Halle Berry vs. Vanessa Williams

Halle Berry vs. Vanessa Williams (w/Robin Meade vs Lisa Robertson) by bocarat

The electricity of the former contestants in the Miss America Contest energized the convention room of the large hotel in Orlando. Winners talked to the non-winners (losers) and the beautiful women of past pageants were being called to help re-vamp the beauty pageant for the new millennium. Invitations were sent out to selected former contestants, and the group would be asked to attend seminars on helping the committee and network to change the format, and help with sagging (a pun) sponsorship, and lackluster ratings. The head of the reform committee asked that the women attend to their assigned seats. The seats were arranged in a sort of pecking order of beauty, talent, grace and prestige since the woman had competed in the pageant.

Since this was a room full of beautiful, graceful women; cattiness between the women reared its ugly head. It was not testosterone that filled the air, but some female, ancient Amazon warrior hormone, long dormant by the modern gene pool, that only rears it head at some weddings, prom's, department stores bathing suit sales, promotions at Victoria's Secret and a few bars across the universe. The comparisons between the beauties led some women to make some catty remarks to total strangers about others, who either joined in agreement or thinking to themselves "my she has a lot of nerve to say that!"

At one of the front tables, Halle Berry the diminutive Oscar winning actress was taking her seat as the session of all the former pageant contestants was being called to order. Halle never won the Miss America title, as she competed in the Miss USA pageant, and was the winner of a Miss Teen competition in her youth was invited to provide insight, credibility and insight to the convention. Also bring a lot of press coverage to the convention's purpose and goal. She was wearing a cream colored, silky dress showing off her beautiful skin, gorgeous legs and fantastic firm breasts. She looked around the large room, smiling exchanging nods and glances with the other women in the room.

One of those she shared a glance with was with the beautiful CNN anchor Robin Meade. Robin was a table of two behind the great Halle Berry. Robin was Miss Ohio, and a semi-finalist in 1993. She was wearing a dark colored knee length dress, which displayed her lovely thighs. As the two caught each other's eye, Halle smiled not recognizing the newswoman and who or what she represented at first. At the same table and sitting to Robin's right was Lisa Robertson, a former Miss Tennessee in 1989. She was now a home shopping network host and very similar in features and dimensions to Robin. Lisa was wearing a black pin stripped skirt and jacket with an off-white blouse. The two exchanged forced smiles as they like everyone else checked out the women sitting next to them

The speaker at the podium was speaking regarding the schedule of the convention; when hushed and murmurs filled the room. Entering the vast convention hall was none other that Vanessa L. Williams. She walked proudly through the vast tables, and appeared to be moving towards the front wearing a lacey blouse and knee length black skirt. Those who recognized her wondered if some sort of confrontation would be soon taking place. Even the speaker, was shocked to see her entrance at this large gathering. Vanessa entered the convention late on purpose, and calmly, confidently strode to the front of the assembly and took her seat at the same table as Halle Berry.

The young intern was not old enough to know about the history of Vanessa L. Williams and the pageant, and in planning the invitation and seating. Miss Williams was caught in a scandal of epic proportions, and it cost her the crown. A Men's Magazine had pictures of the beautiful Miss America engaging in sex with an attractive slim blonde woman. The issue also featured a then 16-year-old Traci Lords in the centerfold of the magazine, nude of course. The pictures resulted in the pageant taking the crown away from Miss Williams, and in one of the most remarkable comebacks in the history of entertainment; Vanessa was able to become a legitimate star of stage, screen and music over time.

When Vanessa sat down, many of those in attendance mouths were open from the shock of the sight of the beautiful, slender, graceful woman taking a seat at the convention. The speaker spoke to those to his left and right, and then evil looks were given to the intern who mistakenly provided an invitation to the once shamed woman. Halle looked at Vanessa and smiled and said, "that was one helluva entrance sistah!" Vanessa just smiled at her counterpart, and began to listen attentively to the business and doings of the convention.

