NOTE - Make sure you have read Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift Story by jsmith95

February 1st, 2015
The audience continued to cheer loudly as Katy left the stadium. After just performing Firework to wrap up the Super Bowl halftime show, Katy was elated that her performance was so well-received. She walked down the empty corridor, towards the nearest change room to get out of her dress. Luckily there were many spread out throughout the stadium; Katy finally found one and ducked inside.

Everyone else would be returning to their seats, so she didn't have to worry about any invasions of privacy. She sat down on a bench, and slowly slipped off her starry, white dress. It had fit her body well, hugging her every curve, and she knew that everyone who wasn't interested in her singing still had their eyes locked onto her. Why wouldn't they? She loved the attention her body got, especially her boobs. She loved the way the men turned to ogle her over their less-endowed wives and girlfriends. With her dress off, she was now in a tight pink bra, which pressed up her cleavage to full display. With no one else in the room, she pressed her arms together, watching as her cleavage grew huge and deep.

She was still pissed over how she lost a titfight to Taylor Swift a few months back. She had to laugh, though - every time she remembered that night, she just imagined Taylor Swift trying to fill up Katy's huge bra with her mosquito bites, failing horribly each time. She had wished one of Taylor's boyfriends had been at the banquet that evening - he definitely would know what he was missing after seeing Katy's mighty melons next to the country singer's smaller peaches. The fact that he had to settle for her much smaller tits, when he could have her bigger jugs instead, made her feel better about the loss.

As Katy reached for her replacement blouse, she heard a faucet turn on in one of the shower cubicles. She was startled, not knowing anyone else was even in the room. Instead of pulling the blouse on quickly, she set it back in her duffel bag. There were no cameras in the change room (of course), so she figured she would have some fun with whoever it was. She was probably just some random fan, come to shower after her boyfriend accidentally drenched her in his beer. Katy jutted her chest out proudly. She wanted to see the look of shock when this girl looked upon her huge bust. Her bra was pushed out, filled completely by Katy's impressive pair.

She rounded the corner, and saw a shapely pair of legs when she looked under the wall of the cubicle. Katy tiptoed silently, wanting the catch the woman off guard when she opened the door. As she got closer, she felt something brush against her foot. She looked down and saw a red bra. Katy's jaw dropped the slightest bit; this girl was bigger than Katy had imagined. She picked up the garment, flipping it over and reading the tag.

'Holy shit! She's a double D?' the singer whispered to herself. At that moment, the faucet turned off, and Katy watched the feet spin around on their heels.

"Hello, is someone in here?" the mystery woman asked.

Katy dropped the bra, and turned away to return to her bag. 'This woman would not be impressed by her D cups, big as they are', she thought, 'I'm probably to her what all these fans are to me'. Before she could get far, she heard the door swing open as the girl stepped out.


Katy recognized the voice this time. One of Hollywood's current biggest sex symbols, who still looked incredible despite recently having her first child. She turned around, holding one arm up to her bosom as she greeted the celebrity with a smile.

"Hi, Scarlett."

"I loved the first part of your performance," Scarlett admitted.

Her words barely registered with Katy, who was busy trying to avoid staring at the actress' golden globes. The blonde had no qualms on hiding her girls, which looked absolutely firm, not to mention massive. Sure, she was no Christina Hendricks - one day, she hoped that cow would finally meet her match and get her overinflated tits crushed flat - but she had Katy beat in chest size by a decent margin. Katy tried not to draw much attention to her own bosom, even lowering her chest which she had so proudly puffed out moments ago. After seeing Scarlett's, she hoped their meeting would be short and brief so she could return to getting dressed.

"Oh, thanks!" Katy replied, happy that the first feedback she received for her show was a positive one.

Scarlett noticed Katy taking quick glances at her chest, which she finally remarked on, "Romain spilled his beer on me while I was returning to my seat. It soaked right through my shirt and everything." Katy laughed, which caused Scarlett to giggle, too. She quickly wondered if Romain had done it on purpose, wanting a quick peek of what were underneath during the game. She was sure the men in the audience didn't object, either.

