"So Calderon, how have things progressed in Stone Rage's league." asks one of the shadowy figures on the top level of entertainment that studio advisor, Quatro Calderon reports to.

"Splendidly" Calderon answers. "Everything is progressing according to plan. Stone Rage has proven a worthy adversary. He has secretly built a revolutionary new arena. He has infiltrated the board of directors by adding new members loyal to him. He has even expanded the ABA and Fab Four brands with their own privately promoted events. However I always intended to win this war in the ring and not in the boardroom. Gen Next, Gen Prime and the Diva factions have joined the Resistance to be loyal to me. I've been using the studio demands to sign new celebrities that are loyal to me." Calderon continues to explain. "Poor Stone Rage has been forced to release a lot of old hags that are loyal to him to maintain his budget." Calderon chuckles "He had to release his beloved Kimora Lee Simmon this week. She signed with Rage's friend, Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Mickey Mouse league." Calderon chuckles louder. "My new team is almost complete. My team called the Chosen will defeat Rage's flagship team, The Fab Four, and that will open the door for Rage's final failure."

"Are you sure about your plans Calderon?" another shadowy voice asks. "Stone Rage's Fab Four has been a long time strength. Actually a force is a more accurate description. Are you sure this is a wise plan? I assure you that we will hold you accountable for any failures."

"I assure you that my plan is entirely sound." Calderon answers somewhat disturbed by their lack of faith, "I've been grinding them down since the beginning; especially Tia Carerre and Pam Anderson. Besides, my team is younger, bigger, sexier and stronger than his list of aging legends. I've tested the Fab Four repeatedly, and they can't keep up with my super team. Nicki Minaj, Amber Heard and Margot Robbie are in my starting lineup. Soon Kate Upton should earn her place as the fourth member of that lineup by facing and defeating Christina Hendricks."

"Katherine Elizabeth Upton", states another studio voice profoundly. "She comes from the line of Louis Cassius Upton and Frederick Upton. At one time, her bloodline was as elite as my own. They were founders of the Whirlpool Corporation. You've championed her in the past Calderon, and she failed you miserably. Her youth and arrogance has cost you and her."

"I understand your concerns." Calderon takes control of the conversation, understanding where it is going. "I assure you that Christina Hendricks is big, busty, and strong enough to thoroughly test Kate. She will be sufficiently tested and will have to prove herself worthy of being on my team." Calderon understands that he will not be able to help his dream girl this time. She is going to have to impress the council on her own. Especially since she has fallen out of favor with them in the past.

Calderon set Kate up in a big dollar spotlight match at his special event with Christina Hendricks for both of their debuts. Calderon is thrilled to see his golden dream in the ring. Kate has slimmed down and is ready for the match. Kate's big voluptuous body is bouncy but still tight, just how Calderon likes it. Kate looks stout and strong wearing a white bikini, and waiting in her corner for the bell. Calderon found Kate's massive tits hypnotic. He adores her attitude. The blonde sassily tells any fans that are listening how great she is and how she is going to destroy Christina.

Across the ring, Christina stands with her milky white body spilling out of her black one piece swimsuit. The fiery red head is shorter than Kate, but has wider hips. Calderon struggled to admit it, but Christina has a more hour glassed shaped figure than his Kate. The red head goddess is confident and casually leans against her corner. Calderon struggled greatly, but finally had to admit the truth, that Christina's titanic breasts were bigger than Kate's. Christina certainly looks like a big bad beautiful woman. Calderon fears that he has given his precious Kate too formidable of a task.

Definitely do not under estimate the breast factor in this match. As both women survey each other and compare assets for themselves, they both know why they are there in that very ring. This fight was booked so they can expose, smash and maul each other's masive tits to entertain millions and millions of fans. Who is bigger, firmer, or better really does not matter. They want to see the battle of the titties. The masses want to see two colossal racks collide and who's rack will reign supreme and devour the other pair.

The bell rings and both women confidently advance to the center of the ring. The curvaceous vixens lock up collar and elbow. The size discrepancy is startling. Kate towers several inches over Christina. Then just as remarkable the short but thick Christina start pushing Kate backwards across the ring. Christina forcefully shoves Kate against the ropes like she is moving a tackling dummy. Then the red head pulls one arm free and starts pumping her fist into Kate's soft body. Kate cringes, quivers and barks as her stomach takes a pounding. Kate's arms drop as her breath is being beaten away. Christina grips her other hand around Kate's throat and ushers Kate for a short trip down the ropes to the corner, where she can better trap the big blonde.

