by WordWeaver

Nikki sat across from Salma as they tried to discuss the rules for the catfight. Both women wore short black wrap around skirts and white T-shirts with black lace bra's underneath. The referee for the fight had handled many UFC battles, but nothing prepared him for the ferocious attitudes the two actresses were showing each other. He had already separated them twice in the last 2 minutes and had scratches on both arms.

Salma wanted to be able to use her nails and Nikki refused, knowing full well what Salma meant to use them on. Nikki wanted punching allowed, but Salma did not, knowing what a powerful puncher the redhead was. Deadlocked over the 2 issues, the beauties were again becoming impatient and began hurling insults at each other again as the both come off the chairs and got in each other's face before the referee could get between them. Each lady had thrust her breasts against the others and where pushing against each other as they yelled in each other's face. Salma suddenly slapped Nikki across the face hard leaving a huge handprint across the stunned red head's right cheek.

The referee grabbed the two chairs and stepped back this time and let the fight go. He would step in only if it looked like one of the ladies would be seriously harmed. Nikki gave Salma a quick right to the mouth that sent the brunette stumbling back a step then followed up with a left that crashed into her foe's right tit. Salma winced and stepped further back out of the range of Nikki's fists. The red head charged forward after the Mexican beauty, but got a quick kick in the belly as a reward. As Miss Cox bent over from the unexpected strike Salma grabbed two handful's of her hair and started dragging her around by it. Nikki cried out as Salma slammed into the wall hip first, then Salma kneed her in the tit's eliciting a louder cry from her.

In a desperate move the hurt actress pushed forward and slammed Salma in the belly with her head, driving her back and into the padded wall behind her. Her hands still buried in the redhead's hair she was unable to block the punch to her right kidney that caused her to cry out in pain and clutch her side. She quickly brought up her knee and struck Nikki in the right boob as she cocked her arm back to strike again, Nikki's hand dropping down to protect her boob from another blow. Salma pushed her way off the wall, sending them to the floor in a heap.

The two women began wrestling on the floor till Salma caught the red head between her legs. Nikki was on her side with the Mexican's powerful legs wrapped tightly around her midsection, she clawed at them as the pressure grew too intense, the muslces on her rivals gams standing out as she gave it all she had! Nikki moaned as her ribs started to ache. She started to get to her feet, but Salma fought her every inch and she finally managed to get to her knees. Salma still had her trapped tightly between her sexy legs, but as Nikki raised up her arms high to strike Salma quickly released the hold and flailed her legs wildly to keep Nikki off her. The Mexican hellcat came to her feet as Nikki massaged her aching sides, a trickle of blood flowing down the side of the brunette's mouth from the earlier blow to it.

"Next time I'll crush those tit's of your between my legs, bitch!", Salma said, spitting some blood from her mouth at Nikki's feet.

"Not before I twist those legs like pretzels, cunt!", Nikki yeleld right back!

"Well, ladies, if you’re finished we can settle on the rules and start the fight, or you can continue with no rules, it's your call."

He got his answer as the two fighters gave each other the finger and charged forward, grabbing each other's hair! Both women started cursing in Spanish and English as they yanked hard at each other's hair, pulling each other left and right and back and forth as they each tried to gain an advantageous position. Salma screamed as a small handful of hair came out in her rivals hand, and as the stunned beauty blinked away the tears in her eyes Nikki, still holding the small clump of hair punched her rival in the left eye! Nikki twisted her foe's head to the left side with her other hand and struck again, her fist hitting Salma in the left temple. The red head smashed her fist into the side of her stunned foe's left tit underneath the T-shirt and bra twice as Salma winced and moaned with each blow!

Nikki grabbed the flimsy T-shirt by the collar and ripped it open easily. Another blow just under the tit sent it flying out of the bra and she quickly grabbed it, twisting it as Salma let out a powerful scream! Salma was in serious trouble as Nikki mauled her breast savagely, then raked her nails down the front leaving long scratch marks! Well, Salma was in utter agony, but she was not a catfight queen for nothing. As she started to slowly drop downwards she just managed to unleash a devastating punch to her rival's cunt, just catching it just above it.

