Esther Baxter vs Ki Toy Johnson

With Barocca & Buffie The Body Carruth

Part 1
"You're ready, Esther," Barocca stated without hesitation. "As your mentor, I've trained you well."

Esther Baxter wasn't quite so certain but she was confident she wouldn't embarrass herself…or her mentor. "I'm just glad this is only a practice match. Not having an audience is reassuring. I hear Ki Toy is pretty good."

"You're better. I know. And speak of the devil…"

Ki Toy Johnson emerged from the locker room looking every bit as stunning in her white one-piece suit as Esther looked in her hot pink suit. Ki Toy was not alone either. Trailing a few steps behind was Buffie The Body Carruth. Apparently the talk of their rivalry was all hype, as there was no indication of animosity between the booty queens.

"This isn't going to be two-on-one, is it?" the Brazilian Bombshell inquired.

"Don't worry, granny," Buffie sneered. "I'm gonna sit this one out at ringside…that is, if a has-been like you don't mind sharing the space with me."

Barocca bristled at the insults, especially because there were strong indications that Buffie actually had quite a few years on the veteran femme fighter. But she held her tongue.

Ki Toy had by now climbed into the ring, stretched and squatted, and generally limbered up, showing off her spectacular body to the only other three people in the gym.

"You ready?" Esther asked her opponent.

"As ready as you are," Ki Toy replied.

Ki Toy JohnsonBarocca tapped the bell and the two neophyte wrestlers circled each other cautiously. They locked up slightly bent at the waist, thrusting out their astounding asses for all to see-had there been a crowd. Ki Toy abruptly attempted an armbar on Esther, but she expertly reversed it and clamped Ki Toy in a hammerlock. A few extra cranks on her arm and Esther had Ki Toy on her toes, grimacing in pain and frustration. Baxter released her victim with a shove against the ropes. Johnson clung to the ropes, turned, and glared at her tormentor with fiery eyes.

Barocca was smugly pleased with her protégé's performance so far, but it was still early in the match. Buffie lounged on a front-row chair, appearing uninterested. She ran an emery board across her fingernails but kept glancing up at the ring action.

Esther had a headlock on Ki Toy and cranked up the pressure. Johnson struggled to break free but it was no use. In this torture tango, Ki Toy realized she led, while Esther merely followed her lead to maintain the lock. So Johnson craftily worked them both closer to the ropes. With a sudden surge she plowed Baxter's belly hard against the springy ropes, then rolled onto her back on Baxter's rebound. Esther released her lock in mid-air, hoping to recover gracefully. But Johnson used her momentum to continue her roll until she wound up on top of the flattened Baxter.

In Esther's corner, Barocca was concerned but not worried. This was only the usual give-and-take of wrestling. Buffie hadn't moved. In fact, she had frozen, halting her nail filing and staring at the grapplers. Johnson clamped both hands onto Baxter's breasts and squeezed with all her might. She didn't have much. Esther was grateful that women generally lack upper body strength. Ki Toy's grip on her globes was painful enough, and she let out a scream that brought a smile to Buffie's face.

Barocca now paid as much attention to Buffie as she did to the contestants. Clearly Buffie was more than a mere spectator. The Brazilian began to suspect she'd been coaching Ki Toy. She promised to keep a closer eye on The Body's reactions.

In the ring, Johnson and Baxter were busily engaged in mutual mammary mauling. Ki Toy's face betrayed her anguish as Esther energetically kneaded her knockers until tears welled up in Johnson's eyes. As if by prearranged signal, they broke off their titty torment and got back to their feet. Still sore-emotionally as well as physically-Ki Toy spun Esther's head with a heartfelt backhand slap, punctuated by, "Bitch!" Baxter caught the next intended blow and cranked it into a twisted armbar that brought Johnson to her knees.

Buffie was on her feet now and moved to Ki Toy's corner. Her girl wasn't doing so well anymore. Baxter added to her agony by bending Johnson's hand at the wrist, causing Ki Toy to cry out. Buffie sneered. Barocca kept watch. Esther was sitting now, stretching Johnson's nearly numb arm between her legs, which were braced against Ki Toy's upper torso. The victim rose to her feet in a futile attempt to alleviate her pain, but Baxter simply shifted slightly and slammed her back down onto the mat.

Barocca beamed at her protégé's command of the match. Buffie reached into the ring and yanked a handful of Esther's hair. That broke the armbar. It also banged Baxter's head against the mat, stunning her momentarily. The two wrestlers rolled weakly on the mat, neither combat-ready.

Barocca raced around the ring and spun Buffie to face her. "Hey, cunt. No outside interference. That's cheating. I could have Ki Toy disqualified for what you just did."

"Fuck off," Buffie spat, breaking free of Barocca's grip. "Who you gonna protest to, whore? This is just a practice match. I don't see no referee. It's just the four of us. If your pussy-girl can't take it, she should quit the ring-before she gets hurt. Now back off, bitch."

