With Esther Baxter - Buffie the Body - Tiara Xclusive

Challenger Spantaneus Xtasy is already in the ring, pacing in the vicinity of her blue corner. Her corner attendant is Buffie the Body. Span throws a few practice punches, does a couple of deep knee bends, bounces on the balls of her feet, and bangs her bare fists together while waiting for her opponent Barocca to appear.

Appropriately, Span is wearing a bright blue satin robe trimmed in gold and light blue sneakers. When boxing, footwork is very important and shoes that have a good grip are vital. Buffie sports a short white tanktop that lets the bottoms of her unsupported breasts show, a pair of white minishorts struggling to contain the upper parts of her glorious glutes, and white 3" pumps. She has brought a stool, a stack of towels, and Span's boxing gloves.

"Whaddya say, Barocca? Let's get going," Xtasy shouts toward the locker room. "Or have you chickened out? Is that it? You too scared to face me, sweetie? If you can still hear me, I promise not to mess up that pretty face…" Under her breath she adds, "…not too much anyway." After a short period of silence, she renews her taunts. "C'mon, Barocca, I can't wait all day. I saw what you did to Ebony. You think you're some hotshot boxer. Well, I'm here to prove that the Brazilian Bombshell is a dud." More silence.

The tap-tap-tap of high heels echoes from the doorway and Tiara emerges wearing black and white striped halter and minishorts, a traditional referee's outfit. "All right, Span. We all know you're eager to get started," Tiara says as she climbs into the ring. At this early hour there aren't many others in the gym and nobody else is near the ring to admire the booty parade there.

Then from the shadows of the locker room a tall figure appears. She pauses in the doorway in a red kimono-type satin robe trimmed in sparkling silver. Gliding silently forward on pink sneakers, Barocca takes her time approaching the ring. Trailing in her wake is Esther Baxter, toting the same assortment of gear that Buffie brought. Ms Baxter at first seems to be naked, but closer inspection reveals that she's wearing a gold bra and minishorts ensemble that almost perfectly matches her skin tone, and black heels. The middle rope sags under the load of her broad bubble butt while she lifts the top rope so Barocca can climb into the squared circle and settle in her red corner.

"Are you happy now, Xtasy?" she inquires. "You've been mouthing off all week about how you're going to kick my butt and beat my brains out and all that bullshit. Well, here I am. The Brazilian Bombshell meets the Gangbang Queen. I mean, if 551 guys can put you on your back, then I sure as hell can, too."

Striding defiantly to center ring, Span takes a hands-on-hips stance and thrusts out her impressive chest. "You got a problem with that, Barocca? Just 'cause I'm more woman than you could ever hope to be? I can outdo you in any activity. It's a matter of record that I can outfuck you. And today we'll know that I can outbox you."

Barocca steps forward and hisses, "The only thing on record is that you're a big whore. I bet you had to pay all those guys. And probably add a hazardous duty bonus to boot, for making them stick their dicks into that toxic twat of yours." Stretching to her full stature, she continues, "I'm surprised that you haven't worn out those two giant black holes of yours: your mouth and your cunt."

Scowling, Span bellies up to the bar-that is, she bellies up to Barocca-and the two pumped-up pugilists glare at each other over mashed tits. "You gonna talk or you gonna fight?" Xtasy sneers.

Tiara"Ladies! Ladies, if you please…" Tiara interjects. "Back to your corners and let's get ready to rumble." After a few more seconds of this stare-down the busty belligerents return to their corners. "While you're disrobing and getting your gloves on, I'll go over the rules…such as they are," Tiara announces. "Barocca, Xtasy, you've agreed to an unusual no-holds-barred boxing match without the normal 3-minute rounds. You'll fight until one of you is knocked down, whereupon there will be a 1-minute rest period before the next round begins. The match is over when any one of the following conditions is met: one woman can't get back to her feet after a 10-count; one woman scores three consecutive knockdowns; one woman concedes defeat; I stop the fight for technical reasons; or I'm forced to disqualify-no, this is no holds barred, so no disqualifications." Looking Xtasy directly in the eye, Tiara asks, "Understand?"