Robin intrigued by the action, watched the movements Vanessa and the reactions of those around her. Lisa elbowed Robin, and said, "That took a lot of nerve to show up here at this gathering." Robin just looked at her with an annoyed look, and then back at the table Halle and Vanessa were seated at.

Breakout sessions were soon to begin, and the women would be directed to several rooms in the convention center for discussion, and solutions to several topical items. Robin made sure to follow Vanessa, and document her attendance and the reaction her appearance had caused. The morning sessions were interesting, but not very intellectually stimulating. Most of the women in attendance scanned the room and did comparisons between them and the other's in the room. After the morning sessions, the women returned to their tables in the larger convention room for lunch and more speakers.

The tension continued to mount in the room as the women returned to their tables for lunch,. Robin continued to monitor the movements of Vanessa; she had already placed several cell phone calls back to Atlanta. Vanessa began to eat her salad, when Halle said, "Sistah! What have you been doin lately girl? I heard about your divorce, and where are you kids?" Vanessa politely, took a minute before she responded and said that Rick has the kids this week, and that she is looking at producing, or working behind the camera and the sound board on some projects. "Yeah! Hollywood can be tough on women your age." Halle said.

"What do you mean by that? Women my age?"

"You know" Halle said, "Women over 40 plus!"

"If I remember you aren't too far behind, and you haven't even birthed children yet!" Vanessa scolded Halle.

Halle then said, "Do you realize how hard you made it on me, and my sisters with those pictures?" The catty remarks and snipping at each other continued for a few minutes, then a speaker brought the hall to order and spoke about some of the items discussed in the break out sessions. Robin leaned back on her chair, as she listened intently to what was being said between the two beautiful women.

As the convention attendees began to eat their lunch, and listen to the boring speakers, Lisa spoke up at her table, and began to proselytize about the shame of Vanessa Williams attending the convention and the disgrace she is bringing upon this gathering. Lisa continued lecturing, especially to Robin who sat to her left at the table. The more and more that Lisa spoke, the more and more Robin felt a deep desire to tangle with Lisa in an intimate discussion of judging others. Lisa with her good looks, and ample breasts displaying an appropriate amount of cleavage in her professional looking blouse and skirt outfit, began to annoy Robin even more. She even began to image fighting Lisa similar to the fight Robin had with Kiran Chetry, but this would be different since Kiran was all arms and legs and Lisa had a nice round bosom, fleshy thighs, and a round ass.

Lisa continued preaching, when Robin purposely crossed her legs and "accidentally" hit Lisa's legs with hers. Lisa shot Robin a nasty look, as she had interrupted her sermon to the table, and all those within earshot. Robin innocently apologizes for the contact, and began to shift her chair again, this time banging her right knee with the left knee and thigh of the beautiful, brunette shopping network hostess. The move further irritated Lisa. Robin just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I guess I'm not as perfect as you!"

Lisa shot Robin another bitchy look, and then Lisa leaned towards Robin's face and whispered into her ear and said, "do it again, and you and I will have a discussion outside."

Robin hesitated a moment, shocked to hear such a prim and proper woman making such an invitation, then Robin responded and whispered back to the hostess "why don't we discuss this in my room as soon as possible."

Lisa pulled her head back from Robin, looked at her then leaned in towards Robin and said, "Lead the way." In which both women, excused themselves from the table and made their way out of the convention assembly. As Robin left she looked back at her inspiration, and saw Halle Berry and Vanessa L. Williams in a rather catty exchange. She regretted leaving to settle her own matter, but she wanted to shut up this stuck up bitch! Lisa coming in from behind her said "backing down bitch" then bumped her in the back!

"No way slut! This way!" Robin replied.

Vanessa WilliamsMeanwhile, Halle and Vanessa were still throwing snide comments back and forth at each other. Halle said, "Sistah!" and ready to begin again, when she was stopped by Vanessa who said, "how do you get to come off by calling me sistah! You freaking Slut!"

