Scarlett Johansson vs Jessica Biel


Prelude: Another awards ceremony comes around…this time the Golden Globes, and two women who spend a lot more time attending such functions for the publicity as opposed to ever being nominated are making their usual appearance. The latest ratings of most beautiful women has just come out in one of those countless magazines that do such, and once again, Scarlett Johansson is on top with Jennifer Biel nipping at her heals. Jennifer gets angrier every time another magazine comes out and she is stuck behind Miss Clairol blonde Scarlet in the most beautiful or the most sexy or whatever contest it is. She believes she should have passed Scarlet long ago and spotting her at the ceremonies, she simply can’t hold in her frustration anymore.

Jessica {stutting over to Scarlet wearing a short, tight black dress}: “Well Scarlett, what a surprise to see you at an awards ceremony for movies…as if you ever make any that anyone can even remember for 30 seconds.”
Scarlett {wearing a low cut dress that almost has her big boobs falling out}: “Jessica…Jessica….Jessica…you actually have the gall to bring up movies when the only thing invisible about Stealth ended up being the audience. You should wear a skull and crossbones symbol on your dress when you attend your movie premieres because you are box office poison, hon!”
Jessica {sticking a finger into Scarlett’s ample chest}: “Why you little bleached blonde bitch!! Not only do I have more acting talent than you but I’m more beautiful and sexier than you. You must be sleeping around with the magazine editors to be ranked higher.”
Scarlett: “Not hard to undertand why I’m hotter than you. After all, you have 0 tits! Whatya use for bras….Halloween masks?”
Jessica {slaps Scarlett}: “OK cunt, that does it!! You and me in a beauty contest followed by a catfight…if you have the pussy for it?”
Scarlett {grabbing Jessica and kissing her believing it to be even more bold than a slap}: “Honey, I’ve got the pussy for it and I’ve certainly got the tits for it. Name where and when, tramp, and I’ll prove to you why you will always be second best to me. Oh, and just a little preview of what you are up against, here’s a glimpse at my humongous hooters. Eat you heart out with envy, tramp! {pulling down her red strip supported top to flash her titanic tits”
Jessica {shocked at how great Scarlett’s tits look but not about to be shown up}: “My top might not be as big as yours, but look at the fitness of my sizzling upper bod, whore! {take straps of her dress of her shoulders and letting it drop to her waist}”
Scarlett: “Did you honestly just say ’my top might not be as big as yours’? Honey, as you can clearly see, the real Golden Globes are being displayed to you right now. That is one reason why in magazine after magazine, I’m on top and you are not!

The women admire each other’s partially nude bodies for a few seconds and then decide to have the contests late at night after the awards ceremony has been concluded. Word gets around so there will be plenty of judges for the beauty contest. The catfight will be no holds barred and submissions only so the people watching that will only be spectators and not decide the winner of the second contest at all. The beauty contest which will be first will consists of 8 anatomical areas being judged with the winner of more of the categories being named the victor in that contest. The 8 anatomical areas will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussies, legs, arms/armpits, back, and ass.

The Goldens Globes Awards show ends, and the women and the throng of people who have heard about the showdown go to another, less used area of the complex. The women will change into layers of clothing so that the individual areas can be judged without a lot of prejudice by other areas of their bodies being highlighted by nudity at the same time.

Beauty Contest: The first area of competition will be facial beauty. Each woman is above average in this area, but Jessica has more classic beauty features and not the blemish on her face that Scarlett has. Thus, Jessica is judged the winner to take a 1-0 lead. The next area is expected to be a rout and it is. Scarlett has huge hooters while Jessica’s are probably even below average. Scarlett ties it up 1-1 with an easy win in the better boobs contest. The next area of competition is which woman has the better midsection. The shape of each is great but Jessica seems to have a firmer stomach which gives her the win and a 2-1 lead. The next area is pussies, and in this case, Scarlett’s better softness becomes an advantage with her precious pussy being judged better as she ties up the overall contest at 2 wins apiece. The next area to be judged are the legs. Jessica’s legs are shapelier and definitely more muscular which gives her the advantage in both beauty and strength and a 3-2 lead overall.

