Desperate vs Sex

Featuring Teri, Eva, Sarah, & Kim
By Svety Svetlana

Teri’s thoughts drifted over the deep blue sea facing her oceanview LA condominium. “The massage is over Maam…,” said Eva, planting a kiss on Teri’s foot, “…shall I prepare dinner now?”.

“ What a great foot massage…” Teri responded, “ Let me fix dinner for you tonight.” Teri knew she needed to win Eva’s confidence for the upcoming event.

Across the continent in NYC, Sarah gazed at the city lights from her penthouse apartment. “The nails are done Mistress….you have such beautiful feet,” Kim said in-between nibbling at Sarah’s toes, “Shall I clean the Jimmy Choo collection now ?”

Sarah smiled back, “ Enough chores for you today, let me buy you a drink.” She wanted to win Kim’s confidence.

Sarah and Teri were stars of two similar TV sitcoms about a quartet of women. Teri was the star around which the “ Desperate” show was designed. Fearing a challenge to her supremacy in the show from the sexy latina Eva, she had provoked the petite woman into a catfight which ended in Eva being beaten into domination.

Sarah was the star around which the “ Sex” show was written. She had been challenged to a physical battle by her co-star Kim who wanted to usurp the Queen Bee mantle. Despite being smaller in size, Sarah had inflicted a merciless defeat on Kim, and made a regular submissive out of her.

But news travels fast. TV producers knew of the secret lesbian domina lifestyles of the two stars and they chose to use it to their advantage. They offered Sarah and Teri to engage in a tag-team catfight along with their partners. The prize - Prime Time slot and a chance to make a summer blockbuster movie. The risk - losers would be subject to any form of domination for sixty minutes by the victors.

The rules were simple. No biting or scratching. A fighter could only submit by kissing the other’s foot. Losing consciousness also counted as a submission. After a submission, the losing fighter would no longer be a part of the fight and would be chained to the post of the conqueror. The winning fighter could not tag in her partner for atleast three minutes on re-start of the contest. When both girls of one team submitted the contest was over.

The event took place in an undisclosed Ranch Resort in Arizona. The auditorium had a wrestling ring and seating for the 100 odd spectators who had paid 20000 USD to watch. The girls walked in naked. Sex team decided to start with Kim and Desperate started with Eva, the plan being to tire the big blonde after which Teri would strike.

The plan seemed to work for Teri. Kim dwarfed Eva. But the Latina was quick. She did not allow Kim to get closer than arms’ length. She dodged and swayed out of the blonde’s aggressive charges towards her. Eva even jabbed and kicked Kim as she slithered away - “ Cmon you cow, gotta move faster,” she jeered.

Kim was clearly getting frustrated. On one of her attempts to grab Eva, she was tripped and slammed onto one of the ring posts. As she stood stunned, Eva leaped onto her back, locking her arms around the blonde’s neck and her legs around her waist. The crowd roared in applause as they saw the dimunitive Eva, choking the life out of the Amazon blonde. Sarah yelled, “Tag me Kim, Tag me”. Teri yelled, “ Tag me Eva, she’s tired now.”

But Eva was crazed by the power she had over her opponent - “I’m going to finish her.”

Slowly Kim fell to one knee, Eva still squeezing her neck and waist. And then the blonde got lucky. She suddenly fell backwards crushing Eva under her weight and releasing the death grip.

Even as Eva was recovering from the blow to her back, Kim had got her by her luscious black hair. She twirled the poor little girl around by her hair and planted a few heavy kicks with her big feet into Eva’s mid-section. At first Eva flailed her arms and legs like a banshee, hoping to land a blow on Kim but soon she was simply reduced to trying to block Kim’s powerful kicks. And then swiftly, Kim picked Eva upto shoulder level and dropped her onto her outstretched knee. Eva fell with a sickening crack onto Kim’s knee and another sickening thud onto the mat. There was no fight left in Eva. Kim placed her large manicured foot onto Eva’s thin neck. “Now you’ll know what choking is…you Latina bitch.” Kim struggled for air, arms and legs shaking. “Are you ready to grovel and kiss my feet” Kim was really applying the pressure.

