Beyonce Knowles VS LeToya Luckett & LaTavia Roberson

Say My Shame Say My Shame

Disclaimer: The characters in these stories are from a parallel universe existing only in the mind of the author. Though they may bear the names of some famous individuals they have nothing to do with said individuals because they and their personalities are purely fictional.

shame (sh;m) n.
  1. a. A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace. b. Capacity for such a feeling: Have you no shame?
  2. One that brings dishonor, disgrace, or condemnation.
  3. Disgrace; ignominy.
  4. A great disappointment.
In this postmodern world it seems that old-fashioned ethics have been abandoned by the masses. Maybe that statement is too general perhaps it's only a few of us and those unethical few speak louder than the rest of us.

When it comes to getting what she wants Ms. Beyonce "Sasha" Knowles (FYI Beyonce and her friends calls her aggressive alter ego that performs on stage Sasha. It's reported that the normally sweet girl becomes "a different person" when performing.) seems to be a bit bankrupt in the shame department. After the disbanding of the original Destiny's Child group complete with accusations of professional and fiscal impropriety on the part of their manager Mr. Matthew Knowles, there was a law suit and an undisclosed settlement that left the Knowles' family cursing in one magazine interview. To compound the troubled group's issues, they were sued by the family of their late manager and accused Beyonce's Dad of squandering money owed to the deceased manager's estate, on prostitutes and drugs for said prostitutes. Adding insult to injury LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson sued the group over a perceived breach of agreement not to 'dis' one another when Beyonce wrote and performed Survivor. Her Mom, her greatest influence best friend and secret fight coach was criticized for the skimpy outfits she and the other girls were wearing.

Beyonce was pissed to say the least. She wanted revenge and had no public way of exacting it; she knew her only chance to Aget the ungrateful b!%@#!es was through The Battle Clan.

For over two years Beyonce begged the The Battle Clan to arrange a tag team match between herself and Kelly against LeToya and LaTavia. They could never agree although the other girls wanted Beyonce so much they could taste it. LeToya and LaTavia thought of Kelly as a sister and did not want to fight her. Eventually, because of her Faith and advice from the new member Michelle, Kelly declined to do battle with them. This announcement was made to Beyonce and her mom just before the new Destiny's Child public announcement that they would work on separate projects but still remain a group. Humm I wonder.

Beyonce went to her only confidant and advisor Ms. Tina Knowells. "Mama I was so close to gettin' those b!%@#!es, then scared @$$! Kelly flew the coupe on me!" complained Beyonce as her mother brushed her hair from behind her.

"Baby you know good and well Kelly is not afraid and we can't blame her for her religious convictions" advised Tina. "I respect Kelly because I know she is not afraid and she has always had your back. It must have been difficult for her to have to say no. Remember you two are like sisters and have always fought for everything side by side."

"But how can I get them h#es! without her!?" Inquired Beyonce, with tears of bitterness streaming down her lovely golden cheeks.

"Have patience Baby. Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to peel stank @$$! h@#es! cap" said Tina smiling.

"What'chu mean Mama?" inquired the H-Town beauty.

"They both want you right?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"You can only fight them one at a time right?"

"Yes Ma'am but I can't get them in separate matches"

You don't have to Boo. Ask for a handicap match with special stipulations"

"What stipulations Mama?"

"Extreme catfighting, no holds barred cage match, win by verbal submission or knockout only, no ref, tag must be electronic; a button in their corner then one girl leaves or is carried out and the other enters. Last but not least video but no audio except that your Survivor music can be dubbed in later."

Beyonce's face lit up with her famous childlike grin. "Mama did I ever tell you how much I love you?" The golden songstress said reaching back to caress her mother's hand.

"Just do Mama a couple of favors?"

"Yes Ma'am?"

"Beat that loud mouth LaTavia senseless and try to rip her tongue out of her head. Then fix that h@ish! LaToya so that she has to have cosmetic surgery on both sets of lips before her man would ever touch her again!" Tina began to glare into the mirror then engaged in a spiteful soliloquy. "Ungrateful b!%@#es! gonna' come into my home, eat my food, wear the clothes I made, then talk about my family like a dog to god and everybody?! Oh Hell no!"

Then she addressed Beyonce again who was grinning impishly as her mother went off. "You get'em Baby, you get'em for Mama! And make sure them b!%@#es! Say yo name!@"

Tina was not just being cheesy and cliché in saying this. You see Beyonce, was her maiden name and never wanting to relinquish it she named her first born "Beyonce Giselle Knowles". Tina felt when Beyonce won all 'Beyonce women' would be vindicated, all The House of Dereon. Also she knew the more Beyonce thought about the fight, the more likely chance that her evil alter ego Sasha would show up guarantee victory by any means necessary!