Halle gasped at the comment then said, "why you pussy eating slut! How dare you call me a fuckin' slut!" She then threw down her napkin, and was ready to stand up to Vanessa who was also ready to jump out of her seat. The other women at the table were able to keep them both seated by placing their hands on their shoulders and thighs.

Their tablemates said, "now, now ladies let have keep it under control!" "Remember where we are ladies!"

The two ebony beauties then sat back in their seats, when all of a sudden Vanessa let out "I'm sure you have had to eat all kinds of pussy, and suck cock to get the roles you got, bitch!" With that Halle leaped out of her seat, and Vanessa mirrored her move, and the two women stood facing each other, each anticipating their other's next move.

"Let's settle this out of here bitch!" Halle said, Vanessa breathing deeply as her chest and Halle's rose in and out.

"Yeah! No old whores to stop us!" Vanessa said as she glared into Halle's eyes. Halle looked around at her tablemates, and her fellow females and believed that she was fighting for the pride in all the women present.

Vanessa marched out of the room, as determined as she had earlier walked in. Halle followed but was a bit more apprehensive about the impending fight, and the publicity following it. She has about 10 feet behind Vanessa, Vanessa quickly disappeared once outside the large hall, and when Halle left the large room, she looked for Vanessa in the lobby. She spotted Vanessa waiting for Halle at the elevators, and curling her pointer finger at her in a come and get it display of confidence, and determination. Halle was scared at first, and then moved towards Vanessa and the elevator.

When Halle entered the elevator, it was packed with tourists, and a couple of housecleaning women. The two ebony beauties exchanged looked, as Vanessa moved towards Halle. As the elevator riders began to trickle off the ride, Vanessa took Halle's by the arm with a tight squeeze, and led her to the door of the elevator, and eventually to her room. Once inside, Vanessa pushed Halle into the room, Halle lost her balance initially but caught it just past the small narrow entrance to the room.

Vanessa said, "I've only been here a couple hours, and now I am fighting for my honor!"

"Fuck you bitch! You ain't got no honor and no dignity!" Halle said nodding her head and shaking her finger at Vanessa.

Vanessa then reached out with her right hand and grabbed and twisted the wagging finger, causing Halle to scream out in pain. Halle shook her hand away from Vanessa and took a step backwards, rubbing her sore finger. "You are gonna pay for that bitch! Halle said.

"That is what I thought we were up here for slut!" Vanessa replied. Halle made the first move as she grabbed the hair, and dress of Vanessa's. Vanessa pulled back from the angered Halle, and in doing so ripped the flimsy material of her dress. Halle continued to scream, and pull as Vanessa now had a hand full of her precious locks of hair, and began to pull them out by the roots. The two women stumbled around in their high heels with their hands in each other's hair.

Huffing and puffing from their anticipation of the fight, and its initial contact, the two women separated. They each stuck out their beautiful breasts, as they sucked a lung full of air with their long, lean arms on their hips. Vanessa moved slowly towards Halle, and pushed her breasts and nipple into Halle's pair. Halle quickly brought her hands up, and shoved Vanessa back. "What wrong slut? Afraid you are gonna get hurt?" Vanessa asked.

"NO!" Halle quickly shouted back at Vanessa. Halle then adjusted her legs so that her left leg was out in front of her, and her hands were back on her hips. "So what are you waiting for you old skank!" Halle asked Vanessa.

"Nothing!" Vanessa replied and shoved Halle back onto the loveseat behind Halle. Vanessa then pounced on her and the two started to wrestle on the loveseat. They tore at each other's clothes, and were soon ripping fabric, nylons and pulling at each other's hair. Halle threw her leg over Vanessa's waist, and started to throw slaps and punches at her rival. Vanessa responded by scratching and clawing at Halle's ample bosom.

