No one's sure where the antimosity between Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles came from. Somehow and somewhere while they were on tour together with Missy Elliott on the Lady's First Tour it grew from nowhere. They had been friends for years when the tour began, but the relationship disintegrated into a ruthless rivalry. Some say Beyonce was jealous that Alicia was getting better onstage reviews than her. Others say Alicia was annoyed at being a "second rate diva" compared to Beyonce, and was determined to upstage Beyonce at every opportunity. Whatever the reason, their rivalry threatened to tear the tour apart. Tour promoters were forced to park their tour buses at opposite ends of the area, to keep the young divas apart as much as possible.

On the last date of the tour, promoters sent all three stars onstage at the end of the show for one last encore. Alicia & Beyonce took one look at each other and the competition was on. First Alicia started her vocal riffs and scat singing, dominating the microphone. Not to be out done Beyonce overpowered Alicia with her superior vocal range, with a soulful solo that had the audience on their feet. Beyonce took extreme pleasure in lyrically blowing out New York's musical prodigy.

Annoyed that she had loss the favor of the crowd, Alicia tried something different. In an uncharacteristic move, Alicia started dancing, not only dancing, but putting on a booty shaking show more reminiscent of Beyonce than herself. The crowd exploded. Beyonce looked at the display and squinted her eyes in jealousy. Alicia had invaded her territory. Not to be outdone, Beyonce started her own booty shaking display. Slowly but very surely, she won over the audience again. By the end they were chanting "Go Beyonce... Go Beyonce.... Go Beyonce... Go Beyonce...."

Alicia was severely pissed. But she had one last ace up her sleeve. Going to the front of the stage, Alicia gave a war cry reminiscent of Michael Jackson, and tore open her white blouse. She took the garment off and twirled it over her head before tossing it into the crowd. Alicia stood boldly in only a small red satin bra and her skintight navy blue stretch pants. The audience absolutely lost their minds. Beyonce and Missy stood in shock. Before things got completely out of hand, Missy says "Thank You Everybody and Good Night." She put one arm around Beyonce and the other around Alicia and escorted them off the stage.

Once backstage Missy did not say anything and just walked away. Beyonce looks at Alicia, and mutters "You look like a cheap ass Ho".

"I learned from the best... I've been watching your show the whole tour" Alicia shot back. Each singer's entourage approaches, and the ladies separate and leave with her crews.

Beyonce goes back to her dressing room, and changes into a t-shirt from the tour, and a faded pair of jeans. Alicia stays out, and signs countless autographs for her fans. By the time each reaches her tour bus, Alicia is still in her bra and stretch pants while Beyonce still wears jeans & T-shirt. Each is on the bus with her posse loudly celebrating the end of a successful tour. As fate would have it, the buses are temporarily parked next to each other while they wait for the traffic jam from the concert to clear.

Beyonce sees Alicia through the window, and flashes her middle finger and mouths "bitch".

Alicia sees Beyonce and chuckles. She responds by opening the bus window and yelling out, "Yeah, I might be a bitch, but I just kicked your fat ass out there on stage!"

Alicia finally struck Beyonce's last nerve. Beyonce storms off her bus yelling "Come On Bitch" Next thing anybody knew, Beyonce was in the parking lot screaming, "Come On Bitch! I'll kick your ass right here, right now!". Alicia grew up in Harlem, and has had her share of catfights. Alicia could think of no better way than to conclude the tour than beating Beyonce's big ass right there in front of her and Beyonce's friends.

Alicia got off her bus yelling and screaming too.

"What the fuck?... You want some of this?.... You want some of this?" Alicia screams.

The two come face-to-face and immediately start trading windmill punches. Alicia fires a kick to Beyonce's side that gets a loud "OOOooomppp" and Beyonce staggers back several feet. Feeling her opponent is hurt, Alicia comes forward and walks right into a straight right hand from Beyonce. Alicia's head snaps back, and her knees buckle. Before she has another thought, Beyonce follows with an uppercut, and a left cross, that leaves Alicia completely dazed.

Alicia stands on wobbly legs, and may be about to fall, but Beyonce traps her in a headlock. Beyonce leads Alicia over to her tour bus and slams her face into its side. Alicia shrieks and falls to the ground. Beyonce immediately mounts her, and blasts her with fist after fist. Beyonce mutters, "Fucking bitch... I'll teach yo ass to fuck with me." Alicia is nearly out, and only lies there and accepts each punishing blow.