Christina pounds Kate's gut several more times, before going for the true treasure. Christina uses both hands to grab Kate's bikini top and jerk the cups aside to allow Kate's monster tits to fall out. Immediately Christina starts squeezing and clawing the squealing Kate's magnificent tits. Kate tries to grab and pull Christina's hands away and cover the breasts. However, every time she pulls a hand free, almost as quickly, Christina would rip Kate's protecting hands away and reapply her clutches on Kate's tits.

Tired of the hand game, Christina rips off a flurry of punches to Kate's boobs. Kate's magnificent breasts jump and jiggle painfully for Kate but mesmerizing and tantalizing for the fans. With Kate suffering and wilting in the corner, Christina pulls down the straps of her one piece suit allowing her massive tits to burst free. Christina pulls the shapely, tall blonde's face down into her bosom to smother her opponent. "Get a look at a real pair of tits, Blondie!", Christina grumbles. Kate mumbles a response that sounds like humming with her face buried deep in Christina's white tits. Christina delighted the fans and was giving them the sexy match that they wanted. They loudly cheered in appreciation of Christina's exotic showmanship. "My tits are so big that I really only need one to smother you out honey." Christina boasts.

Although the fans may have been delighted or aroused by Christina's breasts smother, Kate was embarrassed to find her face plowed into Christina's milky breasts. She starts wildly throwing fists with both hands. Kate clobbers Christina over the head several times. Eventually Kate fights her way out of Christina's tits with clubbering blows that sends the red head wobbling backwards. Through the miracles of youth, Kate does not need a break despite being red faced and having her guts pounded just seconds earlier. Kate stays on the attack by following the retreating curvy red head and repeatedly tagging her in the face with one combination after another.

Finding a steady diet of jabs distasteful, Christina changes up a bit. She plants her feet from retreating and starts serving knuckle sandwiches back at the big bad blonde. It is a clash of titans as the big bazooka breasted women brawl like sailors. Both stand their ground and simply fight, trading blows in a pier six brawl. Christina is a tough as nails lady, with heavy hands. However, Kate has a height and reach advantage, so she is getting the best of Christina in duking it out. That was until Christina surges forward and slams her boobs into Kate's breasts, sending her stumbling backwards.

Kate stumbles back with a gasp and a look of disbelief and frustration. Her mighty mega tits are being slapped around like punk bitches. Christina cannot help but to respond with a sly smile, from seeing her big boobed opponent mentally and emotionally breaking down. Kate's excellent breasts were starting to throb and droop slightly, as they rose and fell rapidly with the heavy breathing blonde.

Seeing that Kate's little burst of energy was not sustainable Christina confidently walks toward her prey. When near Kate springs to life with the marvelous gifts of youth once again and grabs Christina around her waist. The blonde hoists the squealing and flailing Christina off of her feet. With a twist and turn and a swift and powerful snap of her hips, Kate drives Christina back to the mat. Christina is driven onto her back with Kate tit-to-tit on top of her. All of Kate's weight and force crashes down on Christina like an avalanche. Christina yells, "Yaarrrghhh!" at the top of her lungs. The sudden and surprise belly to belly suflex from the big, mega breasted blonde has just introduced itself as a devastating force into this match and into the league.

Kate's arms loosen around Christina's waist for a second, then they return to vibrancy and constrict around Christina's waist again. With a fire burning in her eyes Kate starts getting off of the mat with Christina still in her iron grasps. Christina loudly grunts and groans with dread and fear in her eyes, as she in being forced along this violent journey. Once Kate muscles Christina to their feet, Kate squeezes Christina again. Christina releases a loud "Uuungh!" Kate can feel the energy, strength and fight drain from her super breasted rival rapidly when matched up breast to breast with Kate's mega tits. Kate completes the mission mercilessly and snaps Christina over and drives Christina into the mat with a second belly to belly suflex. The red head screams like a B movie queen meeting her slasher along Kate's trip to the mat, until it is cut off when Kate's mighty boobs slam onto hers accompanied with Kate's crushing weight.

