"Like this wasn't gonna happen, bitch?! Get real!"

Pow. Wham.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh. Leggo. Uhhhhhhmpffh." The dazed busty blonde groaned in pain as she tried to catch her breath. Her entire luscous body felt weak as the brunette's arms squeezed her tight, her full firm breasts crushing against her mammoth chest. The blonde felt like she'd been hit by a train-well almost.

A roaring, revved engine. A short screech of brakes. Deliberately too little too late. The car plowed hard into the sports car stopped at a light. Jenna Jameson caught a glimpse of a smiling brunette in her rearview mirror a split second before she lurched forward smacking her head on her steering wheel.

"Get your big sweet ass out of the car you man stealing bitch!" Those words seemed to echo through the dazed brain fog as the blonde felt fingers grab her hair and fairly jerk her out of the convertible's seat.

Carmen Electra was all business as she delivered a hard forearm smash to her dazed rival's impressive chest. Two punches to that pretty face. A raised knee to the blonde's "point of interest or point of contention" depending on who said territory concerned.

Now the bearhug. As Carmen applied more energy and strength to her gasping rival she felt the blonde's thick nipples stiffen and press into her own pleasure nubs. Both women wore skimpy halter tops. Jenna, a short skirt. Carmen, short tight cheek revealing jean cutoffs.

"Leggo of me, please. I can't breathe."

"So sorry sweetie. But ya shoulda thought of that before you stuck those big boobs of yours in somebody else's business. Now you're gonna pay!" Carmen hissed between gasps as she was squeezing so tight she was making herself a bit breathless.

"Too bad nobody's around to rescue you. I'm gonna kick your ass good!"

"Ungggggh. @#$#@#$#@ bitch."

"Yeah, bet you wish you could get your hands loose so you could scratch me huh, girl?" Carmen snorted glad she had her rival's hands pinned at her sides making her helpless. With a grunt she lifted Jeanna off her feet and slammed her backside into the side of the car. Jenna gasped in pain as her lower back slammed into her door. She felt the angry arms release her just a bit. Freedom. But only for a second as the brunette grabbed her face with her left hand applying a nasty painful faceclaw. Jenna felt her feet again touch the pavement.

"Ouch. My face, you're scratching my face. You're breaking my neck. Uhhhhhh."


"Gotcha good now, huh?" Carmen taunted as she bent the busty blonde backwards almost in two putting pressure on her face. She relished Jenna's groans and moans as the squirming blonde's huge breasts bulged out of her skimpy halter top. With a snicker she grabbed hold of the left breast and squeezed it hard and slowly twisted the huge orb clean out of the top, then dug her nails into the tender aerolae before clamping down on the thick rock hard nipple.

"Bet this hurts, huh honey?" Carmen rasped as she raised her leg and pressed her knee up hard against the whimpering blonde's crotch.

"A handful of pretty face, and a handful of tit-what more could a babe like me ask for at a time like this?" Carmen said as gave the captured breast a hard painful squeeze, released both chin and breast and in one quick move stepped back, grabbed Jenna's skirt with both hands and jerked down hard.

"Oh my, how sexy. How hot!"

Jenna's face, for the first time turned red as Carmen lauged at her rival's bright blue thong.

Jenna swung hard but wild; Carmen ducked and sunk her fist deep into the unprotected belly. Two handfuls of hair and the doubled over blonde felt just how hard her car's engine hood was. Several fleeting moments of headbanging were topped off with several bitchslaps and a final knockout punch.

"You're stupid but kind of pretty too," Carmen said as she used more than a bit of energy to pick up her near naked defeated rival up and dump her into the convertible.

"It's been fun. Somebody's comin'. Gotta run. But can't wait till next time-"