"Gotcha," Xtasy nods. During this recital, Span fumbles with her belt and Buffie helps her off with her robe. The girls have agreed to battle topless. In lieu of the traditional trunks, Span wears a light blue thong that covers almost none of her generous booty. Span catches her opponent checking her out and smiles contemptuously, thinking, "This is gonna be harder than you thought, Queen B."

Turning to the red corner, Tiara repeats, "Understand?"

"I understand perfectly," Barocca replies. To Esther she confides, "Look at Madame X over there. Is it just my imagination or does she look a lot trimmer to you, too?"

"No, Span's trimmed down…a lot," Esther concedes, her voice low. "I heard that in preparation for this bout, she's been working out diligently and eating a healthier diet. Not as chunky, and what's there is more muscular."

"This is gonna be tougher than I thought," Barocca assesses. Whipping off her kimono, the lanky Latina proudly presents a pair of prominent puppies every bit as impressive as Xtasy's. "Hers look bigger because she's a little shorter," she reassures herself. "I'll bet a couple of solid boob blasts will take all the fight out of this fucking bimbo." Barocca's biceps and triceps are much better defined than before, the result of daily weight workouts. The Bombshell's thong is an almost iridescent hot pink that matches her gloves, which Esther has just finished lacing.

"Hah! Pink!" Span bursts out laughing. "What a wimpy color! You going all girlie on me, Barocca? Pussy pink for a pussy. Jeez!"

"Get ready to be pussy whipped, Xtasy," Barocca snorts. "I see you're already black and blue, so my work is half done."

Buffie the Body steps forward and says, "Before we get started, I got something to add. If this is gonna be just another ordinary boxing match, I for one think that's gonna be pretty dull. We need something to spice it up, don't you agree? I think that the loser should have to suck the winner's boobs when the match is over, in front of all these people." She waves her arm toward the small group of about a dozen lifters, toners, exercisers, male and female, that has assembled when Barocca and Span shed their robes and bared their bountiful bosoms. "That should humiliate the loser."

Esther leans down and whispers to Barocca, who replies with a whisper of her own. Then Esther walks up and confronts Buffie. "We'll go you one better. Anytime a fighter gets knocked down she has to suck her opponent's boobs for a full minute before the mandatory rest period starts." Turning to the audience, she adds, "How do you like that?" They applaud and cheer in agreement.

Eyeing her foe's huge hooters, Xtasy and Barocca each smile broadly and nod enthusiastically. "Sounds good to me," says Barocca. "I'm game," Span chimes in.

"Whatever suits you just tickles me plum to death," Tiara remarks. "Since we have spectators, I feel I should make the necessary introductions. Ladies and gentlemen, in the blue corner, standing 5' 7", weighing 157 pounds, and measuring 55FF-27-36, here is Spantaneus Xtasy. Her attendant is the lovely Buffie 'the Body' Carruth."

The X-girl takes a step from her corner, raises her arms high overhead, and turns to give all of the small crowd a good look at her spectacular body. Buffie leads the applause and bows deeply to the onlookers, making sure everyone gets a panoramic view of her astonishing booty.

Tiara continues, "And in the red corner, at 5' 10" and 135 pounds, measuring 66FF-21-36, the undefeated Napali Video catfighting Champ, Barocca the Brazilian Bombshell. Accompanying her is the gorgeous Esther Baxter."

Barocca and Esther acknowledge the cheers and wave to the audience before stepping back into the red corner. When the applause dies down, Tiara concludes, "And I'm your referee, Tiara. Attendants out, and let's get this bout going already." When Esther and Buffie retreat, Tiara signals the timekeeper and the bell sounds.


Both babes head straight for each other and start swinging. Barocca ducks a right shoulder-fired missile from Xtasy and plants a left into Span's belly and a right uppercut into her large left lobe. They back off a step, then go at it again. Madame X taps the Brazilian on the chin with a light left to distract her from the hard right she sinks into Barocca's right boob. Xtasy is rewarded by her foe's sharp intake of breath.