Esther BaxterBarocca uncharacteristically held her famous temper, but she stayed close to The Body to prevent any further interference. In the ring, Johnson gave her arm plenty of time to recover by stomping and kicking Baxter every time she tried to rise. Esther's luscious booty was Ki Toy's favorite target. With such wide sterns, these booty babes' butts were almost impossible to resist-or to miss. Barocca herself had been working to increase her own hip measurement…her effort to (ahem) broaden her appeal to a new segment of fans.

Baxter had rolled onto her back and Johnson couldn't resist a boob stomp. Esther expected that and grabbed Ki Toy's descending foot, torqued it hard, and sent her foe spinning harmlessly off balance and sprawling to the mat. Carruth cursed. Baxter scrambled to her feet first and gathered Ki Toy up for a resounding bodyslam that reverberated throughout the empty gym. As Esther approached her prey for an encore, Johnson shot her boot into Baxter's crotch, instantly dropping her to her knees in agony.

"Thattagirl, Ki Toy," Buffie shouted, slapping the mat. Now Barocca knew Carruth had indeed been coaching Ki Toy in dirty tactics. She and Esther hadn't got around to that lesson yet, concentrating so far on legal wrestling maneuvers. Barocca was too good a fighter to rely on dirty tricks but she knew how to use them should the need arise.

Johnson had a standing headscissors on Baxter, who was down on all fours. Johnson jumped up and down to aggravate her victim's discomfort. Esther was going downhill fast. Ki Toy released the scissors and hauled Esther up by a handful of hair. She belly-punched Baxter, then kneed her face and bosom a few times before allowing her to fall. Johnson caught her breath by treating herself to a full circuit of the ring while Buffie shouted cheers and encouragement.

With another handful of hair, Johnson dragged Baxter back to her feet and armwhipped Esther against the far ropes. Ki Toy launched a killer dropkick that met with no resistance. Johnson crashed to the mat. Baxter had grabbed the ropes and wasn't where Johnson expected her to be for the big finish. Esther casually elbow-dropped onto Johnson's throat. While Ki Toy choked and gagged, Esther elbow-dropped onto her belly. Then Baxter nonchalantly hooked Johnson's leg and pinned her for far longer than a 3-count.

Part 2
Esther Baxter vs Buffie The Body Carruth (w/ Barocca)

In the locker room, Barocca and Esther shared a triumphant victory embrace.

"Congratulations," Barocca smiled. "I was worried when Ki Toy started illegal tactics. But you gave as good as you got."

"Oh, I have a dark side, too," Esther grinned. "I'm not all Ms Goody-Goody. I can get mean when I have to."

"I'm so proud of you," Barocca beamed.

Esther opened her mouth to speak but the busty Brazilian thrust her tongue in it. As the two tigresses tongue wrestled, Barocca caressed Esther's plump rump, slipping her hand beneath the sweat-soaked fabric of her white suit and down her ass cleavage until the tips of her long fingers tickled Esther's pussy. With a deep moan, Esther reached up under her mentor's light blue mini sundress, encountering a sheer nylon barrier.

"Ooo, panties tonight," she cooed. "How formal."

"Don't let formality stop you," the Bombshell breathed.

"No," Baxter balked. "I'm all sweaty from the fight. Let me shower first. Then I'll be more relaxed and in a more receptive mood."

With a sigh Barocca conceded. "As long as we're going to wait, why don't I make dinner reservations for the two of us. You've earned a good meal. Then we'll go back to my place…for some more training."

"Wrestling training?" Esther giggled, playfully slapping Barocca's backside.

"Something like that," she leered.

Esther grabbed a towel and headed to the showers, tugging off her suit along the way. Barocca rummaged through her purse for her cell phone and the number of her favorite restaurant. She heard the water go on in the distance as she flipped through the pages of her address book. "I have to program these into my cell one of these days," she thought. She found the listing she wanted and-

An arm around her throat.

A damp cloth on her nose and mouth.

"Chlorof-." The lights went out.

When she began to come to, Barocca heard scuffling and voices. She couldn't move. Her vision was blurry. Movement near a doorway…the doorway to the shower room What was it? A figure-no, two figures. She blinked and her focus improved. Two people; women, judging from their voices. What were they saying? She tried to move. She seemed to be lying on the floor. She felt ropes on her wrists. She tried to sit up. Ropes on her ankles. Her head spun. Telltale traces of chloroform hung in the air.

Before her Barocca could now make out Buffie The Body struggling with…yes, it was Esther. Esther was naked and wet. Buffie was clothed-Oops! Make that half-clothed as Esther just ripped her yellow-and-black halter from her bouncing brown breasts. That was all the excuse Buffie needed to grab Esther's shoulder with her left and punch her in the face with her right. Barocca swore she saw a fine mist of blood spray from Esther.

Finally her vision cleared and her perception regained its full acuity. As Baxter and Carruth slugged it out among the lockers, the bound Brazilian wriggled over against the tiled wall and managed to sit up. Esther was holding her on, sinking a right into Buffie's boobie and spinning her with a follow-up left hook. On the floor a short distance from her feet, Barocca spied a small plastic bottle, uncapped, and a wadded-up cloth rag. Buffie's doing, no doubt.

