Daisy Fuentes vs Eva Mendes

Spanish Fly: Daisy Fuentes vs Eva Mendes (w/ Halle Berry) by bocarat

The 'suits' in the other room wished they could be a fly on the wall in the other room where the ladies awaited the news of who they'd chosen as the next Revlon model. Meanwhile, Daisy Fuentes, Eva Mendes and their host and escort Halle Berry were hoping for their own flies. Halle was regaling them with stories of casting calls she'd endured, then they started to share similar stories. Halle commented how the process does take time, but is worth a lot of money to both the girl and Revlon. The two Hispanics sighed and continued to fidget with their hair, nails or whatever as they waited impatiently for the decision.

Revlon is looking for a representative model for the growing Hispanic population to market their products. Eva is 26, 5'7" with dark, chestnut hair. She was viewed as an up-and-coming superstar and Revlon felt she could be had for a bargain price. Eva is wearing a short, white skirt and jacket ensemble, displaying an ample cleavage. Daisy, the former Video Jock on MTV and co-host of some show where people send in tapes of people behaving badly, is older and taller at 37 y/o, 5'10" and her hair is lighter than Eva's. Daisy is wearing a knee-length black skirt and black blouse.

Halle BerryFinally, there's a knock on the door and Halle answers immediately. One of the 'suits' speaks to Halle in hushed tones, then Halle closes the door and announces, "The powers that be are asking you to sit tight a while longer."

"This is incredible!" Daisy says. "Just tell them to make a damned decision."

Eva just looked at Daisy thinking, 'The longer they take, the better chance I must have!'

Halle smiles at Daisy who is now pacing across the room. More minutes pass before Daisy finally lets out some of her pent-up frustration and screams "Let US settle this; between US. How about it Eva!"

Eva looks up at her, and says, "We've only been waiting a couple of hours, another hour won't kill ya"

"Easy for you to say, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!" Daisy snorts derisively.

Another knock at the door and Halle quickly answers it. Again the gentleman whispers to Halle who looks at him and smiles, then ends the conversation telling the two women, "We're close, very close now."

"What was that about?" Eva asks.

"They're deadlocked; looking for a way to break the impasse," Halle says.

"Just what does that mean?" Eva asks.

Halle replies "They're looking for alternative solutions."

"Like hiring us both? Eva offers hopefully.

"Don't be stupid Eva!" Daisy snorts. "They either want us to fuck 'em or fight for 'em."

"Is that true Halle?" Eva asks, showing concern.

"NO!" Halle quickly replies, glaring at Daisy with contempt. "They just need more time. Be patient; have something to eat and drink and let the chips fall where they may."

"Easy for you to say," Daisy says to Halle. "You already got YOUR contract."

Daisy moves over towards Eva, and says "So, did you screw any of the suits last night?"

Eva responds indignantly, "WHAT! No way! I didn't and I won't!" Then Eva throws it back at Daisy by saying, "But maybe YOU did! Now they feel sorry for you!"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Daisy screams. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well!" Eva replies. "If this was such a slam dunk for you, why is it taking such a long time?" She gave Daisy an "eat shit and die" look as Halle backed away from the two Hispanic beauties. Daisy moved toward Eva who rose to face her.

Halle said in a low, monotone voice barely audible, "Now, now ladies; lets not let our tempers get the best of us."

Still the women moved towards each other, each now challenging the other to finish what they started with their insults and physical presence in their own private space. Daisy moved her hands to the side of Eva, as if she were yelling and talking at Eva.

Daisy said, "What's wrong little girl, afraid to play in the big leagues."

Eva yells back, "I ain't afraid of you bitch!"

"WHAT did you call me?" Daisy said slowly.

"What's wrong, old age get your hearing," Eva laughed. "I just called you a bitch."

Halle Berry sat down on the boardroom leather chair, crossed her legs and would enjoy the show.

Daisy moved in closer to Eva, and pushed Eva into one of the boardroom leather chairs. Eva hit the chair with a loud "OOMPH!" and nearly flipped clear over the back. When she straightened herself up, Eva thrust her chest into Daisy's and they stood looking into each other for a few minutes before moving into each other, shoving their chest into the others, moving right then left.

With their hands on their hips, and their chest and chins poised for contact, Daisy raises her fist, and Eva quickly slaps it away. Eva then raises her knee, as if to knee Daisy in her groin, but Daisy strikes first. Daisy grabs a handful of Eva's hair and pulls back on the shorter Hispanic actress. Eva responds by getting a handful of Daisy's thick hair. Daisy uses her height advantage to push Eva back, their legs move to keep standing, and shifting to gain leverage. Their bodies are now intertwined like roots of a weed, as they twist and sway like thin trees in the breeze. Eva then lowers her body, as she pulls on Daisy's hair and manages to slam Daisy into the large conference table. The table shudders, as do both women as the impact shocks both of them.

Daisy recovers first, and as the two women never released their grips she manages to pull Eva down almost to her knees. But Eva tackles Daisy back onto the conference table. Daisy flips her body, lying on her stomach on the table as her legs kick out at Eva. Eva grabs hold of Daisy's skirt and begins to pull if off the beautiful, Hispanic Amazon. Daisy uses her arms to latch onto the edge of the conference table as she continues to kick Eva. Daisy eventually nails Eva on the left side of her face, and this staggers her. Daisy sits up on the table, as Eva failing backwards gains her balance, and pauses to check her face and nose.

"You're gonna pay for that bitch!" Eva says.

Daisy gets off the table and prepares to take on the angry Eva, "Come on, slut! Let's see whatcha got!"

