The Beginning
Halle Berry vs Janet Jackson


Tonisha turned the lights on, went to the thermometer turned it up to 67 and removed her coat as she waited for the 2 women to arrive. The gloves and headgear were already hanging from each corner and they were each bringing their own mouthpieces and would dress in sports bras and boxer shorts. They had already been given a copy of the rules.

1. No use of anything but the gloved hands in the fight.
2. Referee will only step in if Rule one is not adhered to and to administer the count once there is a knockdown.
3. Headgear(provided) and mouthpieces(bring your own) will be worn.
4. Attire is boxer shorts, sports bra, and sneakers.
5. A knockdown is defined as being laid out on the mat by a punch or punches. The count begins from the fall and is 20 seconds in duration.
6. If fighter does not rise by 20 the fighter loses.
7. Each round ends at a knockdown.
8. The best of Seven knockdowns wins.
9. No details of the fight can ever be disclosed to any type Publishing company.

The rules had been signed and stored already and were kept safe in case of any future problems. As Tonisha tested the red bottom on the wall marked MD she heard someone enter the room and turned to see Halle come in and walk to the ring. A half minute later Janet came in and they glared at each other. Tonisha was not privy to any facts in the fight, she was their pretty much to make sure they did not kill each other and summon Medical help if necessary. The winner of this fight would not exactly be to encouraged to save her just defeated nemeses.

Both ladies were in corner waiting for Tonisha to set them up. 20 minutes later the pretty boxer was stepping out from the ring to let them rumble. She sat down and grabbing a large spoon from the table she banged the large pot in front of her sending the 2 ladies flying at each other! Halle pounded Janet from beyond her range, peppering her face and chest with quick blows then stepping back and keeping Janet at Bay with her long left jab.

Janet tries to come in low but a hard shot to her jaw , sending her dreadlocks everywhere, almost puts her down as she frantically backpedals trying to keep her balance. Halle comes right after her and starts jabbing at Janet's head. She steps in for an overhand right to her face when the smaller lady comes in low and smashes her glove against Halle's chest, stunning the beauty for a needed half second as Halle stops in mid swing, Janet smashes her jaw with an uppercut, the ropes all that saves Halle from the mat. Janet charges forward and puts her glove up in front of her foe letting her own momentum from the ropes smack her face into her glove. a left hook to her belly sending Halle faster on her journey back into the ropes.

Halle's mouthpiece comes flying out of her mouth as Janet times it perfectly and batters Halle's abdominals with 2 hard left right hooks then uppercuts her in the chin. Halle drapes her arms around Janet's shoulders trying to tie her up as the smaller lady drives her back into the ropes with another hard belly shot. Loud cries fill the room as Janet sends 4 successive, stinging rights, to her foe's chest, crushing the full mammaries painfully under her glove each time. A right hook to the head sends Halle to the mat with another cry of pain.

Tonisha starts the count as she walks over and picks up Halle's mouthpiece and disinfects it as she reaches 14 and Halle finally makes it shakily to her feet. Tears stream down her face as she waits for Tonisha to finish rinsing her mouthpiece and bring it over. Janet smiles cattily at Halle as she bangs her gloves together at the sound of the bell and charges forward. Halle is ready for her and stalls her attack with some hard jabs to her face. Janet steps back and gets tagged hard in the chest with a straight right that visibly hurts her as she swings too wide to block a left jab that wails into the other one, her face twisting in pain. Halle drives in, fists blazing, knocking Janet back a few steps before the singer begins to counterpunch.

A hard plowing left cross splashes across Halle's tits, but she ignores the pain intent on putting her glove in Janet's face, staggering the tough little singer with a straight right, then her left jab plows into Janet's undefended tits. She peppers the stunned Janet's breasts with a half dozen blows driving her back into the corner in agony. Her guard held up to protect her bruised and swollen breasts Janet's stomach and ribs are battered with blows before she brings her guard down and Halle snaps her head back with a hard right then plows her glove into the singer's right tit as she falls to the canvas.

Halle rushes to her corner ready to continue beating on her foes chest and stomach happily. Tonisha begins the count and Janet needs every second of it to recover from the beating and stand, shakily on her feet. She all but stumbles to her corner and tries to clear her head before they start again. 'What's wrong? Is the actress too tough for the singer or what? Maybe you want to give up now?', she asks sweetly, venom dripping from her voice as Janet slumps in her corner. The singer is bruised and battered but not defeated. She gathers every last ounce of energy she has and adds a good dose of anger as the bell rings and they charge at each other

A left right combo rocks Janet, but she counters with a savage cross that all but tears Halle's right tit off as it comes in like a rocket with all of Janet's weight and power behind it. Her foe stunned and in pain, Janet takes advantage and assault's Halle's belly and ribs, driving her back into a corner the body blows starting to take their toll on the actress as her punches begin to lose some of their power. Janet takes a shot to the face and Halle's longer arms keep her back with constant jabs to her face and chest as she tries to retaliate. Ducking under Halle's left jab, Janet's glove plows into Halle's midsection, causing a loud moan escaping from Halle's mouth. Halle manages to drive Janet back, her longer reach making the going rough for the singer, but Janet ducks under Halle's guard and this time her blow doubles Halle over in agony. As the taller beauty straightens up a hook explodes on her chin rocking her to her heels and back, a right cross crying out in pain again as a solid left hook crushes her right tit under it and sends Halle flying backwards to the mat!

The dark skinned actress is in big trouble as she rolls on the mat and tries to reach the ropes to pull herself up. Halle is fiercely determined to rise. With her eyes blazing, she manages to pull herself to her feet by 19 after 2 failed attempts. She drags herself to her corner still shaking her head and cupping her very swollen right boob gingerly in her glove as she glares daggers at Janet who is not in too much better shape herself. This time they are both much more cautious when the bell rings, neither can take much more and they both know it!

The singer and actress trade jabs, again Halle's longer reach takes it toll on the singer as her swollen breasts are constantly peppered with jabs while hers never make it to their intended target. Another blow to Janet's face knocks her for a loop and she sways slightly on her feet, the actress watches as the singer looks out of it and she brings her arm back for a match ending roundhouse that never lands as the actress is fooled by the singer's acting. Janet waited to get hit again in the face, Halle's lack of punching power not going unnoticed by Janet who felt the blows lessening in intensity after her pounding of Halle's ribs and belly. Before Halle's roundhouse is halfway their Janet summons every iota of power she has left and drives her fist like a freight train straight into the actress's pretty face. Halle flys across the ring with Janet in hot pursuit, a left to her nose starts a gusher of blood pouring down her face, a hook slams into her already hurting side and the actress grabs at the ropes to keep on her feet. That's fine with Janet as she winds up and sends a roundhouse that slams into Halle's cheek, rattling her teeth, then while the dazed and confused actress stands there with her hands at her sides Janet tit punches her over and over till she holds her gloves protectively over her chest. Now Janet punches at the gloves as Halle falls against the ropes in agony as the smaller girl lays waste to her chest.

Starting to run out of steam Janet ends it with an uppercut to Halle's chin, snapping her head back and side stepping to let the defeated actress fall to the canvas. Janet starts to remove her gloves, her foe not having a chance in hell of getting to her feet. Halle sobs loudly as she gingerly cups her swollen and bruised breasts, her nipples are peaking out of the sweat soaked sports bra as she lies on her back. Janet makes an exit, "Well, I guess it's the singer whose tougher Eh, Halle", she purrs cattily as she strolls out of the gym leaving her foe to contemplate her lose.

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