"Anyway, I better get back to my shower. It was great seeing you again," Scarlett smiled. As the blonde turned her back to Katy, she spun around again, "And, just so you know, you don't have to hide anything from me," she added, referring to Katy's unsuccessful attempt at hiding her rack, "It's just us girls here, right? Not that there's much to hide."

Katy was shocked, dropping her arm to her side as her tits jiggled ever so slightly. "Excuse me?" she asked incredulously.

"Oh, I didn't mean it that way!" Scarlett corrected herself, "I just meant... compared to me—"

"Oh, so you think you have better tits than mine?" Katy demanded an answer, taking a step closer and closing the gap between them. She hadn't planned for a titfight today, but now she was excited at the possibility. 'This bitch wants to insult my rack when she's barely a cup size bigger? Who did she think she was?' she wondered to herself.

Scarlett took a step forward, too, until their huge racks touched. The touch surprised Katy, who had not expected Scarlett to be so bold, but she wasn't worried. She puffed out her chest, showing Scarlett that she was making a huge mistake here. She was feeling bold herself. Maybe after she finished with Scarlett's boobs, she would show her husband what a better pair felt like.

As their breasts met, Scarlett replied, "No, I don't think mine are better," At 5'2", the blonde was a bit shorter than Katy, but still was not afraid to look the pop singer in the eyes with a glare of confidence, "I know they are."

“You bitch!” Katy screamed.

Anger overwhelming her, Katy rushed forward towards the buxom blonde, planning to knock the actress on her ass. Scarlett was ready though, and as their two bodies met, Scarlett puffed out her huge chest and slammed Katy’s tits with her own mountains. Katy, caught off-guard, stumbled back, nearly losing her footing as she moaned from the impact.

“Please,” Scarlett laughed, “Don’t think for a second your puny breasts can challenge my girls here. Didn’t Christina teach you a lesson already? Some girls never learn, I suppose. Buxom is better.” The blonde squeezed her arms together, as her breasts seemingly swelled in size, forming a deep valley of cleavage that put almost any other woman Katy met to shame. She knew she had a size advantage on Katy, and she couldn’t wait to prove to the pop starlet that hers were stronger, too.

Katy had had enough of this bitch’s taunting. She lunged forward, grabbing Scarlett’s hands with her own as the two became locked in a grapple. Scarlett struggled to fight her off, but soon found her wrists being forced backwards by Katy’s stronger arms. Katy pressed her body into Scarlett’s as they fought, their huge boobs mushrooming against each other as they pushed together as hard as they could. Scarlett had the slight advantage, with her larger boobs threatening to overtake Katy’s puppies any second.

“You were saying?” Katy panted, eager to change the battle before Scarlett finally overwhelmed her. She felt her nipples harden as they brushed against Scarlett’s sturdy pair. The fact that her smaller breasts were holding their own against Scarlett’s globes, just barely, was beginning to make her increasingly hot. She was feeling confident when she asked, “Shall we see who has the stronger nipples, too?”

“Are you sure?” Scarlett grinned, “Maybe you should just stick to trying to crush my titties.”

“You’re not scared, right?” Katy questioned.

“Bring it, bitch.”

Katy released Scarlett, and the two buxom beauties lined their solid nipples up. On Katy’s count, they slowly pressed them together, both groaning as their big tips met in the middle. As they pressed together, one of the women groaned, feeling her spikes quickly overwhelmed and driven backwards into her chest.

“What’s wrong, pop princess? Did you bite off more than you could chew?” Scarlett teased, watching Katy’s jaw drop in surprise as she quickly realised the power of Scarlett’s massive tips, “Look at this! You’re so proud of her boobies, but even your weak nipples can’t stand up to the challenge! They’re submitting to my girls right now.”

“L-let me go right now,” Katy ordered.

“I’m not letting you go until you and your pathetic nipples give up. What do you say?”

Katy ignored her, feeling beads of sweat drip down her brow as she struggled through the pain. Katy was shocked! She was always proud of her nipples, stimulating them before her shows so every man and woman would have their eyes glued to her. She was confident that they could cut through glass if she wanted, yet against this blonde bombshell, her pride and joys were being heavily outmatched. 'How were Scarlett’s breasts so fucking strong?'

