Barocca & Ebony Ayes vs Bijan Sudaan & Vanessa Blue


"In the blue corner we have at 5' 8", 132 lbs, and measuring 36DDD-27-39, the young newcomer from Cuba via Los Angeles…Bijan Sudaan." Bijan steps forward, raises her arm, waves to the camera, smiles, and steps back. "And her partner, at 5' 4", 125 lbs, 36FF-28-38, from Beaumont, TX…Vanessa Blue." Vanessa steps forward, flexes both arms to produce impressive biceps and triceps, and steps back to join her partner.

Bijan's light brunette hair is highlighted with blonde streaks. She wears a fire-engine red thong bikini that displays her round booty to its full advantage, and red stiletto pumps with metal heels. Van's hair is tinted a fiery red and her voluptuous figure fills her white Mylar thong bikini to near overflowing. She adds a few inches to her stature with a pair of open-toe white heels.

"And in the red corner, at 5' 6", 125 lbs, and 42JJ-26-38…Ebony 'Cleopatra' Ayes." Ebony greets her video fans as she walks to center ring, then extends her hand to her teammate as the announcer intones, "And her partner, from Brazil by way of Bethesda, MD, standing 5' 10", 135 lbs, 46FF-22-36…Barocca the Brazilian Bombshell." Barocca strides forward and takes Ebony's hand. They both bow to the camera, showing their deep cleavages, and return to their corner.

Ebony's hair is shiny black, almost blue under the intense lights. She wears a bright yellow tiger stripe thong bikini that rides high on her hips, the thong disappearing into her butt cleavage, and matching yellow high-heel pumps. Barocca is a platinum blonde this time, in an iridescent lavender thong bikini that struggles to contain her impressive bosom, and matching pumps with ankle straps.

In their corners, all four girls stretch and squat, limbering up while the announcer explains, "This is a best-three-of-five battle with no time limit. Falls will be won by three-count pin or submission. There will be a one-minute break between falls. Ladies, you will remove your shoes before the opening bell. Now kindly step to center ring and shake hands."

Bijan steps right up to Barocca. In her stilettos, she stands eye-to-eye with the lanky Brazilian. As they glare at each other, Bijan presses her red-wrapped rack against Barocca's bountiful bosom. The challenge had been issued and accepted, all without a word. Ebony and Vanessa shake hands before noticing the rivalry between their partners. Then Barocca shakes with Vanessa, Ebony with Bijan, and all return to their corners and remove their footwear. Barocca slides through the ropes and turns to see Bijan do likewise, leaving Ebony and Vanessa to start Round 1.

The brunette tigress fingerlocks with Vanessa for a test of strength. Van quickly tires of this and plants her bare foot in Ebony's belly, falls onto her back, and monkeyflips the Napali veteran. She's on Ms Ayes in a flash, with a hammerlock causing Ebony to wince. Bijan extends her arm, shouting, "Tag me!"

But Ms Blue shakes her head. "I'm not through yet," she explains, cranking Ebony's trapped arm tighter.

Vanessa pulls Ebony to her feet, untwists her throbbing right arm, and whips her into the ropes. Ebony rebounds directly into Van's whirling leg that folds her in half before she drops to the mat. The redhead bounces off the ropes to launch herself onto her writhing victim, but at the last moment Ebony rolls aside and the Blue belle crashes onto the mat. Ms Ayes continues rolling until she tags Barocca.

The big Brazilian takes a handful of Van's hair and hauls her to her feet. She elbows the porn star in the gut, then lifts her to shoulder level and bodyslams her. The platinum blonde plops onto the supine redhead for a quick pin, but Vanessa tosses her off after the count of two.

