Pam Anderson slowly opens her eyes after a long night's sleep. The blonde looks around the room, before springing up with a start and a loud gasp. Pam realizes that she has no clue where she is, or how she got there. The last thing Pam remembers is going to the horse races with Tommy Lee. Next she remembers getting very drunk and talking to Carmen Electra, then things are a blur after that.

As Pam studies this totally unfamiliar setting and tries to remembers how she got there, a young man sleeping on the floor peaks his head up, from under some covers. "Oh Miss Anderson, you're awake." The young man says.

Pam examines this young man rising off the floor from under a blanket. She recognizes him the cute bartender from the race track, but how she ended up in his small bedroom is a total mystery. Her confusion is written all over her face. She holds the bed covers tightly against her chest. Then she realizes that she is completely naked under the covers. "How are you feeling, you had a pretty rough night?" the man asks.

"Rough?" Pam exclaims. "I don't even remember it!" How'd I get here with you?" she frantically asks.

"Whoa! Calm down Ms. Anderson. It's me, Henry. Remember I helped you last night. Remember you needed a ride after your fight with Carmen Electra." Henry explains.

"What? Carmen Electra! I got in a fight with Carmen Electra last night? Fuck!" Pam pauses and shakes her head. That would start explain a lot of how she arrived in this position this morning. "Fuck I got into a fight with Carmen Electra, while I was shit faced drunk? I'm sure she mopped the floors with my face."

"Not quite, she mopped something else with your face", Henry explains with a sly smile. "Ms. Electra had quite a few drinks herself, but not as many as you."

Pam's mind flooded with possibilities of things that could have happened the previous night, and none of them ended pleasantly for her. The previous day started wonderfully for Pam. She and former husband, now live-in boyfriend, Tommy Lee went to a horse racing derby in southern California. The track has a lounge called The Thoroughbred Room for the VIP's. One side of the lounge faces the track, with the wall made mostly of windows to watch the races. The rest of the room looks like a plush, elegant lounge. The derby lasts most of the day, and VIP's are able to continue partying in the lounge till early in the morning.

Pam searches her mind for memories of the previous night. After the races she and Tommy were pretty hammered. As agreed, Tommy parties on one side of the room, while Pam works the other. This allows each celebrity to flaunt and flirt independently from jealous looks from the other. After all, they know they are going home together, or at least they usually do. Pam remembers sitting at the bar, and talking with Carmen. "Yeah I thought you and Ms. Electra were friends by the way you were talking, but I guess not." Henry continues.

"Me and Carmen..." Pam echoes shaking her head in dismay. "You ever had a person that you're friends with, but really don't like them. You know a person that you work with, or have common friends or something, and you end up being friends, but under normal circumstances, you'd never have anything to do with that person. That's me and Carmen." Pam explains while rubbing her temples, trying to rub her hangover away. "I remember talking to Carmen at the bar. We were talking about Stone Rage's Battle Zone. Carmen likes to brag about old matches back when she was relevant ten years ago."

Pam reminisces about the conversation........


"I can't believe you're still the Cock Fight Champion." Carmen tells Pam as they sit at the bar.

"Champ for years now and still running." Pam proudly answers. "The booking committee can't even find anybody to challenge me. All the big names are too scared to get fucked on a worldwide stage to get in the ring with me."

"I'd challenge you." Carmen admits with a saucy attitude. "Don't forget, I kicked your ass in the first ever Cock Fight match."

"No, first you cheated." Pam quickly answers, showing there is still a little bitterness about that match. "Second, that was like ten years ago. There's no way you can beat me now." Pam happens to looks up and remembers catching an alluring look from the handsome bartender that she now knows is Henry. Henry keeps heavy-handed pouring drinks, and the debate heats up.


Pam's thoughts return to the present. The blonde admits that somewhere after that time, her memory becomes a little fuzzy. Henry takes over recanting the story from there. "I'm sorry Ms Anderson, I'm probably responsible for a lot of that memory loss." Henry confesses. "You arrived before Ms Electra, and had a few more drinks than she did. I gave you a couple of my specialty drink, the H-Bomb cocktail, they are pretty potent. Ms Electra was tipsy, but you were sloshed."

