Trish Stratus vs Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra had signed on with the WWE for a one-night promotional deal. She acted as a guest announcer for the night and refereed for one match, though never getting into anything physical. The job itself was easy while still paying big money for the Baywatch beauty's star power. The real issue was with her coworkers.

Carmen and Trish Stratus had immediate animosity. It was dirty looks at first, and some backhanded remarks about Trish during her match. When the show was wrapping up, Trish made sure to find Carmen out in one of the concrete halls backstage near the catering table.

"You've got a big mouth for a no-talent slut. You know that?" Trish demanded, wasting no time in fanning the fire. She was still in her wrestling outfit, the tight leather pants and elastic top clinging to the blonde's curvy body.

"Excuse me? If you want no talent, try the mirror," Carmen sneered back in her alluringly revealing suit. "I've seen your type before. You're a dime a dozen blonde bimbo who jumped ship to America to get by on another lazy Canadian wrestler gimmick."

Trish's face reddened as it turned into a full on glare. She stepped closer to Carmen, expecting the actress and model to back down. She just scowled right back. "Don't you judge me, you washed up tramp!" Trish demanded. "You're even worse for being nothing but a second-rate pretty face. You can't act, you obviously can barely dress yourself let alone maintain a career, and you sure aren't worth shit in a fight."

Carmen scoffed and stepped closer. At this point, their breasts were tingling as their thin attire brushed against each other. "Don't think your pretend play fights count as real fighting. I've seen some scraps in my days. And being a dancer has made me much more athletic than you, and way, WAY more attractive to every man on Earth than the hottest wrestler. And that definitely isn't you!"

Trish was the first to resort to actual blows. She slapped Carmen right across the face, sending the league's guest star staggering back several paces. "How about you watch that big mouth of yours before it gets you into trouble?" Trish hissed through her teeth. She savored the shocked expression on Carmen's face for a moment before turning to head back to her dressing room and clean up for the night.

Carmen had other ideas. She went charging right after Trish and tackled her around the waist, dropping her onto the hard floor below. Trish grunted as her big boobs were crushed beneath their combined weight. Carmen instantly went for the blonde wrestler's hair and yanking on it painfully, getting some shrill screams as Trish kicked her booted feet on the ground.

"Don't you fucking walk away from me!" Carmen snarled as she continued with the vicious hair pulling. Trish leaned on one arm and used the other to slam an elbow into Carmen's ribs, knocking the air out of the bathing beauty and making her lose her grip. Trish hit another blow into the same spot before she rolled to one side and sent Carmen toppling over. She coughed as her legs flipped up in the air, too distracted by the pain to bother noticing that a few gawking onlookers got a perfect view up her skirt. She scrambled to her feet when Trish let out a furious roar and charged into her. She lifted Carmen off the ground for a moment as she speared her right into the catering table against the far wall, rattling it and its contents as well as the makeup table beside it.

The onlookers started to call for security while Carmen kicked and punched at Trish, the various food and drink already staining her clothes. "You stupid psycho dyke! Let go!" The brawling guest shouted as she grabbed one of the cans of soda and smashed it into the side of Trish's face. It bounced the blonde's head away, but more noticeably sprayed the soda and its foam over the both of them.

Trish staggered back holding her cheek while Carmen dragged herself off the table. Thinking fast, Carmen grabbed a sandwich tray and swung it across Trish's face with an echoing noise of cheap aluminum at work. Trish nearly fell onto her ass from that one as the bread and deli meat went flying all around them. Carmen took full advantage by jumping onto Trish's back, looking from a distance like she was getting a piggyback ride from the bigger blonde. Trish's screams and grunts of pain showed that it was anything but fun to have Carmen clawing at her hair and face.

Trish ended up stumbling over to the makeup stable, grabbing its edge for balance. When she saw Carmen's face over her shoulder in the mirror, she grabbed a can of hairspray and blasted her attacker like it was a can of mace. Carmen screamed and fell off of her, eyes watering from the stinging chemicals. Trish rubbed her scratched up face before she grabbed and threw fistful of cake onto the writhing Carmen's body.

