The $300 Million Policy
By C

*None of the following statements ever actually occured.*
Jennifer Lopez is 36-year-old, 5'6, 120lb., brunette, 36D, tan, and Puerto Rican. Gwen Stefani is 35-year-old, 5'6, 107 lb., blonde, 34C, white, and American. Jennifer Lopez has a $300 million dollar policy on her big Bronx butt and if anyone damages her ass she can sue for $300 million. Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez are both pop princesses and were once good friends, they even made a music video together. A movie part was up for grabs and Gwen Stefani got the role and Jennifer Lopez wanted the role, this angered Jennifer. Gwen and Jen soon lost their friendship and even became enemies. They competed for movie roles and on music chart ratings for a while. Jennifer Lopez called Gwen an anorexic whore in an interview. In an Interview with Gwen Stefani, she called Lopez a fat bitch that is full of herself. Jen eventually challenged Gwen to a fight in an arena on pay-per-view. Gwen accepted the challenge immediately.

Gwen and Jen trained and studied in catfighting for the match. They both knew that this was a grudge match and the loser was going to be humiliated as much as possible. The arena was packed. To order the event would be $150. To get tickets was nearly impossible, everyone in the world wanted tickets. Everyone at the event was either rich or very lucky. Even celebrities were there to watch.

The match could take as long as it needed. It was going to be in a wrestling ring. The match could be won by pinfall, submission, or knockout. The loser had to kiss and worship the winner's ass and feet. Gwen couldn't kiss J-Lo's ass on national TV or her reputation would be ruined and the humiliation would be unbearable, Gwen would lose all her fans in the worst way possible. And if the Jen loss she would have to kiss Gwen's ass on national TV. She would ruin her reputation and the humiliation would also be unbearable.

Gwen wore a punk shirt and cargo pants. Jen wore a tight black tank top and a black mini-skirt with dark pantyhose. It seemed the crowd cheered for both sides equally.

The fight began with Gwen saying, "I see you lost some weight there fatass".

The angered Jen said "I'll tear you apart you anorexic whore!".

Gwen responded with feebly saying, "I know why your ass is insured for $300 million, because it's so fat they insured by the pound".

"Well you are gonna be the one kissing it" responded Jen with laughter.

Gwen launches herself at Jen and beginn punching her in the face. "Kiss this!" said Gwen after punching Jen in the face several times.

Jen kicks Gwen off her and steadily gets up. Jen tackles Gwen's back onto her stomach. Jen grabs Gwen's hair and pulls. Gwen screams and says with fury "LET GO OF MY HAIR FATASS!!!". Jen pulled the stubborn star's hair harder and right out of the scalp. Gwen lets out a huge yelp in pain.

Jen said, "I see that your bitch ass can't take the pain" with a snicker.

Gwen sits in the middle of the ring holding her head on her elbows and knees. Jen leaps on the superstar's back hoping to ride her around the ring but all Gwen did was collapse on to her face and stomach. Jen found herself sitting on Gwen's back with Gwen saying, "Get off me you fatass". Lopez flips Stefani onto her back and pins her. The ref counts to 1 when Gwen kicks Jen off her.

Gwen charges at Jen and clotheslines the Latino princess. Gwen then puts her barefoot on Jen's face for a pin. The ref only gets to 1 before Gwen takes her foot off Lopez. Gwen giggles before she takes off J-Lo's mini-skirt revealing J-Lo's priceless panties and her $300 million ass. The crowd is going crazy. Gwen threw Jen's skirt into the crowd and squats over and says "Now, I'm gonna tear you apart". Gwen grabs a handful of Jen's hair and drags her around the ring. Gwen lifts her soft sweaty foot and places it on J-Lo's face while holding her hair. Gwen pushes her foot and pulls her hands. A huge handful of Jen's hair comes out of her scalp. Gwen takes Jen's hair and stuffs it in Jen's mouth.

Gwen whispers to Jen "I like your Bronx booty". Gwen begins spanking Jen's $300 million booty. After two spanks Jen retaliates by swinging her foot rapidly and kicking Gwen in the back the head with her heel. Gwen falls face-first into Jen's ass coincidently. Gwen is out on the $300 million jewel. The ref counts for a knockout. Gwen woke up at 6 and gets up at 8. If Gwen was out for 2 more seconds she'd be kissing the $300 million jewel. Gwen screams with fury "GET YOUR SMELLY ASS OFF MY BEAUITIFUL FACE!!!"

Jen quickly responded with "GET YOUR SMELLY FACE OFF MY BEAUITIFUL ASS!"