Seeing she had Alicia very much under control, Beyonce dismounts her and rolls Alicia onto her stomach. Beyonce unhooks the clasp of Alicia's bra, and quickly rolls her onto her back. Beyonce stands, grabs Alicia's bra, and tries to yank it off. "No" Alicia shrieks and crosses her arms across her chest to desperately save the bra from being ripped away.

Beyonce maintains a grip on the bra with one hand and uses her free hand to fire punches down into Alicia's lower abdomen. The fist expertly land below the navel, right along the line where the pubic hair starts. An area where there is no muscle coverage to absorb the blow. It only takes five of these before Alicia yields, and slowly unfolds her arms, allowing Beyonce to whisk the bra off her body. Alicia quickly refolds her arms across her breast to shield them from hungry male eyes on both buses and rolls over onto her stomach panting heavily.

Beyonce thinks Alicia no longer wants to fight, so she starts celebrating, waving the red bra above her head, like a captured flag. First, she looks at the roaring background singers & dancers on her bus, before walking over to Alicia's bus to trash talk, and taunt about how she pounded their leader. Now with a victory won, and Alicia put in her place, Beyonce returns to her bus. As she starts up the steps, she sees members of her bus trying to warn her or something, but cannot figure out what they are trying to say.

Beyonce feels a sharp pull on the waistband of her jeans. Alicia is back up, with a sneak attack. The sharp tug catches Beyonce completely off guard, and she flies off balance off the steps of the bus. Beyonce lands very hard on the pavement. Unfortunately the back of her head slams hard on the parking and bounces a couple of times. The fall and hitting the back of her head nearly knocks Beyonce out. She lies on her back, mindlessly moaning, not having a clue what is going on, or what is about to happen to her.

Alicia screams like a wild animal and starts kicking Beyonce in her side and stomach. Apparently Alicia has gotten over her shyness about showing her breast, since she no longer tries to cover her bouncing tits. Her rage has taken over, and her only concern is punishing Beyonce, of which she is doing an excellent job. Beyonce is hurting, and tries to sit up to attempt to defend herself. Alicia has no intention of letting her victim escape. Alicia straddles Beyonce and pushes her back to the pavement. She pins Beyonce's arms with her knees and has her helplessly trapped in a schoolgirl pin. Alicia unleashes all her pent up fury by repaying Beyonce with a two fisted assault on her face. One devastating left-right punch after another blasts Beyonce even further into oblivion. Beyonce releases a long high-pitched scream born from pure agony.

After a few seconds, Alicia ceases her assault. Beyonce is barely conscious. She lies underneath Alicia grunting and moaning. Alicia stands, and looks down on Beyonce with an evil smile. She sees that she has battered her rival into a helpless state, but that is not good enough. She is going to punish and humiliate the bitch for beating and stripping her earlier.

Alicia starts by walking around to the top Beyonce's head and reaches down and grabs the tail of Beyonce's t-shirt. She easily pulls Beyonce's shirt off over her head. Beyonce is still stunned, and cannot resist anything Alicia has planned for her. Alicia stops to showboat a bit to her entourage on her tour bus. Then she kneels down and rolls Beyonce on her side and unfasts her bra clasp. To the roaring approval of the males on both buses, she evens the stripping battle by yanking off Beyonce's bra. Beyonce has regained a little awareness and pushes herself up to her hands and knees, with her breasts freely swaying under her. Before she can rise any further, Alicia attacks with a running kick to her ribs that flips her over onto her back howling in pain.

Alicia reaches down, and grabs Beyonce by her honey-brown hair, and hauls her to her feet. Alicia stands behind her captive and pulls Beyonce's arms behind her and holds them there. She then parades the dazed and groggy woman around in circles, putting her beaten rival, and her succulent breast on display. Beyonce is thankful her long hair hides her facial expression of defeat and humility. "Who's laughing now bitch?" Alicia taunts as she usher Beyonce over to her tour bus in front of a huge picture of Alicia's face. "See that?" Alicia says as she forces Beyonce to look at her image, "That's the most beautiful face on this tour!" Alicia says before slamming Beyonce's face in the middle of the picture on the side of the bus.

