fight me," Vanessa snarled as she realized Melyssa was turning from fight mode to "Oh, she's making me so horney, that feels soooo good," mode.

"Yeah, get her. Get the horny bitch good," Bai Ling said.

Pow. Bai Ling started to turn away, then spun back, fired a hard punch to Vanessa's face, catching her full on the chin, snapping her head back. She released Melyssa and staggered backwards.

" get it together and kick her ass, I know you can do it," Bai Ling said as she suddenly turned both coach and cheerleader to Melyssa.

"Charge, drop low and punch her where it counts," Bai Ling whispered in Melyssas ear. "If you win, you not only get the money, but me too." A quick passionate French kiss and a nibble on the ear sealed Bai Lings attention.

"I'm gonna kill you, you skinny bitch," Vanessa shouted as she rubbed her chin. She suddenly charged. Melyssa stuck out her leg and tripped her. Melyssa jumped on Vanessa's back, punched her in the upper back,neck and head, then wrapped her arm around her throat.

"Yeah, pull back...make her bend and hurt," Bai Ling said as she looked down at the intense struggle. "Stay on her...Ride her...Don't let her buck you off," Bai Ling said.

"Yeah, I love to hear her groan. Now lean back further, grab her chin, that's it. Now let me ask you, can you think of anything you'd like to do with your free hand? Anything to grab maybe?" the Asian beauty laughed.

"Yeah, grab that tit. Pinch, twist, dig in good." Vanessa's screams seemed to excite both Melyssa and Bai Ling. Fingers teased and twisted the nipple.

"Now, ever used a leg scissors?"

Another lesson. This time the reward was a gasping, almost surrendering Vanessa. Both Bai Ling and Melyssa were getting really horney. And drunk. They even shared the cold bubbly with Vanessa. Well kind of. Does pricy oh so cold bubbly count if its poured on boobs or rather steamy parts of the female body and then licked off?

"Oh my, I just love wrestling? Or rather catfighting," Melyssa chirped as she did yet another move on the tiring, tingling Vanessa.

"Shall we give her a rest?" Bai Ling finally said.

"Oh, I'm not sure? But she probably does need to relax? Wanna relax Vanessa honey? But I've got to make sure I win," Melyssa said, expressing slight doubt.

"Oh, there's one way for sure," Bai Ling said with a most naughty smile. She reached down towards her hips. A slight downward slowwwww sexy tug. A giggle. Two giggles. Two happy new friends that were going to show their mutual new enemy, Vanessa how to truly demonstrate a catfight "WIN."

"Oh no, not that...PLEASE...NOOOOOO...Ummmmmmmm....Ooooooooh. It is so much FUN toooo WINNNNNN....YES.....UMMMMMMMM.


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