The two women scratched and clawed at each other's beautiful and delicate skin and chest. Leg's were whirling about, but the two were able to keep their balance and position on the loveseat. Halle punched Vanessa several times in the stomach and chest, and Vanessa was able to unleash a vicious punch into Halle's groin region. Each time, these punches hit the two women would curl up, then a pause then they would unleash a punch into a sensitive area of the other. Halle stood up on her knees on the loveseat above Vanessa, trying to pin the elder beauty down but Vanessa pulled Halle down on top of her, and locked her legs around the Oscar winning actress. Halle tried to rise up over Vanessa, but couldn't pin the singer/actress down. Vanessa rose up also, and met Halle's chest with her own. The two ebony women's breast became a weapon as each tried to use her chest to rub and push the other's chest through the slim, fragile fabric still clinging to their bodies.

Halle then straightened up, and removed her remaining clothes and bra to reveal a spectacular view of her beautiful, full breast. "I should have known that you would want to play dirty" Vanessa said, and slowly and deliberately removed her clothes and bra to reveal her breasts, as she did Halle cupped her breasts in her hand and teased her nipples to be used as a weapon. Halle watched, and massaged her breasts some more as Vanessa removed her clothes and bra. Although not as large and as firm as Halle's, they were up to the task that awaited them. Halle quickly slapped Vanessa across her breasts and leaped upon her, making sure to push her breasts and nipples into Vanessa's chest. The two were soon both on the loveseat on their knees in a bear hug as they twisted and poked their chest into the others. Halle grabbed Vanessa tight firm ass, and pulled Vanessa's body closer to hers. "Come on skank! Let's fight!" Vanessa yelled at Halle.

Vanessa broke out of the bear hug, and reached for Halle's throat and right breast. She squeezed bring out a scream and tears from the actress. Halle responded by grabbing a handful of Vanessa's one time coiffure hair with her left hand, and a full tit with her right. Halle made sure to dig her nails into the tender soft flesh of the breast. Vanessa moved back from Halle's torture and straightened out her right leg, so that it was now balancing and resting on the carpet hotel room floor. Halle straightened her legs, not wanting to give the bitch any advantage, and now the two were resting on the arms of the loveseat with one set of legs stretched out before them, and the other digging in between the loveseat and the cushions. Vanessa rose up and met Halle in the middle of the loveseat, as each pulled and tugged at the other's hair. Halle's short hair proved a distinct advantage, and Vanessa changed tactics and went after the actress's chest. Halle in response punched Vanessa in the face with a right overhand punch, and the force moved Vanessa back down on her ass. Halle moved in reaching for Vanessa exposed chest, scratching, tugging and occasionally slapping Vanessa across her chest and face. Vanessa brought her knee and foot up and was able to push Halle back on her ass also.

The two came together again, scrappin' like two possessed women fighting for survival. Vanessa reached and grabbed a hold of Halle's breast and hair, and forced Halle to her side. Vanessa twisted the right nipple of Halle's with her strong arm and hand. The two women slowed by the battle and the pain inflicted, leaned back against the armrests of the loveseat and took in much needed air. After a few moments of this respite, Vanessa moved into Halle and started to tear and remove the remaining cloths covering the beautiful actress. Halle let Vanessa strip her, and she then started to work on Vanessa clothes. Soon the two women were clad only in their panties. They gazed at each other's body, noting the scars and scratches each had inflicted on the other. Then Halle spread out her legs, and invited Vanessa to do the same. Meanwhile at another end of the hotel, in a similar room another combat between two babes was underway.

LisaAs the two women entered Robin's hotel room, Robin opened the door and pivoted to let Lisa in. Robin quickly kicked off her heels and said, "I've been waiting all morning to get at your bitch!" Lisa kicked off her heels, and moved towards Robin in a slow and deliberate motion and pushed her healthy chest into Robin's. The two women pushed against each other, and at first Lisa had the upper hand, or upper chest of the fight. She moved Robin back several times with the thuds or pumps of her chest against Robin's. In one of these exchanges, Lisa grabbed Robin's dress and tried to pull it down as their faces smacked into each other's. Robin grabbed the arm of Lisa's and then moved up to her shoulders and tried to rip her jacket off of her, and pin her arms like she had seen done in hockey fights. Lisa responded by going for Robin's hair, and Robin did the same as the locked each other up with their hands in their hair. Each grabbed with one of their free hands the other's neck, and pulled and scratched. Their foreheads bumped several times, and each time the brunette beauties cussed and swore at the other. Lisa reached behind Robin and began to tear at her dress, as she searched for her zipper. Robin moved away from Lisa, bringing Lisa left arm near her mouth. Robin tried to then bite the left forearm of Lisa's and Lisa drew her arm back away from Robin. As Lisa pulled away, Robin pulled that much harder on Lisa's hair, tearing some out of her scalp.