"Yes Ma'am" she said nodding with a Cheshire cat grin.

Now this is what the other girls said in a conversation on a flight from Atlanta to Houston. "Oooo I can=t wait! Finally I can get my hands on that m()%#@ f()@%!in' Beyonce!" said LaTavia rubbing her hands together.

"Yea" replied Latoya "But don't take her lightly, you know she is a ruthless b!%@#! Remember that time she got into a fight with that homeless chick in New Orleans? Beyonce left her stripped and bleeding like the Seven Son's of Skiva!"

"I ain't worried about that big yella h@#! I know she cheats but you got to bring some to get some!" Declared LaTavia.

"I'm just sayin..." started LeToya.

"I know Mother Hen I know" LaTavia said patting her on the hand.

LaToya was also remembering their days on the road when the girls would engage in friendly wrestling matches in their hotel suites. Though Beyonce could never beat LaToya straight up she would cheat to win. She would therefore barely beating the smaller howbeit very aggressive La Tavia and dominating the more passive Kelly. When they would give themselves wrestling nick names like "She Rock" etc. Beyonce would playfully (or so they thought) call her self "Sasha the Mistress of Pain" this was a little nickname one of her cousins gave her after seeing her bad girl persona on stage. La Toya could only imagine the honey blond Bombshell in real battle against them.

Finally the time of the battle had come for the Battle it was to take place in the Battle Clan's favorite side of Houston, the West Side. The location this time on Briarpark near Eldridge, on a lot where an old Victorian house used to be behind a grove of trees. It was 2am on a Sunday morning. A perfect time when most law enforcement was distracted by the Fast and Furious on Westheimer and Richmond. A special octagon was created just for this occasion; it was 20x20 enclosed by mosquito wire mesh.

Beyonce was scantily clad in the same sexy cutup animal skin bikini outfit that she and the other girls dawned in the Survivor video. The golden diva was showing off her newest feature developed during the Austin Powers movie, when she was told she had to tone up and loose the gut. Her six pack was now comparable to that of Madonna, Janet and Serena; it should be as much as she pays that trainer of hers.

Rivalry is an understatement when it came to the feelings between the young women, they wanted to destroy one another and now the Battle Clan had given them the chance. The Angels noses were flaring while Beyonce's mouth was literally watering at the thought of getting her hands on them at last.

Even when they were friends it was all about who the prettiest was who had the longest most shapely legs and the juiciest booty. Hence in the spirit of former rivalry and the Angels knowing that Beyonce would be dressed the way she was. LeToya and LaTavia were dressed in lavender padded sports bras with matching g-strings such that they could show off all their various goodies. The golden songstress just sneered at them, sucked her teeth, turned her back and gave them the finger with her right hand and invited them to kiss her sumptuous peach by patting it with her left.

The Angels returned the gesture and additionally invited Beyonce to show perverted affection to their vulvas. It did not take a rocket scientist to know this was going to get ugly.

The coin toss was won by little La Tavia who was more than happy to be the first to get her hands on Beyonce first. Le Toya was concerned but did not let on so as to not show weakness to Beyonce.

The gong sounded and the two peerless beauties ran toward each other screaming, cursing and swinging. Beyonce bent over to meet the little angel toe to toe. One would think that Beyonce would use her height and reach advantage to dominate, but she wanted to erase any doubt in any one's mind that she was the superior fighter. Especially over little La Tavia who always challenge her as a fighter saying, without obvious advantages, Beyonce was nothing. They peppered each other with fists and clawing in the middle of the cage causing sweat, blood, spit, snot, tears and hair to fly like twin kittens caught in a garbage disposal. In the fray their ample breasts became dislodged from their bindings and were targets of their vicious attacks. Both women howled when their mammary were assaulted be neither asked or gave any quarter. What really amazed us was little La Tavia's resolve, skill, and toughness. She stood forehead to forehead with Beyonce taking everything the golden siren had to give and giving her hell also. Action and excitement are understatements we in the control area were on our feet and cheering for whomever!

Beyonce KnowlesSuddenly Beyonce broke the dueling rhythm of the mutual battery with a perfect over hand right to the top of La Tavia's head, dropping the small beauty to her knees with a squeal. La Tavia was devastated her arms were at her side and she was leaning forward panting with the side of her face embedded into Beyonce's moist rippling six pack. With a left hand full of La Tavia's hair and her right hand creating busy work on La Tavia,s face and forehead, Beyonce began to speak in a voice other than her own. There was a fiendish look in her eye and her countenance turned demonic for lack of a better turn. Something beyond anger and wrath had over taken her it was the other person inside her the one who could take a quiet southern church girl and turn her into the vixen we saw on stage and in the videos and now in the cage. It was t he one called Sasha!