"Tit for tat," Span spits. The statuesque stripper makes no remark and dances out of harm's way. "Got her on the run already," Span thinks and pursues her prey. Barocca fires off a short volley of jabs at Xtasy's face, breasts, and belly that have the porn queen scrambling for a defense. Then the Bombshell detonates a wallop that sends Span back onto the ropes. She finds herself trapped in the corner with Barocca belly-punching her with rapid-fire lefts and rights.

The X-girl worked hard these past weeks to develop abs of steel and it's paying off now. Barocca is astonished at how much punishment her adversary is absorbing. "Most women would be sinking to the floor by now," she thinks, hammering away. Span takes advantage of Barocca's concentration on her abdomen and belts the big girl with a blow that breaks her rhythm. She jolts the Latina with a sharp left and when Barocca's arms drop momentarily, Xtasy decks her with a powerful right to her jaw.

The busty Brazilian awakens two second later to find herself spread-eagle on the canvas and staring up at the ceiling lights, trying to bring them into focus. Tiara is counting, "2…3…."

"Get up, cunt," she hears Span's voice say. "I ain't done with you yet. Hah! You ain't used to being on your back so soon, are you? What's it been…two minutes? The great Barocca, sprawled out on the floor two minutes into the first round. What a shock. Now get on your knees and suck my titties, Queen B."

The sullen siren gets to her feet to stop Tiara's count, then resentfully kneels before the tattooed tigress. She parts her luscious lips and plants them on Xtasy's hard, dark nipple while Tiara clicks on her stopwatch. The blue-clad boxer commands, "C'mon, Barocca. Suck on it. Draw it in deep. Use that tongue of yours to tickle my nipples. Oh, that's better. Yeah, that's fine." The humbled Brazilian switches to the other breast and repeats the drill. "Time," Tiara calls and the contenders return to their stools while their corner girls attend to them.

"That's not how I expected the first round to end," Barocca confesses to Esther, who blots the boxer's damp upper torso with a soft pink towel. "That whore's got a mean punch."

"Don't worry, sweetie," Esther consoles her. "You have to feel her out. Now you know she's better than you anticipated. And now she's feeling cocky and overconfident. Use that."

Across the ring, Buffie gushes, "Damn, Span, that was wonderful. You sure flattened that bitch. Slapped her sassy mouth for sure. Did she suck you good?"

"Good enough that I want another helping," Span laughs. "I think I'll knock her down again, just so she can suckle my big titties some more."


"Five seconds," Tiara calls. "Attendants out." When the bell rings, Barocca starts circling Xtasy with a very determined look on her face. She feints a few jabs toward Span's face and belly, assessing her reactions. Then the Bombshell connects with a sharp left jab to her foe's face that snaps Span's head back like a whiplash. The pink pugilist follows this with a combination of body and breast blows that back the X-girl against the ropes. Span tries to fight back but Barocca is in too close and all she can do is beat her fists clumsily on the Brazilian's back. Tiara intervenes and pulls Barocca back, saying, "Off the ropes, ladies."

The spring restored to her step, the tall titan dances away from a couple of Xtasy's poorly-aimed punches, only one of which scores a glancing blow on her shoulder. Charging in again, Barocca buries a fist deep into Span's belly and doubles her over with a loud grunt. The gangbang girl drops her gloves to her knees to catch her breath and the Bombshell can't resist blasting away at her opponent's hanging hooters. This double-barreled assault causes Span to cross her arms protectively over her battered bosom. Barocca responds with an arcing roundhouse right upside Span's head that spins her into the turnbuckle pad before she bounces face-first onto the canvas.

Tiara moves in to start the count but Barocca waves her back. "Don't bother. She won't stay down for 10. This round is over. Get out your watch and let her get on her knees." Xtasy is a bit unfocused but she can see well enough to get her mouth on Barocca's eager melon. She has to wrap her arms around the veteran vixen while she sucks the bigger girl's hard nipple, so she doesn't topple over. Span alternates several times from one knocker to the other before Tiara calls time and sends them to their corners.

"Shit!" spits Span as she plops onto her stool. She is still breathing hard from all the punishment she absorbed. Buffie senses that she's in no mood for chit-chat and wisely keeps quiet while drying Xtasy off. The busty boxer takes a big swig of water to wash the taste of Barocca's breasts from her mouth.