Barocca avenges her teammate by trapping Vanessa in an armbar. She twists her opponent's limb a full 360 degrees until Ms Blue thinks her shoulder will pop out of its socket. The Bombshell adds a few more degrees of anguish and Van sinks to her knees. Bijan stands on the bottom rope, stretching just a little closer to her tortured teammate, but Vanessa is too far to make the tag. "Wait your turn, Bijan," Barocca laughs. She jerks Vanessa into a sitting position, plops down behind her, and wraps her long legs around Van's middle. Rocking back, Barocca lifts Vanessa and slams her down for a kiester bump that sets Ms Blue's breasts bouncing. A repeat bump elicits a howl of pain from her victim, who claws desperately at the constricting legs that enfold her.

Barocca rolls onto her back again for one more bump, but Vanessa outfoxes her. She swings her legs down until she's standing, with the platinum blonde dangling from Van's waist by her legs and resting on her shoulders. "She's pinning you!" Ebony shouts as the referee begins his count. Barocca instantly releases her scissors. Vanessa lunges to tag Bijan.

Ms Sudaan is so eager to take on Barocca that she trips on the rope as she climbs through. Her clumsy stumble pops a breast out of her red top and she scrambles to stuff it back into place. Barocca is back on her feet as Bijan smashes into her and pins the Brazilian against the ropes. Bijan hiptosses Barocca and dives onto her. The two titans flail about on the mat, each gaining only a fleeting advantage before the other breaks free.

The Bombshell eventually gets Bijan on her back and presses her knee against Ms Sudaan's crotch. Both girls notice that their nipples are poking hard against their bikini tops. Barocca is aware that her earlier body contact with Vanessa didn't provoke such a reaction. But this flash of introspection is broken when Bijan headbutts the platinum goddess and Barocca blacks out for a split-second.

That's all the time Bijan needs to wrest control from her lavender-clad rival. She stretches Barocca's arm between her legs, plants her feet on her foe's shoulder and ribs, and pulls until the busty Brazilian screams in agony. The platinum princess struggles to get to her feet but Bijan won't let go. When Barocca is almost up, the brunette yanks hard on her strained arm and the Bombshell falls back down. With a cruel laugh, Bijan gives her arm a final tug and releases her captive.

Barocca shakes her numb arm to get the blood flowing again, but Ms Sudaan blasts her from behind with a flying dropkick that rockets the veteran femme fighter into the corner turnbuckles. Stunned, the buxom Brazilian freezes for a moment before crumpling in a heap. Bijan adjusts her bikini while the groggy grappler starts pulling herself up using the ropes. As soon as she gets to her feet, Barocca is hoisted onto Bijan's shoulders, given two full airplane spins, and dropped disdainfully onto the mat. This frontal impact pops both of Barocca's magnificent melons out of her bikini top.

With a smug grin, Bijan puts her prey into a kneeling surfboard with her foot firmly in Barocca's back. The platinum blonde's struggles have her big brown juggs jiggling all over her chest. Bijan laughs as she arches Barocca's spine in a severe and painful reverse curve. The Brazilian's boobs are now thrust straight up. "Give up, Barocca," Bijan urges.

"Never," the agonized Amazon defiantly snarls, tears of pain streaming down her cheeks.

"Never say never," the brutal brunette chastises.

Bijan simultaneously twists Barocca's arms and adds a sharp foot thrust, and Barocca revises her previously stated position. "I give! I give, dammit!" The Cuban cutie releases her arms and gives Barocca a shove onto her face. Delighted not only to have won the first fall but also to have wrung a tearful submission out of her more experienced rival. Bijan Sudaan struts around the ring with both arms raised in victory.

"I beat you. I beat the great Barocca. I made you cry and I made you give up. You've finally met your match, sugar. Your long reign as the Napali Queen is about to end." As Bijan dances back to her partner, she wags her luscious ass at the fallen Barocca. Vanessa greets her with a high-five, then gives Bijan a big kiss full on the mouth. Ebony steps in to help Barocca up and back to the red corner while the blue corner gals celebrate.

Barocca curses herself for letting a newcomer get the best of her. Ebony advises, "Just calm down. This was just the first of five falls. Set your mind for the remaining falls. Fix your top and let me take care of the next fall. You got plenty of time to teach that show-off bitch a lesson."