"I'm not done with you bitch!" Trish snarled, but Carmen wasn't completely blinded by the spray. When she stormed over to the Baywatch babe, Carmen rolled onto her back and kicked her right between the legs. Her high heel had been lost in the struggle, so thankfully it was just a stockinged foot that smashed the wrestler's pussy. Trish still grunted and fell to her knees, clutching her crotch with one hand while the other lashed out at Electra. The women were tearing out each other's hair, both sticky with food and smeared makeup by the time security arrived. They still thrashed and kicked at each other while they were pulled apart by several large men.

"This isn't over, you fucking bulldyke!" Carmen shouted furiously.

Trish agreed just as enthusiastically. "Oh you're damn right it isn't! I'll get you for this. You hear me!?"

Carmen went back to her hotel suite that night, annoyed but cooling off quickly. She still grumbled about Trish and her outburst at the set, but at least it was behind her. She was walking around the classy room (complete with its own kitchen and huge, cushy bed) in her bright pink bra and panties. A short robe went just past her waist, not bothering to fully undress as she filled up her bathtub. It was steaming hot, just how she liked it, when she started to remove her panties. Then came the knock on her door.

Carmen sighed and pulled her underwear back up. She looked out the peephole where a blonde woman waited in a skimpy black dress. Her face was buried in a clipboard as she read it over.

"Hi, Miss Electra?" the woman called through the door. "Sorry, but I'm with the WWE. We had some papers to sign in regards to your appearance on the show tonight."

Carmen rolled her eyes. Typical incompetence. "Do you have any idea how late it is for all this?" she grumbled, but she opened the door to just be done with it. The new woman burst into the room as soon as the door was open, blindsiding Carmen and knocking her flat on her back.

Trish tossed away the clipboard and took advantage of the confusion, shutting the door and locking it behind her. "Who's the dumb one now!?" she laughed down at Carmen. "I can't believe you actually fell for that!"

Carmen stared in shock for a moment. She had been fooled by the clipboard blocking her face and never seeing Trish outside of her wrestling gear. She finally started to smirk as she rose to her feet. "You're the only dumb bitch here. This time you came into my home turf and made sure that nobody would come to save you."

"Oh, I'm counting on it," Trish sneered back at her, shaking out her blonde locks before she charge right for Carmen. The nimble dancer ducked under a huge haymaker, tackling Trish in the side to bodily threw her down to the floor. However pissed as she was with Trish, Carmen wasn’t planning to get into a wrestling match with the pro diva if she could help it. Instead, she stomped on Trish’s chest, getting the busty blonde’s tits to bounce around beneath her dress. The wrestler grunted and brought an arm up around her breasts before kicking at Carmen. The slimmer blonde had to stumble in order to avoid it, but she still managed to dance away from the blow.

“You fight just as sloppy as you do in the ring!” Carmen taunted, sneering as she put her hands on her hips. Trish forced herself to her feet, but Carmen was furious and confident enough to underestimate her. She had expected Trish to steady herself before she came at her, but the wrestler hurled herself right into Carmen and delivered a heavy backhand chop to her chest. The Baywatch beauty gasped as the powerful arm created a resounding slapping sound as it hit right between the folds of her robes and against her tits.

The blow knocked Electra back into a wall and Trish quickly grabbed her by the shoulders to trap her there. Carmen was still pawing at her chest when Trish drove a knee into her stomach. The power blow winded the model, leaving Carmen with her mouth hanging open as she reeled from the pain.

“And you still can’t take a hit, you scrawny bitch!” Trish hissed through gritted teeth. She grabbed the winded Carmen by the hair and stormed away from the doorway, dragging her opponent along with her. She wanted to put the mouthy bitch through more, but there wasn’t much for her to work with just inside the massive suite. Trish found a bit more to work with as she reached the living room, tossing Carmen into the back of the couch. Carmen went tumbling over and landed on the cushions, wincing from the landing as she rubbed her stinging scalp. Trish reached over the couch to grab another handful of hair, but Carmen reacted quickly and returned the favor with Trish’s golden locks. The dancer slid onto the to the floor, dragging Trish after her and banging her chin on the hard edge of the sofa. Trish grunted and bounced off, leaving her on the carpet and rubbing her jaw.

Even with the couch between them, Carmen refused to use the opening to rest. She scrambled back over the couch, sizing up the downed wrestler for a half second before she leapt over the back and landed full force with a stomp on her stomach. Trish grunted hard as she clutched her belly, but Carmen held onto the back of the sofa to deliver a few more stomps with her bare feet. “Better stay down, bitch! Know your place!”