Scarlett JohanssonJessica BielThe next area of the competition and the last frontside area to be judged are the arms/armpits. Scarlett’s are shapely and firm enough, but Jessica has all that plus better armpits and more muscular arms. Jessica wins this battle and is now up 4-2 as the women turn around for the backside judgments for back and butt. Scarlett has to win both of these to force a tiebreaker. The first contest is between their backs, and each is way about average in this area with a lot of contoured beauty. Jessica appears to have a little more definition but Scarlett’s is silky smooth to take this area of the competition and cut Jessica’s lead to 4-3 with only the ass contest left. The last area of the better ass belongs to Jessica who has a more bubble butt as opposed to Scarlett’s which is more spread out on her buttcheeks. Thus, Jessica Biel takes the last area to win the beauty contest 5-3 over Scarlett Johansson.

Jessica is nodding with that I told you so look while Scarlett is nonplussed at the outcome which she obviously considered wrong. Words are exchanged after the beauty contest with Scarlett Johansson still pissed about the final score while Jessica seems completetly satisified.

Jessica: “I told you, baby….I’m simply more beautiful than you are and I just proved it to you.”
Scarlett: “All that was just proven is that an open bar is not a legitimate way to have a beauty contest judged. And why are my tits which are much more than your boobs only given the same amount in a win as a narrow victory in one of your areas….and psst, all of your supposed victories were narrow, if wins at all.”
Jessica: “Want some cheese with that whine, blondie? The bottom line is Jessica Biel 5…..Scarlett Johansson 3. Learn to live with it, honey!”

The women are given the option to remain nude as they currently are or to put back on some clothes for the start of the catfight. They decide to put back on some skimpy outfits to start the catfight so they leave for just a short time to do that. Scarlett wears a loose fitting purple dress as a tease which she quickly takes off to start in red lingerie while Jessica starts in a skimpy olive drab bikini top and some tight dark shorts.

Catfight: The women approach each other with caution as neither has a long history of fighting, so they look to be just feeling one another out and perhaps looking for some weak spot to attack. As Jessica is looking at the lower body of Scarlett, the blonde bombshell takes the opportunity to wind up her right arm and give her brunette foe a hard slap to an unsuspecting foe. Whether it is the element or surprise or simply that Scarlett has a stronger arm that would first appear, Jessica feels the sting of a forceful hit to her beauty contest winning face which snaps her head hard to the right. A “You bitch!” accompanies a righthanded slap response to Scarlett’s rosy left cheek and her head moved to the right by a strong blow from Jessica’s hand. Neither woman seems ready to continue with hits to the faces they are so proud of, but Scarlett isn’t about to let Jessica get in the last blow in this exchange.

Scarlett sets her sights lower and throws a right fist to Jessica’s fit midsection, doubling over her brunette opponent. As Jessica doubles over due to the blow, Scarlett brings up a right knee to the abdomen, followed by a double axe handle to Jessica’s back, and terminating the sequence by grabbing some of Jessica’s hair and throwing her down to the padded floor. Jessica Biel is lying on her stomach when Scarlett footstomps her back repetitively in quite an opening offensive salvo by a blonde who is obviously tougher than she looks. But Jessica has had a few fights before, and one mistake someone can make is to stay in the same place too long. As Scarlett continues to footstomp and punish Jessica’s back, the downed brunette swings her lower body around in an arc and knocks the legs out from under Scarlett. The busty blonde drops like a rock to the padded floor next to Jessica’s body.

Jessica quickly rolls slightly away from Scarlett so that she can face the blonde from a sitting position. Scarlett is also sitting but the difference is that the sexy blonde has a devilish smirk on her face from the recent drubbing of her rival Jessica. Obviously Jessica takes offense at that smug look and goes for Scarlett’s hair. “Let’s see what color your roots really are, whore! My guess is blonde isn’t the correct answer.” Scarlett responds quickly as she grabs fistfuls of Jessica’s hair to make this a mutual hairpulling contest. Gorgeous faces show grimaces born out of effort at the same times heads are moving violently by yanked tresses. Each has plenty of hair to deal with, and the women have good grips on each other’s hair at this point. In fact, their heads and bodies are moving so much that they can’t stay seated on doubled on legs but instead are dropped to prone positions facing each other.

Two of the supposed most gorgeous women in the world are in the classic catfighting pose as they pull hair and try to maneuver their bodies to get on top of the other. Jessica’s body does get on top of Scarlett’s but not for long as the stacked blonde simply yanks her by the hair enough to roll her over where she now has the upper hand so to speak. But Jessica can do that change of position also, so numerous changes of the woman on top occur as they roll first one direction and then the other. The spectators have to be alert to scatter if they come too close to them. Finally, Jessica is on top as they roll against some of the furniture and she uses that to stabilize her position.