Per the standard practice, the winner of the previous fall starts off against the loser's partner, so Bijan finds herself facing Ebony. Ayes's eyes are mere slits as she sizes up the jubilant blonde-streaked wildcat. "I suppose you're gonna avenge your sorry-ass teammate," Bijan goads. "I know that's what I'd do if my teammate just suffered a humiliating defeat like that."

Ignoring the insult, Ebony lashes a foot into Bijan's belly. She clamps a forward chancery on the bent-over babe and knees her boobs, lifting her off the mat again and again, until Bijan's legs buckle. The youngster drops to the mat with tears spilling from her eyes and tits spilling from her top. Barocca smiles at Ebony and giver her a thumbs-up. Tiger woman prowls the ring until her prey struggles to her feet and repositions her bosom, then approaches the staggering Ms Sudaan.

Bijan erupts with a solid right uppercut to Ebony's abdomen that drives the wind from her. But Ms Ayes has enough strength to sink a fist into Bijan's bazooka and drive her back a few paces. Vanessa offers to tag in but her partner either doesn't see it or ignores it. The lusty Latina marches straight up to Ebony and grabs both her hooters in vise-like grips. Gasping, the black-haired brawler does likewise and the gals are locked in a tit-crushing contest.

Grimacing and groaning, they crank up the pressure. Bijan has better leverage and eventually Ebony sinks to her knees. She supplements her crushing with a series of tugs that soon bring Bijan down to her level. The mutual melon squeezing continues until the Cuban pulls off a double play, simultaneously headbutting Ebony and ripping off her tiger-striped top as the veteran loses her grip. She smoothly somersaults back into her corner and tags Vanessa.

Van roars into the ring and wraps the agonized Ms Ayes in a tight choke hold from behind. Barocca strains to tag her suffering partner but Vanessa keeps Ebony well out of reach. During this maneuvering, Van gets one of her legs between Ebony's, and her foot far out in front. With her oxygen almost depleted, Ebony grabs Van under the knee and pulls with all her might. Ms Blue goes down hard on her ample ass, landing with a loud crash.

The experienced Amazon hangs onto Vanessa's leg and applies a clumsy but effective figure-four leglock that has the white-suited warrior howling in pain and slapping the mat in futility. Catching her breath at last, Ebony arches her back, which increases the pressure on Van's knee. Propping herself up on her back-stretched arms, Ebony whips her entire body up and down, a motion that transmits itself in greater intensity to her victim. Vanessa screams and almost passes out from the excruciating pain in her trapped leg. Satisfied with that response, Ms Ayes releases the hold.

"My turn," Barocca volunteers, but Ebony waves her off.

"I got business to settle with this one," she explains. "You save yourself for later."

Vanessa struggles to her feet, but her tortured leg is still numb and scarcely supports her. She sees that Ebony has noticed this, and desperately lunges to tag Bijan in, but Ebony catches her midway in her quest. She armwhips Vanessa into the ropes-almost through the ropes, as Van's leg gives out before she reaches the springy barriers. Ironically, Van considers herself lucky, as she sees that Ebony was setting her up for a clothesline and her game leg prevented her from falling into that trap.

Only slightly disappointed, Ebony collects Ms Blue from the floor and hoists the hefty honey into an inverted position for a nasty bodyslam. Van's giant juggs jostle violently as she crashes to the mat. Ebony circles her once but Vanessa gives no indication of moving a muscle.

Turning to Barocca, Ebony shrugs, "I guess our friend here doesn't want to play anymore. Must be her naptime. Yeah, she's had a busy day. Guess I'll have to tuck her in." Standing at Van's feet, Ebony falls forward for a full-body pin. Her aim is a little high, and her full bare breasts land directly on Vanessa's face. Ebony shakes her milk cans so they settle down onto her victim and bury her mouth and nose. "You like to choke, but I prefer to smother, honey," she sneers.