Trish curled up defensively, trying to block the attacks with her arms and knees. Carmen was breathing heavily as she sneered down at her opponent, glad to have Trish back on the defensive. The stunned and stunning blonde was still feeling it when Carmen dropped down, her pantied crotch straddling her stomach.

“Get off me, you half-naked skank!” Trish objected, but she could only shove and squirm beneath her hated enemy.

“Really? Because you seem a bit overdressed for the occasion!” Carmen shot back. She grabbed Trish by her breasts, dragging her nails along them and leaving some stinging scratches along the Canadian’s jugs. For all of Trish’s training and experience as a wrestler, the catty attack caught her completely off guard. Trish screamed and grabbed her by the wrists, squeezing hard enough to get Electra to wince in pain. Regardless, Carmen already had the grip she wanted and ripped down the middle of Trish’s dress. The fine fabric was made to look good rather than resist a lot of pressure, so the loud tear went down to her waist in one crooked line.

“You fucking bitch! That was expensive!” Trish shouted, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

“Then you obviously overpaid, you dumb cunt!” She pulled one of her hands free and slapped Trish across the face, the other hand quickly going to pin her head to the ground. Carmen reclaimed her grip on her hair, bouncing Trish’s skull off of the carpet a few times before standing back up. Trish grit her teeth and held her aching head. It was throbbing along with her chest, but her anger kept her going. Carmen tried to send a kick into her side, but Trish reacted quickly enough to catch the bare leg and shove her backward. Carmen staggered and barely caught herself on the wall, snarling before she tried to rush the downed wrestler again.

This time, Trish was ready for her. She speared into Carmen, catching her around her slender waist and lifting her into the air. She squeezed her powerful arms around Electra’s middle, getting a surprised scream as she beat her fists on Trish’s back. It seemed to be her only valid target at the time, but the stocky blonde soaked up the damage to keep crushing Carmen’s ribs in her improvised bearhug.

“Put me down, you gorilla bitch!” Carmen wailed, but the pain her voice made Trish know better than to let up now. She swung herself bodily to one side, painfully tossing Carmen around in her arms and throwing her off balance. She was winded from the beating and couldn’t keep this up all night, but she enjoyed the time she spent close to Carmen’s face while it was a mask of agony.

“You want down, you phony cunt?” Trish hissed through her gritted teeth. With a surge of strength and effort, she lifted Carmen up high and dropped her crotch-first onto the arm of one of the chairs. Carmen gave out a shrill shriek as she was cuntbusted on the solid piece of furniture, her eyes instantly starting to water with nothing to protect her but her lacy underwear. She was paralyzed by the pain before Trish slammed her in the chest with a forearm, knocking her over so that her face was buried into the cushions and her ass up in the air.

“Looks like you’re back in your natural pose, slut!” Trish barked at her, but Carmen was in too much pain to reply. It still didn’t inspire any mercy in the wrestler, who only thought of further cruelty to inflict on her defenseless opponent. She couldn't help herself as she wound up and delivered a smack to Carmen's ass that echoed through the otherwise silent suite. Carmen’s scream broke the silence once again, trying to crawl off the other other of the chair. Trish followed her closely, delivering another four or five spanks before Electra was able to tumble back onto the floor.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Trish snapped, stomping off after her opponent. She gave a brief tug at her dress before deciding that it was beyond repair right now. She left her breasts bouncing around in nothing but her bra as she forced Carmen back up to her knees by a handful of hair. Electra winced as she rose, but she threw an elbow back into Trish’s belly. It caught Stratus by surprise and knocked the wind out of the wrestler, making her double up while holding her belly. Carmen was eager for payback from the pain that was still throbbing in between her legs, so she stood up and caught Trish by her neck. She hurled Trish into the flat screen in front of the couch, bouncing her face off of the hard plastic lining and letting her crumble to her knees. Trish groaned dizzily as she rubbed her face, a shallow scratch that would likely bruise by tomorrow left behind on her forehead.