“ No…Noo……ooo” croaked Eva. But the pain of the fall and the lack of air had knocked her out.

Kim picked up her unconscious opponent and displayed her to the crowd, finally chaining her to the post of the Sex team “ One down …one more to go,” she glowered at Teri.

As Eva regained senses, she realized she had been trussed up against one of the posts. Kim smiled wickedly at her , “ you didn’t get a chance to kiss my feet….but you will soon.” Kim kissed Sarah on the lips, “ I’ll get the other one for you mistress”.

“Good Job my pet, but tag me in when I tell you - understand !” Sarah ordered her.

As Kim and Teri sized each other up, it was Teri who taunted her first - “ You big cow, even my little Latina bitch almost had you.” Kim was provoked easily. Both girls charged at each other leaping through the air and crashing their shoulders into each other. Teri was smaller than Kim, but the big blonde was tired. The impact threw Kim backwards onto her back while Teri landed safely on her feet.

Sarah knew what was going on - “Kim, Tag me in, fuckin do it now !!!!”

But Teri was still taunting - “ Id like to see Eva fucking you with her strap-on…that’s what you deserve.”

“Yaaaaaaaaaaa…..” an enraged Kim rushed at Teri. And once again the fresher Teri managed to avoid Kim’s outstretched arm and execute a deadly clothesline across Kim’s neck. Kim fell to the ground clutching her neck that had already been bruised badly by Eva. As she rolled on the floor, Teri swooped onto Kim’s back. She immobilized Kim’s arms by pressing them under her knees. And then she locked her arms around Kim’s neck, pulling it back.

Kim’s neck seemed to be on fire. And the way Teri was pulling at it, she thought it would tear off. Her arms hurt from the pressure of Teri’s knees. And her back was getting contorted into a curve. “ Stop….Stop….You’ll kill me…my neck…aaaaagh,” Kim howled.

“Eva passed out because of lack of air and you will do so because of pain..…. now you decide when you are ready to beg,” Teri hissed into Kim’s ears. Teri’s words struck fear. “I…I beg …you…let me …submit” Kim cried out. Teri did not want to take chances. She slammed Kim’s head onto the mat a few times. And then quickly placed her feet around Kim’s face while keeping Kim’s arms immobilized. There was no need for the extra care. Kim gladly kissed Teri’s feet in submission. The big Amazon cried like a little girl as she was paraded around by her blond locks and chained to the Desperate post.

It was time for the final battle - Sarah vs Teri. The crowd was on its feet. Sarah was slightly smaller than Teri but was known to be a shrewd and ruthless fighter. She was quick too. No sooner did the contest start, and Sarah executed a couple of perfect roundhouse kicks that threw Teri against the ropes. As Sarah unleashed another kick toward Teri’s exposed mid-riff, the brunette had the presence of mind to block with her arm. Simultanously she punched out at Sarah’s undefended mid-section, planting telling blows on the blonde’s stomach and breasts. Hurting from each others blows, they bounced off the ropes, leaping at each other. Teri hit her target again with a deadly swipe of her arm. The blow hurled Sarah onto the floor. Teri continued her rampage by kicking and stomping on Sarah as she tried to roll away. But there was nowhere to run beyond the four posts. As Sarah rolled against one of the posts, Teri propped her up and punched her till she dropped to her knees. And then with her foot, she pinned Sarah’s neck against the post.

Sarah’s face turned red from the lack of air. Her hands were wrapped around Teri’s ankle but they could not release the pressure. Teri could afford a smile-“looks like both of you love to choke….” And then without a warning and in one fluid motion, Sarah freed one of the legs on which she was crouched and swung it at Teri’s solitary foot that she was standing on. The swiftness of the move caught Teri unawares and she fell with thud on her back.