"Thatta girl," Esther beams. "You put that whore in her place. Why, Span barely laid a glove on you, honey. I'm sure glad to have you as a mentor, teaching me femme fighting. You're the best, Barocca."

"I hope to live up to your high expectations, Esther. But I can't let my guard down. Now Span's mad…angry. She's not going to pull any punches from now on. We've both felt the shame of having to suck tits and neither of us wants to repeat that. I gotta watch out."


At the bell for round 3, Buffie slips through the ropes and remarks, "Remember: no holds barred." Xtasy needs no clarification. Both busty babes bounce lightly on the balls of their feet as they cautiously spiral in toward each other. Suddenly Span lowers her head and charges into Barocca's bobbling bosom with a hard headbutt. The catfight queen is knocked off-balance and staggers backward like a drunk to regain her footing. Span stays right on top of the teetering tigress and starts swinging.

Barocca ducks a right that sails overhead with a noticeable breeze, but is not so lucky with the follow-up left uppercut. That one catches her on the right breast and continues to her right cheek, staggering the stunned stripper once again. She manages to block the next two blows and even nails Xtasy's ample left breast with a straight right that backs off the sullen sex queen a few steps.

Throbbing, both girls keep their distance as they warily circle each other again. It's not 30 seconds into round 3 and both are dripping with perspiration, despite having been toweled off by their attentive assistants. Determination and exertion have soaked their bodies to a glistening sheen. Barocca breaks the stalemate and shoots a right at Xtasy, which she easily deflects. But Span misses the stealthy left that sinks into her jumbo jugg and explodes with pain.

The tattooed temptress lashes out with a graceless backhand that wallops the Bombshell on the right side of her head and spins her face-first onto the ropes. Barocca's knees buckle but her descent is halted when her casabas get caught on the top rope. Hanging by her hooters is agonizing so she transfers her weight back onto her feet. As she starts to turn to face her opponent, the Brazilian receives a stomp to the back of her knee that drops he shapely ass onto the middle rope but saves her from a knockdown because no part of her body above the knees has come in contact with the canvas.

Xtasy lifts the unstable stripper by cupping both gloves under her chin and dragging the dancer off the ropes. Span steadies Barocca with her left and blasts her powerful right into her victim's lower abdomen, just above her hot pink thong. Barocca's grunt can be heard throughout the gym and she falls face-first into Xtasy's sweaty titties. "Not so fast, girl," Span chides. "I know you can't wait to suck my bodacious boobies again but you gotta wait for me to knock you down first." As Xtasy winds up for the knockout punch, Barocca launches her knee into Span's crotch as a last-ditch effort. Span's hands instinctively go to her outraged pubic mound and she drops hard to her knees.

As Tiara steps up to the writhing pugilist, Barocca waves her off. "No, don't count her out. I'm far from finished with Madame X here. Let's just call it the end of round 3, shall we?" Turning to Span's corner girl, Barocca takes a deep breath and sighs, "Well, Buffie the Booty, it looks like you'll have to do the tit sucking honors for your friend here. She doesn't seem up to the task at the moment. Besides, it was all your idea in the first place."

"That's Buffie the Body, Barocca," she corrects, bending her knee.

"Don't kneel, Buffie," the Brazilian stops her. "I'll just sit on my stool and you can bend over and milk me. That way you can show everyone your famous phat ass." Barocca drops heavily onto the wooden stool and Buffie obediently spreads her legs, bends at the waist, and starts applying oral suction to those distended nipples. Getting into the rhythm of tit sucking, Buffie rolls her ass seductively, eliciting hoots from the ringside men. Barocca leans her head back against the turnbuckle pad and lets her eyes roll back as she abandons herself to Buffie's mammary ministrations.

When her minute expires, Buffie has to be dragged off Barocca's chest by Tiara. She finds that Span is just now reaching her blue corner, in obvious pain. The Body hurries over to wipe her down and give her a mouthful of cool water. Xtasy gasps for breath, so Buffie soothes her with encouraging words.

Back in the red corner, Esther asks, "Did that bitch hurt you bad, Barocca?"

"Yeah," she admits. "Span could've knocked me out at the end and won the whole match. I wouldn't have fired that pussy kick if I hadn't been desperate."