Robin reached quickly to grab Lisa, but got her hands tangled in Lisa's blouse and tore some of the shoulder, and revealed some of her bra. In retaliation, Lisa reached out and started tearing at Robin's dress at her thigh, and even was able to tear at her nylons and panties. Robin tried to fight her off, but she started to tear again at Robin's blouse and bra. Lisa pulled Robin's dress up revealing her gorgeous thighs and groin area, and tore and ripped Robin's nylons. Robin finally ripped off Lisa's blouse, and she started to work to remove Lisa's bra. Robin started to bring the bra straps off her shoulders and onto her arms to her elbows. Lisa let go of the bottom of the dress, and started to tear and remove Robin's dress from the top down. She got her hands on Robin's dress zipper, and pulled the zipper down to her waist. The now revealed breasts of Robin were being cupped and clawed by the Shopping Network Host. Her finely manicured nails dug into the fleshy skin of the full, bountiful breasts. Lisa said "I am gonna shut you up news slut." Robin retaliated by doing the same.

Robin said, "You aren't gonna shut me up you shopping network whore!"

The two moved in a circular motion with both of their hands on the other's breasts. The two screamed out in pain, and tears began to well in their eyes. The bras were being pulled off of their shoulders, and were now of no defense to their sensitive assets. As Lisa moved in to fight Robin, she lowered her mouth onto Robin's shoulder as she tried to take a bite out of the beautiful anchorwoman.

Lisa broke away first from the mammary death grip, and was never able to finish her bite as Robin jerked away from her. Since Robin's dress was unzipped, Lisa pulled the rest of Robin's dress off of her, as Robin stepped out of it she started to pull down the skirt of Lisa. Robin kneeled down to pull the skirt off and tear off her nylons, as Lisa tried to keep her dignity Robin pushed and pulled Lisa to the floor and quickly mounted her. She pressed her chest into Lisa's. Lisa tried to attack Robin, but her hands were quickly pinned to the side of her. However, Lisa was able to buck Robin off of her, but using her hips and ass. Then Lisa pinned Robin down, and threw her gorgeous leg over the thighs of Robin and pushed her chest into Robin's. Soon Robin's legs were between the strong thighs and legs of Lisa. Lisa was also able to pin Robin's arms to her side. Now Robin was bucking against the thighs and weight of Lisa. The two women's high heeled feet were now entangled, and each tried to kick the shoes off of the other, and of course dig the heel into the foot or ankle of the other woman.

Lisa then went back to work on Robin's chest, as she squeezed Robin's breasts and nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She pulled, squeezed and dug her French Nails into the soft flesh of chest. Robin let out primordial screams in pain. Robin used her hands to fight off the further advances of her beautiful adversary. Robin reached out with her hands and started to pull and tear at Lisa's full, thick hair. Lisa lowered her mouth to Robin's chest and tried to bite the nipple, but Robin was able to pull her head back by her hair. Robin got up on her elbows, and pulled at the panties of Lisa and gave her an impromptu weggie. This caused Lisa to elicit a scream as the fabric cut into her sensitive vagina. Lisa got off of Robin, and started to rip and try to tear off Robin's panties. Lisa flipped Robin onto her stomach, and pulled off her nylons and panties, and started to spank the brunette anchorwoman's nice, round ass. Robin cried out for Lisa to stop and tried to reach around and grab Lisa's hair, but she eventually kicked Lisa in the abs causing the Shopping hostess to stop and gasp for air.