"You were arguing about that Cock Fight Belt first, then about who was the better fuck." Henry explains showing a little embarrassment. "It started friendly, but it got more serious as it progressed. Ms Electra bought up something about swinging one night between you and Mr Lee and her and Dennis Rodman." Henry explains. "Things exploded when Ms Electra challenged you."


Finally Carmen has enough of words. She gets off of her bar stool and challenges, "I'll whip your ass right here! There's no need to wait. I'll beat you in a sex fight right here in front of everybody! I'll make you cum like a whore and make you admit to everyone, that I'm a better fuck than you!"

Pam and Carmen have known each other since 1996. They met in the ultra competitive world of the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner encouraged these types of confrontations. Both of them enjoyed the height of their careers during the same time, and often bumped into each other during celebrity events. Their paths crossed more frequently after Carmen replaced Pam on Baywatch. Their relationship is best described as acquaintances. They are always cordial toward each other, but a jealousy or rivalry always existed underneath.

Pam springs out of her seat and meets tit to tit with Carmen. "Fuck you bitch!" Pam lashes back. "You're a bigger whore than me, but other than that, you can't beat me in anything!" Pam purposely bumps her breasts into Carmen's.

"You're too scared to fight me, admit it" Carmen dares. "You know I will beat you and fuck your brains out like last time we had cock fight."

"YOU FUCKING CHEATED!" Pam yells back showing how upset she was about losing that match, even after ten years.

"YOU FUCKING LOSS!" Carmen shouts back. "You got your ass beat Pam. Just admit it, I kicked your ass then, and I can kick your ass tonight." Carmen ends her words with a bump back against Pam's chest,

The two vixens press their breasts against each other and stare at each other with scowls. What follows is a stare down of epic proportions. Both knew the time has come for one of them to prove her superiority and put the other bitch down in shame. The situation is amplified by the alcohol which has released many of their inhabitations. All that is enough to make Pam take action. Pam steps back, and starts pulling her flowery sun dress off over her head. "Come on bitch. Bring it!" Pam challenges.

Unlike everybody else in the room, Carmen is not at all surprised that Pam has just removed her dress. She has known that the blonde is a bit of an exhibitionist for a long time. Everybody in the lounge did know that Pam was not wearing a bra. The blonde tosses her dress aside and places her hands on her hips, topless and glaring at Carmen, daring her to do the same. Carmen snarls back at the blonde looking at her fantastic big breasts that drew every eye in the room to them. Carmen breaths a little harder. Even though she knows that she is drop dead gorgeous, and the dream of every man and envy of every woman in the room, she knows that is going to take a monumental effort for her to match up against the phenomenal blonde. Especially in a sexfight.

Pam recognizes Carmen's momentary hesitation to undress and accept her challenge. Pam actually hoped and thought Carmen would not be bold enough to take off her dress and take up her challenge. However, she was more than willing and able to accept the gauntlet if she did. Carmen quickly broke out of her stupor and started angrily whipping off her own sundress. The spitfire tosses her dress aside as well (she also chose not to wear a bra) "You're going down Blondie. After I'm done with you, I might even show Tommy how much better I am than you!"

"Uuuh!" Pam huffs at the mention of Carmen with Tommy. The blonde starts slipping her lace panties down her hips and legs. Carmen does the same. Pam beats Carmen removing her panties by a fraction of a second. The brunette removes her panties and tosses them at her opponent. The panties bounce off of the blonde's chest and falls to the ground. Pam is absolutely fuming, and ready to trounce Carmen.

Pam reaches toward the bar and grabs a full shot glass. "No, Ms. Anderson don't! That's not for you!" Henry shouts, trying to stop Pam.

The infuriated blonde pays him no mind and gulps down the shot in one swallow. Henry winces. He made that drink for another patron, but Pam just gulped it down. The shot is called I See Dead People. Henry had an expression of horror, shock and amazement, that the sexy blonde just downed the drink in one take. Pam's previous drinks are potent, but this one is devastating. Henry considered calling the trashed blonde an ambulance now, to save time. No human can handle all of that alcohol and walk out.

The Thoroughbred Room has seen more than its share of wild times. It is not uncommon to see nude women from time to time either. The exclusive club serves as a private playground for the wealthy. During the horse races, the liquor flows constantly like a river. Following the races, everyone stays. The winners celebrate their good fortune at the tracks, and losers drink away their sorrow. After hours of these two, there is usually no telling what kind of Tom Foolery can occur. However a nude sexfight between two international sex symbols exceeds the hopes and dreams of even the jaded eyes of these patrons. They form a circle around Pam and Carmen to witness one of the most thrilling things in their lives. Humongous bets are being placed among the crowd.