“I thought you liked being on tv, you little camwhore!” Carmen shouted. Trish was still leaning her hands on the tv table, so she stomped her bare heel between the Canadian’s shoulder blades to send her flopping onto the piece of wooden furniture. Trish grunted in pain as her breasts were squashed against the solid table. She was too busy trying to clear her head when Carmen pulled on one of her legs, dragging the dazed blonde across the carpet and towards the kitchen. Trish screamed as her barely-covered tits were left reddened by the awkward dragging and the abrasive rug burn, only to find that the hard tile of the kitchen floor didn’t treat her much better.

The layout was that of a small but well-stocked kitchen. The hotel had given Miss Electra basically everything short of a stove, including a full fridge and a few free samples of fruit and pastries left out for her. “Alright! Get up, you big fake fatass!” Carmen continued to berate Trish as she forced her back upright. She reared the wrestler back to try throwing her skull into the cabinet door, but while the trip there was painful it was enough for Trish to get her bearings.

Trish threw up her hands to catch the edge of the cabinet and diminish the impact to nearly nothing, just like she was stopping a hit with the turnbuckle. The thud of her hands hitting it instead left Carmen convinced that her latest attack had worked, but Trish just grabbed one of the hotel’s cheap plates off of the countertop and spun around, smashing it to pieces over Carmen’s head. The former Baywatcher let out a startled scream, the impact more startling and painful than truly damaging. It still left bits of ceramic stuck in her hair and Electra grabbing at her scalp to check for blood that wasn’t there. As she staggered backward, Trish caught her by her skimpy robe and pulled it over Carmen’s head. The busty wrestler sent a few punishing elbows into Carmen’s back, each attack drawing a loud and pained grunt from her blinded blonde rival.

“You want it hardcore, bitch? Huh!?” Trish hissed venomously. Carmen was still groaning and trying to pull the robe out from from her head when Trish thrust a hand between her legs. She bodily lifted Carmen off her feet and scoop slammed her onto the kitchen table, laying her out like she was on an operating table at a particularly sadistic hospital. Trish locked her strong hands around Carmen’s neck, throttling the dancer on top of the table as she kicked and gagged.

“It’s about time someone shut you up!” Trish snarled. Carmen indeed couldn’t speak, but it didn’t keep her from responding. She grabbed at the tray of sweets that they had left out for her. Carmen managed to clumsily snatch up a cupcake and ram its thickly frosted top into Trish’s pretty face, grinding it there until the bright green stuff had covered everything from her lips to eyes.

“AUGGH! UHHK!” Trish gagged on the shocking sweetness, stopping to wipe her stinging eyes with both hands. Carmen started to roll to one side, but Trish’s watering eyes could just make out her shape. She shoved Carmen hard in the opposite direction, hearing a dense thump and some clattering as the falling starlet took a few wooden chairs down with her. Trish spat and wiped her face off. She wasn’t able to get all of the cream off of her, but at least she could see clearly. She finally started to circle around the kitchen to go after the fallen Carmen, but the dancer had already slid under the table while she was down and Trish was blind. Her long leg kicked out from under the table, catching Trish in the knee and toppling her over into the fridge. Her head bounced off the thick plastic as the wrestler groaned and started to push herself back off of the refrigerator door. Carmen didn’t want to risk her getting her hands on her again, so she opened the door and shoved Trish’s head inside.

“Why don’t you just stay in there, you fat pig bitch!?” Electra swung the door shut around her neck and shoulders, making the wrestler scream at the surprising jolt of pain that ran through her upper body. Trish raised an arm to try to stop the repeated attack, but it slammed against her forearm instead. Carmen didn’t seem to mind it so long as she was hurting the rival blonde. She got in a few more crushing smacks with the door before Trish spotted the chocolate cream pie left inside the fridge. They must have expected her to have guests, since only a small piece was missing. The wrestler grabbed the whole pie tin and turned around quickly to throw it at Carmen. It failed to hit her face, splatting all over her robe and tits as it collided with her chest. The dancer shrieked as the cold cream splashed all over her face and chest, stumbling back in shock as she tried to wipe it off. She stripped out of her barely fitting robe, just for Trish to drive a mule kick into Carmen’s stomach.

The Baywatch starlet went down to her knees, clutching her naked belly in pain. The wrestler spun around and thrust a hand between Carmen’s legs, lifting her up in a classic bodyslam maneuver. Instead of dropping her back down, Trish snarled and rammed her into the nearby door. Carmen flopped and howled as the pain shot through her back, wincing as she tried to flop her way free from Trish’s grip. It proved to be too little effort too late as Trish gave a furious scream and charged again, smashing the door wide open with Carmen’s back hitting like a battering ram.