"Well, you got two knockdowns in a row. If you can floor her again this round, you'll win."

"That's a big 'if'. That Xtasy is one tough broad…and she's plenty pissed. I'll have to put her away fast before she clobbers me in retaliation."


The gangbang goddess responds to the bell with fire in her eyes. The Brazilian Bombshell has seen that look all too often and doesn't allow it to intimidate her. On the contrary, it makes her just that much more eager to floor her foe for the third consecutive time and end this bout as the victor.

Barocca is dead-right about one thing: Span is royally pissed and wants to hurt the statuesque stripper badly, no matter what it costs her. To that end, she shoots a powerful right toward Barocca's face, but the stacked stunner slyly sidesteps the blow. Span's left jab is blocked, as intended, while her right repeats its trajectory and catches Barocca smack in her left eye.

The Bombshell backs off as her injured eye swells shut, depriving her of her depth perception, which is vital in a boxing match. "Shit," she thinks, "I'm in serious trouble. Can't aim as well this way. Boxing with only one eye is like boxing with one fist. Can't let her know how bad off I am."

But Xtasy knows she has the upper hand now. "Hey, Blinky. Watch this." The tattooed tigress flourishes a flurry of feints in Barocca's face, trying to razzle-dazzle the handicapped honey-and succeeding. The Brazilian is bewildered by the blur of blue gloves and desperately defends herself with hesitant blocks. Span spins the cyclopean siren with a stealthy right from Barocca's blind side, and then laughs as her victim spirals onto the ropes.

The spectators don't notice that Barocca's left eyelid and the surrounding skin are darkening with a tender bruise. Span's second shot landed almost on the same spot and inflamed the area even further. Esther gasps in sympathetic pain as the once-nearly-certain victory now appears to be snatched away by the porn star pugilist. The Bombshell seems helpless as Xtasy clobbers her at will, taking her own sweet time exacting her revenge.

Barocca stumbles around the ring flat-footed as she absorbs all the punishment Span doles out in carefully measured doses. Esther still finds cause to admire her mentor, who remains on her feet even after taking a tremendous pounding. She finds herself silently urging Barocca to go down, not for the count, but merely to put a temporary end to Xtasy's relentless beating of her face, breasts, and belly.

The Brazilian finally grant's Esther's wish, with no small help from Xtasy. Like a bored cat tired of toying with a hapless mouse, Span backs the listless Latina into a neutral corner and unloads a vicious uppercut that lifts Barocca clean off her feet. She collapses into a heap and Tiara starts the 10-count.

"Don't count her out just yet," Span interrupts. "I want to win by three consecutive knockdowns, so I can beat this bitch up a lot more. Let Esther over there haul her whipped ass back to her corner. While Barocca tries to work u the guts to face me again, her girlfriend can milk me. And don't start that fucking stopwatch. Let her suck me until Barocca feels like she's ready to resume our fight."

Entering the ring, the buxom Baxter babe tosses her towel to Xtasy. "Wipe the sweat off your boobies, bitch. I'll suck you so dry your titties will look like shriveled prunes." Turning to her fallen champion, Esther rolls her over and discovers that Barocca's nose and mouth are bleeding profusely. She drags the dead-weight South American to her corner, props her up against the turnbuckle pads, blots her bloody face with a moist towel, and returns to face Spantaneus Xtasy.

Span tosses the sweat dampened towel back into Esther's face. "No sweat, Esther. Just the way you like 'em." With a sullen glare that masks her anticipation, Esther gently pushes Span into a corner and rests Span's elbows on the top ropes. Then she lowers her face to Span's stiff nipple and starts flicking the dark brown delight with her tongue. She alternates between both breasts, tonguing the nipples and gently but firmly squeezing Span's humongous hooters.

The X-girl lets her arms support her as she rolls her eyes back and enjoys Esther's ministrations. In Span's corner, Buffie is also caught up in the heat of her mentor's milking, and her hand slips beneath her minishorts and finds its way instinctively to her hot, wet pussy. Within seconds both she and Xtasy are moaning with sexual abandon.

