Nicki Minaj still cannot believe what has just happened. Thanks to studio advisor to the league, Quatro Calderone and secret trainer, WWE wrestling superstar, Victoria, she has just defeated the legendary Mariah Carey. Instantly everything has changed for her. Nicki is now a top contender for most titles. She is moving up to main events and beyond in the entertainment industry. She is another Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Iovine or Angelina Jolie on the rise. Nicki has a reason to celebrate this potentially career changing victory.

That was earlier that night but now is the after party to celebrate her victory over Mariah Carey. Nicki dances, drinks and celebrates to a night in her honor. As any celebrity event a who's who list are present. A multitude of stars have come out to help Nicki celebrate. She is at an all time high, hardly anything can bring her down and ruin her night. That was until Nicki overheard one name.

"For real, you can get her to make a guest appearance on my next album?" Christina Aguilera excitingly asks British singer and actress, Rita Ora. Nicki overhears the conversation, and was curious about who could make Christina so excited about appearing on her album. "She's the hottest name in the business right now." Christina goes on relishly. "She makes people really crack up just by being herself, and it’s genuine." Christina adds, “Somebody played me an early mixtape. And a producer said, ‘Nobody’s going to know Cardi in a year.’ I second guessed myself, and it got lost in the shuffle.”

Instantly Nicki takes offense. Cardi B is the latest big thing in the rap industry. She is a serious threat of knocking Nicki out of her position of being the top female rapper in the world. Cardi seems to be creating an endless stream of Billboard top 100 hits. Nicki was obviously threatened and jealous, as she released her song Chun Li aimed at Cardi B from an earlier conflict. Cardi has captured the attention of a lot of others in the industry who think working with Cardi is a lot easier and more delightful than working with Nicki, whom many consider more arrogant and difficult to get along with.

"Girl I'll try." Rita explains. "I've got to make sure she spits on my cut first. I know she's a fan of yours so it looks good for you. But girl, she's the number one rapper in the game. Everybody is begging to do a song with her. Maroon 5 and Jennifer Lopez have just done collaborations with her."

"EXCUSE ME!" Nicki loudly interrupts. "How dare you come in my party calling Cardi B the best rapper in the world!" Nicki exclaims. "I'm still the queen bitches. You should be on your knees begging me to be on your song. I'm Chun Li around here bitches!" an animated Nicki finishes, obviously offended and enraged. "They call me King Kong!"

Both women stood mouth gaped and shocked for a moment. Neither realizes that Nicki was even over listening. Finally the older more polished Christina found her voice. "Come on Nicki, everyone knows that you are a hall of famer, maybe the best ever to do it. Nobody is taking anything from you. Cardi B is just hot right now, but she's not on your level yet. You're the G.OA.T." Christina explains.

"Yeah Nicki" Rita chimes in, "You said that you weren't doing collaborations anymore with people like me. It has to be Beyonce or somebody that's legendary."

Nicki knows they are telling the truth, but her ego and the champagne will not let her accept it at the moment. Besides feeling like she is currently being overshadowed by Cardi, she was upset that Cardi tried to upstage her on their recent joint song, Motor Sports. Unknown to Nicki, Cardi changed her verse on the final version of the track to outdo Nicki who had already done her part.

"Fuck yall!" Nicki bitterly spits back. "I'm still the queen of rap, and you better recognize!"

Christina has had enough. Nicki is one of the biggest stars on the scene right now, but Christina is still a near legend, and not accustom to being spoken to like this. "Chill the fuck out Nicki! Let me give you some advice because your attitude is the exact reason why everybody wants to work with Cardi instead of you! I thought you would have learned from your inspiration, Foxy Brown that a shitty attitude can fuck up your career." Christina pauses then blurts, "Why would I ask you about doing a song anyway? You've always got that scrawny ass Arianda Grande on all your songs now!"

"Oh really muther fucka' you want to do this again right now, in front of everybody? You're always bitching about me and Arianda lately. Now you're giving me career advice? So you're Dr. Phil all of a sudden?" Nicki strikes back.

"No I'm the bitch police, and you're being one right now!" Christina sasses.

Finally a chemistry phenomenon takes place. Wine and champagne combines with the familiarity of two long time acquaintances that are and have been very comfortable with each other for years. Mix in two cases of common jealousy that both are more interested in doing collaborations with their rivals than each other. Add in a prescription pill or two, a lot of estrogen and two massive egos that have both been bruised by their friend. The end result is that the two mega celebrities come face to face, bumping their massive racks against each other, and daring each other throw the first blow.

"Really Arianda Fuckin' Grande?" Christina mutters, acknowledging that she is feeling the heat from the young artist in her 20's that is touted as the 'Next Big Voice'.

"At least she is my girl. You don't even know Cardi B." Nicki mutters back.

