Mariah Carey vs. Daisy Fuentes

No Aid by bocarat

Mariah Carey had just finished her set for Live 8. She was nervous appearing on the same stage with so many legendary rock stars, and how the crowd and the viewing audience would receive her music. She felt great; she nailed it and was quite proud. After her set several news and entertainment groups were trying to get insight and interviews about how the experience felt and her thoughts. Mariah was riding the high of the moment, until she saw her. The “her” she saw was Daisy Fuentes, she was covering the event for some entertainment channel back in the states.

The two exchanged smiles and pleasantries, but Mariah answered questions from other reporters. Finally, Daisy was able to get Mariah into a small interview room for her questions. Mariah says, “how nice to see you!” Daisy smirks.

“Yeah sure! Whatever!” Mariah says.

“No, I really mean it.” “Okay.” Daisy says, and proceeds to ask a few questions that Mariah has already heard, and answered earlier. She gives Daisy and her audience the same pat answer as before. Daisy concludes the interview and says, “thank you for your time.” She signs out with her cameraman, and grabs her notes and the microphone from Mariah.

Mariah then asks, “So what are you doing now?”

Daisy answer vaguely “this and that.”

Mariah says, “I just loved that show you were on with the home videos. Do you still work on that?”

“No, I don’t” Daisy said.

“Too bad for you, I guess your career is slumping a bit huh? That what’s happens when you don’t have any talent and your tits sag to your waist!” Mariah replied.

“Look b###h! At least I don’t have to show my tits and slutty crotch to millions to sell a few meaningless bubble gum songs.” Daisy replied.

Both women were now standing facing each other, when Mariah said, “What are you talking about you ####ing over the hill skank.”

Daisy took a step forward towards Mariah, but the cameraman grabbed her. He said, “not here Daisy, not here.” She shook him off and pushed her chest into Mariah’s who mirrored the move. Suddenly the two women had their hands firmly grasping the hair of the other. They exchanged insults and slurs as the two were glaring into the face of their rival. The daggers of hatred and a long running feud had now escalated and shown it’s ugly face. Mariah’s handlers entered the room after hearing the commotion and helped to separate the two women. Mariah yelled at Daisy, “This ain’t over b###h!”

Daisy replied, “any time, any where.”

Mariah yelled back “New York tomorrow, call NBC they’ll get you in touch and we’ll settle this.” Mariah was flying from London to New York shortly after the show for a 4th of July special on NBC. She and Daisy could settle this after her show in her New York City hotel room. Daisy was able to acquire a back stage pass to her concert, but made sure to not make contact with the singer; that would come later.

Information was exchanged and a time had been set for the rivals to meet. They would meet in Mariah’s hotel suite, and settle this dispute the only way two hot blooded women could; with a catfight. Daisy arrived at the hotel at 10 AM; the front desk called ahead, and away Daisy went to meet Mariah and destiny. Daisy knocked on the door, and Mariah let her in. As quickly as Daisy entered a young female assistant left the suite. Mariah greeted Daisy in a white robe that ran to above her knees, and revealed that Mariah was stark naked below the robe. Daisy entered the room, and checked the other rooms to make sure that she was alone with the singer. Mariah watched and studied her move with her arms crossed across her amble chest. “Just checking. A girl can’t be too careful with a slut like you.” Daisy said.

“This is personal, and I want you all to myself skank! Besides the assistant was only here to get me ready for you, not beat you” Mariah said.

“Well you got me, and I see you are dressed for the occasion, or is that how you made it you no talent whore.” Daisy replied nonchalantly. The two continued to walk around and circle each other in the greeting area of the suite.

“Afraid to take me on woman to woman,” at that moment Mariah dropped her robe to reveal her body to the disgusted Daisy.

“No in your life,” Daisy said and began to strip off her clothes. Dasiy asked Mariah “are those fake abs you drew on that chubby stomach of yours still on there. I’m sorry I can’t see through all those layers of flab.”

“#### you!” Mariah spews back at the former VJ, “are we gonna fight or talk?”

“Fight I hope.” Daisy says as she sheds the last of her clothes, and leaps at Mariah.

The two beauties latch hands as the two struggle in a test of strength. They grunt and groan as they awkwardly dance about the carpeted floor of the suite. Mariah breaks it off first, and looks at the already perspiring Daisy. “Outta shape huh cow!” Mariah says.

“#### you, and lets fight b###h! And you gotta a lota nerve calling me a cow. You got cellulite all over.” Daisy retorts back.

