This year Christina Applegate placed the responsibility of STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! in Angela Bassett's very capable hands. She is responsible for everything. That includes the arrangements of the site, the catering, decoration and most importantly, the fight. Always classy and elegant, Angela set about creating an event to match her taste. She compiled a staff of expert assistants to handle her tasks and oversaw the entire process. The result was an experience the likes of a Cinderella ball. At least that is how the event will start. By the time the clock strikes twelve Angela is sure that somehow Stone Rage will lead the party down the path of another drunken throw down. However in the beginning, she begins a tasteful formal event for a change.

Angela decided to start the party as a total formal affair with a band, and attire to fit a Hollywood award show. After the ball drops and 2013 begins, the band finishes auld lang syne and the first song, the band is moved out of the way and one of Stone Rage's favorite DJ's, the smoking hot, DJ Lady Tribe cranks up on the ones and two's. Angela encouraged bringing a change of clothes if necessary, because after the new year comes in, they are going to drink and party like the Mayan calendar is ending.

Looking back, Angela felt that 2012 was a year of surprises. She never thought she would be on the booking committee for the Battle Zone surely. However events swung to her good fortune. Also the Fab Four and the ABA are no longer the first name coming out of everyone's mouth, it is the Resistance. That is another surprise, just like the rise of Rihanna to the War Queen title. Angela felt the unpredictable year should end the same way.

With this in mind, Angela invented the Wildcat Lottery. Instead of an in ring, organized match like in the previous years, Angela got inventive. Twenty balls will be put in a hopper. Each ball has a different celebrity's name on it. At the time of the match, Angela will draw two balls from the hopper, and announce the names. At that time, the two formally dressed women will make their way to the VIP section and start fighting in evening gowns, heels and everything. Imagine a true catfight with two sexy demons in evening gowns, heels tearing into each other on a plush sofa with luxurious carpet for everybody to see.

When it is time for the fight, Angela stands the table with the clear hopper with balls bouncing around in it and a frantic pace. Ball 1 has FOXY BROWN embossed on its side. Foxy looks on with sparkling eyes. She could really use her ball rising to the top. Her career is going nowhere and she could use the publicity boost. Once upon a time in the late nineties Foxy was one of the hottest names in hip hop. She was fucking the then president of Def Jam Records and reaping all of the benefits. Then came the arrests, the jail time, and the anger issues and pain killer addiction. Now her career is where it is expected to be after all those ailments. "A win here could get me back in the spotlight" Foxy thinks. "I need this. 2013 will be my year."

Ball 2 has KERI HILSON embossed on it. Keri is in a precarious position. She has been working in the shadows as a song writer since she was 14 years old to some of the top acts. Finally she got her chance and produced multiple hits. Now itís time for her third album. Does she become an entertainment footnote or a proven superstar? A big catfight win would definitely bolster Keri's confidence. She wants this match and the these bright lights.

Ball 3 has Naomi Campbell's name on it, looking to make her debut. LeAnn Rimes's name is on Ball 4 and she is looking for a good fight. Penelope Cruz entered, putting her name on Ball 5 at the urging of her best friend Salma Hayek. Heidi Klum's name is on Ball 6. Heidi is looking for this high profile moment to promote her various business ventures.

Ball 7 has KATHERINE HEIGL on it. Katherine's big mistake came in 2010 when she left Grey's Anatomy. Since then not a hell of a lot has been going on. She has asked to return to the show to no avail. Now Katherine wants to turn her attention into catfighting. She has a big spectacular body to be successful. All she needs is a chance. In 2013 Katherine wants to be a catfight queen.

Ball 8 has GENA LEE NOLIN embossed on it. Ball 9 has CHARISMA CARPENTER printed on it. ELISHA CUTHBERT is on Ball 10. Elisha has always been successful and a star, but not really a superstar. She is getting too old to continue being the up and coming. Elisha feels that 2013 is the year she makes her name known like her contemporaries, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba.

Ball 11 represents someone who really wants a match, Shania Twain. Shania went through a bad time, once her husband dumped her for Shania's best friend. Shania Twain, international superstar, and renown as a sex symbol of the highest order was publically dumped for an average looking woman at best. Shania was crushed and became the butt of jokes. She fell back on her singing career, but people do not realize that vocal chords are muscles. If they are not flexed and exercised regularly they get weak and are not the same. By 2012 Shania got her chops right and everything was going great. She got her rematch for her Songbird title, and was destroyed by Christina Aguilera. It was an atrocious and totally embarrassing performance that she wants to avenge. However her performance was so bad that the booking committee will not give her another match. This lottery is Shania's only chance to get a big match. Shania sits on the edge of her seat with her fingers crossed.