Outside the ropes, Barocca slaps the mat in cadence with her "One…two…three" count. Rising from her spread-eagle foe, Ebony glances around for her top. She finds it snarled at the base of a ring post, but it's too torn apart to be of any use.

"Looks like I'll have to finish this match with my babies flappin' in the breeze," she laughs, hefting her honeydews jauntily.

Barocca kisses Ebony's cheek and raises her arm, stating, "All tied up at a fall apiece."

Once more Bijan Sudaan and Ebony Ayes initiate the action, but this time a little more warily than before. The blonde-streaked brunette subtly mocks Ebony's semi-nudity by adjusting her top and settling her tits comfortably in their red DDD cups. Ms Ayes gives no indication of the mild irritation she feels toward this sassy newcomer…at least, not until they get close enough for her to grab Bijan's top straps and roll her into a monkeyflip across the ring.

But the wily wildcat rolls right out of it and onto her feet in a flash. She swings an arcing kick at Ebony, but the veteran vixen ducks in the nick of time and plows into Bijan. Both battlers smash against the ropes and collapse into a tangle of wildly flailing arms and legs rolling to center ring. Bijan brings a sharp elbow down onto Ebony's bare breast and the former Napali Queen yelps in pain.

On their feet again, Bijan takes the upper hand by crushing Ebony in a constricting bearhug, pinning her useless arms to her side. Ms Ayes wriggles and writhes, but to no avail. A smug grin spreads over Ms Sudaan's face as she mashes her own impressive bosom against her opponent's, grinding her nubile nipples into Ebony's soft titflesh. "Remember when yours were this firm?" she mutters to her victim. "Or were those saddlebags ever as good as mine?"

Ebony again finds herself struggling to breathe. She feels like she's wrestling against a python. Her vision begins to lose focus and she hears an odd buzzing in her ears. "I must be getting ready to black out," she fears. In a panic, she seizes the only opportunity open to her: Bijan's wide stance leaves her crotch open and vulnerable. Ebony jerks up her leg and rams it into the Cuban's crotch.

Even from the sidelines, Vanessa and Barocca both wince, as Bijan's eyes seem to pop out of her head from that juicy jolt. Her bearhug falls apart as she drops to her knees and Ebony crumples onto her side. Neither is in any condition to continue and each crawls and stumbles to her corner and toward the outstretched hand of her teammate.

The two pairs of tagging hands make a single slap as the simultaneous tags are made and Vanessa and Barocca replace their incapacitated costars. The lavender-clad platinum blonde and the white-sheathed redhead circle each other briefly before rushing into a head-on collision. Both are already panting from watching the spectacle of their partners tearing each other apart. Vanessa uses her more compact bulk to get under Barocca and upend the towering tigress.

"My leg's all better now, see?" Van boasts as she stomps hard on the Brazilian's bazookas and gets a gratifying grunt in reply. Shifting to the other foot, the Blue belle's next stomp stops short as the platinum blonde snags Vanessa's descending foot, twists and shoves it, sending her attacker spinning into the ropes. Like a shot the statuesque stunner is on her, grabbing the first thing she can: Van's right arm. Barocca starts to wind it up for another armbar, a repeat of the hold that temporarily crippled Vanessa in the first round.

But Van spasms vigorously and reverses the momentum, spinning Barocca into a wrenching armbar instead. Winding the arm one full turn again like it was the propeller on an old biplane, the redhead ekes another yelp of anguish from the purple-bikinied beauty, who sinks instantly to her knees. Vanessa can't help but look to Bijan for encouragement, and a weary Ms Sudaan applauds her partner. "Put it to that stuck-up bitch, Van," she calls.

That stuck-up bitch takes advantage of Van's inattention to execute an acrobatic backflip and relieve the pain in her shoulder somewhat. Using her tethered arm, she reels Vanessa in close enough to punch her in the jaw and force her to relinquish her hold. Van staggers off to clear her head while Barocca shakes off the tingling effects of the armbar. As if on cue, both combatants jiggle their tits back into position and adjust their thongs for further action.

