Baywatch Babes vs MTV Vixens

Daisy FuentesJenny McCarthy

Carmen Electra

Yasmine BleethTraci Bingham

Gena Lee Nolin

The beach was buzzing with electricity. Baywatch producers and MTV producers had collaborated to come up with a sensational idea. MTV was going to film one of their many Summer Beach jam’s on Baywatch’s beach, and Baywatch was not only going to feature the party, but have many MTV personalities guest star on the show. On filming day, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, and Daisy Fuentes hosted the party, and agreed to appear on Baywatch. As soon as the MTV ladies walked into view of the Baywatch cast & crew the male members stopped in their tracks. The MTV ladies had stunned them with the tinny-tinniest bikini’s they had ever seen. Immediately, all the men surrounded the ladies and began to serve their every whim.

In the mean time, the resident beach beauty queens, Yasmine Bleeth, Traci Bingham, & Gena Lee Nolin were looking on with jealous eyes. The Baywatch beauties tried to shield their jealousy & envy at first, but it soon became obvious to everyone on the beach that they were fuming with jealousy. Once the MTV babes realized their rival’s burning fury, they flirted & flaunted even harder, until they could hear the Baywatch girls muttering comments under their breath, that became louder & louder. At the end of the day, Gena, Traci, & Yasmine confronted the MTV girls in private. Gena said, “Look ladies, this is a family show, and I hope you wear appropriate attire for our younger fans tomorrow.”

Jenny smiled and replied, “Are you more concerned for your younger fans, or those skinny chicken legs of yours.

The MTV girls laughed. Daisy asked, “What’s the matter, can’t stand the competition?”

Traci snapped, “You’re cheap sluts who need to be taught some respect. This is our beach...”

Carmen interrupted, “Well, judging by today, its now OUR beach, and you can’t do a damn anything about it!”

Yasmine yelled, “OK loud mouth, you got it!” “We’ll meet on the beach one hour before filming tomorrow morning, and if you’re wearing some more skimpy bikinis, We’ll rip them off!”

“We’ll be there”, Jenny replied, “And if you show up, we’ll shove those ugly red swimsuits down your throat!”

The ladies met on the beach as the sun began to rise. They were so excited, nobody could hardly sleep that night. The MTV babes wore even smaller bikini’s than the day before. The Baywatch women wore their famous red swimsuits. Gena commented, “I’m surprised you showed up”.

Carmen responded, “Cut the small talk bitch, it’s time to fight, and see who rules this beach.”

Jenny suddenly said, “Wait, our producers will kill us if these bikini’s get ripped, do you mind if we take them off?”

Traci said, “No, as a matter of fact, we’ll fight you in the nude, so our outfits don’t get destroyed too.” The ladies removed their swimsuits and faced each other, ready for battle.

Suddenly, all six women flew into action as if they heard a bell. Carmen tore into Yasmine, staggering her with a storm of fist. Daisy ran towards Traci, but Traci met her with a strong punch to her nose. Jenny and Gena circled each other, before meeting in a breast to breast embrace.

Traci’s punch stopped Daisy dead in her tracks. Traci then grabbed two handfuls of Daisy’s blond hair, and slammed her down hard to the beach. She stomps Daisy a few times in her stomach, before kneeling down on Daisy’s throat. She grabs a handful of Daisy’s hair and starts to pound her in the face. Yasmine is in trouble. Carmen is stunning her with lefts and rights. Yasmine is backing up, and trying to fend off her blows and retaliate, but she can’t stop the raging spitfire coming at her. Finally, Yasmine falls to the sand. Carmen grabs Yasmine’s legs and kicks her in the cunt repeatedly. Then she releases one leg and twist the other as hard as she can. Yasmine flops around on the sand helplessly begging for mercy. In the mean time, Jenny and Gena are locked in their embrace. Jenny trips Gena, and Gena falls on her back with Jenny on top of her. Jenny rakes Gena’s eyes temporary blinding her. Jenny slides behind Gena and maneuvers her into a seated position. She wraps her legs around Gena’s midsection and squeezes. She then reaches around with both hands, and grabs each of Gena’s breast. Jenny smiles, and strategically places her heel in front of Gena’s pussy, and begins kick back, slamming her heel into Gena’s sex organ. Gena squirms and tries to free herself, but realizes she is trapped. Gena continues to struggle, but soon is reduced to moaning & whimpering to her tormentor’s delight.