Jessica implements a schoolgirl pin as she wraps her lower legs around Scarlett’s to stabilize her position even more. Jessica pushes her body up repeatedly only to let it drop down on Scarlett’s trapped form, making sure that her chest punishes the rack of Scarlett’s in the process. “Uuuugggghhhh”s prove Jessica’s effectiveness as her body crashes into Scarlett’s on each down cycle…gravity giving her extra force in the hit. Jessica stops this process without warning so she can move into a sitting position on Scarlett’s midsection. Jessica’s legs are doubled on each side of that area as she reaches forward and grabs Scarlett’s hair once again. But then time, Jessica is using it simply to move Scarlett’s head up and down, with each downward movement hitting Scarlett’s skull against the padded floor.

Scarlett screams in agony but isn’t panicking as she moves her hands to grab Jessica’s forearms and at least slow the violent movement of Jessica’s arms down. But that isn’t going to force Jessica to stop, so Scarlett reaches her right hand down her own stomach area and finds Jessica’s most private area. Scarlett grabs hold of the outside of her brunette foe’s pussy and squeezes it like a fruit. Jessica screams out in pain and falls quickly off Scarlett.

Jessica is on all fours to the side of Scarlett’s body and well within kicking range for the blonde who thrust kicks her brunette tormentor in the side. That force knocks Jessica on her back and more importantly gives Scarlett a chance to recover from the recent attacks on her head. Scarlett moves slowly over to Jessica who is just now removing her hands from her pussy area. Her shorts did little good as far as protection since apparently Scarlett slid her beautiful hand below the garment just like a snake and latched on to that most sensitive area. Scarlett comes in from the side and lowers her leg hard on to the midsection of Jessica, her heel digging in to that fit area. It works so well that Scarlett does it a few more times to try to soften up Jessica and allows her to keep recovering from Jessica’s cover of her earlier which crushed her body and almost gave her a headache as her head hit the floor so many times. Scarlett grabs Jessica’s right hand and wrist with both her hands and stretches out her legs to push against Jessica’s shoulder in an obvious attempt to dislocate that area. Screams of “ooooohhh”s and “please stop”s ring out from Jessica as Scarlett even begins to twist the arm at the same time she is pulling on it with her hands and pushing against that same shoulder with her feet. Jessica is able to fight through the pain and roll her body up so that she can make it to her feet, one of the classic ways to begin the escape. In fact, Scarlett recognizes what is about to occur and doesn’t want to be footstomped or picked up by the hold and thus lets it go. But Scarlett does get a great open shot at Jessica’s pussy area which sends the brunette stumbling backwards and in crotch pain once more.

Jessica is on all fours facing away from Scarlett as the busty blonde gets up and stalks her prey. Scarlett stands up and reaches down to the strings that help hold Jessica’s olive drab bikini top on and unties them. The blonde pulls the top up over Jessica’s head but doesn’t throw it to the side as so often occurs. Scarlett begins to wrap it around Jessica’s throat in a blatant attempt to choke the brunette out and try to do with her own bikini top. Jessica reaches her hands for the garment and is able to get her fingers between the cutting top and her own throat. But while occupied doing that, Scarlett forwards knees into Jessica’s back. The brunette is finally able to wrestle her top away from Scarlett and tosses it away so it won’t be used as an immediate weapon again.

Scarlett reaches around and implements a chinlock and yanks Jessica’s head and neck painfully backwards using her stronger than expected hands and arms. Jessica moves her hands to engage Scarlett’s but the blonde has her own hands tightly clasped together. Instead of trying to pick fingers apart, Jessica slings elbows back into Scarlett’s chest area. She knows she is very close to have one of her knees in her back and the chinlock, so she takes advantage of that. Some of Jessica’s elbows crash into Scarlett’s bountiful treasure chest and stuns the blonde into releasing the chinlock. Jessica simply lunges forward to get away from the knee.

