You're in a plane at 30,000 feet and a fight breaks out between two of the worlds most famous women. Can you imagine !!!  The women happen to be Spice Girls Geri Halliwell and fellow band member Melanie B, aka Ginger and Scary Spice respectively. According to Spice Girls manager at the time Simon Fuller this is exactly what happened one time while the girls were jetting around between concerts in America.

The cause of the angst between the two stars related to the single "2 becomes 1" Its seems Mel considered Geri had sung too much on the song and that Posh Spice should have been given a bigger singing part. As Mel bitched on about this Geri became increasingly annoyed and a blazing row broke out. It wasn't long before the girls had each other by the hair and were fighting in the aisle. They continued pulling hair and slapping each other and manager Simon Fuller had his work cut out trying to take them apart.

There has been consistent press reports about Geri beating up Mel. Given the girls apparent animosity and that they spent considerable time in close proximity its not beyond credibility they locked horns on more than one occasion. The fight on the flight occurred on a jet chartered by the band. On board were the group, their entourage and some cabin attendants. No members of the general public were aboard nor press. The fight was keep under wraps. When the plane touched down, the girls had dusted themselves off and were all sweetness and nice for the awaiting press as if nothing had happened.

As time goes by lets hope more revelations come out regarding the feuding Spice's !


From The Rav Column in The News of the World:

Scary belts blonde in catfight

was in a Scary mood last week when she got into a punch-up at a showbiz bash.

The Spice Girl and a pal were at an after-show party for singer D'Angelo at London's China White on Thursday night when all hell broke loose.

"One minute everyone was enjoying themselves and the next there were all these screams," said a stunned onlooker.

"Mel was pulling this blonde girl's hair. And the blonde had a fistful of Mel's hair in her hands.

"She screamed, 'You b****, you've had it now'. And Mel was just telling her to 'F*** off'."
Mel with mate just before fight

But Scary finally had enough of the catfight and-not for the first time-produced a massive hit.

"Mel punched the blonde to get her off," said our eyewitness.

"She has amazing strength-she hits like a man, I can tell you.

"Luckily TV presenter Richard Blackwood stepped in, broke it up and took Mel outside.

"People couldn't believe they'd just seen a Spice Girl have a fight."

Last night a spokesman for Richard Blackwood confirmed: "There was a fight. Richard helped diffuse the problem."

Mel is set to release her next solo single, Tell Me, on September 18.

The song is all about the breakdown of her marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar and includes the lyric: "You're the fool."

Perhaps the singer just wants to prove she's not afraid of a good argument.

But Mel, if I'm wrong, call Tom.

Article: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/rav/


Living up to her moniker of scary spice, Mel B has revealed a former feud with rival nineties girl band All Saints.

Appearing on the podcast Allegedly, the Spice Girls singer recounted a fight with All Saints singer Shaznay Lewis in which she claims she ripped out her weave.

“There was this girl group called All Saints and I had already beaten up one of them in the bathroom, the black girl, Shaznay,” says Mel B.

“Because she started giving me attitude so I went into the bathroom and tried to rip her weave off and she chokes me and then we kind of got split up but I won."

A spokesperson for Shaznay meanwhile blasted the 'horrible' story and claimed their was no truth in Mel's sensational claim.

The rep explained: 'Shaznay says this story is not true. Mel B once came to an All Saints show and was invited to the after party. Mel and Shaznay had a brief friendly chat and that was all.

'Otherwise they don’t really know each other – so we are baffled as to why Mel would make this up and fabricate such a horrible thing.'

All Saints are in the midst of a comeback tour, which makes Mel's claims particularly relevant. "The funny thing is they just brought out a new record last week. It’s really good!” Mel said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3496643/Mel-B-explosively-claims-beat-rival-girl-group-star-Shaznay-Lewis-toilet-brawl-Nineties-baffled-Saints-singer-vehemently-denies-fight.html#ixzz462ztoXU9


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