They bump their huge tits into each other as they stand nose to nose. Finally Nicki sneers, "What's good bitch?" Then on queue both women start windmiling punches at each other with both fists. As the fists start flying, each woman subtly and expertly kicks their heels off, as if they have done this many times before. They flat out clobber each other over the head with both fists recklessly swirling in big circles.

Simultaneously they stop and wrap their arms around each other, and wrestle. Both wrench each other from side to side as they determine who is stronger. One twist sends them reeling seven feet to the right. Then the other will respond and wrenches to the left, sending the duo stumbling several feet in that direction. At first Nicki appeared stronger, but Christina started throwing her weight around and comes roaring back, crushing Nicki in her embrace and controlling the rapper. Both have giant breasts and they are fighting for superiority too. Christina's tits seem to be winning there, but their battle is far from over. Eventually feet get involved as both try to trip each other up. They mutually break apart and breathlessly glare at each other.

"Why do you always got to be a fucking bitch Nicki?" Christina shouts.

"You're the dumb bitch", Nicki roars back. "You're fucking with me after what I just did to Mariah? It's my party. You know better than to come in here all over fucking Cardi B's nuts!"

"Hey stop it you two." Rita Ora orders as she steps in between Christina and Nicki. "Just calm down and chill the fuck out alright. This is a victory party, the fighting is over. We are her to celebrate Mariah getting her ass kicked. We are not here to fuss and fight like two spoiled toddlers!" Rita had walked up with two bottles of champagne. She raises the bottles and hands one to Nicki and the other to Christina. "Let's toast two queens in their own right, and let this pettiness go like the legends you both are!" Rita finishes and steps away to allow Christina and Nicki to celebrate and settle their differences like adults.

Nicki's lips are still curled in anger. She is justly renown in the industry for her quick temper. Of course this is largely a reason Christina preferred to work with Cardi B. The fact that Nicki has gotten so buddy, buddy with Christina's competition, Arianda Grande, combined with Cardi killing Nicki on the charts, brings about this moment.

Christina's body is still tense and staring Nicki down. Nicki knew her longtime comrade, if not friend is the better term, would still be taut. Regardless of the outcome of this confrontation, Christina is not backing down. Christina's career has been up and down lately and this next album could be an important chapter. Of course she is not backing down, a collaboration with Cardi could be huge for her success. The fact that Christina's ego wants to prove that she is still legendary enough to recruit the top in the industry. Combined this with Nicki is huge in the industry right now, but Christina feels she is still a larger life figure. All of this brings us to this moment.

Nicki stares at the blonde while subtlely shaking the bottle of champagne with her thumb covering the top. Then a second later she sprays the expensive champagne at Christina, while pumping the bottle to get everything out of it. A second and a half after Nicki's champagne starts, Christina returns fire. The two legends circle around blasting each other with a stream of champagne. Their already skimpy and provocative dresses get soaked. The dressing become plastered to their owners bodies, and transpareant, revealing even more of their curvy bodies than the controversial garments attempted to hide. From head to ass, no body part is left neglected. Both vixens get soaked thoroughly.

Both ladies squeal and whip their soaking wet hair around creating a college boy's fantasy for the decades. Their pre-adolescent dream older girl crush is frolicking around with one of the hottest chicks of this generation. Only throwing them pillows to fight with that bursts open to shower them with feathers could make this moment better for them as these dream girls rotate around seemingly in slow motion for him. In reality two she cats are aggressively circling, squealing as they are blasted with the cold liquid and calling each other all kind of bitches. After the champagne showers ended, one fantasy was a reality; both women looked even sexier in soaked clinging dresses with body parts falling out and wet hair whipping around.

They separate and back off from each other a bit as they admire their own handiwork a bit. Each looks at the other and admires the wet wreckage they have wrought. They are proud thinking the other looks like a drowned rat, not knowing that they both look exactly the same. It is not until they notice the same gloating smile on the other's face that they start to realize the truth. When they both realize that they both look like wet vermin caught in the rain, do their smiles disappear.

Suddenly with letting out a loud battle cry like she is warming up to sing maybe, Christina charges at Nicki. The rapper quickly ducks under Christina's outstretched arms and spins out of the way, allowing her to pass by almost. Nicki grabs Christina from behind and spins her around. There Nicki strikes first, clobbering Christina over the head a couple of times but Christina returns fire even harder and more aggressively than Nicki. Christina drives Nicki back. The hourglass shaped rapper grabs hold of the front of Christina's dress and fires back with her free hand at the blonde's face. Nicki succeeds in slowing Christina pushing her back and stretches out her skimpy wet dress to the point that it barely covered the blonde's big soft tits.