The two of them flopped into the bedroom, tumbling apart as Carmen rolled around on her back. Trish could see the steamy bathroom up ahead, but she had to drag herself back to her feet slowly. The breakin hadn’t left her unscathed, even if Electra had taken the brunt of the hit. “No better place for us to have landed,” Trish scoffed as she lifted Carmen up to her hands and knees by her hair. “Because I’m going to leave you out cold for room service to find your skanky ass in the morning!”

Trish caught Carmen around the neck, forcing her up into a headlock. The slimmer blonde was still groaning and holding her back, leaving her easy to manipulate as Trish grabbed the waistband of her panties and dropped the two of them backward onto the bed with a suplex. Carmen gave a sharp cry as her aching back hit the mattress, bouncing a few times before her loose body settled on top of the bedspread. Trish smirked as she rolled over, both women leaving a mess of crumbs and icing in their wake across the bed. She had expected the whining Carmen to be out of commission by her crushing suplex, but she was shocked to find the model to be much sturdier than she looked. She turned at the same time as Carmen rose and swung the densely stuffed pillow right into her head.

Trish gave a quick grunt before she slumped onto the bed, her upper body spilling out of her torn dress. Carmen kept her grip on her thick pillow and shoved it over Trish's face, straddling the wrestler to keep her pinned. Trish seemed to have plenty to say in objection, but any words she may have had were smothered out by the pillow.

Her face grew hot under the pillow, but the closest she could get to escape was rolling her entire body to one side. Trish started gasping for air and coughing to keep herself breathing, but she couldn't escape the pinning position. Carmen kept one hand leaning on the pillow as she decided that she had found a more interesting target. The TV starlet tore at Trish's dress, the already damaged garment stretching and falling away easier than the first part. It quickly revealed Trish's curvy and crowd-pleasing backside, but the only appreciation it got was when Electra started slapping her ass repeatedly.

With her mouth cleared from the pillow, this attack got Trish's high-pitched screams to come out that much louder. She kicked around frantically, but it only serviced to knock around the sheets and blankets so that they tossed and tangled around them.

Get off me! You no-talent bitch!" Trish shrieked as she flailed around blindly.

"Aww, what's wrong? All that pretend fighting make you too weak to handle a real woman!? No wonder nobody wants your butch dyke ass!" Carmen moved to sit on top of the pillow, securing Trish on the bed while she dug her nails into both of her soft ass cheeks. Trish let out another agonized howl as the hard talons threatened to pierce her flesh. This time she bucked harder than Carmen had expected, tossing the beach babe off the bed. Carmen emitted her own yowl of surprise, and it went on for an unexpectedly long amount of time. When Trish wondered why she hadn't heard a thud from her landing off the bed, she peered over and saw that her legs were so deeply entangled in the thick blankets that she was hanging halfway off of the bed.

"Fuck! What the fuck!?" Carmen cursed, thrashing and pushing at the carpet to try to get herself free. Their flailing and rolling from earlier had left her lower legs tightly wrapped up in the sheets. Trish sneered down at her as she sat on her legs, leaving her stuck in what looked like a botched attempt at doing sit ups.

"Ohh, you really fucked up now," Trish gloated as she pushed aside the last of her dress. A few shreds hung from her hips, but the women were effectively left in nothing but their bra and panteis. Trish let Carmen see her leaning over her before she grabbed and squeezed Carmen's twat with a crotch claw.

"AGHHHH! You fucking BITCH!" she screamed, flailing around to try to roll away. Trish just laughed at her expense and visibly horrible pain in her opponent's crotch. All of Electra's desperate squirming to escape the unintentional trap left her flopping around in Trish's grip, making her easy enough to manipulate. Trish used the vice grip on Carmen's pussy to turn her away and starting to spanking her like a curvy pinata.

Carmen ultimately managed to free one leg and kick Trish in the face. The bigger blonde grunted and released the painful hold, which was enough for Carmen to twist and finally fall to the floor. She hurried to her feet, stumbling as she held her pussy and pulled the last of the bedspread off of her feet. Trish nursed her jaw before spotting her opponent, crawling clumsily over the bedsheets to go after her. Trish caught up to the Baywatch babe in the doorway to the bathroom. Carmen had hoped to slam the door on her while she came in, but they were both sweaty and exhausted. Carmen pelted Trish with a few slaps before she shoved Carmen into the towel rack.