LISA RAYE is embossed on Ball 12. Jeri Ryan represents the Resistance and has her name on Ball 13. Jamie Pressly jumped at the opportunity to put her name on Ball 14. Madonna took some lumps in the ring in 2012. She is anxious as hell to get her hands on anybody. So she issued her name was embossed on Ball 15. Sarah Michelle Gellar who is also dabbling with the comeback trail entered, getting her name on Ball 16

Rosario Dawson got the nod from the Fab Four to represent their organization. Her name is printed on Ball 17. The ABA chose Lindsay Lohan to represent them in the lottery. Ball 18 was fortunate to receive Lindsay's name. Each team wisely chose only one person to put in the lottery. If they chose more there was the slim chance that two of their members could have to fight each other because of the chaotic nature of a lottery. Neither group wanted that controversy in their midst.

KEIRA KNIGHTLY is embossed on Ball 19, and Brandy had her name printed on Ball 20. The mysterious Return of the Dark Wolf creates a interesting dynamic if either of their names are chosen.

Suddenly a loud SHOOP echoes at the party, and all eyes turn to Angela. A ball is sucked to the top of the hopper, and Angela is plucking the precious ball. Angela looks at the ball and announces, "Well, our first combatant in the first ever Wildcat Lottery will be.... Shania Twain."

Shania smile and does a Tiger Woods fist pump overjoyed that she has an against all odds chance to wash away the memory of that Triple Threat match with Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Shania stands and starts gliding across the floor to the VIP section, looking like a top model.

Then the balls in the hopper starts bouncing around again. The balls make a ping like popcorn popping as they collide into each other and bounce off the sides of the hopper. Again there is a SHOOP and another ball appears at the neck of the top of the hopper. Angela picks up the ball and reads the name embossed on its side. "Shania's opponent will be...." Angela trumpets "Keri Hilson!"

A tipsy table where Lil Kim, Monica, and Ashanti are seated spontaneously sings out "Miss Keri Baby!! followed by chuckles, making mention of Keri's hit, Pretty Girl Rock. Keri gracefully stands as all eyes fall on her. Then with a polite smile she starts walking to the VIP area.

The VIP section is a section of the hall, elevated about two feet, over the rest of the floor. It is covered with plush soft carpet and has a wrap around sectional sofa in the corner. It is exquisitely decorated with a bronze vase and pictures on the walls. At the end of the sofa is a ice bucket with champagne and glasses. Cameras are all around the section to capture the fight and broadcast it on the several big screens around the party for those who do not have a good view of the action.

Keri walks in the VIP section wearing a glittering sequined navy blue evening gown. It had straps over Keri's shoulders for a plunging neck line to show a more than ample amount of cleavage. Keri's short hair allows her bulging breast to draw all the attention without being shrouded by cascading hair. The full length dress cascaded down to Keri's ankles, but had a slit up the right side that stopped almost at Keri's hip. Keri's visible sexy legs were encased in dark panty hose, and amplified by 4 inch heels. Already several inches taller than Shania, Keri makes an intimidating figure marching towards the country legend.

Shania stands in the VIP section in a more conservative dark purple outfit. Her evening gown is sleeveless, but the neck line is up close to her neck covering all cleavage. Shania's dress also glitters from sequins. Her dress stops just shot of Shania's knees, giving it a more party aspect. It remains very flattering to the mature lady's sensual curves. Shania's legs are shaded with a pair of dark panty hose as well. High heel pumps finishes Shania's sexy fashion statement.

Keri ascends the single step to the Vip area and comes face to face with Shania. Immediately Keri shoves Shania, sending her falling backwards onto the sofa. There is no need for words or false bravado. These vixens are there to fight, and put on a show in doing so. After all, Keri and Shania do not hold any ill will or bad feelings toward each other. They are there for the winner's share of the fight and to make the incentive pay bonuses along the way.

Keri dives on top of Shania on the sofa and the fight is on. Keri and Shania thrash very briefly and Shania is on top a split second later. In the process a couple of the sofa's seat cushions are dislodged. Immediately Keri retaliates and sinks her hands into Shania's hair before the veteran wildcat can gain any significant advantage. Next Keri draws her slender leg up to also keep Shania at bay. They continue to thrash around, and slapping each other as they squeal, grunt shriek at each other.