“Well you might need to get your eyes checked because Luis Miguel left your trashy ass for this prime meat.” Mariah yells back and poses seductively for Daisy.

“You slut Mariah! I’m gonna kick your fat ass b###h!” Daisy slams her body into Mariah’s, and guides Mariah and herself into the bedroom. Daisy forces Mariah down on the bed, and quickly straddles her. Daisy rubs her chest into Mariah’s breasts. Daisy moves her breasts from side to side, knocking Mariah’s matched pair, and then begins to bounce her breasts on top of Mariah’s. The erect nipples poke and rub inflaming each other’s areolas. Mariah wraps her legs around Daisy’s slim waist, and tries to pressure her back, and stop the bouncing and pouncing on her chest. Mariah has her hands entangled in Daisy’s hair as she pulls from side to side, and then pulls Daisy’s hair back stretching her neck and torso. The pulling of the hair, and Mariah’s thick legs locked around Daisy’s waist was too much for the former VJ’s back. She screamed out in agony “aaaahhhhhhh! Uugggggggghhhhhh!” and she successfully squirmed out of the hold by bucking and tearing at Mariah’s scalp.

The two separated and moved away from each other. Mariah feeling confident was anxious to get at Daisy. She moved on her knees on the bed towards Daisy who was standing on the opposite side of the bed trying to get the kink out of her back. Daisy quickly turned around and got on her knees and met Mariah in the center of the bed; in which the two amazons locked up each other in a massive bear hug. The two shifted from side to side rubbing their orbs against the others. Their slick bodies squished and slushed; making slurping sounds as the skin and muscles flexed and slid in their struggle. Daisy was able to get better leverage, and was able to sling Mariah down on the bed. Daisy was able to push Mariah back, and had Mariah pinned at the far corner of the bed. Daisy had Mariah’s arms pinned to her side. Daisy then began to grind her pelvis into the slick love mound of Mariah’s. Daisy had Mariah’s head hanging over the edge of the bed, her long thick hair hung down; almost touching the floor.

Mariah freed her arms, but instead of attacking Daisy’s chest or tearing out some hair; she caressed Daisy’s shoulders and back. Mariah spoke first “I can fight you that way and I’ll be glad to show you how I took Luis from you!”

Daisy yelled back, “you’re no match for me slut, I’ll #### your little brains out b###h!”

The two women continued to grind and rub their bodies into the flesh and soul of their rival. Daisy would mount the singer, and jab her chest into the fleshy flabs of the Mariah. They nipple fought by rubbing their chest over the chest of the “other” woman. As they fought with their mammary assets, the two women made a conscious effort to maintain clitoral contact. Despite being pinned or beneath Daisy, Mariah gave as good as she got. Daisy was concentrating on not submitting to this brazen b###h. Daisy would look down at the singer, and see a determined smile on her face with intermittent glimpses of pain. Mariah had a firm hold of Daisy’s hair, and brought her close to her own face, then leaned up and kissed her on the lips. Daisy broke off the lip lock, and Mariah said, “Luis always said my kisses were better than yours, and my lips tasted like honey!”

“#### you b###h!” Daisy said, and leaned down and planted a full, wet sloppy kiss on the singer.

Daisy continued to mount and hump Mariah, until Mariah was able to bring her right leg up and knock Daisy down on the bed. The two women were at opposite ends of the bed facing each other. Mariah scooted on her ass, and brought her love mound into contact with Daisy’s. The battle continued as each woman resting on her elbows grinded and humped the other to hopefully a bittersweet defeat.

Mariah was losing her edge, and discontinued this tactic and leapt on top of Daisy. She was now in control. She placed her hands on Daisy’s chest, and forced her thighs out which in turned opened Daisy’s thigh and allowed Mariah full access to Daisy’s treasure trove. Mariah humped and grinded away at Daisy’s money spot. Mariah moved up, forcing Daisy’s legs in the air. Daisy wrapped her legs around Mariah’s waist, but Mariah moved into Daisy more so to pin, and hump the VJ onto the bed. Mariah made more deliberate movements into Daisy’s pelvis, and when her back weakened from Daisy’s pressure on her back; she relaxed the pressure and slid down Daisy’s body.