Beyonce KnowlesTo Alicia's surprise, Beyonce stays on her feet, although her knees did buckle. In the mean time, the members of Alicia's entourage are cheering like crazy. Everybody could see that Beyonce is all but defeated at this point. Slowly the grunting and groaning Beyonce turns to face Alicia. Alicia is ready and waiting. After Beyonce has slowly turned, Alicia blasts her with a wicked upper cut that lands under her rival diva's chin. Beyonce rockets back as if she has been shot. The back of her head slams into the hard bus. She staggers forward, about to fall when Alicia unleashes another punch that lands on Beyonce's face. Beyonce's head snaps back again, and she crumples to the pavement at Alicia's feet.

Alicia raises both arms above her head and celebrates like a boxer who has just won an Olympic gold medal. She looks up at her friends on her bus, and plays to them, getting more and more cheers. Alicia's stage announcer, or 'hypeman's' booming voice can be heard above everybody else. "Yeah babygirl... Show 'em who's the Champ!" He continues, "That's right Champ... Show 'em why I call you the Champ of R & B... The Champ of the stage!"

Alicia then goes to Beyonce's bus and taunts them about destroying their queen. Although Alicia did receive some congratulations and applause from several of the guys on Beyonce's bus, as they looked on lustily at Alicia's topless celebration. Beyonce lies face down on the ground while Alicia celebrates. She shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs and ringing from her skull. After her lengthy celebration, Alicia struts over to Beyonce. She was not finished yet. She is going to hurt Beyonce so much, that she will never dream of challenging her ever again.

Once again Alicia reaches down and sinks her claws into Beyonce's honey brown tresses. She tries pulling Beyonce to her feet, but it's harder than she expected. Beyonce is still groggy, and Alicia feels like she is lifting dead weight. Alicia pulls harder and brings Beyonce up to one knee. Another sharp tug brings the grunting, moaning, and groaning woman to her feet. Once on her feet, Beyonce draws her right fist back as far as possible, and drills Alicia with a pile driver of a punch to the belly button. Alicia stops in her tracks. Her eyes grow as big as saucers. Her mouth gapes open, but no scream comes out, only a weird gurgle. All the air expels from her body.

Beyonce uses a two hand shove to Alicia's chest to push her back a couple of steps to get room to unleash a body punching attack unseen since Rocky Balboa against Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Beyonce's fist makes a smack when she nails Alicia in the stomach. Her fists make a thump like a drum whenever she hits Alicia in the ribs or in the chest. A squealing Alicia tries to cover up, but when she covers her stomach, Beyonce targets her tits and face. When Alicia covers her face and tits, Beyonce finds her belly and ribs. She tries throwing punches back at Beyonce, but after the first belly punch knocked the breath out of her, her arms felt as heavy as lead. All her retaliatory strikes were wild, slow and powerless.

Desperate, and getting worn out, Alicia lounges forward and locks up in a clench with Beyonce to stop the hurting. Unfortunately for Alicia, the slightly larger woman is a little stronger too. Beyonce powers through the clench, and still batters Alicia's body. All the punches hurt Alicia. The hardest hammering punches even lift Alicia off her feet. Alicia feels light headed. She feels like she is about to pass out.

Tiring herself, Beyonce steps back, allowing Alicia to crumple to the ground. Alicia roll onto her back holding her aching and churning stomach. Breathing hard, but dertermined to finish this fight, Beyonce stands over Alicia by her head, and facing her feet. Beyonce plops down, sitting on Alicia's face in a reverse face smother. Beyonce carefully traps Alicia's arms under her knees. With Alicia stretched out and helpless, Beyonce starts punching and slapping Alicia's tits. "I don't blame you for trying to cover up these flat, ugly boobs" Beyonce taunts. "They're the ugliest tits I've ever seen in my life." Beyonce continues. "You know they have surgery that will correct that."

Using Alicia's long pointy brown nipples as her target, Beyonce continues to abuse Alicia's small breast. Mostly she would punch them. Other times, she would simply flatten them with openhanded slams. Other times, she would option to slap them around.

Beyonce can feel Alicia weakening. She truly thinks her tittie bashing is the cause, but in actuality, her gargantuan ass is causing the most devastation. The soft mountainous flesh completely engulfs Alicia's face. Alicia's oxygen is cut off. Beyonce's phenomally sculpted body weight compressed in her denim covered ass presses down on Alicia's face. It snuffs out Alicia's will as well as her oxygen. The mind-blowing booty smothers all hope for a comeback.