Christina is breathing hard and panting underneath Kate. The blonde would not have minded a breather herself. After all, slinging Christina's big body around is no easy task. However, now is not the time. Kate starts getting up again and hoisting Christina up with her by her arms still locked around Christina's body. After getting up with the red head, Kate lifts Christina off her feet and holds her aloft in a bear hug. Christina roars in anguish. Her plush soft body and tits is being compressed if not flat out crushed against Kate's mega tits. Christina's eyes bulge in disbelief of Kate's strength and power. It is unbelievable that Kate is able to sling her around like a rag doll and crush the life out of her without blinking an eye. Kate then roars too as she musters the strength to whip the screaming red head and slams her into the mat with a third belly to belly suflex.

Both women are winded from the triple belly to belly suflex sequence. Christina is on her back, grunting and moaning. Kate pushes up off Christina's body and asks, "Those big tits can certainly dish out the punishment, but they can't take it, can they?" Kate leans down and takes a bite out of Christina's tit. Christina screams another loud breathless wail. After her tasty bite, Kate rises off of Christina but not before taking a cruel swing at Christina's other tit and buries her fist deep into the mammary.

Kate stands and brushes the hair off of her face. She needs a breath after this short but intense battle. Christina grabs the small of her back with one hand and the other reaches across her breasts to stabilize and soothe them. Christina starts scooting away from Kate, but the blonde was not having it. Kate reaches down and snatches two handfuls of red hair, and evilly drags Christina across the mat. At first anger and fear of Christina getting away is proper motivation, but the fans' positive response to Kate's dragging her foe around, caused Kate to drag Christina around more. Being drug embarrasses Christina tremendously so the red head anchored her big wide butt down and put a stop to it. Kate lets go of her flaming hair and kicks Christina in her giant boob in return. Christina grabs her chest with a pained expression stricken across her face.

Kate is terribly abusing Christina's titanic boobs and sees that Christina cannot handle it. Kate felt a twinge of sympathy for her older rival, but Kate quickly smiles and shakes her head 'no' as the feeling quickly goes away. During that twinge, Christina escapes and crawls away. Christina uses the ropes to help climb up to her feet. The busty red head rises then turns to face Kate and leans breathlessly against the ropes.

Like a blonde assassin Kate struts toward the faltering she-devil. Kate says, "Your tits are huge as fuck, but they're weak as shit!" Christina answers by leaning forward and chopping Kate across her big ass boobs. Although they stung, Kate ignores the tingling and fires an avenging chop across Christina's tits. The red head cringes, but accepts the challenge and returns a counter blow across Kate's breasts. One intense meaty slap followed another as the buxom bombshells trade tit chops. The fans get to their feet and raucously cheer on their favorite. Breasts jump and jiggle as they are abused in this breasts beating contest.

Both women's determination kept this contest going far longer than anyone expected, but nobody watching was complaining at all. They just watched the reddening busts bounce and waggle in a bewitching manner. The turning point came when Christina's breathing became visibly harder. That makes Kate pour the pain on swinging furiously with her slaps across Christina's enormous tits. Christina's meaty arms swiftly got heavier. She could no longer generate much force behind her chops. A mighty home run chop sends Christina back leaning against the ropes with her arms dangling at her sides. The breast thirsty crowd is still begging for more.

Few fans doubted that Kate would not come through with a big finish. "I told you that you had weak ass tits, Big Red!" Kate harshly reminds. The blonde square up and starts working Christina's big boobs like punching bags. Kate's right fist finds a boob to pelt with punches while her left fist batters the other breast. Kate barks, "I'm going to prove it to you!" Meanwhile Christina is drowning in waves of exhaustion and pain. The divine red head tries to command her weighty arms to rise and protect her, but cannot find the strength to raise them that high before another tide of pain saps her strength. However, Christina found the strength to vindictively throw her leg up and kick Kate in the belly to end the punching bag assault.

Kate backs off then smiles. Wearily Christina lumbers off of the ropes. Kate beckons, "Come on Big Red" while admiring old girl's heart. Scarcely able to breath, Christina comes forward with her dukes up and ready to fight. Christina throws a big weary haymaker that whiffs and does not connect to anything. Christina throws another blow along with a loud grunt that is not close to hitting anything. Christina gears up for another pathetic attempt when Kate spins around behind Christina. In a blink of an eye, Kate has secured Christina's arms and has her locked in a Full Nelson hold. Kate is not naturally stronger than Christina, but at this point in the match, she is easily the over powering, dominant woman.