At this point, there is no way either wildcat is going to back out. The spectators starts shouting encouragement to their favorites as Pam and Carman are staring at each other with evil intent, and about to pounce. Slowly Pam and Carmen near each other and start rubbing their breasts against each other. Not like before. This time it is tender, and more erotic. They both start to "Oooh" and "Aaahh" enjoying the sensation. Their nipples become erect, sticking out like the points of darts. They pick up the pace as both girls get more turned on.

Then despite all the arguing and animosity, they kiss. Not just a kiss, but a long passionate kiss, like they are lovers separated for an eternity. A lot of messages are delivered in their lip lock. The first is that they obviously want to excite and arouse the other. Both accomplish that goal, both are becoming hot and bothered. Second, there is a struggle for dominance during their kiss. Both are competing to determine who the alpha female between the two is. Throughout their long sloppy, dick raising kiss, they continue rubbing their tits together. Both of their flesh seems to radiate their excitement in touching each other. Despite their rivalry and jealousy, the sexual tension and animalistic attraction and desire for each other is overtly apparent.

Carmen can taste the liquor on Pam's breath. Carmen knows that she is totally drunk, but Pam is totally wasted. Carmen opens her eyes during the kiss, and sees Pam eyes are unfocused and fluttering. That last shot just hit Pam and the word, drunk, does not begin to describe the feeling that is coming across her.

Carmen caresses Pam's shoulders and upper arms while they kiss. The brunette's soft touch tantalizes the blonde's flesh. Carmen's hands wander down Pam's arm, squeezing and massaging the blonde's muscles along the way. Even through the tension of a hot long passionate kiss, Carmen can feel Pam's arms relax a bit. Carmen's hands quickly fall and clutch Pamís wrists, then force them behind the blonde's back before she realized what was happening. Suddenly Pam breaks the kiss and tries to break free from Carmen's trap, but she cannot. Carmen smiles at Pam's perdicument.

Carmen dips her head and starts licking Pam's left tit. By firmly holding Pam's hands behind her back, naturally makes her tits thrust out. Pam's enormous breasts become huge targets. Second, this is a sex fight. Carmen is sexually assaulting, and further stimulating Pam, while the blonde is doing nothing to bring her adversary closer to an orgasm, aside from moaning, and panting like a bitch in heat.

Pam is getting hot and bothered by Carmen's tongue flicking at her nipples. Her cunt is starting to get wet too. Pam struggles to wrench her wrists free from Carmen's vice like clutch, but the brunette is too strong. The drunken blonde reacts on instinct and experience to get this predator off of her. Pam flings her leg up and nails Carmen right between the legs in the crotch. Carmen yelps in sudden pain, and loosens her grip on Pam's arms. The blonde is able to rip away from Carmen's clutches and wheels around behind Carmen.

Now behind her rival, Pam flings Carmen to the carpet, and follows her down, crashing on top of her instantly after Carmen lands. Off of her drunken legs, Pam is able to grapple effectively with Carmen, and secure her legs around her foe's waist from behind. From there Pam positions her feet inside of Carmen's thighs and force her legs open. Next, Pam's fingers quickly find her rival's pussy hole. Pam has one arm around Carmen's neck from behind, her legs around her victim's waist, holding her in position, and her other hand digging deep into Carmen's twat.

Within seconds, Carmen's pussy gets sopping wet. Pam is able to slip two, then later three fingers deep in the cunt. Pam pumps her hand furiously back and forth in Carmen's vagina. A shutter runs through Carmen as she begins to grunt, "Oooh" and "Aaahhh". The sensation feels good to her, very , very good to her. She is almost reluctant to try to stop it, but knows that she must. The brunette starts to squirm and struggle in Pam's grasp, trying to break free. She grabs Pam's wrist to try and pull it out of her, but it is too deep inside to easily accomplish that.