It was enough to stun her rival into inaction, the red head's mouth dropping open in a silent cry as Salma's hair slipped from her loosened grip and the now swollen tit came free from her clutches. She then fell down onto her well shaped ass, a look of pain and disbelief across her pretty face! Salma blinked furiously and shook her head, trying to clear her rattled head and blink away the tears that had started pouring down her face after the punches and mauling she took.

Nikki started trying to massage away the pain that had erupted from the savage blow to her privates! Salma soon came toi her senses enough to reach down and grab two handfuls of the T-shirt her rival wore from the bottom and tugged it up over Nikki's head, forcing her arms upward and left it covering her head and arms. Holding both arms up Salma stepped forward and then came down on top of Nikki's belly as she released them. Nikki's scream was muffled slightly by the shirt over her head as Salma's gorgeous ass cheeks meet with her abdominal muscles! Salma ripped open Nikki's lace bra in seconds, unleashing her wondrous boob's, drawing her arms up and bringing them down onto them with great force. The flesh mushroomed out around her fists as they drove in and Nikki's body jerked under her as she bellowed out in pain.

Salma mashed her knuckles against the titflesh for a few more seconds as Nikki squirmed beneath her and started trying to pull the shirt off her and free her arms. Even as the shirt started to come off Nikki froze as Salma gathered up two handfuls of her titflesh and mashed them against each other, driving her nails in deeper and deeper as she did so! The red head bellowed out in utter agony, her arms still trapped as she brought her arms forward and tried to pull her foes' hands from her ravaged tit's. Salma pulled her right hand free from Nikki's left hand and smashed the red head in the jaw with a right cross snapping her head the side.

The blow had Nikki seeing stars and Salma now switched her assault to Nikki's swollen nipples twisting them like doorknobs and then bringing her foe's head and shoulder blades off the floor as she tugged her tit's upwards painfully by the nipples!! Salma kept her there as she twisted the nipples, the redhead struggling with the T-shirt to free her arms as she moaned in agony.

The fiery eyed Mexican beauty pulled back on the nipples just as Nikki finally freed her arms, but she went back to far and the red head's well toned legs were suddenly wrapped around her head and Nikki quickly rocked forward with all her might to a sitting position as Salma went crashing backwards, dragged by the legs around her head. Even as she lost her scissors hold Nikki quickly slammed her fists into Salma's belly and tits' striking again and again in a frenzy, she ripped the front of Salma's bra open and attacked the other tit with her nails, dragging them across the right side of the breast as Salma winced in pain!

As Salma grabbed her hand with both of hers and pulled it away from her tit Nikki reached down into her skirt with her other hand and with a quick tug she ripped off Salma's panties and a few cunt hairs!! That had Salma crying out as she reached down to cover her cunt from further attack just a tad too late to stop Nikki from giving her a hard tug that had her in utter agony as the redhead pulled, her eyes gleaming!. Nikki released the hold before Salma could grab her hand and rolled away with a huge grin on her face.

The two beauties sat a few feet apart each one tending to their wounds! Salma had a huge black and blue on her jaw and temple, her left eye was starting to swell shut and both her tit's had scratches and bruises. Nikki had two huge bruises on the front of each tit and marks left on the outsides of each tit from Salma's mashing.

After a few minutes they started glaring at each other intensely and without a word they started towards each other on all fours like two wild cats, their swollen and bruised tit's hanging down under them, swinging back and forth as they came towards each other. As they got within a few inches they both reared up onto their knees and kneeled in front of each other. Salma struck first driving her left fist into Nikki's right tit, to which Nikki responded to by grabbing both tit's in a death grip and began pulling and twisting them for all she was worth. Salma grabbed Nikki's right tit in one hand and began punching away at it!!!

Nikki tore Salma's tit all around but it soon became apparent that Salma had used the more destructive attack. With a scream of utter agony Nikki released her hold on Salma's tit's and tried to free her swollen and bruised tit from Salma's clutch! As Nikki pulled it out of Salma's grasp she was rocked by one last blow and fell onto her back in defeat, screaming, then sobbing loudly, as she tried to rub the absolutely devastating pain from her bruised and battered right tit!! Salma wiped away the tears streaming down her own face from Nikki's almost overwhelming attack on her ravaged boob's. She winced with every wobble of her titflesh as she stood and left a crushed Nikki Cox laying on the cold wood floor, her tit being attended to with a huge ice pack by the referee as someone came in from another room and handed Salma two of her own, offering with a sly smile to apply them!!!

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