RobinLisa on her knees tried to tackle Robin into the corner of the room, but Robin ducked the tackle and finished removing Lisa's nylons and panties. Lisa on her stomach now, moved like a fish out of water as she flailed from side to side with her arms and legs. Robin flipped Lisa onto her back, and grabbed her legs. She then spread Lisa's legs, and moved between them pinning Lisa down on the floor. She picked up Lisa's panties and nylons and started to whip her with her own underwear, as she stood up on her knees on Lisa's stomach. Robin then lowered herself pinning Lisa's flabby arms over her head. Lisa wrapped her legs around Robin's waist and began rocking back and force, putting intense pain and pressure on Robin's back. Robin then lowered her face to Lisa's chest and started biting her full breast meat. Lisa let out a loud yell of pain that Robin was sure was heard by the entire hotel.

Robin rose up and slapped Lisa's face a few times, but in doing so she gave Lisa the opportunity to flip Robin onto her back, and she quickly had Robin beneath her and on the floor. Lisa went back to work scratching and pulling Robin's breasts, as Robin took a handful of Lisa's hair. Robin wrapped her legs around Lisa's waist and like Lisa did to her earlier, she rocked and bucked her legs and thighs putting pressure on Lisa's back. As Lisa squeezed Robin's chest, Robin responded by pulling Lisa's hair and squeezing her legs around Lisa's waist just below her chest. This took a lot of the fight out of Lisa, as she was now gasping for air and stamina.

Robin started to choke the life out of Lisa by grabbing and squeezing her around her throat. Lisa started to gasp even harder for air, and got off and away from Robin. Robin seizing the moment jumped on top of Lisa and lowered her breasts over Lisa's mouth. Lisa could only punch Robin's back, as she struggled beneath the full, beautiful breasts of Robin. Robin raised up to let her breath, and then lowered her jugs again to the teary face of her opponent.

Lisa anticipating the move kneed Robin in her pussy doubling the brunette anchorwoman over, and off of her. Lisa sucked in precious gulps of air, and then went on the offensive once again pinning Robin down. Lisa began to scratch Robin's breasts, and pull and tear at her pubic hairs. Robin screamed out "stop you fucking bitch, stop it!"

Lisa said, "no way slut, I am gonna destroy you fucking bitch!" and continued mauling and tearing at the sensitive organs of Robin.

"Alright bitch, two can play at that." Robin said, as she reached down between their legs and pulled a pinch full of Lisa's pubic hairs.

Lisa screamed out "stop, stop slut!" But Robin didn't and soon she had room to maneuver and scooted away from the hostess.

As the two women quickly recuperated, Robin moved towards Lisa and Lisa did the same and soon the two were once again joined in combat. The two were in a sitting position, with their legs wrapped around each other's ass started to tear at each other's hair and chest. Their breasts fell against each other, as each fought to maintain their balance as they fought on. Their foreheads were leaning against each other, as they fell into a desperate bear hug of endurance. With one arm around the other, the other arm pulled hair as the two women could feel their breasts and nipples have their own battle. As their breasts slapped against each other, each women could feel the perspiration lubricate the swaying and slapping of their breasts and nipples against their attacker's.

Robin could feel the moist sensation in her pussy begin to build, and leak down her thighs, she had to do something quick or be overcome with a full-fledged orgasm of her own. She rose up on her knees and lowered her weight to on top of Lisa's body. Lisa fell back, and soon her legs flopped out and she was on her back. Robin lowered her chest and pussy onto Lisa's and fought to control the Shopping Hostess Vixen. "You fucking bitch! I fucking hate you!" Lisa yelled out as Robin could feel the wetness between Lisa's legs also. She gyrated her hips and chest into that of Lisa's hips and chest. Lisa then threw her head back, and tried to raise her back against Robin's body weight, but she didn't have the strength, and fell back down to the floor releasing a wave of orgasm juice, that Robin felt enter her love mound. Robin sensing the end was in sight, moved her body forward and laid her breasts over Lisa's face and snuffed out the remaining strength in her now defeated foe.