Carmen takes a deep breath to calm herself for a moment and quickly formulates an escape plan. Then in a burst of action, Carmen explodes. Throwing her elbow backwards, Carmen blasts Pam in the jaw with a stiff elbow. While Pam's head bobbles on her shoulders, Carmen throws herself forward and tears herself out of Pam's clutches. The blonde surprisingly recovers quickly and latches onto Carmen as she is about to escape. An exhibition in amateur wresting ensues next. Carmen twists and turns to escape Pam. While the blonde holds on and rides her adversaries back at every curve thrown by her petite foe. At least Pam held on for a little while. She would have been able to smother Carmen's movements if not for the alcohol. Drunk Pam proves too slow, and allows Carmen to slip away.

After escaping, Carmen scampers a few feet away on her hands and knees. She turns to face Pam. The blonde is swooning. Pam's heart is racing like the thoroughbred horses at the derby. All the activity from mat wrestling with Carmen accelerated the absorption of that last shot into her blood stream. The I See Dead People shot may not have Pam seeing the super natural, but she is currently seeing three Carmen Electra's. Right now one is more than she can handle. Even though Pam is on her knees, she is still swaying from side to side like a drunken sailor. Her eyes are fluttering, and unfocused, while her mouth lolls open. Carmen sees her friend's dilemma, and recognizes an easy victim.

Carmen springs forward and slams Pam backwards on her back with little resistance. The brunette's legs clamp shut around Pam's flat stomach, in a crushing leg scissors. Carmen's arm curls under and around the blonde's chin in a rear chin lock. Pam breaths heavily in Carmen's grasp with a thoroughly confused expression on her face, and making no attempt to escape.

"Your ass is through you drunk skank, and you know it." Carmen taunts as she plunges a hand deep inside Pam's cunt, while the other wraps around the blonde's head, holding it in place. Pam mewls and makes feeble attempts to escape. Carmen starts laughing out loud at the litany of bewildered and erotic expressions crossing Pam's face.

Carmen switches positions. She forces Pam onto her back and lies on top of her almost in a '69' position. Carmen cracks, "Looks like I'm whipping another over rated Fab Four bitches' ass!" Carmen laughs as she lies down the length of Pam's body, facing the blonde's feet with one hand back digging into her pussy, and pushing her ass back into Pam's face. "You girls are making my career." Carmen jokes. Pam is panting and cannot say much right now. She just keeps trying unsuccessfully pushing Carmen's plump shapely ass out of her face. "You're going down just like last time Pammie Poo."

Pam finds the strength to plow through Carmen's ass, and move enough flesh away to protest, "You cheated Cunt! You knocked me out with Rodman's shoe!"

"Which means nothing, but I still won, and you still loss." Carmen snaps back. "I kicked Halle Berry's ass too." Carmen brags.

"Not as many times as Halle have kicked your sorry butt!" Pam argues back. Her voice cracks as Carmen continues to stimulate her pussy with her hand.

Ignoring Pam's last comment, Carmen continues, "And.... I've knocked out Jennifer Lopez. I outta beat Tia Carrere and make it a clean sweep over you pathetic bitches."

"You needed.... a roll of quarters.... to beat Jennifer... Fucking cheater." the overheated blonde huffs back "We both know that Tia would destroy you, that's why you never fought."

Carmen's face flashes anger as Pam under states the accomplishments that Carmen is so proud of. Carmen digs her fingers into Pam's cunt deeper and rougher, scratching her insides. "I don't have to explain myself to you." Carmen spits back at the squealing blonde. "I'm a former War Queen. You're not! My record speaks for itself." Carmen huffs in frustration. "I don't need to hear any more from you!" Then Carmen sits up, so that she is sitting on Pam's face. Carmen's ass eclipse the the blonde's features.

Pam starts frantically kicking and bucking to get Carmen off of her face while her muffled screams occasionally escapes. A sharp buck topples Carmen off momentarily. Carmen quickly scrambles back on top of Pam and again sits on her face. This time she plants her pussy on the blondeís nose, instead of her butt. Carmen forces Pam's arms above her head and uses her legs to help pin her adversary's arms down. Carmen laughs as Pam continues to furiously struggle underneath, squealing and yelping all the way. With her new position, Pam will have a much tougher time knocking Carmen off of her perch. Carmen reaches behind her and re-inserts her fingers back into Pam's twat. She delights in Pam's noises and unending sounds of ecstasy and suffering.