Entering the bathroom didn't make either of them less of a sweaty mess. Carmen had left her bathtub full from when Trish rang her doorbell, and the steam had built up so that the mirrors were fogged over. Trish started to move in on her when Carmen grabbed one of the towels that had landed halfway in the tub. She hastily whipped it at Trish, getting the half-naked wrestler to shout as it cracked against her thigh. She jumped and recoiled, convincing Carmen too twist it up again and give her another lash to the belly.

“What’s wrong? Remind you of getting pushed around at fat camp!?” Carmen snapped bitterly as she drew it tight again. Trish backed off, but only to grab a bar of soap off the sink and chuck it at Carmen. She yelped as the surprisingly hard projectile bounced off her arm, starting to bruise shortly after but mainly distracting her from her more complicated weapon. Trish came slamming into her, the two grappling with each other briefly before they went tumbling backward and landing with a tremendous splash in the bathwater.

Even with the sizeable tub they had provided Miss Electra for her suite, the two women landed right on top of each other and had a hard time separating in the piping hot bath. The assorted icing and food that had stuck to Trish and Carmen's skin and clothes floated to the top of the bathwater as they thrashed and clawed at each other. The steaming water stung, and any scratches left by their grasping nails hurt that much more in the heat. Carmen ended up on top, sitting up with her bra and panties left practically see-through after the hot soak. She glared down at Trish and quickly dug her knee into the crotch of the wrestler's wet panties.

"You stupid bitch! I'll kill you!" Carmen seethed as she grabbed Trish by her own soaking bra. She shoved her back until her back thumped against the wall, splashing more of the hot water around. Trish grunted, still stunned from the low blow as she felt Electra's hands wrap around her neck. The busty diva gagged and sputtered, the steamy air making it harder to breathe already. She groped along the wet wall of the shower for any grip or leverage to escape, but it was almost completely smooth and slippery from the steaming water.

Her hand finally happened to find a low shelf, knocking over a few bottles of lotion and conditioner. She grabbed a complimentary bottle of shampoo and popped the cap off, turning it over to dump it into Carmen's face. The former tv star let out a shrill shriek as she covered her face, the thick substance burning her eyes and leaving an overpowering flavor in her nose and mouth. Her eyes watered as she started to wretch, leaving her open for Trish to push her away hard enough to bounce her head off the dense glass of the shower door. Carmen bounced off with a dense thud, landing back in the water. She sat in the tub and started to grab handfuls of water to try scrubbing her face, trying to clean away the blinding muck. Trish sucked in fresh air and sat on her lap, slamming Carmen's sticky face with her forearm and rattling her further.

"You are a fucking mess, girl," Trish sneered confidently as she grabbed Carmen by a big handful of hair. "Maybe you should take that bath after all." Trish grit her teeth in a twisted grin as she shoved Carmen's head completely under the water, watching her pretty (but battered) face start to panic through the dirty water. She pushed and kicked at Trish, but she couldn't get above the surface for more than a split second. Trish had her dazed and exhausted while using her bigger and stronger build to keep her down. Carmen desperately dragged her nails down Trish's arms and breasts, but the diva saw her chance at victory was close enough to endure the catty punishments. She held Carmen under and didn't pull her back out until the bubbles slowed and Carmen had fallen limp in her arms. Carmen let out a few pathetic choking noises, spitting up some of the dirtied bathwater, but she remained unconscious.

Trish gave a weary laugh as she dumped Carmen out of the tub. She was exhausted but victorious, the dancer having put up a lot better fight than she expected. Of course, that didn't mean she was about to be merciful with the mouthy bitch. Trish left her propped her tits against the sink, holding her up like a ragdoll. She writing profanities in Carmen's lipstick all over her body (putting "cunt" across her forehead and "slut" across her ass were her personal favorites) and the mirror so it would be the first thing she saw.

"I guess you won't be needing this anymore," Trish announced, helping herself to Carmen's robe. It was even smaller on the chesty diva, but knowing the fact that it was stolen off Carmen Electra made her wear it out of the hotel with pride.

By Luffy316

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