With Keri's long legs keeping Shania at a length, Shania shrewdly with Keri's pumping legs, allowing it to knock her away. Shania is on her feet stumbling back a couple of steps, however Shania grabbed Keri's slender arm along the way and uses that momentum to snatch Keri up off the sofa to her feet too. Shania hoped to gain an advantage from changing to a standing position, but the cagey youngster was on to Shania's tricks. Keri allows herself to be pulled into Shania and carries through to barrels into Shania and knocks her over backwards onto the other side of the angled wrap around sofa.

Shania is in a seated position on the sofa, and Keri is pressed in between Shania's legs and pressing the attack. Keri is cognizant that both of her dress straps are already falling off her shoulders and her breasts will be bouncing free shortly. One of the bonuses is achieved when both combatants have stripped each other topless. Eager to make their bonus neither Shania nor Keri wore bras. While Shania is in a compromising position, Keri reaches behind Shania's neck and quickly unfastens the top of Shania's dress to get the first bonus.

Keri is on Shania slapping and scratching away, while Shania scraps trying to fight Keri back. In the process Shania grabs a handful of Keri's dress and pulls it up. Soon with the help of Keri's dress' split, Shania has pulled up Keri's dress and has Keri's ass visible. Really visible. Keri chose not to wear panties under her panty hose to easily achieve the second incentive bonus.

Finally Shania is kick and knock Keri off of her. Keri falls to the ground and Shania stands up. Keri is still ripping and tearing at Shania any way she can. Keri snags Shania's nylon hose and rips open a thigh long gash in Shania's hose. "You little shit" Shania spits at the damage to her expensive hose. Shania starts grappling with Keri again, pushing her back against the sofa and slapping and clawing. Keri reaches around finding that Shania's short dress has hiked up her ass. At Angela's suggestion like all the women in the lottery Shania did not wear panties either, to make her incentives bonus too. It is next to impossible to pull off panties, with panty hose covering them. Keri vengefully grips Shania's hose at the seat and rips a large hole exposing Shania's naked ass.

They tussle on the sofa and fall back onto the sofa seat. Keri steals control by using her legs, and pulling Shania into her trap. Then Keri gets behind Shania, and wraps her legs around her rival's waist. Next Keri seizes Shania's pointy nipples, one in each pinching hand. Then Keri pulls Shania's nipples and stretch Shania's tits to their limits. Shania's plump round breasts are pulled to long cone shaped water balloons of flesh. Shania releases a long high pitched scream, then she knocks Keri's hands away from her boobs, and powers free from Keri's slender legs.

Shania stands and immediately examines her breasts for permanent damage. "Fucking bitch!" Shania reacts instinctively. Although she is not really mad at Keri, but it was a natural reaction to Keri's breast stretching.

"Fuck you bitch!" Keri immediately retorts, lost in the moment. "What are you going to do about it?" Keri says, rising off the couch and moving to engage Shania.

The two cats engage again. Both of their designer evening gowns are torn and down around their waists. The taller Keri goes for Shania's hair, while Shania's hands have vengefully targeted Keri's tits. Shania pushes Keri over knocking her back onto the sofa. Keri's bare ass from the hole ripped open in her panty hose hits the cold fabric. She is immediately reminded her ass is out, and looks for a little revenge. Keri's fingers find anchors and then rips open a large gaping hole in the seat of Shania's nylons. Now Shania's ass is just as bare as Keri's. Keri gives Shania's butt cheeks several hard insulting spanks.

The slight insult makes Shania fight three times harder. The belittling reminds Shania why she was hoping so hard to get this opportunity on center stage. She wants to start 2013 by erasing that immensely embarrassing display against Christina Aguilera. Shania was bitch slapped into being a total whimpery pussy. She shamelessly begged for mercy and agreed to be Christina's little bitch. She has no intention of being the bitch to another young woman almost half her age.

Shania struggles with renewed intensity and vigor. Keri matches that intensity. She wants to prove herself too. Her only performance in the league she was cleanly defeated by Nicki Minaj. Keri wants to prove that she is better than that.

The two ladies roll and thrash around on the sofa like characters on a daytime soap opera. Expectedly they roll off the sofa and onto the carpet at some point. After rolling around on the floor squealing, kicking and scratching, Shania finds a way to come out on top. Shania sits on Keri's belly, pinning her down. Keri reaches up and yanks out a clump of Shania's hair. The country singer spits, "Bitch!" again then bows her head down and take a bite out of Keri's perky left tit.

Keri frees her tortured breast by wrapping both hands around Shania's neck and starts choking her adversary. Shania clutches Keri's wrists and starts prying Keri's hand from around her neck. Shania finds quick relief, but Keri was somehow able to get a leg up between her and Shania. Keri kicks Shania away, breaking the two apart.