In desperation, Pam brings her legs up and wraps them around Carmen to try and throw her off. Carmen is too firmly planted. She seizes Pam's legs and holds her in a matchbook pin. Carmen's fingers sink deeper into the sopping wet pussy with the new position. The crowd gets even more excited and aroused. Now with Pam's ass and pussy in the air with the matchbook pin, all of Pam's treasures are on display. They plainly see it all, her pussy and asshole.

Pam feels that she is about to orgasm in a more public display than she ever imagined. Pam does the unexpected. She burrows her face deeper into Carmen's cunt and pokes her tongue out for a long lick up and down Carmen's pussy. Carmen's eyes pop out and her entire body does a long quiver, as she howls, "OOOOooooooooohhhhhh". The thought, "Damned! This woman knows how to fuck!" explodes in Carmen's mind. Pam begins to quickly flutter her tongue inside Carmen. The brunette knew she had to quickly end this. Her pussy would pop in seconds. Carmen rolls off of Pam on her own accord.

Carmen sits beside Pam for a moment to compose herself. She looks down at Pam, and she looks a total mess. The blonde is tired, sweaty, drunk, confused, and in heat. Everyone knows that she has no chance of winning this sex fight, but everybody is fascinated by how Carmen is going to finish Pam off. Everybody knows that it is going to be hot and sexy, and extremely humiliating for the current reigning Cock Fight Queen. If she was not a 'dumb blonde' she would surrender now, and crown Carmen as the new queen.

Slowly and lethargically, Pam rolls onto her tummy then slowly pushes up to her hands and knees. Carmen pounces onto her prey's back. The brunette pins Pam down face first onto the carpet. With her adversary under control, Carmen rises to her knees and pulls Pam's head between her thighs while facing Pam's feet. Using her thighs to hold Pam in place, Carmen reaches forward and digs her hands between Pam's legs again entering her pussy from behind. Tired and beaten, Pam can only slowly flop her arms, eliciting girly grunts and long shrill moans.

After digging in Pam's pussy for a couple of minutes, Carmen realizes that she is no closer to making her foe orgasm than before. Pam's puss was starting to dry up a bit. Carmen figures no mere hand job would send a legendary sex queen like Pam into overdrive. She would need a more intimate and sensual touch to score an orgasm.

Carmen dismounts Pam and roughly rolls her onto her back. Carmen crawls down and sits on Pam, placing her pussy on top of the blonde's twat. "Now we find out once and for all whose pussy is the hottest." Carmen challenges and starts grinding her pussy against Pam's sex.

Pam looks up at Carmen with strain and exertion etched on her face. Long ago she had mentally conceded defeat to Carmen, but her rival would have to work for it. Pam grinds back against Carmen's pussy with whatever she had left. Both sex kittens get wetter than ever before. The front row of spectators can hear slopping noises as their battle continues. Carmen reaches over and starts fondling Pam's tit and tweaking her nipple. Pam reaches up to return similar treatment to Carmen's breasts, but the brunette slap Pam's hand away. "Get your filthy paws off of me." Carmen growls. "Just do what you do best, lie on your back, and cum like a fountain."

Pam falls deep in the throws of ecstasy. She is grinding back against Carmen with everything she can muster, but Carmen is totally dominating her. The fact that Pam just allowed her hand to be smacked away, then lie on the carpet with no protest shows how submissive Pam has become. Pam starts making all types of kinky sexual grunts, groans, whines, and moans from the wildest porn movie imagined. "FUCK!" Pam thinks. "Carmen is so fucking amazing! She's too good! She's too much! She's too much woman for me to handle." Pam's drunken mind reels. "I'm about to cum any second! I've got to hold on. Got to make this tremendous fucking last as long as possible." Pam thinks. All thoughts of winning are gone. She is just enjoying the wonderful fucking Carmen is laying on her.

Carmen looks down at Pam at least mentally giving the blonde her due credit. "Damned this chick has got some hot pussy." Carmen thinks. "I see what's the big deal about her is now." Carmen examines the exquisite expressions of ecstasy on Pam's face. "Fuck she makes me horny. Those looks and all those kinky ass sounds. She's got the softest blonde hair, and those tits. Look at the way they bounce all around her chest......"


In that momentary lapse, Carmen loses her concentration and pops her cork and rains hot cum on Pam's pussy. As soon as the hot juice pours on Pam's cunt, she bows her back, roars like a lioness and explodes in a tsunami of cum. Both vixens tremble and quiver as they orgasm on each other.