Raising a knot in the middle of La Tavia's forehead took no time at all considering the speed and intensity with which Beyonce was working her head. After accomplishing the clear site of a hematoma on her victim's face Beyonce raised La Tavia by the ears to her feet then delivered a cruel head butt to the little one's nose then grabbed her by the neck and crotch and gorilla slammed La Tavia to the deck, WHAP! AUHHHH!, The air rushed from her small sexy frame, then before she could catch her breath Beyonce dropped her magnificent rump down on La Tavia's exposed chest then converted into a school girl press and commenced pounding her into the deck. After drawing a sufficient amount of blood, Beyonce settled the blade of her foot into La Tavia's throat causing her lovely almond shaped eyes to bulge and her tongue to hang like a thirsty dog. Sitting on the little girl's chest side saddle with her foot wedged in La Tavia's neck was bad enough, Beyonce cruelly smashed her right tit with her knee. Once La Tavia's tongue was protruding in an inhuman manner Beyonce savagely clawed it with her right hand and then began to rip clumps of hair off the little girl's head. Tears poured from La Tavia bulging eyes and her nostrils flared wild and widely desperately seeking much needed air.

After adjusting La Tavia's position from the deck to her knee, bending La Tavia backwards with only her head and the balls of her feet touching the ground; her legs spread revealing her subjacent lips gaping as if to trying to inhale oxygen cut off elsewhere. Beyonce began to speak, "Now little b!%@#! Now say somethin' about my Daddy! Now try to bit the hand that feeds you!" At this point La Tavia had no more fight left. It was obvious from the fact that she had long since left clawing and scratching her golden toned assailant and had now started to pet and stroke Beyonce like a child who had received a recent scolding and was trying to ensure the favor and comfort from the angered parent. Beyonce was not moved to any compassion only to speaking of her self in the third person; "Too late little ungrateful h@#! Sasha will make you pay for her mother's sake!"

Le Toya's pleading cries from the other end of cage fell on deaf ears as the golden Amazon's cruelty became more intense, "Let her go Beyonce she's had enough, let her go please!" It was obvious that the sultry honey blonde vixen planned to kill her smaller opponent so we rushed to open the cage and stop the madness, but before we could get there the resourceful Le Toya thought of something. LeToya dug deep into her sinuses throat and chest and produce the most grotesque wad of mucus one could imagine then spat with pin point accuracy onto the back of Beyonce's neck.

Suddenly Beyonce's movement ceased though she did not let go of La Tavia. Beyonce turned her head slowly and said in a low devilish voice, "Couldn't wait our turn... can't wait to be destroyed?" Beyonce stood up carried her worn out little victim over to the button protruding from the ground and dropped her on sounding the gong for a tag out. The cage opened and Le Toya and the medical staff entered with an urgency. Our staff retrieved La Tavia with a stretcher and and Le Toya went for Beyonce who was backing up with fists raised prepared for the next phase of battle.

Circling each other with eyes locked Le Toya admonished Beyonce, "Catch your breath H@#! Cause I don't want you to have any excuses when I beat yo evil yella @$$! You didn't have to do that s#!%! You coulda let her go, No but yo demonic @$$! Could not remember that we been girls since we were kids! You couldn't remember that we ate, slept and did everything together."

"Yeah and you two ungrateful B!%@#es! Could not remember what my family did for you! My Mama treated you like you were her own!" Retorted Beyonce.

"I got a mom! Who yall treated like a f()@k!n hanger on!"

"And my Daddy, worked a miracle and made yall a household word with yo lil non-singin' @$$es!"

"Yeah whateva Beyonce, only miracle he made was makin' our money disappear, the nasty B@$%@%&!"

"Enough talk! Sasha requires her portion of blood!" Beyonce declared in a sudden evil tone. Then they ran toward each other screaming like ancient Nubian battle queens.

Reminiscent of the toe to toe match between the daughters of Frazier and Ali, they went at it pummeling each other with jabs, hooks, upper cuffs, over hand blows, and head butts sounding like bowling balls cracking together disfiguring one another's faces with every point of contact. Grunting and growling like two animals in mortal combat, neither Amazon relented in the struggle. We knew that someone had to drop. It was Beyonce, though an excellent boxer she was never a match for Le Toya in speed power or technique, hence she dropped to her knees exhausted and panting like a big cat; ribs and epigastria contracting wildly.

Le Toya stepped back and started a series of upper cuts to Beyonce's lovely face drawing blood from her nose and mouth, and also closing the big sopranos right eye. Le Toya was the dominate figure now, the Diva of the match and Beyonce knew she was in trouble. Yet she held on to her consciousness and did not submit, Sasha would not let her.