Buffie had a double handful of Esther's hair and used that to hold the naked booty queen still while she kneed her repeatedly in the breasts, belly, and face. Baxter cunt-punched her assailant, sending her to the floor, her head clanging against a locker door. Buffie lay still.

Esther BaxterEsther snuffled and wiped her forearm across her lower face, leaving a narrow streak of blood from elbow to wrist. She turned to Barocca and gaped, seeing her predicament for the first time. Esther hurried over, knelt, and began loosening the rope on her mentor's wrists. Her proximity to Barocca's face blocked her view and prevented the Brazilian from seeing Buffie sneaking up behind Esther.

The topless vixen struck with a double axhandle to the nape of Esther's neck and she toppled onto her side. Carruth glared at Barocca and kicked her in the tit. "Guess I didn't use enough chloroform," she spat, kicking her again, this time in the ribs. "Or I took too long hogtying you." Fortunately for Barocca, Buffie was wearing soft-soled running shoes, which minimized the force of the blows. Nevertheless, she felt that another kick to her bosom would cause her tit to explode.

While Buffie played soccer with the Bombshell's body, Barocca was struggling with the wrist rope behind her back. She had tipped over again and could see Esther stirring. If she could just keep Buffie preoccupied long enough…

"You don't have the guts to face us in a fair fight-UNH! Let Ki Toy wear Esther down-OOF! Then your sneak attack-UNH!" Barocca heckled.

As Buffie chose the next body part to stomp, she hissed, "Keep talking, bitch. Esther was my main target. You're just a bonus." When The Body drew her leg back for the next kick, Baxter grabbed it and threw Buffie off balance. They fell in a tangle of flailing arms and legs. Barocca felt her wrist rope loosen some more while Esther and Buffie snarled, clawed, and punched on the floor.

Esther rolled onto her feet first and kicked Buffie in the cunt as hard as she could barefoot, Carruth contracted into a fetal ball, gasping in agony. Esther resumed pulling on Barocca's snarled ropes and noticed a trickle of blood from the corner of her mentor's mouth.

Still in pain, Buffie snatched up Baxter's wet towel and from behind wrapped it around Esther's head. She used the towel to haul Esther to her feet and sucker-punched her face three times. Large bloodstains spreading on the towel indicated the results. Then she rammed Baxter's still-shrouded head as hard as possible against a locker door, leaving a significant dent in the sheet metal and an unconscious pile of Esther on the floor. Then Buffie turned to where Barocca…

…had been. The bloody Brazilian was gone. Fled? Scared? Then Buffie felt the back of her skull explode. Barocca had swung her heavy purse like a baseball bat as soon as she stepped from behind a row of lockers. Buffie had lost track of the busty beauty during her scuffle with Esther, but she knew where Barocca was now. She was on the sending end of a punch that broke Buffie's nose. Blood gushed immediately and Carruth's heavy panting only increased the flow. Buffie fired a retaliatory punch but Barocca easily blocked it and sank another one deep into The Body's belly. The wildcats traded blows for a full two minutes, each scoring hits on the other's face, breasts, and upper body.

Buffie the BodyBarocca's outraged onslaught had Buffie staggering. She wasn't bare-breasted anymore; from nose to waist Buffie sported a coat of her own blood, smeared like finger paint. Besides her broken nose, a badly cut lip also contributed to her gory appearance. The Brazilian was almost as bad. She, too, bled from the mouth and nose but her wounds were minor compared to Carruth's. One big boob bounced outside Barocca's torn and stained sundress. Her luxuriant hair, usually flawlessly teased, dangled now in sweaty strands, a victim of her exertion. In her fury, Barocca had neglected to remove her pumps and now teetered unsteadily on their 4" heels. Buffie, in her running shoes, plodded flatfooted like a zombie as she struggled to remain upright.

A bloody towel flew onto Buffie's head, courtesy of Esther, who had regained consciousness. She took her turn sucker-punching the veiled vixen until The Body dropped like a rock onto her notorious booty and thence to her back spread-eagle, the damp and bloody towel still clinging to her head. While Barocca stripped their victim naked, Esther retrieved her right shoe from her locker, put it on, and availed herself of the golden opportunity to stomp Buffie's undefended pussy. Then they recycled Barocca's ropes to tie Buffie's wrists and ankles to various pipes in the locker room. They were careful to position their victim face-down, with her famous ass on ignominious display to all who would enter later.

"Winner" is a relative term. As the survivors examined each other, they agreed to scrub their dinner plans.

"We're in no condition to be seen in public," Esther admitted, gingerly fingering a cut above her eye from the collision with the locker.

"Yes, dinner is definitely out," Barocca agreed. "But more than ever we deserve a session at my place." She carefully embraced Esther and kissed her-and recoiled with a swollen and incredibly sore lip.

"Sorry, but you look like you ODed on collagen, dear," Esther stifled a smirk.

"My lip's as fat as Buffie's booty-OW!" Barocca laughed.


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