“I’m in a good mood today,” Scarlett noted, her bitchy smile growing even wider. In a seductive voice that only served to make Katy’s breasts swell larger, she asked, “So, do you want to call it a tie instead?”

“G-Go to hell...” Katy panted.

“You sure?”

A muerte,” Katy replied, thrusting out her chest as she tried to match Scarlett’s joust.

“Very well. I love when you small bitches are so full of pride. It makes it all the more fun to crush you.”

Scarlett backed her tips off, winding up for a huge jab that would smash Katy’s nipples deep into her breasts. Once Scarlett broke the connection, Katy’s tips returned to their original shape and size. Impossibly, she noticed, her spikes continued to harden by the second, likening to steel as they expanded outwards.

“Sorry for this, love,” Scarlett lied, before thrusting her chest back into the singer’s.

This time, however, Katy didn’t make a sound, instead turning her sights to their heaving breasts as they smashed together once again. This time, it was Scarlett who had the look of pain on her face, as she watched her pink nips crushed against her chest upon colliding with Katy’s stiff spikes.

Ughhhh!” Scarlett cried, feeling the power of Katy’s now-harder nips pressing her own pair flat, “What—how did you—“ Scarlett was at a loss for words, as Katy’s nipples dug into her own with unyielding force.

“What’s wrong, whore? Where’d you little nipples go? I can barely see them with my huge peaks grinding them flat.” Katy was soaking up every second of her opponent’s pain, until Scarlett forced herself away. She rubbed her burning nipples, which were now red from the pain inflicted on by Katy’s firmer tips.

“I don’t know how you did that, but I do know one thing,” Scarlett panted, wrapping her arms around Katy and pulling the younger girl towards her body, “I still win where it counts.” Their breasts crushed against each other again, as Scarlett was set to end this now. Katy groaned; she had out-jousted Scarlett’s weaker nipples, but the buxom blonde’s bigger bust was another story altogether.

Katy closed her eyes, gritting her teeth as she put all her strength into just keeping her boobs from being driven into her chest. When she opened them, she felt her confidence waver. While her face was beet red from the exertion it took to contend with Scarlett’s mountains, the actress was calm, almost tranquil as her mighty breasts stood firm. Worse yet, their breasts were dead even! Was she even trying anymore?

“Have you started pushing yet, love?” Scarlett mocked, hoping her words would shake Katy’s confidence even further.

Suddenly, an idea rang through Katy’s head. With one ambitious thrust, she threw – not her boobs – her entire body into Scarlett’s, sending both girls toppling to the floor. Katy quickly straddled Scarlett, pinning the blonde’s legs to the floor with her stronger ones.

“Oh, now what are you doing?” Scarlett moaned, as Katy now pinned her arms behind her head, “I thought we established that you can’t budge my boobs. Just give it up!”

Katy had no intention of fighting Scarlett’s tits, though. With a sly grin creeping across her face, she lined up her heaving bosom over Scarlett’s head, then bam – she dropped them down, eclipsing the star’s beautiful face with her coveted breasts! Scarlett screamed, but her voice was muffled by the breast smother Katy had so perfectly executed. Katy felt the actress’ arms and leg buckle wildly, struggling to throw off the pop singer, but she was easily overpowered.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to murmur, ScarJo?” Katy taunted in a sing-song voice, pressing her boobs as hard as she could over Scarlett’s mouth and nose, making sure no air could peak through. Scarlett responded with another set of frantic mumbles, now in desperate need of oxygen. Katy’s breasts were unmoving. Katy had to laugh to herself – Scarlett’s bigger rack was hopeless to protect her now.

After a minute, Katy relented, allowing Scarlett her much needed air.

“Y-you fucking bitch!” Scarlett panted, sucking in all the air she could muster before Katy’s breasts returned.


“Not to you. N-not… to those…” she begged, staring at Katy’s naked, glistening breasts. If she was going to lose, she prayed that it would not be to those boobs. She could not give Katy the satisfaction of defeating her that way. Unfortunately for her, they were taking their toll on the mother of one. She fought to stay conscious, but she was losing ground quickly.