Mariah then eased her right leg back, and then between Daisy’s powerful legs. She was able to maintain pressure and contact with Daisy’s love mound, and also able to pin Daisy’s arm down on the ruffled, soaked and aromatic bed. Mariah continued to kiss Daisy who was unable to defend her foe’s advances. Daisy was falling under Mariah’s spell, and just when she was about to submit to the clitoral stimulation, Mariah would slam her knee into Daisy’s pelvis. Daisy squealed and screamed in pain from the assault on her private parts. Mariah backed off from Daisy, as the model had tears in her eyes from the pain of the punishment and the embarrassment. Mariah pulled Daisy’s hair for good measure, and lowered her chest on top of Daisy’s full, wet lip and told her to “lick and kiss them b###h!”

“You ####ing b###h! You b###h!” Daisy cried out, as Mariah lowered her breasts to Daisy face, and was ready to smother the model out; until Mariah felt the cool relief, and stimulation of Daisy’s tongue and lips on her breasts. Daisy complied with the request, until Mariah bucked slowly into Daisy and released her juices into Daisy’s waiting pussy. Mariah took a deep breath, let out a low moan and laid her head down on Daisy’s chest and shoulder.

Daisy woke up first to Mariah snoring into her ear. Mariah was also drooling on her shoulder. The two rivals had taken a little nap after their catfight, and orgasm. Daisy was disgusted at losing to Mariah, and especially at being beaten both physically and sexually. Mariah had a sexy body, but she was flabby and Daisy was lean and strong and sexier than this slut! Daisy grabbed Mariah by the hair, which brought out a yelp of pain from the sleepy Mariah, and rolled her off of her. “What the ####!’ Mariah said.

“Get off me you fat cow!” Daisy exclaimed.

Mariah lazily rolled on the bed, as Daisy got off of the bed and onto her feet. Daisy reached down and again grabbed and hand full of Mariah’s hair, and yanked her off the bed to her feet. Daisy reacted quickly and slapped her across her tits, then landed a solid punch to Mariah’s gut. Mariah fell to her knees and left out a uugg! from the punch, and Daisy got on the floor and the two women attacked each other’s hair.

Mariah slapped Daisy, and knocked her back flat on the floor. Daisy kicked Mariah in the chest with her right foot, and knocked her to the floor also. Daisy grabbed Mariah’s left knee and pulled her body and pussy into Mariah’s and started to hump and grind away. Mariah pulled Daisy’s left ankle towards her to maintain the contact. Daisy bucked furiously into Mariah, then she took her right foot again and knocked Mariah to the floor.

Daisy moved on all fours to Mariah, and quickly mounted her. Daisy started to grinded her chest and pelvis and thighs into Mariah. Daisy moved in a mechanical motion forcing her tits into hers, and thighs and pussy into Mariah’s. Mariah opened her legs for the assault; she then brought them around Daisy’s waist, and started to hump in unison with Daisy. Daisy continued with the pressure on Mariah’s pussy and chest, as Mariah reached back to Daisy’s ass for a firm, tight ball of flesh between the two vixens.

Daisy lifted her chest and torso up, and squeezed Mariah’s full chest. Mariah screamed out, but Daisy couldn’t tell if it was for the oncoming orgasm, or the pain in her chest. Daisy started to buck, and hump with more and more energy. The painful look on Mariah’s face provided a mirror into her soul and the level of spirited fight left in the singer. Daisy smiled at the fear in Mariah’s face as she lowered her face to Mariah’s. Daisy felt Mariah stiffen up beneath her, as Daisy ####ed, and ####ed away at the defeated beauty. Mariah screamed “Stop, stop I can’t take any more. Please stop!” Daisy humped her some more, then slowed the pace and leaned down and kissed the hot, wet lips of Mariah.

Both women were in a great deal of pain, especially between their legs. Daisy pinned Mariah’s arms to her side, and kissed her some more then spit on her face. “That for thinking you're better than me b###h! And this is for taking Luis from me!” Daisy moved up her chest to Mariah’s face, and forced the singer’s face between her red, raw full breasts. “Ease my pain b###h, ease my pain!” Daisy felt the hot, wet touch of Mariah’s tongue on her breasts and nipples. Daisy took several deep breaths, and was stimulated enough to cum into the waiting love mound of Mariah’s.

Daisy relished the hard fought victory over Mariah, sat up on Mariah’s chest. Mariah continued to breath deeply, and desperately. “No one’s coming b###h! No one is coming to save you! You’re mine!” Mariah was crying, but Daisy felt no compassion for the singer. Daisy slapped Mariah’s chest, again and again. “By the way slut, you really should wear a bra when you’re performing or one day these puppies are gonna get out on ya’!”


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