The spectators start loudly clapping and cheering. Once they are done, Carmen falls off of Pam and lies beside her on the carpet. Both women quiver occasionally and tries to recover from their earth shattering orgasms.

After lying there for a long period of time, Pam breathlessly pants, "I did it.... I won."

Carmen quickly sits up exclaiming, "WHAT? What do you mean? You came first. I won." Carmen claims. As she lie there in the afterglow of her orgasm, she realized that they both orgasm so close together, that it is virtually impossible to know who came first. She decided to claim victory. Since she was way ahead, nobody would dispute her claim.

"Quit playing Carmen." Pam calmly states. "You came first. I won the fight."

"Why you lying little bitch!" Carmen angrily reacts. "You're trying to steal this fight from me!" Carmen says giving a very convincing performance. "I won, and you know it!" Next Carmen starts smacking Pam's face back and forth. "Lying sack of shit!" Carmen says as she continues assaulting the blonde.

Pam has absolutely nothing left after her orgasm. She is helpless against Carmenís attack. Pam screams, and squeals as she offers very feeble defense. Carmen is battering her at will, while Pam pleads "Stop Carmen stop!"

Seeing Pam defenseless, Carmen does not stop, she presses her advantage. Carmen takes a seat on Pam's stomach and grabs her huge breasts in both hands. The brunette grits her teeth and squeezes as hard as she can. Pam shrieks louder, yelling "Please stop!" repeatedly.

"So who came first Pam?" Carmen angrily asks.

"OOOhhhhh! You did!" Pam howls.

"LIAR!" screams Carmen, then twist and squeezes Pam's tits further. Pam screams louder and kicks her legs and flops around under Carmen.

Carmen repeats her question of who came first several more times. Each time a tortured Pam denies coming first. Each time Carmen punishes Pam for her answer by contorting her breasts further. Finally with tears running from her eyes, Pam pleads "Please Carmen, I give. You can have the Cock Fight belt, anything, just let me gooooo!"

Carmen wickedly smiles, seeing that she has broken Pam's resistance and desire to fight. "So Pam, who is the hottest Baywatch babe of all time?" Carmen asks, while maintaining the pressure on Pam's tits.

"You are" the crying blonde quickly confesses.

Carmen laughs in satisfaction at Pam's wimpy admission. She knows breaking Pamela Anderson, even a drunken one, is is quite an accomplishment. "And who came first?" Carmen sings, certain of the answer.

"Uummp" whimpers the sobbing woman. "You did." Pam spits still defying Carmen.

Carmen gets furious that Pam will not admit she came first. "Lying bitch!" Carmen exclaims. "You want me to cum so bad?" Carmen angrily says. "You want it, you got it!" With those words said. Carmen moves forward and plants her pussy on the blonde's face. Carmen's grabs Pam's hair as close to the scalp as possible, and jerks her face as deep in her pussy as it will go. Then Carmen starts grinding away, using Pam's face as a sex toy.

Carmen scrubs her cunt on Pam's face hard and rough, with no regard for human life. Carmen totally ignores the fact she is using another human being's face and not an inanimate object to dig into her cunt. Pam makes a stream of inhuman and uncomprehendable noises as she suffers her fate. She feels like Carmen is about to scrub her nose right off of her face. Luckily for Pam it is not that terribly long before Carmen erupts again, and flows a generous helping of hot sex lava on her face.

Once she was finished, Carmen rises to her feet and stands over Pam. The blonde lies supine, spread eagle on the carpet, looking like a used up douche bag. She is hot and sweaty, with her face covered in cum. Pam breathes heavily, her chest rises and falls rapidly. Pam looks up at the ceiling with a blank stare, in a mindless stupor.

"Well, that was fun." Carmen announces. "It made me even hornier. Sorry girl, you're only good as an appetizer." Carmen chastises her rival. "I think I'll go home with Tommy Lee. That'll satisfy me.'

"FUCK NO!" Pam shouts as she miraculously returns to life. "I've told you a thousand times to stay away from my man!"

"Fine then!" Carmen forcefully returns. "I'll stay here and fuck your tiny little brain out, right here in front of everybody, all night long." Carmen shoots back. "The choice is yours."