Jessica BielScarlett recovers first apparently and moves it to continue some sort of attack, but this time it Jessica who thrust kicks into the blonde’s most private area…payback for the rough treatment her pussy has been receiving. Scarlett’s eyes get glassy and she is doubling over and leaning forward, a perfect situation for an roundhourse right to the jaw which sends Scarlett flying backwards away from Jessica and a hard landing on her beauty contest winning back. Jessica coughs briefly to get rid of the last effects of the recent choking and then hurls her body on top of Scarlett is what amounts to a big splash as her frontside lands squarely on Scarlett’s frontside, with gravity giving the brunette the force advantage. Scarlett’s sexy bod recoils upward from the force, but Jessica keeps it pinned. Jessica rubs and squirms her body on top of Scarlett to try to take some of the fight out of the trapped blonde. And it doesn’t escape Jessica that she is topless and is ready to at least even the score. Jessica reaches for Scarlett’s flimsy red lingerie bra and rips it off quickly, so fast that Scarlett’s huge hooters rebound from the force applied to that area of her body. Jessica grabs hold of those huge orbs with her strong arms and squeezes those massive melons with as much energy as she can muster. Scarlett screams in response as her most priceless possessions are under siege. Jessica is the one with a sinister smirk on her face at this point…Scarlett must wonder if it can get any worse. The short answer is probably yes.

Jessica keeps one hand mauling Scarlett’s tits, alternating from one to the other, but uses her free hand to reach down and pull Scarlett’s lingerie panties into her pussy in an excruciating contact of material against flesh. But Jessica only does that for a short time before ripping the red lacey bottoms off for good and tosses them aside. Scarlett is now completely nude, her ending state from the beauty contest while Jessica has the only clothing left on either woman…her shorts. Jessica remembers Scarlett’s uninvited entry into her pussy to dislodge her during the hairpulling session, so she has no hesitiation to give that beauty contest winning area a little invasion of her own. Jessica’s strong left hand enters and probes Scarlett’s vagina as her right hand continues to hold tightly on to part of Scarlett’s large left orb. Scarlett’s wiggles in desperation, rocking her body back and forth, trying to dislodge not only Jessica’s left hand from her pussy but also the brunette’s entire body from her own. Finally, Scarlett begins to buck, and since Jessica is holding on mainly to a couple of parts and doesn’t really have a wrestling hold stabilized, she is thrown off of the blonde’s body.

Scarlett is gently massaging her tits checking for feeling and any damage and of course is trying to recover from the pussy onslaught. Jessica took a hard spill as she was ejected from Scarlett’s body and thus isn’t in as good of a position to immediately follow up as she normally might be. Both get up about the same time, but Jessica has the wider smile after her recent stripping of her rival’s red lingerie and her attack on her rival’s two most private regions of her sizzling form. Jessica in fact twirls the red bra and panties just a few feet in front of Scarlett’s eyes…her name Scarlett perhaps quite appropriate since her face becomes red with anger.

Jessica slingshots the two lingerie articles towards Scarlett’s bod, who simply swats them away before they hit her. Jessica looks like she is in a playfully sexy mood as she grabs hold of her own shorts and seductively pulls them off her body. Exposed now is the dense forest of pubic hair surrouding her pussy and her nude form in all its glory is on display. She can’t resist some brief posing as she puts her hands on her head to show off her fit arms and nice armpits, and to highlight her shapely form…two area wins for her during the beauty contest. Meanwhile, Scarlett’s face is returning to a more normal fleshy color as she is amused by Jessica’s attempt to act like she is sexier than herself. The brunette’s smallish tits alone bring a smile of superiority to Scarlette’s face.

Scarlett: “Hey bitch….if someone needs to get an idea about what to get for your birthday or a Christmas present…tell them tits! You look like a little girl hoping she can qualify for a training bra soon!”
Jessica: “That’s funny coming from a candidate for cellulite removal. Oh, and next time, they bleach your hair blonde, might want to get the hairdresser to reread and double check the directions.”

The recent verbal exchange does nothing to calm down each woman’s hatred for the other and in fact only inflames it. Jessica rushes towards Scarlett who steps aside and grabs Jessica’s left arm as she goes by. Scarlett bends it behind Jessica Biel in a nice hammerlock maneuver. Scarlett clearly means business just by looking at the gritted teeth in her mouth, the hard yanking of the arm as she bends it where it isn’t supposed to really go, and the “take this you overrated whore” comment that accompanies the hold. For the first time in a while, it is now Jessica who is screaming in pain with expletives lacing the audible expressions of that pain.

