Fan Favorites
By Deacon

Fans often wonder or just take positions on who is the better performer between one artist and another with seemingly similar styles. The Battle Clan only wonders who can beat who? There was a dispute among the Clan as to who would fair better in an "Extreme" bout Gwen Stefani, the beautiful, energetic leggy rock-pop lead singer of the group "No Doubt" or Pink the sexy, sassy, hip-hop/pop Diva.

Gwen was taller with a greater reach and seemingly no end to her energy. Pink on the other hand was shorter but well put together, better muscular definition, more streetwise and presently a kickboxer. Both girls had smooth milky white skin and bleached blonde hair. These two factors would seem irrelevant to most, but to their handlers, it was very important. Their managers did not want obvious bruises, scares and cuts showing on their performers, so the fight was set for during a time when neither was on tour. Deacon also had Madonna's plastic surgeon on hand. Madonna's surgeon was excellent and worked fast. He had done such a brilliant job in the past during the Janet Jackson/Madonna battles that the clan found his services invaluable.

The bout took place in an abandoned underground military shelter in the Nevada desert. The large room had been remodeled and converted into a state of the art indoor arena, including lights, cameras, bleachers and multiple entrances/exits. The combatants entered form opposite sides. The house was packed as was evident by the roar of the crowd as the ladies entered.

Gwen was in a small red sports bra that was like all her top wear flat against her boyish chest. Gwen's abdominals were not very pronounced but drew the attention of every man in the crowd because of her sexy Belly Dancer-like femininity. She also dawned a red g-string that displayed her sleek yet shapely glutei and her strikingly sinewy long legs.

Pink was wearing a padded navy blue sports bra that was designed to protect her ample snow tinted breasts, that were slightly rising up and down like an evening tide. (also a crowd pleaser) Simultaneously her well-defined abs contract with every breath. She also was wearing a g-string, which revealed her lith thighs muscular calves and robust and rounded glutei.

They came to the center of the floor glaring in one another's eyes looking for a sign of weakness. Gwen broke the silence, "Don't worry sugar this will be over before you know it ha ha ha ha!"

Pink frowned rolled her eyes and replied, "Yea right B!%@#!".

Their hands were wrapped Mouy Tai style and they had on cross trainers. There were no rules except, that if your opponent asks to stop or passes out, you quit.

A voice from the PA system said, "Get ready." They raised their guard, then a gong sounded and the blows began. Gwen wisely kept Pink at bay with a flurry of jabs and upper cuffs, her long arms served her well. Pink was undaunted first, because of her determination and second, because of her skill at slipping 90% of the punches. She also kept advancing with her head buried in Gwen's chest delivering hooks, over hand punches and body shots to the stomach and ribs that never missed. The crowd was on their feet from the start screaming encouragement to their favorite and waiting to see whose assault would prevail. Though Pink was connecting more Gwen's stamina seems to be timeless.

Both women appeared to be unaffected by the red bruises inflected upon them during battle. Gwen's rib area was now poke a dotted with bruises, and her left jaw was puffy from an occasional overhand right. Pink had a mouse under her right eye and a split lip accompanied by bloody teeth. They were even it seemed, but Pink was not satisfied. She had a plan to gain victory that she executed with cat-like speed.

All at once Pink leaped at Gwen clamping on a headlock with accompanying head butt. Gwen cried out and fell backwards with Pink at top her growling. Immediately Gwen employed her lengthy and supple legs to fend off a lock by Pink. Gwen swiftly pushed Pink's abs bucking her into the air. Then as Pink's lower half descended she locked her thighs around Pink's middle. Pink quickly converted her headlock into a choke and raises her lower half to her feet bending over so as to thrust more weight forward to Gwen's neck. Gwen tightens her thighs crushing Pink's ribs and constricting her air supply. Gwen grabbed a hand full of Pink's hair with one hand and with the other knuckle punched Pink in the head repeatedly. Pink responded by increasing her choke and periodically raising Gwen off the floor the dashing the back of her head and neck to the concrete. Pink's assault won over Gwen's. The tall soprano began to moan then wail with every impact of her head hitting stone. Soon her hands went to buffer the back of her head although she maintained her leglock.

Pink almost erect now stepped over the leg lock and places her foot in Gwen's neck until Gwen's thighs weakened as she gagged and began foaming at the mouth. Pink held on to one leg. With evil intentions, she turned Gwen over clamped on a knee lock then place her knee behind Gwen's and dropped her full weight crashing Gwen's leg to the floor creating the terrible sound of flesh meeting cartlidge.

Gwen screamed in submission, "NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MOOOOOORE!

Pink was not quite done. She cruelly placed a figure four leglock on Gwen targeting her crushed knee. "Who's your momma B!%@#!?" Pink demanded of Gwen.

"Aahh My GAWD! Your are you're my moms, Pink YOU ARRRRRRRE!" replied the suffering siren.

Pink turned her defeated opponent over, mounted her face and signaled for her song "Get this party started!" to be played as she rotated her pelvis to the beat with Gwen underneath moaning in total humiliation. The crowd was mesmerized at the sight of Pink's licentious dominance.
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