“I’ll make this easy for you,” Katy stated, “Admit that my titties are the better pair… and I’ll back off.”

“Fuck you…” Scarlett cursed. She thrust out her chest, in a last-ditch effort to unseat the starlet. Katy was too sturdy though, and wasn’t going anywhere.

“Maybe another breast smother will change your mind, then. Say hi to the girls for me.”

Katy lowered her breasts again, watching as her breasts engulfed Scarlett’s face for the second time. She lifted Scarlett’s head off the ground, pressing the blonde’s face even deeper into her cleavage. Scarlett’s arms were freed, and she was able to grab Katy’s arms and pull them away. She tried to, anyway. She didn’t realise how strong the 28-year-old really was until she tried to pry her arms from her head. She couldn’t budge them, try as she may. The blonde flexed he lean muscles, putting all her strength in just loosening Katy’s incredibly strong grip. She couldn’t do it.

Scarlett Johansson“Don’t hurt yourself, Scar,” Katy laughed, “I forgot to tell you, I work out – lots. Haven’t you seen my Roar video?”

Scarlett sighed into Katy’s bosom, as the lights finally went out. Her struggling ceased, as Katy gently rested her head on the change room floor. The victorious singer stood over Scarlett, hands on her hips as she admired her good work.

“I can't believe it.” came a voice by the door.

Katy jumped, her tits jiggling on her chest as she turned to the change room entrance. Standing under the doorway was Scarlett’s husband, Romain!

"You really beat her."

Katy wasn't sure how to respond. She wrapped her arms around her chest, doing her best to hide her heaving bosom. It didn't work that well.

"I've never seen Scarlett lose a fight before," Romain admitted, much to Katy's shock. 'He wasn't mad? He seemed... impressed, even', she thought to herself. "I saw it all, from the nipple duel to you sending her to dream land. Your breasts... honestly, I thought you were in trouble."

Katy grinned slyly, extending her chest upon noticing Romain's gaze, "Oh, these ol' things? Scarlett couldn't really handle them, could she? ...But I bet you could."

"I-I..." he stammered, as Katy seductively drew closer to him, until her breasts pressed into his chest.

"Come on, big boy," Katy licked her lips, making sure to drive her hard nipples into his own, "Take them for a spin."


Scarlett came to after a few minutes, still in a daze state. She snapped back to reality when she saw Romain... more importantly, when she saw Romain's cock sandwiched between Katy's huge tits.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Scarlett demanded to both of them, as she started to crawl to her feet.

"Stay down," Katy warned between moans. Her words were strong, sending a jolt of fear coursing through Scarlett's body. She obeyed.

Katy went back to working over Romain, which did not take much effort on her part.

"So tell me, Ro," Katy whispered in the man's ear, loud enough for Scarlett to hear them. Scarlett was furious, but couldn't stop staring at Romain's thick dick being done over by the singer's D cups. The worst part was... he was enjoying it. He was so close to climaxing, and, looking at the time, she couldn't have been out for longer than a few minutes. She was good... better than her. Katy continued, "Am I as good as fucking Scarlett's tits?"

"No..." Romain panted, "B-better."

Scarlett was so humiliated, and couldn't even look them in the eyes anymore. All she heard next was Roman's unmistakable scream of pleasure followed by Katy's one of surprise as Romain covered the black haired beauty's rack in his seed. He had never felt such pleasure before, owing to Katy's firm and powerful tits, a fact which he could not hide from anyone. She knew exactly how to use them to her advantage, which Romain was extremely grateful for. Sure, Scarlett had the size, but Katy had the skill.

Katy got up, not bothering to wipe her chest clean as she finally slipped on her t-shirt, which still showed off her proud rack. She turned to Scarlett, who was still lying on the floor. Kneeling down, she grabbed the actress's DD bra, stuffing it into her duffel bag and zipping it shut. She looked the defeated star in the eyes for one final humiliating comment, referring to Scarlett's earlier statement at the beginning of the titfight, "Looks like buxom isn't always better, bitch."