Scarlett occasionly lifts up on the hammerlock to turn it more into a chickenwing. Jessica reaches back with her other arm to try to grab something but all that accomplishes is for Scarlett to capture her right hand in addition to already having her left. Scarlett straightens out the hold of the left arm of Jessica and pulls the right hand and arm straight behind the brunette sex goddess and brings up a knee into the back of Jessica…a standing surfboard type maneuver. Scarlett looks for something to help her maintain her balance on one leg and is close enough to a wall to put her butt against that immovable object to give her stability as she yanks Jessica’s arms backwards while pushing her back forward with that knee.

Both women are above average in arm strength and also have tougher midsections than the average model or actress, close to athletic in fact. But Courtney won the midsection comparison and the arms competition in the beauty contest for a reason….she not only looks hot in those areas but is also more delineated in her muscularity. So it comes as no surprise to the audience that Courtney gains the advantage in the bearhug situation both in dishing out the punishment to Jessica’s stomach area and also being able to hold up better to Jessica’s forceful arms. There isn’t the normal tit battle at the same time because of the height difference but Courtney is taking full advantage of her arms being wrapped around Jessica’s abdomen and squeezing the air from the gorgeous brunette’s lungs. Jessica knows she has to get away from Courtney’s grasp but the blonde’s hands are locked together solidly behind the brunette’s back. Jessica releases her own bear hug and goes for a short cut by pulling on the corners of Courtney’s mouth away from the center and dishing out a little facial pain of her own. It is a crude maneuver but works fine in forcing Courtney to break her bearhug.

Jessica Biel lets out her biggest screams yet as Scarlett laughs at her predicament. Scarlett finds out however that even the wall isn’t enough to help her maintain the hold in the standing position, so she relaxes her pulls slightly as she extends her knees more to send Jessica plummeting to the padded floor and hitting her frontside hard on it. Now, Scarlett is more in a classic surfboard mode with her brunette’s arms extended vertically skyward while she exchanges her knee for a foot into the back of her sexy foe. But even in the standing position, Scarlett is still on one leg. Suddenly, she drops her body weight on to Jessica’s back while still holding on to the brunette’s arms. The “Oh my God…fucking shit” exclamation by Jessica as Scarlet’s bod comes crashing to a sitting position on Jessica’s back pretty much explains what happened when Scarlett’s weight hit Jesscia’s back aided by gravity.

Scarlett now is sitting on doubled up legs straddling that back while still painfully pulling back and up on Jessica’s strong arms. But Scarlett is finding out that even in an awkward position, Jessica has very strong arms and they are even harder to hold when saturated with sweat as they are now. Jessica is able to free her left arm and hand which allows her to turn her body quickly and without warning to send Scarlett off her body…forcing a release of the grip on the other hand during the process. Both women end up crumbled on the floor a few feet away from each other.

Scarlett and Jessica are moving more slowly than at any time during the fight, which is no surprise considering how much energy they have been expending to punish and humiliate their foe. Sweat is saturating their skin and has begun to mat somewhat their gorgeous hair, both on their heads and around their pussies. Strained looks occupy their faces but still the determination to beat their competitor and perhaps alter the ranking of the most beautiful and most sexy polls is obviously still there. They rush their bodies together and implement a mutual bearhug from their current sitting positions. Each squeezes her foe’s midsection trying to drive the air from her lungs but their midsections are strong enough to resist that problem and perhaps their arms aren’t as strong as the beginning of the match due to fatigue.

Scarlett suddenly releases Jessica’s midsection and instead uses her arms to grab her foe’s face and pull that beauty contest winning area deep into her impressive cleavage. Scarlett rubs Jessica’s gorgeous face all around her sweaty jumbo juggs and the chasmic cleavage in between her mountain peaks. Not only is the blonde bombshell doing a number on Jessica’s breathing more than her bearhug ever could but she transfers sweat and a very pronounced body odor to Jessica’s mouth and nose, quite the humiliation.

Jessica is caught off guard by the bold move and removes her own bearhug but Scarlett still has the advantage for now as she switches over to a right armpit smother of Jessica’s beautiful face. And if the stunning brunette thought that Scarlett’s humongous hooters and cleavage were sweaty and foul smelling, they seem like a picnic to now being exposed to Scarlett’s right underarm which is drenched with sweat, and it goes without saying that her deodorant wore off long ago. Jessica finally gets her hands up into position to do something and that something is to grab fistfuls of Scarlett’s blonde locks to use as leverage to move Scarlett away.