Traci continues to pummel Daisy till she finally loses conscious. She sees her teammates in trouble and decides she must act quickly. She rushes to Jenny and pulls her off Gena by her hair. Traci is dragging Jenny across the sand from behind. Jenny tries to twist and rise to her feet to face Traci, but as she tries, Traci rams her knee into Jenny’s chin. Jenny is stunned and falls forward. Traci then continues to drag Jenny across the sand by her hair, but this time Jenny is facing down, and the sand is burning and scaring her tits.

Carmen sees Jenny’s plight and starts to stomps Yasmine several times in the stomach. Yasmine struggles to catch her breath. Carmen then finishes Yasmine off by executing a leg drop across her throat. Carmen looks down and smiles as she sees Yasmine blank, unconscious face between her legs.

Carmen jumps up and runs toward Traci and Jenny. Traci sees her coming and release Jenny. Carmen and Traci then engage in a furious slugfest. Each women stands face to face, trading punch after punch. Jenny rises and grabs Traci from behind, holding Traci’s arms behind her. Traci struggles to free herself, but can not. Carmen punches the Baywatch girl in the face, tits, stomach, and pussy, till Traci begs her to stop. Jenny & Carmen smile at their impending victory, and keeps pounding Traci, but they forgot about Gena.

Gena was still lying on the sand, suffering the effects of Jenny’s leg scissors. She finally finds the strength to rejoin the war. She rises and comes behind Carmen. Jenny yells, “Watch out!”, but its too late. Gena kicks Carmen in the small of her back. Carmen yells and turns to face Gena but is blasted by a right cross, sending her to the ground. Jenny hurls, a dazed Traci to the ground and approaches Gena. Gena kicks her in the stomach, doubling Jenny over. She then uppercuts Jenny with the most powerful blow of the day. Jenny is lifted off her feet and lands flat on her back. Gena then turns her attention back to Carmen, who is struggling to her feet. Gena goes over and clutches both of Carmen’s breast. Carmen retaliates by grabbing Gena’s globes, but Gena stuns her with a headbutt, causing Carmen to release her grip. She then pulls Carmen around the beach by her breast, demoralizing MTV’s “Singled Out” new hostess.

Daisy is stirring from her earlier beating. She rises on unsteady legs, but is suddenly sent back to the sand, not even knowing what hit her. Yasmine, who regained consciousness only moments before Daisy, had just nailed her with a clothesline a’ la professional wrestling. Yasmine is overjoyed to look down, and see Daisy once again lying unconscious.

Traci and Jenny are struggling to their feet at the same time. Traci lashes out with a combination that stuns her foe. She then surprises the former playmate, by lifting her off her feet and slamming her down in the surf. Traci then sits on Jenny’s chest and pounds her into unconsciousness, for double teaming her earlier. Gena continues to pull Carmen clumsily by her tits. Carmen is too spent to resist, and begs Gena for mercy. Gena finally releases her sobbing foe. She yells, “I SAID BAYWATCH RULES!” She then nails the pitiful Carmen with a left hook. Carmen is out before she hits the sand.

The Baywatch girls begin to celebrate, taking pride at seeing the MTV invaders’ lifeless bodies scattered across the beach. Traci says, “There is one last thing to take care of before every body gets here.

As the Baywatch & MTV crew arrived to work early that morning, everyone was yelling, “Quick, go to pier two”. On pier two there was a huge wooden arch, where local fisherman often hung up prize fish for display. This morning there were no fish hanging on the arch. Instead Carmen Electra, Daisy Fuentes, & Jenny McCarthy were on the arch. They were hung upside down, naked, bound and gagged by their own tiny bikini’s, and squirming desperately to free themselves. Everyone from each company, MTV & Batwatch’s crew knew what happened, and how they got there. The crews laughed and joked while taking pictures at the MTV girls expense. Each girl had one word written in lipstick across her forehead. Jenny had “BAY”, Carmen had “WATCH” and Daisy had, “RULES”.