With Special Guest Referee Lucy Liu
"Ready, wrestle!"

Whumppppp! Beautiful eyes rolled as the hard fist sunk deep into the busty singers stomach.

Screeccch! The whistle blew and the pretty ref signaled "Foul," but both ref and offender did not seem to give heed.

Whaaaap! The hard slap wasn't illegal, not that it would have made a difference anyway. Carmen Electra grabbed the dazed Mariah Carey by the hair, treated her to another slap, clamped on a headlock and ran her into the padded ringpost.

A lovely leg shot out, hooked around the singer's and wham Mariah hit the canvas hard. Her lovely legs kicked out and up as her impressive chest jiggled, seeming ready to bust out of her skimpy halter top.

"Yeah that's a good move," Lucy Liu said trying hard to act like an impartial ref. She gave Carmen a more than playful swat on her rump and bit back the impulse to do a bit more. The beautiful brunette's short tight skirt and skimpy tight lowcut top seemed a bit tempting even to her. She smiled as she watched Carmen kick off her heels and literally jump onto Mariah landing hard on her stomach.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!" Mariah gasped loudly. She reached up and grabbed her opponent's lovely throat in both hands. She called on her fast fleeting strength that flew away as a hard fist smacked into her head. Carmen peeled the weakening fingers off her lovely throat, grabbed two fingers on each hand and twisted them painfully. Mariah's beautiful legs kicked frantically. Her short sexy cutoffs were barely visible to the cheering crowd. Two huge breasts bulged out of the gasping, wheezing singers top. A picture of pure exciting eroticism, one gorgeous babe dominating another.

"Gonna go for a pin now-or wanna have some first, huh sweetstuff?" the ref rasped as she leaned over and whispered in Carmen's ear. Carmen had taken Lucy's suggestions, every one. She had fought down and dirty and had amazingly quite easily took the overconfident Mariah.

"Do what ya want, but I'd strip her first," Lucy chirped rather coyly. She looked out into the crowd; small but totally loud, wild and excited. Personal, special invitations. Adults only. The night club had set the ring up special. Most everyone knew what to expect or at least hope for.

"Nervous? A bit scared? I hear singing helps one calm down. Wanna sing for me, Mariah dear?" Carmen teased as she leaned forward, gently slapped Mariah's quivering lips as her other hand found a full breast, cupped it and squeezed the big mound slow and hard. Carmen snickered as she felt the big nipple stiffen and poke against her palm.

"Come on, give me some music," Carmen taunted. She swatted those lovely lips again, then suddenly reached down, hooked her fingers in Mariah's top and yanked hard in opposite directions.

"Aieeeeeee!" The loud embarrassed unmelodic squeal brought a wave of cheering. A rippingggg sound was drowned out by the catcalls and whistles; the top flew up and over the ropes.

One shrill longggggg tweetttt. "Foul-I think," Lucy snickered.

"Better get off her. Gotta give her at least another chance, you know fresh start," Lucy said trying to find more professional sportstype words. Carmen started to get off of her furious red faced rival when-

Ripppppppp! An angry desperate rather fast hand blazed forth and Carmen's top was ripped clean open exposing a rather nicely filled sexy bra.

"Refffffff!" A reluctant whistle; an official signal of sorts. Carmen yelped as she felt Lucy's fingers in her hair, jerking her to her feet.

"Now pay attention. Fight fair. It is illegal to get nasty, doncha' know that?" Lucy chided Carmen pretending to ignore Mariah who was now standing, rubbing her soreness and making plans of revenge. An exchange of sly eye expressions between the brunette and the ref.

"Aiiieeargggggh-EeeeeeYahhhhh!" One angry beautiful topless Mariah lunged. Lucy sidestepped, kicked up and out hard. Carmen moved like a cat, fired a solid punch.