Scarlett JohanssonIf the low blows early in the match weren’t enough the more recent techniques show how these women are playing for keeps. Jessica’s hairpulling slings Scarlett’s away from her body and also has Scarlett turned away from her when she comes to a stop on hands and knees. Jessica moves as fast as she can to mount the back of her busty blonde bombshell foe and implements a chinlock. Since Scarlett is being supported on her hands, she can’t move them up to her face without having her upper body drop to the floor. So instead, she decides to try to buck her tormentor off, and Jessica does indeed lose her balance and drop off gently to one side of Scarlett’s sizzling bod. Jessica gets to a standing position while Scarlett is still on all fours and pummels that beauty contest winning back until Scarlett’s arms give way and she collapses to the padded floor on her frontside. And in Scarlett’s case, her frontide mostly means her titanic tits are taking the brunt of her upper body’s weight.

Jessica reaches for Scarlett’s wrists and grabs those wrists with her own opposite hands. Jessica then recrosses her arms so that they are now straight in front of her, thus crossing Scarlett’s arms under her throat. Jessica pulls up in a well executed crossarm chokehold on the buxom beauty, and ironically Scarlett’s own arms are pressing tight against her throat and choking herself. Occasionally, Jessica pulls up with extra force to make the choking more pronouned and follows that up with a more relaxed pull to send Scarlett’s head crashing down to the matted floor. But once again, the sweat that each woman has generated makes this hold particularly hard to maintain. Scarlett is able to slip her wrists out of Jessica’s grasp and bucks off the beautiful brunette.

Scarlett gets up to her knees with Jessica in a similar position behind her. Jessica wraps her right arm around Scarlett’s throat and puts her left arm across Scarlett’s forehead in the classic look of a sleeper hold. Jessica’s arms have lost quite a bit of strength since the beginning of this fight but so has Scarlett lost the ability to resist holds and to breath in the normal manner.

Jessica squeezes with all her strength as Scarlett moves her hands up to engage Jessica’s arms. Scarlett throws a couple of fists particularly against Jessica’s right arm wrapped around her throat, but the sexy brunette is able to maintain the hold while fighting through the pain caused by the blows. Sweat is not as big of a factor in these grips so the lubricating effect of the perspiration is minimized. Scarlett appears to becoming groggy and her eyes are about halfway open as opposed to her normally wide-eyed appearance.

Finally, Scarlett slumps over and seems to be held up only by Jessica’s holds on her head. A spectator checks to make sure that Scarlett is out since if she is, obviously a submission isn’t possible. Scarlett is indeed unconscious and Jessica’s only regret is that she didn’t get to hear her hated rival say I quit. She gives a couple extra squeezes with the hold and then releases Scarlett’s head. At that point, her head crashes down to the padded floor, and her left cheek depressed as her head is resting on that side of her face.

Postmatch: Jessica collapses off to the side of Scarlett’s still unconscious form. The victorious brunette gets to her knees and raises her hands weakly in a sign of triumph but few in the crowd think this is the end of this encounter. Scarlett is still balanced on the left side of her head…her nice rear end the highest point of her body at this point. Jessica puts her foot on that ass and shoves it forward which effectively straightens out Scarlett’s sexy form to rest on her stomach. Jessica calls for a cup of ice cold water and slams the liquid into the side of Scarlett’s face, the shock bringing her to consciousness.

Jessica: “You just got knocked out by me, bitch, and I was certified the winner just like I won our beauty contest. That makes me 2-0 against you, hon, and that doesn’t even count the humiliations to come.”

Jessica only gets inaudible moans in response. The sexy brunette mounts the back of Scarlett and reaches back with her right hand and gives a few spanks to the blonde bombshell’s ass…once again, some reaction but still perhaps not quite alert after the sleeper hold experience.

Jessica gets off of Scarlett and puts her foot under one side to roll her on to her back. Jessica mounts Scarlett’s midsection this time with her legs doubled up on each side of the sexy blonde’s luscious form. Jessica reaches forward and grabs as much of Scarlett’s huge globes as she can and begins to forcefully fondle them, bringing the most response from Scarlett since she was revived by the water. “Don’t…..don’t….please don’t….stop….please don’t stop” as her protestations turn to requests for more attention to her tits.