Esther BaxterSeveral minutes go by as the onlookers fall into rapt silence. Esther lingers on one tit for a while, squeezing and sucking while Span sighs and moans. When Buffie notices a trickle of breast milk thread its way down from the corner of Esther's mouth, drip off her chin, and spatter on Span's belly, she cums with an audible gasp and a sharp squeal.

Still thirsty, Esther switches to Span's other udder, but Tiara pulls her back. With a hoarse whisper, which is all she can manage at the moment, the randy referee rasps, "That's enough, Esther. Barocca is ready to continue. And the rest of us all need to…calm down." Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, Esther notices that Tiara has a large damp spot on her crotch. With a broad smile, Ms Baxter makes a slow circuit of the ring on her return trip to Barocca's corner.

The Brazilian Bombshell is indeed on her feet and seems ready to re-enter the field of combat. There is only a slight trace of dried blood on her nose and none on her mouth. But Barocca's left eye is swollen tightly shut and is as dark as Xtasy's areolas. She hugs the returning Esther, giving the attendant the opportunity to whisper, "I bought you as much time as I could, dear."

"I know and I appreciate it," Barocca whispers back. "Span's got some nice knockers, doesn't she?"

"Good to the last drop. Now drop her once and for all," Esther smiles. With a kiss for luck, she steps through the ropes.


Both battling babes are weak-kneed now; Barocca from that brutal beating, and Span from that marvelous milking. They keep their distance while circling, keeping an eye out for an advantageous opening. In Barocca's case, an eye is all she has.

Renowned for her almost reckless assertiveness, Barocca breaks the ice by stepping in suddenly and battering both of Xtasy's breasts and her midsectioin with three quick blows, all of them harder than anyone-especially Span-expected. But the porn queen takes full advantage of her doubled-up posture and drives a short but potent left uppercut into Barocca's unprotected pussy.

Her knees buckle but don't touch the mat as the agonized Amazon spins and flops against the ropes. Aflame with pain, she rolls out of the way just as the X-girl swings a clumsy right at the spot where Barocca was just a split-second ago. Span has landed tits-first and hard on the ropes, driving the wind from her lungs. Barocca has rolled so her back is against the ropes, with Span on her left. Seizing a golden opportunity, she swings her outstretched right leg in a wide arc, slamming Xtasy in the middle of her back.

Now it's the gangbanger's turn to suffer buckling knees, but they land on the bottom rope, not the canvas. She clutches the top rope and pulls herself up just as Barocca unloads a second roundkick across Span's spine. This mashes her melons against the top rope again and a howl of pain escapes from Xtasy's anguished lips.

As the strategy is forming in Barocca's brain, Esther shouts from ringside, "Go for her tits, Barocca! Beat her juggs to jelly!"

"Good girl," Barocca thinks. "Thinking like a tactician." She pulls Span off the ropes and blasts both of her black bazookas with powerful punches that pancake Xtasy's extravagant breastworks. The agony is unbelievable, and tears fill the beleaguered beauty's eyes, blurring her vision. Now both babes are almost as blind at bats, but the keep battering away at each other.

"Fight back, Span," Buffie screams as her idol suffers another series of mammary mauling. From the opposite corner, Esther jumps up and down, calling, "Get her, babe! Put her down for good. Pound those puppies!"

Madame X manages to pop a shot or two at Barocca's boobs, but nothing as devastating as what the Brazilian is dishing out. Before long, Span gives up using her arms as offensive weapons and turns them to the hopeless task of shielding her throbbing bosom from further attack. But the Brazilian just heads south of the border and unleashes her rain of terror on Span's belly. Span can't cover both of her gigantic juggs and her battered belly at the same time, and her foe just aims at whatever is available.

In a last-ditch effort, Xtasy throws herself back against the ropes and rebounds into her assailant, headbutting Barocca in her lower face and starting the blood flow again. Shocked and injured, the Bombshell is a windmill of arms and legs, flailing spasmodically backward across the ring and onto the ropes. Span takes a deep breath, shakes the cobwebs from her head, and barrels at her victim.