After a few moments lying on her prone opponent, she rose up on her knees and looked down at the once confident foe. Lisa took in deep breaths of air, as did Robin. Robin watched the defeated breasts fall to the side of Lisa's chest as it heaved up and down. Robin put her hands on her waist, "Yeah your perfect aren't you! You little whore. Just perfect."

HalleMeanwhile in another room in the hotel; Vanessa accepted the invitation to the dirtiest, and intimate of all battles; a scissor leg sex fight. Vanessa threw her left leg over the top of the small sofa, and Halle did the same with her right. Their legs spread wide for more contact, and to provide a view for the other. Both women moved towards the other, until intimate erotic contact was made. Each woman made a gasping noise as they felt the inner thighs, and pubic hair of their rival meet and touch against theirs. Then they felt the warm, juicy feel of each other's labia as they begin to ride the other woman's sex organ. Slowly they began at first, then their bodies increased in rhythm of the humping, and bouncing each woman did to enhance the stimulation of their beautiful enemy. They were grunting and groaning with each bounce of their body on the cushions of the loveseat. Their hands and arms were wrapped around each other's thighs as they tried to control the contact and friction between the two. Cusses were exchanged, as well as Ooohhh my gods! and OOhhhh no! Oooh no! As they rode each other to a culminating climax.

Before they climaxed however, Vanessa fell off the loveseat and onto the carpeted floor. Halle looked at Vanessa in disappointment as she was anticipating a fantastic victory over Vanessa, and an overwhelming orgasm to boot. Vanessa shocked and embarrassed to be on the floor, quickly got to her elbows and ready to get up; when Halle jumped on Vanessa and the two started to roll about the floor mashing their love mounds, and breasts into the other. The battle was on again, except now on the floor and on several bodily fronts. The two women were intertwined with each other, as their beautiful skin now showed the marks of slapping, scratching and humping with an equally talented and vicious woman. Their fight continued, as well as the pursuit of sexually domination over the other woman. Halle and Vanessa hit the wall, and Halle used the opportunity to position herself on top of Vanessa and attacked her chest, and humped her pussy. Vanessa reached up grabbing Halle swaying chest, and dug in with her painted talons, soliciting a scream from Halle who did the same to Vanessa causing her to elicit a scream of pain also. Halle then grabbed a handful of Vanessa's hair, and slammed it down several times on the carpeted floor of the hotel room. During one of these slams, Vanessa bit her tongue, causing a little blood to leach out the side of her mouth. Halle seeing this slapped Vanessa 's face and yelled at Vanessa "had enough bitch!"

To which Vanessa screamed "No way bitch!" at Halle. The struggling continued with Halle on top of Vanessa.

Halle took hold of Vanessa left leg, and held it in her right arm under her arm pit, and position herself so that their clitoris were now in contact with each other. Halle then rode Vanessa to her long awaited orgasm, as both women now were humping with ferocity and purpose. Halle being on top used her weight to wear down the slightly older singer, until she ran out of energy and steam. She felt the rush of fluids in Vanessa love mound, and Halle slowed the tempo to a smooth ride over Vanessa labia, until Halle couldn't take it any longer and came also.

Halle continued to ride the beaten and embarrassed Vanessa until she was supremely satisfied. Halle massaged Vanessa breasts and said, "You put up one helluva fight bitch! But you got to learn not to fuck with me slut!" Vanessa did not want to make eye contact with her master, and looked away from Halle would continued to stare at the defeated singer. "Look at me slut, look at me!" Vanessa resisted, until Halle grabbed Vanessa by her chin and forced her to look up at her. Halle then said, "I ain't no pussy eating bitch, did you hear me? I'm not. But your are!" and Halle moved forward and lowered her Oscar winning pussy over the singer's mouth, and Halle said, "now sing me a song!"



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