The former Spice Girl has been dismissive of Alesha’s recent efforts in celebrity fighting, and when they meet backstage at a fashion awards ceremony Victoria tells Alesha that she wants to beat her up. Alesha is more than happy to accept the smaller, older girl’s challenge, and they are swiftly taken to a room where they can fight in comparative private, with only a few fashion models and female celebrities around to watch.

Both women strip to their underwear, and they’re hot – very hot!

There’s clearly no love lost between the pair, as Victoria snaps, “I’m gonna put you right down in your place now, you fuckin bitch!”

Alesha sneers, “You can try, but I’m gonna hurt you real bad!”

They get in each other’s faces, with Alesha quickly giving Victoria a shove to her shoulder, the older girl slapping Alesha across the face in response, making her back off, and she’s caught by surprise when Posh kicks her in the ribs, Alesha sent staggering backwards, gets kicked again, and falls to her knees.

Victoria sneers at Alesha as she grabs her hair, “You fuckin wimp! I’m gonna bust your face up!” and she punches her across the jaw with a booming right hook, Alesha sent sprawling as the older girl lets go of her hair.

Getting to her feet as Victoria taunts her, Alesha moves quickly towards her, and grabs for her hair, catches hold of it, and drags Victoria to her knees, then smacks her knee upwards into the older girl’s face before bending her over backwards, and spreading her legs, telling her, “This is what you deserve for dissing me!” then kicks her hard in the crotch, Victoria rolling over and curling up in agony.

With Victoria on the floor, Alesha decides to give her a good, and thorough kicking, laying into the fallen woman with gusto, thudding kicks into her body, ribs, tits, flanks and belly, but leaving her face – for now!

Once Alesha has bored of kicking Victoria’s forlorn frame, she picks her up and stands in front of her, then crushes her knee up hard between the battered woman’s legs, making her scream with pain as her womanhood takes the punishment, and she throws up on the floor.

Victoria is grovelling on the floor, vomit and saliva dribbling from her mouth, and Alesha steps on the back of her head, forcing her face into the pool of sick she just retched up, and she tells her, “Lick it up, you filthy slag!” Victoria does her best, but it’s not easy, and Alesha tells her to get to her feet, then she wipes Victoria’s face with her discarded clothing, and pulls her up to her full height, holding her by her top, and barks, “Anything to say, slut?”

Victoria just whispers, “Go to hell!”

So Alesha headbutts her smack on her nose, which splits open, and Victoria is unconscious on the floor, Alesha glaring at the other girls in the room, “And if any of you bitches want some – You’ll get it!”

She stalks out of the room, while Victoria’s friends soothe her battered face and body.



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