"Uhhhhhhhh! Arggggggh! OOoooophhh!" Pain, doubled. Rolled from crotch, to chest to jaw. Mariah gasped. The solid kick, solid punch, then the flurry of fists and slaps. That sexy flat stomach. The lovely sensitive groin. Those big beautiful gloriously naked breasts(perfect targets complete with large erotic bullseyes). Attacked with reckless and unruly, illegal, unsportsmanlike (or unsportswomanlike) fury.

Terrified screams. The sounds most erotic in nature of fine fabric ripped to shreds.

"Helpppp! Nooooo! You're not fighting fair. Ref-it's illegal-Stop it. Helppppp!"

"Umpppppfffh!" The unwelcomed but incredibly strong hand clamps around one lovely songbirds mouth. One lovely body squirms, struggles, twitches. Slides to the canvas.

"And the winner is-!" Lucy holds Carmen's arm up high. Carmen prances. The crowd cheers.

"Accckhhh! Yeowwccch! What the hell?" Victory turning bad. Maybe to defeat? Carmen winces in pain as Lucy brings her arm down hard and fast, twists the wrist, bends the arm viciously behind her back. That lovely upper body arches. One victorious, boastful brunette babe is now wimpering, pleading as she's pranced around the ring dominated by the out of control lovely referee.

Sounds of running steps. A loud bonkkkk. Carmen once crisp vision is blurred. Her head aches. She feels her blouse being torn, ripped from her lovely body. Punches, slaps. She reels, staggers like a drunken sailor (a very beautiful drunken sailor mind you). She stumbles.

Scrreeeech! That darn irritating ear piercing whistle. "Oh my gosh, I'm a naughty girl-I must penalize even punish myself. Shame, shame on me." Lucy chews her own behavior out loud and harshly, sarcastically. She grabs her own shirt and rips it open exposing her sexy lace bra. She rips the whistle and cord from her neck, tosses it towards some lucky but totally surprised fan.

"Come on you beautiful but dumb mighty fighter. Punish me! I deserve it. Fight me! Take me down." Commands, demands, requests. Carmen's face registers surprise, shock, fear, then anger. She lunges. Lucy sidesteps, grabs her, judo throws her, yanks her up, knocks her silly with a series of kicks, slaps, punches, chops, then knocks her lovely rival all over the ring.

"Oh my you're such a GOOOOOOD fighter, so skilled," Lucy taunts. "But guess what? I have hope-maybe IF I do this?"

Whumppp! Whumppppp! "Aieeeeee! Owwwwww!"

"Or this? Rippppppp! "Or a bit of this?"

Slapppp! Slaaaaap! "Yeowwwwch! Ooooooh that hurts. Stop that?"

Punches, solid ones to each lovely breast knocked those big boobs clean out of the lovely bra. One useless bra disposed of in a most exciting erotic fashion. Stinging slaps to those delightful jugs. A few good hard and toally illegal nipple punches and twists.

A hard jerk forward. Three introductions of head to ringpost. "Nooooooo! Whacha doin'? Whacha gonna do to me? Stop. Someone help please."

Lucy, noncaring impartial ref that she was quickly tied Carmen's wrists to the top rope having jerked the brunette's arms out fully wide to either side. Lucy leaned forward, treated the exposed abs to a few hard stomach claw rakes. She unfastened Carmen's skirt letting it drop to the canvas. Then after a few slaps to silence the whimpering protests, she reached up, cupped a full breast and squeezed it. Her eager hungry tongue gingerly teased the stiffening nipple then went to work. Carmen was soon moaning sofly with pleasure. Reluctantly. Trying to say no. But "No's quickly became Maybes, then weak, then strong "Yes's."

"What the hell? She's only got two hands, two lips, one tongue-"

"Oh noooo, oh yessss."

"You win, you both win-Ahhhhhh. Ummmmm. Yessssss-"

"Told ya; losing does not always mean defeat, understand?" Lucy quipped looking down at the lovely hair that was bobbing up and down, moving sideways. The hungry groans, most erotic sounds rising above the "losers" heavy and rapid breathing. Mariah was indeed a good student. Yet she had so much to learn-

And Lucy, well, Lucy-


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