One Fight in Paris
By C

*None of the following statements ever actually occurred.*
Paris Hilton is 24-years-old, 5'8, 112 lb., 32B, and blonde. Paris Hilton is a famous actress in movies such as Nine Lives and House of Wax. Shannen Doherty is 34-years-old, 5'3, 110 lb., 36D, and has black hair. Shannen Doherty is a popular actresses in movies such as Heathers and Mallrats. Shannen Doherty's husband, Rick Saloman, had an affair with Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton and Rick Saloman had a video called "One Night in Paris". The footage of Rick cheating on his wife was put on video tapes, TV, and the internet. The video was humiliating for Shannen, it showed her husband cheating on her to the world. Doherty had to extract revenge. Embarrassed and furious, Doherty challenged Paris to a catfight. The fight would be broadcasted over the internet live. The Hilton accepted the challenge. Shannen was confident she would win being much older and bigger than the Hilton.

The fight takes place in a hotel room. The catfight internetcast was advertised as One Fight in Paris. The arena had three people in it, Paris, Shannen, and a very lucky cameraman. Paris wore a pink bra and g-string to the fight. Shannen wore silk green pajamas to the fight. Paris began the fight saying "Hey Shannen, me and Rick are planning a sequel". Shannen charged at the blonde with a fury. Paris quickly turned and tripped her foe. Paris relentlessly kicked her adversary in the gut. Shannen held her stomach as Paris took off Shannen's pajama's revealing black bra and panties.

Shannen got up and made a pathetic attempt to tackle Paris. Paris unmercifully shoved the black haired actress off her. Paris squatted down next to her foe and whispered into Shannen's ear "I'm a lot tougher than you thought right?". Paris got up and sat on Shannen's stomach. Paris slapped Doherty and said "Well I'm this tough because I'm always beating up people who want to fight me, I think this is my 15th or 16th fight".

"Get off of me you whore" said the furious stubborn Shannen.

"Shut the fuck up! I'm in charge now!" said the skanky blonde.

Paris asked the actress how she would like to be humiliated. Shannen responded with a punch into the Hilton's jaw. Paris rubbed her mouth and said "Do you even know how to fight?" The younger blonde slapped the black haired bitch to get the answer. Paris repeatedly said "Answer the question".

Shannen finally blurted out and admitted "No I don't know how to fight".

Paris laughed and said "Then why did you challenge me".

Shannen responded with saying "I didn't know you were this tough".

"Well you haven't seen nothing yet" said the infamous Hilton.

Paris threw a punch directly in Shannen's nose. Shannen held her nose as it began bleeding. Paris laughed and asked if Doherty submitted. Doherty didn't respond and just held her nose. Paris put her tanned ass over Shannen's face and said "Do you happen to know what a facesit might be?". Shannen still did not respond. Paris slowly sat her firm ass down on Shannen's bloody face. Shannen's entire body flailed all over the floor. In an act of desperation, Shannen sank her teeth into Paris' hated ass. Paris leaped her narrow ass off Shannen.

Paris recovered and lied her sweaty foot across Shannen's face. Hilton demanded that Doherty lick the sweat from her foot. Shannen refused until Paris stuck a toe up each of Shannen's bloody nostrils. Shannen didn't even say anything, she simply started licking Paris's foot.

Paris told Shannen to get on her hands and knees. Doherty patheticly followed the orders. Paris grabbed Shannen by the hair and got on the actress' back. Paris told Shannen that she wanted to ride her around the room. Doherty crawled about the hotel room with Paris on her back until she eventually collapsed under Paris' weight.

The blonde noticed that there was blood on her ass from facesitting the black haired dog. Paris said with an evil grin "I get whatever I want and I want you to lick your blood off me!". The pathetic Shannen got to her knees and licked away at the hated blonde's ass. When all the blood was gone Paris ordered that Doherty kiss her ass. In a pitiful act of desperation, Shannen put her soft tender lips on Paris's sweaty red fanny. Shannen's reputation was now tarnished, Paris Hilton was the one of America's most-hated women and Shannen just kiss her ass live over the internet.

Paris put Shannen across her knee and began spanking her foe. Paris asked, "Wow, how does it feel to be spanked by someone who is younger and smaller then you?" while she continued to spank away. Shannen once again had no response. Paris demanded that her opponent answered the question. Paris said she was not going to stop spanking till she received an answer.

Shannen finally responded with saying "Not... .. good". Paris laughed and continued spanking. Mercifully Paris eventually stopped. Shannen rolled off the young blonde's knee onto her back.

Paris decided to get some sexual pleasure out of the fight. Paris took off her g-string revealing her hairy pussy to the world. Paris slowly laid her cunt on Shannen's beaten face. Paris told Shannen that she knew what to do. Shannen slowly but surely began eating out the Hilton. Paris was being aroused by the moment. Paris began breathing deeper and faster as she was being eaten out by her black haired foe. Paris demanded that her enemy lick her clitoris. Shannen licked her tongue horizontally against the Hilton's clit. The blondes climax was close as she grinded her pussy around Shannen's face. Paris let out a loud moan as she cummed down Shannen's throat on camera. The spent Paris rolled over and asked Shannen if she gave in a joking manor. Shannen didn't respond because she was spitting jizz out of her sloppy mouth.