After an arm-in-arm link-up, Barocca swiftly converts it into a headlock. Van bangs her fists into the Bombshell's back and sides, but the platinum princess merely tightens the lock. She gradually works Vanessa toward a neutral corner, pumping her neck up and down like an oil derrick and laughing sadistically. Arriving at the corner, Barocca places one foot on the middle rope for better leverage. Van's cries motivate her to add her other foot to the other middle rope, transferring more of her weight onto Vanessa's overstressed neck.

Suddenly Van lurches backward, jerking the big Brazilian into a graceful overhead arc that ends with a bang in center ring. Barocca lands face-down, her proud pontoons taking the brunt of the fall. Vanessa is on top of her in an instant, applying a neck-breaking and back-breaking camel clutch. "Whoa, girl," she chides. "You ain't winning this one."

"Fuck you," Barocca manages to spit out through her involuntarily clenched teeth. Vanessa's response is a sharp tug that produces an audible crack from the stripper's spine and an unspellable grunt from her lips. Barocca gets to her elbows and slowly gets first one knee and then the other under her, all while Vanessa's full weight bears down on her bare back. Then, like a wet dog, she shakes Van off and scrambles to her feet.

The blonde's grab for the redhead misses its mark but nets her a handful of white bikini top, so she makes the best of it and yanks Van toward her. The fabric is no longer up to the task and snaps off letting Ms Blue's bountiful bust bobble down her chest. "You bitch!" she shouts at Barocca, who contemptuously throws the ruined remnant back in her face. Before Vanessa can recover, Barocca headbutts her in the belly, setting off a jugg-jiggling jamboree that gets Ebony laughing.

Taking that sore right wrist again, Barocca armwhips Van into the ropes, bends low, and scoops the rebounding redhead off her feet, high overhead, and thundering down on the mat. Flipping her foe face-down, Barocca folds her into a perfect Boston crab, sending lightning bolts of agony along Vanessa's spine. She bounces Ms Blue repeatedly, pancaking her magnificent mammaries on each downstroke, as Ebony calls out the count, "One…two…three!"

Releasing the pressure but not the hold, Barocca drags Vanessa's tits across the ring to her blue corner and deposits her victim as Bijan's feet. She pats Bijan's cheek, cooing, "See you later, dollface," and punctuating her barb with a sharp, stinging slap. Before Bijan can retaliate, Barocca strolls back to her red corner so Ebony can congratulate her.

"Remember, cunt," Bijan snarls, helping Van out of the ring, "You have to start the next round against me. I'll pay you back for that slap…with interest."

"You seem to have a lot of interest in me, sugartits," Barocca quips, blowing her a kiss.

Instead of bolting into each other, Barocca and Bijan ease into the ring and circle one another leisurely, never breaking eye contact, not even to blink. Their attitudes are so calculatedly cool that they're positively icy as each sizes up the other from head to toe and back again. It's as though each is daring her opponent to make the first move. After two complete circuits of the ring, they finally spiral within reach of each other. The platinum blonde gently lays her hands on Bijan's shoulders and the blonde-streaked brunette does likewise.

"You're so cute, Bijan, it's a shame I have to muss you up like this."

"Don't let that worry your pretty little head, Barocca."

As is by a secret, silent signal, each busty babe yanks off her foe's top and the remaining four fabulous breasts are free at last. Even without their support systems, these magnificent mammaries ride high on the women's chests, not dropping more than an inch.

"Impressive," Bijan thinks. "How does she keep them from sagging?" The Cuban cups the Brazilian's boobs lovingly and bounces them slightly, with a giggle.