Jessica continues with her right hand as she reaches back with her left to enter Scarlett’s most private area…her precious pussy. Jessica vigorously explores that region until she gets Scarlett to cum on to her hand. Jessica takes that wet hand and wipes it across Scarlett’s beautiful face in yet another humilation of her fallen blonde opponent.

Jessica stops her massaging of Scarlett’s boobs and begins to straighten out her own body to schoolgirl pin her rival. She rubs her hardbody on top of Scarlett’s softer one from side to side and forward and back a bit. Jessica moves forward her body so that her much smaller chest is over Scarlett’s face and lowers her upper body down to do a titsmother. There isn’t a lot of tit to do the smothering but she still can rub that area of her body across Scarlett’s face to deposit sweat, transfer foul odor, and restrict her already labored respiration. Jessica grinds what she has in the chest area to do just that and the humiliation and the effects of the titsmother is there regardless of how big or how small the boobs are.

Jessica changes over to another smother, and in this case she has a lot more ammo to perform the job. She lowers her very sexy right armpit over the nose and mouth area and really grinds that normally appealing area around Scarlett’s face, smearing the cum that she deposited there from the blonde’s pussy area. Jessica enjoys this humiliation so much she changes over to the left armpit to give her hated rival a double barrel of sweat, foul odor, and a stoppage of breathing on occasion.

Jessica gets all she can out of this maneuver and moves her form even higher on Scarlett’s body…this time putting her beauty contest winning ass to hover over Scarlett’s beautiful face. Jessica suddenly drops her body down on top of Scarlett’s face and does a slow grind for some time followed by a more vigorous rubbing of her sweet butt across Scarlett’s face. Just like the titsmother and the armpit smothers, sweat and foul smell make their way into Scarlett’s nose, mouth, and the rest of her face.

Jessica puts her hands on the top of her head on occasion to do the classic pose of victory during a facesit, the flexing of arm muscles and the display of nicely formed armpits. It also shows how much in complete control she is since her body weight alone is enough to completely control Scarlett at this point. Jessica gets off of Scarlett and makes it to a standing position for the first time in a long while. Jessica rubs her dirty right foot across Scarlett’s now cum spotted face and plays briefly with the blonde bombshell’s bodacious boobs with her toes.

But Jessica may still have something left to do since although she collects her own clothes and Scarlett’s ripped red lingerie for souvenirs, she doesn’t appear to be leaving in the near future. Jessica finds some red rope used probably as props for skits during the awards shows and also knows of another room, a lounge type area with even a bed in it in case someone feels ill during the show. She pulls up Scarlet by the blonde hair and forces her to crawl behind her…quite an embarassment for one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world according to many polls and ratings. Jessica slings Scarlett onto a large cushion type piece of furniture with the spectators now filling the room to see what is going to happen. Jessica ties Scarlett’s legs together, wraps some strands around her chest area, and to keep her bound to the heavy, large cushion, she ties her wrists to the base of the furniture, well anchored to be sure. And as a last touch, she wraps the red material around the bottom of Scarlett Johansson’s face, making sure that it enters her mouth to act as a gag. Jessica moves a few feet away and plops her tired body down in this nice bed. She observes her grand work of having Scarlett bound and gagged at the same time she is showing off her hard, sexy body right in front of Scarlett. And of course both of them know that many spectators are fixed on every part of this scene.

Jessica has a huge smile on her face while Scarlett seems stunned and almost resigned to her fate. Word will get around of their two contests…the beauty contest and the catfight, and Jessica Biel humiliated her in both of them. Odds are the next time the magazine ratings come out, Jessica will at least be above her in them, if not number one. Jessica meanwhile can’t take her eyes off of her bound and gagged rival…enjoying every minute of the experience while the spectators are in awe. Finally, Jessica finds it is time for her to leave but doesn’t even offer to untie Scarlett, but instead leaves that to the kindness of others.

Jessica: “Well hon, I have to run. I’ll understand if you don’t get up to see me off. Enjoy your rest and let’s hope that someone has pity on you in say the next hour or so and decides to untie you. Anyway, I’m sure you won’t mind if I take your red lingerie as trophies of my kicking your butt in the beauty contest and the catfight! See ya!”


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