As Teri struggled to her hands and legs, she looked around to spot Sarah. “ Are you looking for me bitch ?” Teri was terrorized as she saw Sarah looking at her from atop the post.

“How the hell did you climb….” Before the sentence could be completed, Sarah landed with her knees on Teri’s back. As Teri yelped in pain, Sarah looked down at Teri squirming body, “ looks like both of you love to slam your backs against knees…..” And without wasting another second, she repeated the move again. And once again onto Teri’s stomach.

Teri looked like she had been beaten into a pulp. Sarah calmly rolled Teri onto her stomach and held Teri’s arms straight up perpendicular to her back. She sat down on Teri’s back, locking Teri’s outstretched arms between her legs and crossing her feet behind Teri’s neck so that they hung on either side of Teri’s face. And then she pulled Teri’s arms together between the pressure of her legs. Teri’s shoulder blades exploded with pain and she started sobbing. Sarah smiled, “ Let me remind you like you were reminding my bitch…. passing out from the pain is far tougher than passing out from lack of air….wont you agree….”

Another bout of pressure and Teri felt like her shoulder blades had already cracked. Teri sobbed and strained her neck to reach Sarah’s feet with her lips. “ Ah ..Ah..Ah.. not so quickly…” Sarah turned her feet further away.

Teri sobbed and howled , “ please …I’ll do anything….I want to submit..”

“Oh yes you will….” replied Sarah, “you will start by calling me mistress”.

“Yes…Yes mistress” Teri howled back.

Sarah laughed, “Whats your favorite TV show darling?”

“ Uh….Uh….Sex…Its my favorite,” replied a petrified and hurting Teri. After draining all of Teri’s strength, and resolve, and pride, she allowed Teri to kiss her feet. For Teri it was as if she were getting a drink of water after a walk in the desert - she was in a frenzy as she kissed Sarah’s feet in submission.

The contest was over. The victors could have the losers for sixty minutes.

After freeing, Kim, Sarah got a chair to the middle of the ring and lit a cigarette, striking her popular cross-legged pose. She ordered Kim to put Eva and Teri crouching at her feet while their asses were up in the air. Sarah smoked her cigarrette while Eva and Teri were ordered to worship her feet. Both girls licked her soles and sucked her toes. “Lick as if your life depends on it” Sarah ordered. And they did. Meanwhile Kim, worked on their vaginas and assholes with her hands. Both girls were made to cum by Kim’s hands as they worshipped their new mistress’ feet.

Then Eva and Teri were dragged by their hair and made to face each other in the same pose, assess up in the air. The fear in their eyes turned to sobs as they could see Sarah and Kim with gigantic strap-ons. Sarah barked, “ I want you both to be lip-locked….and if your lips move away from each other, you can be sure the fucking will be harder”. The losers were fucked long and hard in both holes till they could no longer hold themselves up.

They were then turned over onto their backs as the victors used the losers’ faces to reach their own climax. The crowd applauded as they saw the two real life lesbians french- kissing and feeling each other as they rode the faces of the motionless bodies of the losers.

Sarah and Kim played to the excited crowd by striking victory poses over their new found sluts, mauling their breasts with their toe-nails. Sarah chuckled as she pulverized Teri’s breasts - “You know we have a summer movie coming up. I want to give you a part….maybe the streetside whore on Times square….you will do it wont you…..I insist”.

“Yes…….I’ll do anything,” Teri stuttered.

“And you Latina cunt, maybe you can play the role of the apartment cleaning lady…Ha,” Kim laughed at the little girl struggling under her foot.

“ anything….to…stop…the …pain,” Eva squeaked back.

“You did!” The brunette saw no point in trying to deny the obvious.

And so…that is the story of why there was a “sex” movie this summer and not the ‘desperate” one. And if you look closely, you will see Sarah and Kim and their friends in the movie…and also Teri and Eva…playing the parts they agreed to on that evening.