Barocca explodes into action and whirls Bijan into a tight headlock. She races across the ring and slams Ms Sudaan's head into a turnbuckle. Those pads aren't a soft as they appear and Bijan blacks out for a split-second. She awakens on her way to the floor, her legs buckling, and from behind hears a quiet slap of hands as Barocca tags Ebony in.

Ebony pulls Bijan up by the hair but not quite all the way. Ebony smothers her victim in her pillowy tits as she presses her back against the ropes. Bijan's protests are muffled, audible only when Ebony shakes her bosom from side to side. The streaky blonde fights back with a punch to Ebony's belly, but the short jabs lack sufficient force to stop the tit-smacking assault.

The brunette hugs her foe's face tightly, springs both feet onto Bijan's midsection, rolls onto her back and monkeyflips the Cuban cutie all the way across the ring…

…and into the waiting arms of her teammate Vanessa, who tags in and cannonballs into the rising Ebony. Bijan barely makes it out of the ring before Van bodyslams Ebony onto that very spot. Before Ebony's mouthwatering udders stop undulating, Van lofts her up in the air again for a repeat slam that shakes the entire ring. Nobody knows where Ms Blue got her second wind, but it's sure a hurricane.

The rampaging redhead flings Ebony around the ring like a rag doll. She strongly favors Ebony's right arm, already tortured in the early rounds and still quite tender. An armwhip into the ropes rebounds the veteran vixen straight into Vanessa's waiting elbow and she drops to the mat with a resounding thud. The short Texan seals her triumph with a tit-to-tit crosspin, hooking Ebony's leg up to assure she doesn't kick out.

As Vanessa Blue takes a slow victory lap, Barocca assists Ms Ayes from the ring. Ebony cradles her right shoulder, tears of agony streaming down her cheeks. "She hurt me bad, Barocca. I think my shoulder may be dislocated. Whatever, I know I can't wrestle any more."

"Well, I'm not going to forfeit. We're a team, Eb, and if you have to sit out the last round, I'll just have to win for both of us. You did good, kid."

Vanessa gives a manual "T" to signal a time out. "Looks like your partner's had it," she announces to Barocca. "Her arm's no good. You wanna concede or do you wanna go it alone?"

"We don't call it quits, bitch," the Brazilian Bombshell sneers. "Ebony may be temporarily unable to continue, but I'm in perfect shape." To prove her point, the tall tigress treats the blue team to a slow, 360-degree turn that displays her gorgeous tight body to its full advantage. "I don't care who I beat, you or your smart-ass friend. Let's wrestle."

As an afterthought, Barocca adds, "Just to make it interesting, the losers have to eat the winners' pussies. All this grab-assing has made me horny as hell and I need some relief." She emphasizes her need by slipping her fingers down the front sides of her lavender thong and resettling it more comfortably.

With a quick glance to each other, Van and Bijan nod in grinning agreement. As the platinum blonde adjusts the back of her thong, Vanessa whirls an outstretched leg into her belly. Barocca's descending head meets Van's ascending knee and she lifts off her feet, landing against the ropes. The groggy goddess saves herself from falling to the mat by hooking her arms over the top rope, dangling there like a busty scarecrow.

Van stomps her on each breast with the flat of her foot. Barocca's initial yelps trail away as agonized groans as she slips slightly. Going for a dropkick, Ms Blue again aims at the sagging siren's spherical tits. But at the last instant, Barocca manages to roll just far enough that Van misses her moving target and flies through the ropes. Not having enough momentum to carry her all the way through, she finds herself folded over the middle rope.

Barocca clamps on a headlock with her left and drags the fizzled femme fighter back into the ring. Still panting from the horrific stomping, she doubles up her right fist and arcs it into Vanessa's nose. Van wiggles around so much that the follow-up fist nails her in the eye, which closes immediately and starts to swell. With the third punch, Barocca releases the headlock, allowing her victim to fall back on her ass.