Carmen and everyone else could see the pained expression coming across Pam's face at that last statement. The blonde knows it is unhealthy for a relationship to unleash a sex bomb like Carmen on her man. Of course she also knows it is adverse to a relationship for a man to see his woman publically violated, sexually abused, and raped. In the end, Pam knew she could not take any more abuse from Carmen. Pam closes her eyes and dejectedly resigns, "Okay take Tommy."

"But honey!" Tommy's voice rings out from the back of the crowd surrounding Pam and Carmen in mock protest.

"Just shut up and go!" Pam snaps back.

"Okay." Tommy answers with a smile growing on his face. He and Carmen have a history. He is excited about the possibilities for the night.

Carmen smiles too. She has totally trounced her rival. She has beaten her into submission, and now she will be leaving with her man. She can think of no greater public humiliation for Pam. Carmen steps away from the conquered nemesis and retrieves her panties. Pam lies on her back in abject defeat as Carmen puts her dress back on. "I guess we'll let Tommy decide who is the better fuck, and who deserves the Cock Fight Title." Carmen adds with a confident chuckle.

The victorious brunette walks through the crowd to Tommy and offers her arm to him. Tommy takes Carmen's arm and start walking to the door. Carmen also picked up Pam's sundress and panties when she retrieved hers. As she and Tommy walk to the door, Carmen calls back. "Oh Pammmm! I'm putting your dress in the punch bowl, so you don't lose it." Then Carmen dunks Pam's clothes in the red liquid. Pam's only reaction is a soft sigh. She figures she'll be walking around naked for the rest of the night. That is mild compared to all the indignities she has already suffered. Shortly after Carmen and Tommy leave the room.

With the excitement over, the crowd starts to quickly break up. They leave Pam lying there nude on the floor, like a meaningless discarded piece of trash and go about their business. They step around her like she is not there, although she remains the focal point of the room. Pam lies lost in her own world of drunken misery. She sobs and mutters, "But I really won.... She came first." repeatedly through her tears.


In the present, Pam listens intently to Henry's story about the night's events. "That would explain what happened to Tommy" she says aloud to herself. "So that is when you rescued me?" Pam eagerly asks.

"Uhh no, not really." Henry sheepishly replies. "Do you remember Mr. Fliehr's wife Michelle? And her friends Carol Davis and Donna Harris?"

"Those barracudas?" Pam says in confusion. "I've known them for a while. They are a little bitchy, but once you get to know them, they are alright."

"Well I would take them off of your Christmas card list if I were you." Henry suggests. "They are trophy wives that are used to being the most beautiful women in the room. However when you are around, you get all the men's attention. They were only pretending to be your friend, to get close enough to stick a knife in your back." Henry states "You laid on the ground for over twenty minutes, then you finally got up and returned to your seat at the bar and said........."


"Bellini Martini" the dejected and obviously dispirited nude blonde says as she crawls into a bar high chair.

Michelle, Carol and Donna approach Pam wearing smiles. "Pam are you alright? Michelle asks. "Goodness, Carmen Electra just kicked your ass and did unimaginable things to you in front of everybody."

Donna adds, "That had to be embarrassing. Carmen destroyed you. She made a total fool out of you. It looked like she shoved your whole head up her pussy."

"She also took your man like it was nothing. I feel for you." Carol chimes in. "That drink is on me."

Michelle, Carol, and Donna surround Pam, adding their "support", although they are all thinly disguised jibes to add to Pam's misery. "Can you imagine what Carmen is doing to Tommy as we speak?' Michelle adds to feed Pam's imagination and insecurities. At this point Pam falls for it all, and falls deeper and deeper into a drunken depressive stupor. Of course her 'friends' keep the martini's coming until finally Pam rests her head on her arms on the bar.

"I'm fucking drunk" slurs the blonde femme fatale. "Shit!" Pam's trophy wife friends laugh at the blonde's dilemma and continue talking. After a few minutes they noticed that Pam has not moved in a long while.

Carol shakes Pam, but only hears faint snoring from the blonde. They burst into laughter. Carol says, "The dumb ass bimbo is out!" She lifts Pam's head off the bar by a handful of blonde hair. Sure enough, Pam's eyes were closed, mouth hung open and totally oblivious of her surroundings.

The three trophy wives laugh and celebrate. Saying, "Let's see if our dumb husbands think the stupid lush is such hot shit now." They have constant laughs and jokes at the passed out blonde's expense for the rest of the night.