Through all the abashment of Christina's whopping her over the head, and trying to focus enough to continue to aim punches at the blonde's nose, Nicki notices, they have arrived near the buffet table. Nicki reaches in and grabs Christina by the waist and hoists her up onto the table. There is a clash of actual silverware and platters at the luxurious affair as Christina's back lands on the buffet. The people watching of course react in shock and amusement as the blonde lands in the grapes, sweet tomatoes, celery and nacho chips section of the long table. Christina's legs flail for an instant as she generates enough momentum to hop off the table. There was already laughter from when Christina was initially dumped on the table, it erupts more now that Christina's soaking wet body is littered with ranch dip and salsa from the buffet.

At first Christina was pissed and annoyed by her old comrade Nicki, but now she is mad at the little bitch for embarrassing her. Christina again charges even more fiercely at Nicki who is standing a few feet away with a huge smile on her face. Nicki's smile slips away as she braces for impact of the rampaging blonde. Nicki is lucky to absorb the impact of Christina's collision and only gives up a few steps. Once again they are grappling and wrenching and whipping each other around. Moving the riotous fight to the end of the table, they find a chocolate fountain. They bump into it splashing some melted chocolate on their arm to drip down their shoulders. They did not learn anything because a couple of seconds later they knock the fountain over. Chocolate goes flying through the air. The majority splatters all over Nicki and Christina. Chocolate showers down in their hair and drips down on breasts for a very messy affair.

Shortly after a cry of "NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" rings out by the banquet hall manager as the hellcats knock over another nearby table with expensive glasses. Everything falls over and shatters. It is another casualty of this close hairpulling, gouging, wrestling match. Messy breasts with ranch dip, salsa and chocolate rub against each other spreading the messy goo all over each other. Their dresses are hanging low on their bodies and nip slips are abounding everywhere. Close friends realize that this is a friendly spat between these two, and will be quickly resolved after the fight, but they are trying to scratch, claw and really fuck each other up. They wonder what they would do to a real enemy.

The titanic battle continues around the buffet table. A Nicki Minaj fan, Sam, who was thrilled to just get into the party and be under the same roof as his idol but by this whim of circumstance and the chaos of the fight allows him to sneaks into the VIP section to get an up close and personal view of Nicki as she catfights Christina. The excitement and vodka overcomes him and he jumps out the crowd yelling "Nicki I love you!" Just then the Minaj/Aguilera train wreck crashes into him. The next thing Sam knows, he is knocked over backwards and lands on his back on top of the buffet table on a platter of roast beef. Then the Minaj/Aguilera express keeps on chugging along. Sam hops off the table and disappears in the crowd. He was still jubilant though. Chocolate had gotten splattered on him from Nicki. "Chocolate from the body of a goddess." Sam mutters.

Christina sees a way to end this titulous battle as she sees a glass shelf case of vases with flowers ahead. Christina gathers her strength and powers Nicki backwards to send her hurdling into the glass case. Glass breaks and shatters everywhere as the rapper's back barrels into the glass shelves. Both legends go to the ground from the collision as a loud clatter of crashing glass screams across the room. Christina rises slowly while Nicki is still down in the broken glass for the moment.

Nicki looks up at Christina and shouts, "What is wrong with YOU?" Nicki breathes heavily. "Are you trying to get us both fucked up over a mutha fucking song?"

Christina pauses thinking that she may have gone too far. Before she can ponder the thought Nicki swoops in with a solid punch to her gut. The blonde doubles over gasping for air. "That damned Nicki!" Christina thinks because she is too breathless to form words at the moment. NIcki then grabs the doubled over blonde by the hair and the soaking wet dress and launches her forward on top of the middle of the buffet table. Christina went flying like she was diving into a pool, only it was a food filled buffet. Next Nicki similarly dives in too, taking a plunge on top of Christina.

Next thing the two music legends are rolling around picking up all types of food all over their bodies. They roll around with Christina on top for seconds before Nicki unseats her and gets on top, but only for seconds too. They roll through more dip, more salsa, and squash grapes with their bodies. Nicki picks up a handful of creamed potatoes and smears it in Christina's face. The blonde retaliates with a fist full of beans and rubs them into Nicki's hair, before assaulting the rapper with a chicken leg. Christina gets slapped across the face with a slice of roast beef in return.

By now both girls are totally covered in food. After trading positions of being on top countless times, Christina finds herself on top of Nicki. Christina had finally established herself and is about to secure Nicki's wrists. The rapper panics and gives one mighty heave and twist. Christina is flung off the top of her and rolls off the table and out of sight. Nicki sits up and throws her arms up claiming victory. The all Nicki crowd at her victory party raise a cheer, claiming her second victory of the day. Then there in the undeniable smack of a fist to the jaw. The blonde had sprung to her feet like a Jack in the box, and clocked Nicki flush with a clean fist to the jaw. Nicki collapse backward and lies flat on the table. Nicki was knocked senseless by the clean shot. Christina grabs a big dish of chopped liver. Christina dumps the slushy treat all over Nicki's body. Then she dives on Nicki and once again the battle is on. They are rolling around again with a new lubricant added to their bodies.