Beyonce was on all fours panting and bleeding and Le Toya wasted no time mounting her and locking on a side figure four head lock trapping Beyonce's head and right arm too. Le Toya flexed her mighty thighs and butt arching her lower back causing Beyonce to sound out a muffled scream from the pressure. Beside her cries Beyonce displayed the pain she felt by the sensual but involuntary humping of her sexy round butt muscles. Beyonce's pain was compounded by periodic knuckle strikes to her ribs by Le Toya producing reddish abrasions along her side. Le Toya was completely in tune with Beyonce's condition, knowing that the golden vixen was about to pass out she released her not for mercies sake its just that Le Toya had not finished with her yet and wanted to introduce new forms of pain.

LeToya LuckettLe Toya stood up twisted Beyonce's right arm into a straight arm bar straddle the arm then dropped her impressively exuberant butt straight down on Beyonce's shoulder hyper extending it a causing a blood curdling high "C" to come from the big soprano. Ms. Luckett now owned Beyonce, and Beyonce knew it, yet she never relented. She only screamed, cursed, and to everyone's surprised, threatened the superior bronze battle vixen. Le Toya did no premature gloating, know full well it was not the regular sweet little Knowles child that she was doing battle with, but Sasha who could break out at any time once given the opportunity so she continued her ruthless onslaught against Beyonce by raising her to her feet by the hair and ear.

Now useless, Beyonce's arm just dangled as Beyonce sought to stabilize herself with her other arm and wobbling knees. Delivering a sudden chop across Beyonce's chest broke the monotony of blunt pain inflicted upon the golden songstress to sharp pain raising her to the balls of her feet with bulge eyes and puckered lips. Tremendous agility is an under statement for Ms. Luckett's next move; she delivered a standing drop kick with both feet connecting to Beyonce's face toppling her like a fallen tree. Le Toya then sat into a reverse school girl face press covering Beyonce's nose and mouth with her deliciously well formed butt simultaneously lacing Beyonce's arms in the folds of her thighs. Immediately she crossed Beyonce's long shapely legs into a figure four and bent backward then Le Toya began to flex her mighty glutei giving the appearance that her ample hind end was devouring Beyonce's face.

At this point we knew it was over. Besides Beyonce began to tap Le Toya's side furiously signaling a submission. Le Toya released Beyonce, swiveled around on Beyonce's face then slithered down her frame sensuously until the were nose to nose forehead to forehead and Le Toya began to speak. "Now B!%@#! Now do you realize that the whole world does not revolve around you that its not all about you... that I'm your Queen and just kicked your big yella @$$!"

Panting wildly Beyonce issue a winded whispery response that only Le Toya could hear, "Yes, yes you beat me I don't want no more please let me go, please?" All the time this was happening Beyonce was petting her assailants side and hips indicating childlike surrender but when Le Toya relaxed her delicious sweaty physique 'The Sasha' struck clamping on a perfect Karma Sutra Claw causing Le Toya to shriek and gasp. Beyonce then rolled her over and initiated the second phase of her attack by slicing her teeth into Le Toya's left nipple with a fiendish growl accompanying it, causing another scream with a gush of tears following.

At this point wherever Beyonce went a bellowing Le Toya sounding like an injured dog. Shortly the bellows turned into the desired outcry, "Ok ok! I give I give! You the best, you the best!" Desperately like an inept safe cracker the tall beauty searched for the right combination to unlock her pain. Finally she found it. "Beyonce we were wrong, we were wrong to talk about yo Daddy and disrespect yo Mama we were wroooong! Please, please, please Mistress Sasha let this lowly b!%@#! Gooo!" Judging form the immediate release after this heart felt soliloquy we figure Le Toya knew what to say all along but pride would not let her do what pain finally convinced her to.

Before Le Toya could catch her breathe Beyonce delivers a quick and devastating close line flipping Le Toya head first to the deck knocking her out before she hit the ground. She sat into same school girl figure four combo that Le Toya employed earlier in the match. Then Beyonce shouted in a high pitch voice, "Hit It!" We knew it was over so we at her request started to play Survivor as Beyonce AKA Sasha the Mistress of Pain gyrated her sexy hips to the rhythm of the music with a blood stained smile and Beyonce did not get up until she gained ultimate satisfaction.

We found out the mistrusted, initial secret surrender later, but in the Battle Clan there are no reversals in the match outcomes, the surrender we heard was the one we went with. Still when I saw her again leaving the 'Forgo De Chaos' restaurant on Westheimer, I felt the need to tell Ms. Knowles that she should be ashamed of this dishonorable conduct and her smug response was "Say my shame, say my shame mother f@%!er" then she sashayed with that sexy southern walk of hers into her awaiting limo.