"Those witches!" Pam exclaims hearing Henry's story.

"Yeah it gets worst." Henry explains. "They end us carrying you to the buffet table and leave you lying there, passed out, naked, and tits up. Then they wrote 'whore d'oeuvre' on your chest. Pam immediately checks under the covers, and true to Henry's word, 'whore d'oerve' was scrawled across her chest. Pam huffs in anger.

"You laid on that table, asleep till closing time." Henry decided to omit the fact that Michelle paid for her, Donna, Carol, Carmen, Tommy and Pam's tab with Pam's credit card. Generally a $6,0000 charge is hard to miss. It also included a generous $1,200 tip to him. "After closing I volunteered to take you home, and helped you to my car. We were heading to your home, but you freaked out. You said Carmen would do horrible things to you, if you interrupted her and Tommy. So I brought you here." Henry finishes.

Pam smiles at the handsome young man. Pam is enamored with her young rescurer. She is happy that he is such a gentleman, and took such care of her. She is happy that he is so fucking hot. "So you're my knight in shining armor, huh?" Pam says with a pleasant smile. "Have I given you your reward yet?" Pam asks with an inviting smile. Henry looks back confused wondering she means. Pam pulls back the covers on the bed and wags her finger inviting him to bed with her. Pam says "Come here silly." accompanied with a mischievous giggle.

"Miss Anderson? What about Mr Lee?" Henry asks shyly.

"Sounds like he's already had his fun for tonight. It's time for mine." Pam answers. "Besides we aren't married anymore."

Henry did not need to be asked twice. He quickly gets up and crawls into bed with Pam. For the next hour, Henry had the most spectacular event of his life. The MILF rocked the young man's world. It was the most amazing sex that Henry ever had or ever will have in his life. Henry started on top, and though he is advanced beyond his years, it still was not enough for the mature woman. Pam eventually takes control, throws the young man down and takes the driver's seat. Poor Henry did not know it yet, but he had just reached the zenith of his sexual life. He would search for the rest of his life for a similar experience, but always falling short.

Once they were finished, Pam gets out of bed for a long shower. Henry lay there, drained, trying to phantom what just happened. After both had freshened up, Henry drives Pam to her Malibu estate. The blonde gives him a final kiss and hops out of the car.

Pam walks through her front door wearing the ill fitting clothes that The Thoroughbred Room provided for her. As she walks through her living room, she is pleasantly surprised to see her Cock Fighting Championship belt still displayed high on her mantle. She was actually surprised that Tommy resisted Carmen's feminine wilds and 'sexpertise' to deny her the title belt. Pam should not have been so surprised with an afterthought. Carmen has been after Tommy for years. Although he frequently slipped and spent time with the brunette, he always dumps Carmen like a load of shit once Pam finds out.

Pam burst through her bedroom door, and sees Tommy lounging in the bed, obviously showing the effects of a long, hard, wild night. "Hey honey." Tommy sings, seeing Pam enter the room.

"Don't 'hey honey' me. You actually left with that skank." Pam angrily roars.

"Hey! I did it for you." Tommy argues back. "She kicked your ass real bad. I was just trying to get her off of you. So, I bit the bullet and spent the night with that skank. It was horrible, but I did it so she wouldn't hurt you anymore. I just did what you told me to do."

Of course Pam did not buy this excuse. Although she really was not angry with Tommy, she did give him hell about it for the next 45 minutes. It was just the principal of the matter. After grilling Tommy, Pam asks, "So why didn't you give her my Cock Fighting Belt?"

"Because she did not deserve it." Tommy answers. "First, she came first. I've had some experience with both of you. I can definitely tell, who reached an orgasm first. Carmen came first. Second, she is definitely not a better fuck than you."

In the strange world of Pam and Tommy Lee, this was taken as a tremendous compliment to Pam. She kissed Tommy dead on the lips. "That was sweet." Pam answers sweetly. "Just for that, you only got to spend two days in the doghouse."

"Uh the guest room?" Tommy asks.

"You got it mister." Pam firmly says. Tommy knows better than to argue. He crawls out of bed, and actually looks forward to the sanctity of the guest bedroom. It is a small price to pay for a night wih Carmen afterall. Pam giggles after he leaves. She had a funny feeling that she was going to go visit him in the guest room and reclaim her position. But first, she is taking a long nap.

Mr. Skin