Gwen knees the much bigger Jen in the stomach and Jen falls to her knees gasping for air. Gwen leaps on Jen's back in an attempt to ride her around the ring like Jen tried on Gwen before. It works and Gwen is riding the helpless star in an act of humiliation. The whole crowd is laughing at Gwen riding Jen like a pony. Everytime Jen would stop Gwen would smack Jen's ass to get her going again. Jen finally collapses onto her face after about a minute of riding. Gwen takes off J-Lo's black sweaty tank top and threw it into the crowd. Jen's luscious 36D breasts are exposed under a black bra. Gwen stands on Jen with one sweaty foot on her red face and one sweaty foot on her tan stomach. The ref counts the pin and gets up to 2 before Jen lifts her shoulder.

Gwen picks Jen up by the hair and throws her to the turnbuckle. Jen groggily stands at the corner as Gwen charges at her. Jen reverses the move and gets out of the way. Gwen charges right into the turnbuckle and hits her ribs. Gwen groggily walks around the ring and Jen puts Gwen in a headlock. Gwen desperately bites Jen's arm to stop the headlock. Gwen was energy less on the floor of the ring. When J-Lo recovered from the bite, Jen takes off Gwen's shirt and throws it into the audience revealing Gwen's 34C chest and an orange bra to the world. Jen takes off her very sweaty pantyhose and sticks both of them in Gwen's mouth. Jen slaps Gwen a couple times to keep her groggy. Jen then takes off Gwen cargo pants revealing Gwen's pale ass and orange thong. Jen puts the pants over Gwen's head and puts Gwen in a figure four leg-lock.

Gwen is weary and dazed while being held in a painful maneuver. The figure four leg-lock put lots of pressure on Gwen's legs. Gwen soon gains enough energy to flip Jen over so Gwen has Jen in an even more painful sharpshooter. The sharpshooter put a lot of pressure on Jen's back. Jen's legs are so sweaty that Gwen's hands slips out of the sharpshooter. Jen quickly gets up only to be slapped in the face back to the floor. Gwen askes the crowd what she should do and the crowd responds with boos. Gwen walks up to Jen stands her small pale ass over Jen's face. Gwen sits her pale ass down on Jen's face for a submission or knockout. It looks like Gwen has the match won, but Jen pushes her hands under Gwen's ass off her face. Gwen is launched across the ring into a turnbuckle.

Jen takes Gwen on one knee and begins spanking the humiliated blonde. The Hispanic queen spanks the dumb blonde several times before going for the knockout. Jen picks Gwen up and throws her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Gwen is on the floor of the ring in agony. J-Lo squats her tan sweaty ass over Gwen's fallen face. Jen says with a smirk "Take a long hard look at what a nice ass looks like?"

Gwen mumbles in a response "You've got a fatass and you know it, by the way, how many dicks did you have to suck for your CD to be released".

The insulted dominate brunette says, "Let's ask the crowd if I have a fatass" The crowd responds with a loud cheers. A drip of sweat lands in Gwen's mouth and the stubborn blonde tells Jen to get her dirty ass away from her face. Jen slowly moves her sweaty ass closer and closer to Gwen's face until they get to the point when if Gwen opens her mouth she would get a mouthful of ass.

The dumb stubborn blonde stupidly opens her mouth to say "You fatass bi.....".

Jen rests her large superior ass on Gwen's face. Gwen's long blonde hair could barely be seen because it is covered by Bronx ass. Gwen has gotten a mouthful of a $300 million ass. Jen grinds about on Gwen's face although it is not needed because Jen's ass circumference is a lot larger then the circumference of Gwen's face. Gwen passes out from lack of air supply.

Jen is declared the winner by knockout. Jen slaps Gwen awake and Gwen pretends not to know what was going on. Gwen tries to befriend Jen so she wouldn't have to kiss her ass. Jen threatens Gwen and Gwen immediately gets on her knees to kiss Jen's booty. Jen laughs at the blonde and says, "You should be happy you get to kiss my ass, I know some guys that would kill to kiss my ass". Gwen begins sobbing and plants her soft tender lips on Jen's famous sweaty bottom. Jen wedgies up her panties and says with a giggle, "O Gwen get more near the crack". Gwen places a soft kiss in the middle of Jen's soft ass. Jen places her foot on the stubborn blondes face and tells her to lick them clean. Jen's feet are covered in sweat and dirt. Gwen slowly sticks her tongue out and disgracefully licks her toes, soles, and heel clean. Gwen tastes Jens sweat in her mouth with a spice of dirt.

The Gwen Stefani fans in the arena are now J-Lo fans. Jen asks the crowd what they think of Gwen and they respond with a loud boos. The brunette demands that the weak pitiful blonde kiss her ass again. The humiliated Gwen refuses, Jen puts the singer in a reverse head scissors so Gwen's face is very close to Jen's ass again. Gwen is stuck in an embarrassing position. Jen says she she'd let Gwen go if she kisses her ass again. Gwen slowly moves her face towards Jen's ass when a loud fart rips right in Gwen's face. Gwen pukes all over the ring. Jen celebrates her win by re-watching the match and having a party.
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