Eva charges at Daisy and they tie up; hands grabbing hair and blouses. Daisy draws first blood, ripping open Eva's blouse displaying a cream colored bra and her meaty breasts. As she moves away from Daisy, Eva pulls the blouse open even more but she runs into the wall behind her. Daisy moves in, appearing to go for Eva's chest, but instead she pounds Eva in the gut, doubling her over. Then Daisy, removes Eva's skirt before she can catch her breath

As she pulls it down, Eva grabs a handful of Daisy's hair and yanks her up. Eva's pulling loses her balance as her skirt is down around her ankles and when Daisy pulls Eva's hair she slams her head into the conference table. Eva is screaming out in pain as Daisy glides around behind her, putting a half nelson hold on her. Eva lurches forward and brings back her left elbow to nail Daisy in the gut, then Eva pins Daisy who is gasping for air, on her back on the conference table. Eva traps Daisy's hands at her sides, then pushes them up over her head.

Both women see the strain in their enemy's eyes. Daisy grunts and groans, as she struggles against the younger actress whose strength and stamina have surprised her. Daisy frees her right hand, and drives a punch under Eva's chin. Eva grabs Daisy's right hand before she can draw back, but Eva gets kicked in the chest after Daisy scoots up on the conference table. Her back now on the conference table, Eva fights back with kicks until she's able to grab Daisy's ankle and twist, flipping Daisy over on her stomach atop the large table.

Eva then pulls Daisy off the table by her hair, and now both women are back to facing each other. Halle watches intently the action going on, not showing any emotion or support for either Hispanic actress. Halle squirms a little in her chair, she then crosses her legs again and she watches the next round of action. Eva attacks first, and pushes Daisy back into one of the conference table chairs. The two struggle, as Eva pushes Daisy arms behind her, as they are locked in a test of stamina and strength, then Daisy knees Eva in her love mound. Eva falls on top of Daisy, as Daisy then wraps her legs around Eva's waist.

The pressure on Eva's back causes her to scream out "aaarrgggh" as Daisy bounces her long, strong legs against Eva's slim waist. She is using her heels to dig into Eva's thighs. Eva then pulls out, and this causes Daisy who still has her legs around Eva's waist to fall off the chair onto the thick boardroom carpet. Eva quickly attacks Daisy's chest and blouse. Ripping the blouse and pulling it over Daisy's head, Eva is now on top of Daisy. Daisy reaches up and pulls and tears at Eva's chest and bra, and Eva does the same. The two are scratching and clawing at each other's thin bra and healthy, full breasts.

Daisy bucks Eva off of her, and the two vixens tie each other up as they attack each other's sensitive mammary glands. Daisy actually bites Eva right breast, which makes her scream, "STOP you fucking bitch!"

Eva tries to turn away to protect her breasts, but Daisy captures her right arm and twists, then pins Eva to the floor. On her stomach, Eva can feel Daisy clawing and biting her ass and the backs of her thighs. Eva scrambles up to her knees and kicks back, striking Daisy in the face. The stunned Daisy rolls on the floor as Eva, seeing her opportunity, tries to jump on Daisy who kicks out and hit Eva in the chest, knocking her backward. Eva attacks again, and this time she controls Daisy's legs with her own thighs; punching Daisy in the belly several times with her fist before she straddles the older, taller, actress and slaps Daisy on each side of the face. Daisy lays spread-eagled on the carpeted Boardroom floor with her arms at her sides, offering no more resistance.

Halle clears her throat, and fixes her ruffled outfit as she gets up from her seat and walks over to where Eva is sitting atop the prone Daisy. Halle hands Eva a pen and the Revlon contract.

"What this?" Eva asks.

"It's the contract," Halle replies. "Do you want it?" Eva doesn't answer at first.

"Go ahead sign it, you earned it!" Halle says.

Eva signs and gives it back to Halle who keeps the original and gives the grinning Eva a copy. As Eva sits up, Halle gives her a feeling up before she tosses a third copy of the signed contract on Daisy's chest. Eva starts to puts her torn and ripped blouse on, but as she searches for her skirt and heels which came off during the fight Halle interrupts her. "Don't bother, there are clothes for you in the closet." Eva goes over and picks out some clothes to wear out of the boardroom. She pauses and looks at Halle with a puzzled look.

Halle says, "That's how I got MY contract too. You want to finish her off?" Halle asks.

Eva says, "No, I've done enough for one day."

Halle has her fun with Daisy!"OK, then I'll take care of this!" Halle says with a lecherous leer. As Eva walks out of the boardroom to a waiting car, Halle moves to the fallen Daisy and murmurs, "Well, that was some catfight." She touches her magnificent breasts as she opens her blouse, displaying her beautiful mocha breasts, then kneels next to Daisy. "Now it's MY turn!"

Halle removes her own skirt and heels, and stretches her own body against Daisy's sweaty body and begins to gyrate and rub against the beaten Hispanic woman. The two work each other into a frenzy of energy and sexual electricity, as Halle exclaims that the fight between the two of them acted like an aphrodisiac to her. Daisy, just looked at her as the two women were locked in a tight embrace, as they finished their sexual floor dance .

Later, it was announced that Revlon had signed Eva Mendes to be their new Revlon model. Daisy would end up doing Pilates infomercials and as she continued to get in shape, Daisy vowed to get revenge on Eva and Halle. A year or so later, Revlon announced that it had extended Halle Berry's contract, signaling a continuation of their seven year relationship.

Revlon's New Spokesmodel, EVA MENDES!!!

Maybe Pilates will build Daisy an even better body

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