The busty combatants collide with a loud, wet "smack" that splatters a shower of sweat spraying from the impact. They stagger drunkenly for a moment, then both collapse to the canvas, first onto their knees, then Barocca onto her side, and Xtasy onto her punched-out pillows. Buffie and Esther appear instantly at their sides, gathering up the wreckage of their mentors and hauling them back to their corners. Tiara approaches, starting a double count-out.

"Oh, no you don't! You can't end this fight as a draw," Esther shouts. "Not after what they've been through."

Buffie threatens, "If you try, Tiara, I'll kick your big ass all over this ring."

"And I'll help her," Esther adds. "You want both of us thumpin' your body?"

Backing off a step, Tiara turns to the screaming crowd. "What do you want? Count 'em out or let 'em fight?"

"Let 'em fight," the spectators roar. "Let 'em fight!"

"So be it," Tiara concedes. "The people have spoken and that's good enough for me. I'll give 'em five minutes to recover and then they'll fight to the finish. I ain't interferin' no more. Buffie, Esther. You two keep these folks entertained however you can. The clock starts now," she states, clicking her stopwatch.

Esther stops fanning Barocca with a sweat-soaked towel and summons Buffie to the center of the ring. After a brief conference, they return to their fighters, mumble to them, and head back to center ring. On the way, Buffie lifts off her tanktop and Esther undoes her bikini top, revealing the new Fab Four: a quartet of the finest breasts seen anywhere-only each one hold far more than a quart.

The small but appreciative crowd goes wild as the ringside girls embrace, kiss deeply, and begin kneading each other's marvelous mammaries. This is no fight, but a breast worshiping contest. Their nipples pop to attention at once, so they brush nipple-to-nipple for a while. This leads to mutual breast mashing. For leverage, each grabs the other by her generous ass cheeks, kneading those honey-baked hams while tongue-kissing. The temperature in the gym feels like it has increased at least ten degrees from the sexual heat alone.

Only Spantaneus and Barocca seem oblivious to the steamy sex show on which all eyes are focused. Neither was truly knocked out, but each is still groggy from the smackdown she just endured. Each uses the dwindling minutes to gasp in huge amounts of air and to soothe her aching body. Barocca leans her head back to stanch the flow of blood, while Xtasy gently massages her tender titties.

Buffie the BodyBack in the spotlight, Buffie slips two fingers into Esther's eager pussy, sending a shiver through the diva's entire body. Ms Baxter responds in kind by easing a pair of her digital dildos into Ms Carruth's waiting womanhood. Their manipulations increase in intensity in direct proportion to the emotional level of their bodies' involuntary responses. Buffie soon has Esther on her tiptoes, while the Body's big ass sways like a meaty metronome. Then Esther mutters something to Buffie and they stop.

Taking a deep breath, Esther slips her own thumbs beneath the waistband of her minishorts. "Fuck that," Buffie the Body blurts out, then she yanks on the front of Esther's waistband and rips off the wet garment and flings it into the audience. Stretching her arms to the side, she coos to Esther, "Your turn, baby." Baxter debriefs Buffie with a swift tug, gives the remnant a whiff, and tosses it out of the ring. Then the girls sit on the canvas, spread their legs wide, scoot their pussies together, and start grinding away in a cunt-to-cunt confrontation.

Span and Barocca can no longer ignore this. They lean forward on their stools and drink in the spectacle of Esther and Buffie boffing each other with wanton abandon. The boxers have banged boxes with plenty of other women over the years and are delighted to find that these two newbies go at it like seasoned veterans. Esther's big natural knockers roll on her chest like gelatin molds. Buffie bounces on her bountiful bottom until her little brown juggs jiggle for joy.

In short order the girls reach their destinations: simultaneous orgasms. With shrieks of ecstasy, their perfectly upholstered bodies quake with the flood of love juices that pour from their pulsating pussies. The crowd erupts in a thunderous ovation as the cumming couple collapse onto their backs. Tiara glances at her stopwatch and sees that almost seven minutes have elapsed. Pulling her hand from her own pussy, she scrambles through the ropes and urges the naked attendants to clear the ring quickly.