When Beyonce finally decides to rise off Alicia, it is obvious Alicia has very little fight left. She lies on the ground, panting and slowly squirming. Beyonce is very intent on hurting and humiliating Alicia to repay her for the beating she had received earlier. She starts by walking down to Alicia's waistline and slipping her fingers under the waistband of Alicia's blue stretch pants. Beyonce proceeds to peel the pants down Alicia's thighs and off her body. The guys on both buses (and some of the girls) react to seeing Alicia reduced to a tiny pair of red satin & lace panties that barely cover much of her hairy twat or her beautiful booty.

Alicia does not know what to do. She feels like crawling under the bus and disappearing she is so embarrassed. Even though she is groggy, she hears the comments coming from both entourages and sees flash bulbs from cameras immortalizing her embarrassment. Her body hurts all over, but she knows all this is nothing compared to the mental anguish she will feel tomorrow if she does not get up and at least try to do something about it.

Alicia slowly rises to her feet. Briefly she feels a little bit of awe looking at Beyonce. "Damn she looks incredibly strong and beautiful...." but she quickly cuts that thought off by saying, "Lets see how she looks five minutes from now."

"You're going to pay for that you stupid bitch!" Alicia screams and charges toward Beyonce. Alicia's entourage encourages her as they look on, marveling at her magnificent almond colored ass jiggling at each step of the charge. Beyonce coolly waits for Alicia to approach then POW! POW! POW!!! Beyonce lands three lightning fast punches that explodes on Alicia's beautiful face, dropping back to the pavement, like a gun halting a rampaging bull.

Alicia KeysAlicia finds herself flat on her back mindlessly moaning when she feels Beyonce grab the waistband of her panties. Beyonce places her foot on Alicia's stomach, and grabs hold of the panties with two hands and pulls. Alicia's eyes get big when she realizes what is happening. She is extremely thankful she buys expensive lingerie, because Wal-Mart brand would have torn by now. "NO.. NO... DON'T" pleads Alicia, but those pleas fall on deaf ears. Expensive panties or not, soon the seams give way, and the panties are ripped off their now former owner. Completely naked and humiliated Alicia quickly covers cover her furry pussy with both hands, while tears start rolling from her eyes.

More cameras, camcorders and camera phones capture the occasion as Beyonce celebrates. Beyonce walks to Alicia's bus, and finds the guy who proclaimed Alicia the Champ of R & B and tells him about the differences between a champ and the queen. Beyonce is finishing her taunts when she feels a hand on her left shoulder. Without thinking, just a split second reaction, Beyonce turns and throws a right hook. With her adrenaline pumping and the emotion of the moment, it is easily the most powerful punch of a fight filled with power punches. That punch explodes across Alicia's mouth. Alicia's body stiffens then she falls backward, stiff like a tree, knocked out before she hits the pavement.

Beyonce's bus roars their approval. Poor Alicia lies spread-eagle on the ground with her arms out, and her legs wide open showing all of her womanly treasures. At least this time since she is unconscious, and spared the embarrassment of seeing all the cameras capturing her humiliating defeat.

Beyonce looks down on Poor Alicia smiling. She has her hands on her hips, in a 'power stance' resembling a sexy super heroine. She has been in plenty of fights, but this by far is the most satisfying. She looks at Alicia, a woman with beauty to rival hers, with a body to rival her magnificent figure, and talent to match hers, but in the end, its Beyonce that is superior. This is even better when she destroyed her former Destiny Child member and childhood friend, turned archenemy Letoya Luckett. Unlike Alicia, Beyonce never felt Letoya is on her level. Even though Letoya brought about the largest emotional response from her, and was tough as nails, it is different crushing a rival who is a challenge to her both mentally and physically. Seeing Alicia's spectacular nude body spread out cold at her hands was special.... extremely special and satisfying.

By the time Alicia awakens, Beyonce is back on her bus and the bus is about to pull off. Alicia stands on still wobbly legs, and screams and curses at Beyonce, about "running away from her", and how she will get her next time. Beyonce's only response was sticking her hand out of the buses' window with her middle finger raised, and keeping it there as the bus pulls out of the parking lot. Alicia is thankful Beyonce didn't take her up on getting off the bus and fighting some more, it is very conclusive who is the winner of this clash.

Alicia storms back onto her bus. All the people on the bus turns their heads, and do not say a word. None of them wanted to face Alicia's wrath. Alicia goes to the back of the bus and pulls a curtain, sectioning off her private area, and is heard loudly crying all the way back to the hotel.

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