Christina Aguilera (53%) Rips Alyssa Milano (47%) Alyssa Milano enters the ring in a black leather outfit, reminiscent of her outfit of her Eva Savelot character in the ATT commercials. She has a black leather tank top with form fitting black leather pants. She knew she had a sizable task ahead of her. First to defeat Christina Aguilera which she felt confident she could accomplish. Christina is a former champion, just as Alyssa, but that did not worry her. What did worry her was that Alyssa is alone, while Christina was entering the ring with her Generation PRIME brat pack with her. They were sure to interfere on Christina's behalf. This is practically a 4 on 1 match up.

Just as predicted, Christina enters the ring with all of Generation PRIME accompanying her. Ananda Lewis, Jessica Simpson and newest member, rapper Foxy Brown, are all in attendance at ringside. Everyone in the arena knew Alyssa was in major trouble trying to defeat Christina and friends by herself. To confirm her fate, Ananda carried a huge dildo that Christina has been using to sexually assault her victims after the match. Christina wore a huge, confident smile, a baby blue Supergirl tank top and cut off jeans.

Alyssa knew her only chance of victory was to take Christina down fast and hard. With this in mind, she lets out a war cry and charges out of her corner and traps Christina back in her own corner. Alyssa demonstrates how she earned the name 'Psycho Milano' from the girls in the back, as she swings like a wild woman. Alyssa windmills punch after punch until she knocks the lithe blonde to the mat. Once Christina was down, she continues to stomp on the teen babe.

Alyssa reaches down and grabs two handfuls of blonde hair and pulls Christina to her feet. In a classic Three Stooges move, Christina pokes two fingers in Alyssa's eyes. The brunette yelps and covers her eyes. Christina grabs both of Alyssa's ears to bring her close and bites her foe on the bridge of her nose. Alyssa screams and pushed the smaller vixen away. Alyssa tries to put a little distance between herself and Christina but the blonde catches her with a kick to her cock before she could get away. Alyssa drops to her knees, still trying to clear her vision from the initial attack while holding one hand over her hurting groin. Christina approaches Alyssa from behind and claws at the downed warrior's eyes again.

Alyssa is able to scurry away from Christina like a scowled puppy. She is shocked that her opponent was able to return her attack with equal viciousness. Until this point Alyssa thought Christina's best move was outside interference, but the former champion is proving to be equal to her challenge. Christina does not let up either. She snares Alyssa's hair and rams her face into the turnbuckle. Christina slams Alyssa's face again and again. Blindly Alyssa kicks her leg backwards, and luckily catches its target, catching Christina between the legs. The blonde stops dead in her tracks, and Alyssa fires backwards with her elbow, catching Christina in the jaw, and knocking her to the mat.

Alyssa sees Christina down at her feet, and takes a head dive into Christina's spread open legs. Alyssa once again scored heavily with this gamble, landing a head butt to Christina's snatch. Christina withers on the mat. Alyssa pulls the blonde to her feet and tucks her head under her arm then falls back executing a devastating DDT. The blonde flips over onto her back and looks to be out of it.

Alyssa looks for a quick victory and scales to the top turnbuckle. Alyssa is about to leap off onto the prone blonde, but she had forgotten about Christina's friends at ringside. Foxy Brown reaches up and grabs Alyssa's ankles and trips the actress. Alyssa looses her balance and falls straddling the metal bracket that connects the turnbuckle to the ring post. Alyssa screams as her groin makes contact and just sits on the bracket hoping the pain will soon go away. Christina regains her senses a bit and sees Alyssa in such a vulnerable position. The blonde climbs the turnbuckle as well and pulls Alyssa into position to suflex the brunette off the top turnbuckle. Alyssa's body makes a thunderous sound as it hits the mat. Christina's face is filled with glee, seeing that the fall has knocked the stuffing out of Alyssa.

Christina quickly climbs the top rope again and does a back flip off onto Alyssa's prone body. Physo Alyssa lets out a loud oomph, and lies on the mat under Christina as the referee starts the three count.

Alyssa can not muster even a weak kick to escape, but after the two count, Christina pulls Alyssa's shoulders off the mat. "Im not through with you yet" says the blonde. Christina is looking to send a message to nemeses Halle Berry and Britney Spears. Torturing a feared competitor and former champion like Alyssa would do the trick. In fact Alyssa has fought both Halle & Britney and gave each of them the fight of their lives.

Christina dumps Alyssa out of the ring to the arena floor. Her friends on the outside swarmed the dazed brunette like a hoard of bees. Christina occupied the referee while her friends stomped Alyssa and stripped her of her leather outfit quicker than an expensive car being stripped in New York City.

Seconds later the girls on the outside rolled Alyssa's nude, limp body back under the bottom ropes. Christina went over to the agonized actress and pulled her to her knees by her hair. Christina slapped Alyssa's face till her cheeks turned rosy red to demean, and display her dominance over the former champion.

Alyssa seemed out of it. Her arms dangled lifelessly by her sides. If not for Christina's firm grip on her hair, it looked like she would sag to the mat like an old bag of garbage. Christina used that handful of hair to pull Alyssa to her feet. Once Alyssa stood the blonde singer sent several looping punches up into the brunette's furry snatch. Alyssa jumps and yelps at each pumch, until she collapes to her hands & knees. Christina leads Alyssa crawling behind her to the center of the ring. She takes the defenseless girl and pile drives her into the mat. Christina stands and surveys the defeated woman, who is often called 'the sexiest woman on TV'. Christina sits on her victim's face, and grinds her butt on it to claim her victory.

Still Christina was not finished. She called to Ananda for the large dildo she has been terrorizing the competition with. Ananda hands Christina the dildo while Foxy and Jessica scrape Alyssa off the mat, and positions her on her knees so Christina can start to fuck her doggy style.

Christina is having her fun when a booming voice comes over the speakers. "Now Christina, you know I'm not going to let you get away with this!" The voice belonged to the League Commissioner Stone Rage.

"You know I never liked you, I hate that junk you call music, and even worst I hate you cheating to win your matches with constant interference. I'm certainly not going to let you victimize one of my favorites like Alyssa. Since you like dildos so much, you've just earned a Nude Cock Fight with the Cock Fight Queen Madonna next month, Have a Nice day, and I hope you get FUCKED!"

"What!" Christina exclaimed as she released Alyssa, allowing her to pitch face first to the canvas. "You can't do this to me!" she yelled, realizing Madonna's expertise in any sexual contest. The crowd gasp realizing Christina was in for certain sexual abuse from the Cock Fight Queen.

She kicked Alyssa's limp nude body adding emphasis on every word of "Stone Rage, I'll get you for this! !@!#!!"

Christina leads Generation PRIME to Another Victory!

Christina turns Alyssa into her own little slut puppy

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