At the bell, Barocca comes out swinging but her nemesis ducks safely out of reach of the most damaging blows, taking only slight hits. Then Xtasy bends from the waist away from Barocca and propels a flat-footed kick deep into the Brazilian's belly. The exotic dancer blows a gust of air from her lungs as she flies back against the ropes. In fact, she almost falls through them, saving herself only by hooking her arms over the top rope and her knees over the middle rope. As the Brazilian beauty struggles to clamber back in, Xtasy approaches with a demonic grin.

Span fires a straight right jab into Barocca's face, but the dangling dancer twists away and prevents her nose from getting hammered a third time. But her poor left eye receives a glancing blow that ratchets up the agony factor. Her squirming to regain her footing includes some bonus kicks that keep Xtasy at bay. As soon as her feet hit the canvas, the livid Latina goes after Xtasy.

Span swings a roundhouse right that Barocca avoids by ducking as she bulldozes into the panting porn star with her shoulder. Xtasy pounds on Barocca’s back with both fists but winds up pinned against the ropes. She tries to knee the belligerent Brazilian with only partial success: only Span’s meaty thing connects with Barocca’s pussy, but it’s enough to jolt the hellcat off Span.

Their chests heaving, the ladies cock their fists and circle each other at a safe distance. Barocca throws a clumsy right. Span sidesteps and buries her own left deep into the glamour girl’s gut. Barocca trips over Span’s foot as their footwork has gone to hell due to exhaustion. She bounces off both sides of a corner like a billiard ball and miraculously comes out facing her foe. This time her aim is a lot better and Barocca clobbers Xtasy with an explosive right and is rewarded with a spray of blood from Span’s nose. While Barocca is not actively bleeding at the moment, both busty babes have blood drips and splatters decorating their breasts, gloves, and torsos.

With a feral growl, Span launches herself at her opponent and the gals bang away with a ferocity that stuns everyone, coming so late in this hard-fought fracas. Any of these blows would have flattened a lesser woman-or most men. Gradually, Madame X begins to drive Barocca into a corner, although the stripper doesn’t seem to realize it. She’d need eyes in the back of her head but she only has one functioning eye in front. Her predicament dawns on her when she feels the turnbuckle pad at her back.

“Fuck!” she curses to herself, “How’d I get suckered into this trap. No escape. Too tired to fight my way out. Arms feel like lead. Can’t let this bitch beat me. Look for an opening. Hit her-“ Xtasy interrupts with a solid belly punch that sends Barocca into a crouch but not to her knees. Her left covers her inflamed midsection and her right is on the mat, steadying her.

Span can taste final victory-until a ground-to-air missile camouflaged as a red boxing glove roars off the canvas and connects with the point of her chin. When a boxer’s head snaps back from a blow like this, her brain actually bounces around slightly inside her skull, colliding with the bone and resulting in immediate unconsciousness. Neither pugilist truly appreciates the biophysical aspects of all this, but Barocca is entirely satisfied with the visible outcome. Span’s eyes snap shut and she crashes onto her back, unmoving and inert.

Tiara materializes as if from nowhere and starts the count. In the hours it seems to take Tiara to count off 10 seconds, Barocca notices that Xtasy is now bleeding from her mouth as well as her nose, so now they’re even on that score. The only part of Barocca’s body that doesn’t ache or throb is her hair, dripping with sweat and limp as cooked spaghetti. She hears Tiara tick off “…9…10. The winner by a knockout in round 6 and still Champion…BAROCCA!

With a grin that spreads across her face, Barocca lifts her arm in triumph only to feel herself plop flat on her ass as what little strength remains in her vanishes. She nearly passes out when Esther picks her up and raises her arm for her. Barocca’s legs don’t work and Esther deposits her on the stool while she summons assistance from among the spectators. The Bombshell’s eye focuses for a moment on Buffie, Tiara, and some men from the audience as they scrape Spantaneus Xtasy off the canvas and haul her carcass toward the dressing room. “There but for a lucky punch go I,” Barocca muses. Then she feels herself being lifted by at least two husky gym members as they follow Esther’s rolling rump back to the dressing room.

From what seems to be a distance she hears Esther’s voice say, “I can’t wait until I get my first chance in the ring. I hope someday to be as great a femme fighter as Barocca.”

“Right,” the battered, bruised, and bleeding Brazilian Bombshell sighs. “This is the life.” Then Barocca passes out.