The break was only momentary. By the time Keri took one deep breath, a growling Shania was already leaping back on top of her and the two were rolling around the floor, slapping and pulling hair again.

Keri finds herself on top and plunges her tits in Shania's face. "You like my titties enough to eat! How do you like these titties in your face bitch?" Keri asks, trying to smother Shania.

"What are you? a fucking lesbian?" Shania spits back as she breaks free and knocks Keri from off top of her. Immediately the two are back rolling around on the carpet and pulling hair again.

From there it is just a flurry of action. It was a fantasy catfight. There is a contrast of dark skin and light skin tangled and knotted together. Then Shania comes out on top. Suddenly she is toppled by a handful of hair and the struggle is renewed. There is a contrast in age, with there being more than twenty years of age apart. Keri finds the opportunity to bite Shania's tit. Shania screams and then the furious action begins once again. There is a contrast in styles as Shania is country and Keri is R&B. Keri finds a way to get on top of Shania once again, and takes a seat on her stomach.

Shania fights again and gets her legs up to start kicking Keri away. As she is kicking Keri from on top of her, Shania spitefully grabs Keri's dress which is around her waist. Keri is forced back, and Shania is grabbing Keri's dress forward. The result is Keri gets robbed of her dress as she stands to get away from Shania's kicks. Keri falls back, and takes a seat on the sofa minus her evening gown. "You must be the lesbian. You're the one trying to get me naked." Keri cracks as she is sitting on the sofa wearing nothing but a ravaged pair of panty hose.

Shania gets up haphazardly throwing Keri's dress away, and ignoring Keri's little wisecrack. Shania just leaps at Keri, and the catfight is ignited again.

Both wildcats are breathing hard and squealing. Naked tits smack against each other constantly. Keri is definitely winning the hair pulling match, as she rips yet another handful of hair from Shania's scalp. Half of the seat cushions on one end of the couch have been knocked to the floor. Covered with scratches and welts Shania pushes Keri back. Keri falls back momentarily, but sits back up and diving for Shania again. However, Shania drew her right leg up to her chest, and as Keri is moving to her, Shania launches her foot toward Keri's face. Then after all the catfighting, the scratching, the hairpulling, and the tittie mashing in the blink of an eye it is over.

Keri gets caught coming forward and gets nailed as Shania kicks her dead in the chin. Keri's head is snapped back, and her body falls back, limp as a noodle. Keri's sexy little body lies fetching with the top of her body resting on the sofa seat cushion, and her legs dangling off. Keri is in a deep, deep, deep slumber.

Shania leaps up and throws her hands up accepting her victory and the vociferous cheers of the audience. Shania is so overjoyed to get a win and being back on top, Shania grabs the bottle of champagne out of the ice bucket, and shakes it up and starts playfully spraying the crowd with the champagne.

After having a little fun, Shania turns back to Keri, who is starting to arouse. "You okay kido?" Shania warmly asks.

Keri sits up, rubbing her chin and can only mutter, "I fucking loss." while shaking her head.

"I wouldn't worry about that much." Shania says taking a seat beside Keri. "You're one tough hombre and a hell of a fighter. I'm sure you've got an ass load of wins coming your way in the future." Shania encourages. "You're going to pick yourself up and do great in this league. I have faith in you." Shania remembers as winner of the catfight, the VIP section is now hers for the rest of the night. "But right now, we've got a New Year to bring in the right way. Wanna stay her in the VIP section with me and do it right?"

So it began. The clock strikes twelve and a champagne toast later, the party gets kicked off in earnest. Shania and Keri held things down, dancing and getting zany together in the VIP section. Neither of them changed or recovered their clothes from the cat fight. Instead they wore their tattered remains and nakedness like badges of honor from the fight. Keri only had tattered panty hose, with her ass ripped out surviving from the fight. Shania's evening gown looked like a big belt around her waist. The top was ripped down, and the bottom rode high and got captured there by Shania's ass. Her panty hose were in no better shape than Keri's.

It was not a technical match with a lot of holds and maneuvers it was a catfight. and exactly what Angela Bassett envisioned. It was a clawing, ripping, scrappy, catfight, and it was sexy as hell. Shania and Keri talked and joked together all night. They danced together, hugged each other affectionately many times, and toasted and consumed more than one bottles of champagne. Their sexy little affair created a bond between them that neither anticipated. Numbers were exchanged and plans were made. It is a bond that will last throughout 2013.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?



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