Thanks to all the jockeying around, Van lands back in her own corner and completes an easy and merciful tag from Bijan. With demonic glee, the Cuban cutie vaults over the top rope to confront her rival. Barocca is still staggering from all the punishment she absorbed so far in this round, while Bijan is fresh and full of vengeance. She propels a hard right straight into Barocca's face that spins the Brazilian and sprays a fine mist of blood.

The Bombshell wipes her damaged nose with the back of her hand and notices the red streaks. Bijan applies a vise-like headlock and bulldogs the hapless honey straight into the turnbuckle. The impact makes Barocca's body go rigid and she falls backward as stiff as her lovers' cocks. As the fog lifts, she gets a bellyful of Bijan's stomp and doubles up, gasping. Sudaan then sits on Barocca's ample chest and starts her count. "One…tw-"

Barocca wraps her legs around Bijan's neck from behind like a pair of pythons and pulls the streaky blonde off her. With a quick spasm she segues into a choking neck scissors that has her nemesis coughing and gagging. Bijan's back is toward Barocca and she can't use her arms effectively to break the stranglehold. The Bombshell again wipes the blood from her mouth and chin while catching her breath.

Bijan bucks and gyrates until she manages to twist around facing Barocca. Now she bangs her fists blindly against the Brazilian's abdomen and even kicks at her head. The blonde grabs the flailing legs but feels the grip of her own legs beginning to diminish as Bijan struggles to kick free. Barocca gives her flagging legs a few final shakes to torture her prey before finally letting her go.

Both busty beauties need the ropes to help them up, then stagger to center ring and start slugging it out with blows to their faces, bellies, and breasts. These punches aren't their strongest, but they soon have the women stumbling back a step, then two steps, as the effects accumulate. Their grunts grow louder as do the intervals between blows, indicating how exhausted Bijan and Barocca have become during the course of this marathon match and this grueling final round.

Bijan nails Barocca with a jolt to the jaw that bounces her off the ropes and onto her knees. Sensing the end is near, Ms Sudaan looms over the Brazilian, whose head hangs with blood dripping on the mat. With a maniacal grin, she cocks her arm for the coup de grâce…but Barocca sinks her fist into Bijan's vulnerable belly, freezing her in her tracks. A second gut blow brings the Cuban down to Barocca's level. No both weary wildcats are on their knees, soaked with sweat, but still battling on.

Barocca summons her flagging strength, clasps her hands together, and delivers a double ax-handle to Bijan's jaw. She is rewarded with the thick trickle of blood that oozes from the left corner of Bijan's mouth. In a panic, Bijan buries a fist into one of Barocca's jumbo juggs, sitting the Bombshell back on her heels. Barocca puts one in Bijan's lower abdomen, just above her thong, and the Cuban collapses onto the blonde's bosom.

Struggling to their feet, Barocca knees Bijan again, whips the winded wench into the ropes, and clotheslines her on the rebound. The Cuban cutie is on her back, her dark chocolate cupcakes heaving. Barocca drops onto her prey, hooks a leg, and gasps out, "One…two…three!" She rolls off Bijan and lies beside her, gasping for breath…but victorious.

Hours later, the four femme fighters are gathered at Ebony's place. Ms Ayes's right arm is in a homemade sling, taking its weight off her sore shoulder…which is not dislocated after all. Ms Sudaan has a fat lower lip. Barocca's eye is still swollen shut, but her nose is not permanently damaged. Only Ms Blue shows no visible signs of the beating she suffered earlier. Everyone is naked.

Barocca lies spread-eagle on Ebony's large round coffee table. Van and Ebony are both nursing Barocca's big tits, while the Brazilian fingers their pussies. Bijan has her face buried in Barocca's crotch, her tongue busy between her drenched labia as she eats Barocca's pussy. Bijan's jaw drips with Barocca's nookie nectar and her own thighs glisten from the jizz flowing down them.

Bijan thinks, "If this is the price of losing to Barocca, I'll gladly pay it any day. But next time we meet, Bombshell, it'll be your face in my cunt. And there will be a next time, bitch."


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