Christina knows that she is in a predicament. Her arms are tied up, her neck is being cranked down, her tits are thrust out, and she is far too tired to do anything about it. Christina's eyes get big as Kate starts marching her towards the ropes. She sees that Kate is not done with her, despite everyone, including Christina, knowing that Kate can end this match at any time. Kate forces Christina to the ropes so that her big tits are pressed against the top rope. Christina’s face shows her emotions about what she suspects is in store for her. However she knows that this kind of torture should have been expected when she signed for a colossal tit battle like this. Kate presses Christina's breasts against the ring rope and starts forcing Christina to move along the ropes, making Christina drag her tits across them.

This move is a rope burning hell. Kate keeps marching the screaming red head along the ropes, dragging Christina's enormous breasts along the way. Christina's only relief is to twist and turning to keep her nipples and areola away from the rough rope. Kate feels that she has to punish Christina for having bigger tits, so she enjoys Christina's anguish. After dragging Christina up and down the ropes five times, she tosses Christina into the nearest corner. Christina crashes tits first against the corner then spins around to face Kate before falling on her extra large ass and then leans back and flops back against the bottom turnbuckle, totally exhausted.

Mercilessly Kate starts stomping down on Christina's breasts. At this time Christina has nothing left. She can only sit there and grunt and wail as her breasts are being destroyed. Still not satisfied, Kate steps on top of the lounging woman's chest, by using the assistance of the ropes. Kate starts stepping, stomping, standing and grinding both feet on Christina's massive breasts.

"Yaaahh!" Christina exclaims as her eyes nearly pops out of her skull. While blinking her beautiful blue eyes, the dazed warrior comes to grasp that there is a giant blonde woman stomping and marching on her battered and bruised tits. "Stop!" Christina yells. "My tits can't take anymore! I'm done! I give up!"

The bell rings before the echo of Christina's words passes. Kate steps off of Christina and glares down at the defeated she-devil. "If you can't take anymore, then get the fuck out of my ring Big Red!" Kate threateningly shouts with a directional point. "If you ever get in the same ring with me again, I'll really beat the fuck out of your weak ass tits and won't take it easy on you next time!" Christina cradles her damaged breasts and scoots out under the bottom ropes as fast as her damaged body would allow. While still cradling her chest, Christina obediently staggers away from the ring to the backstage area. Poor Christina walks like her tits weigh half a ton.

Kate is happy to see Christina walk away. First she vainly despised being in the ring with a woman who's breasts rival or possibly exceeded her own. Second, she is fearful that a vengeful Christina could easily send Kate packing holding a pair of battered and defeated tits in a future rematch. So Kate smiles seeing the red head stagger topless with her one piece swimsuit pulled down, and stretched to the max around her wide hips. She knows the red head's confidence is shaken and it will probably be a little time before she can regroup. Everyone is certain that she will regroup and return better and stronger. Kate starts stuffing her own wonderful tatas inside her bikini that was pulled aside and recovers her mega-tits. Once she has finished, Kate raises her right fist in victory to a roaring crowd. Kate looks out at a bright and rewarding future in the league.

Later the lights diminish away and this evening becomes just a wonderful memory. A limo swooped Kate and her baseball star husband away to a highly undisclosed building for a welcoming part for Kate into the Chosen. Her new teammates are there to welcome her into the elite group. Nicki Minaj, Amber Herd and Margot Robbie are all there with their significant others along with their trainer, probable future WWE Hall of Famer, Victoria and several cases of champagne.

Calderon had arranged the party, but he will be arriving later. He has a follow up ZOOM call with the shadowy figures of the studios in charge of all media. "As I have perceived Katherine Upton was spectacular in her victory tonight. Christina Hendricks is an upper level opponent, but was outclassed by Katherine. She has earned her way into the ranks of our elite group, the Chosen.", Calderon reports. "She completes my starting lineup. My other prospects will fill out the remainder of the group. However I feel that now is the time to strike and serve a huge blow to Stone Rage and his Fab Four. I want a high stake match with my Chosen and the Fab Four. I just need your permission to proceed."

"Are you certain Calderon?" the executive quickly raises the question. "The Fab Four tends to excel in high stake situations."

"They are formidable, but hardly unbeatable." Calderon answers. "The ABA has proven that. Besides this is our best chance at beating them. My team is a secret. The very existence of the Chosen is a product of conspiracy theories, rumors and suspicion. They are literally specters in the league. Rage and the Fabs will not be prepared for them. My team has done nothing but prepare to destroy them. The Fab Four are aging, worn down and ripe for the picking. I feel it!"

"Okay Quatro you have our permission." The voice speaks. "I'm glad that you are so confident in your team. If they lose, their failure will cost you your position."

TO Studio Specter