During this time Nicki and Christina's dressed become casualties. They were already weighted down by the champagne, food and now chopped liver. The dresses were practically falling apart. The sexy revealing outfits made it difficult for lot of underwear to be worn. So neither woman wore a bra. As the seams slowly give way and tits flop out and are clearly seen if they were not covered in food. Much of their bodies are on display while the remnants of their dress hold on loosely and has not let go, but covers little.

Rita Ora has watched this go on and on with no end in sight. She giggles and goes to the bar and yells at the bartender, "Hey mister, give me two pictures of beer." With his eyes still clearly trained on the fight, he puts two pitchers under the taps and fills them with beer. Once he instinctively from years of doing this task, thought they were filled he pulls the taps up and hands the pitchers to Rita. She says, "Thanks I've saw this in an old cowboy movie before." The bartender nodded although he paid no attention to what Rita was saying because his attention is fully on Nicki and Christina.

Rita walks back with a smile on her face. Christina and Nicki are legends and Rita is aware of her current place. However she is a rising star with several top-ten chart toppers. She has been on UK X Factor and The Voice UK and hosted the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards in London. She should be getting some attention and especially in her native London. Besides that she looks really cute in her slutty dress. Rita walks to get some well deserved attention back.

Rita walks up to the buffet table where Christina and Nicki are flopping around and pours both pitchers of beer over their heads remanisant of the legendary cowboy film Destry Rides Again. "Enough! Stop this now! Are you crazy?" Rita shouts. The cold beer has its desired effect. It brings Christina and Nicki out of their rage and stops the fight. Actually both of them were getting very tired and looking for a way out of this anyway.

Rita turns around to the crowd and smiles as she accepts her new role as the hero of the day. Nicki and Christina are breathing heavy and looking at each other. Nicki softly says "Are you thinking what I'm thinking." A sly smile crosses Christina’s lips and she nods in agreement. Both women have been larger than life divas for years. They instantly know when a young bitch is trying to steal their spotlight.

Christina and Nicki creep off the table quietly. Stealthily they seize Rita from behind. Rita has time for a couple of squeals before Nicki and Christina dumped her on the buffet table. Nicki and Christina work together and hold Rita down and rough her up. In thirty seconds Rita's skimpy dress is torn to shreds and tossed aside. Rita never wears underwear so she is now as naked as a newborn baby. Rita tries to fight back but the two united legends easily overwhelm the young superstar.

Christina instructs Nicki to hold Rita for a moment as she goes to the nearby desert table. There she eyes a four tier cake with Nicki's picture on the top of it. Christina comes back carrying the big ass cake. She then dumps the whole thing on top of Rita as Nicki holds her stretched out on the table. Christina and Nicki start smearing the cake all over Rita's sexy body. Christina is extremely enjoying herself caressing every inch of Rita. Christina is happy that nobody knows how wet she is getting. Her panties are already wet and covered with food so nobody can ever tell. Christina wants this moment to last for a long time. Meanwhile Nicki is rubbing cake in Rita's hair, making sure she will have to make a trip to the hair dresser in the morning.

A stiff nipple Rita is not enjoying this spotlight. She knows that she is getting her just deserts by upstaging Christina and Nicki. However she is not enjoying this taste of her own medicine. The cake has made her slick enough to slip though Nicki and Christina's fingers and leap off the table. The buck naked cake covered babe makes a mad dash for the exit.

Nicki and Christina laugh seeing Rita's jiggle cake covered sweet ass run away. After she has gone, the two messy, food covered comrades warmly hug each other. They are all smiles and laughs just like sisters who have had a minor dispute. They apologize to each other. "Hey, I'll call Cardi B in the morning and get her to be on your album." Nicki tells Christina.

"You will?" Christina asks in surprise. "Do you think you can get her to do it?"

"Hell yeah!", Nicki answers almost offended by the question. "I've told you, I'm Queen Kong bitch. There are levels to this shit. When OG's like us orders something, bitches jump. She will do it. Cardi doesn't want to tangle with me."

The messy and food covered Nicki walks arm in arm away from the buffet table. Their tits are out covered in food with their chopped liver covered dresses barely hanging around their shoulders. Their skimpy food mashed panties are also clearly seen. "So what now?" We've destroyed the food for the night." Christina asks.

"Let's go back to my room. We've got to catch up on things." Nicki answers. "I've got a lot of big plans happening right now."

"OK but first tell me about every moment of kicking Maraiah Carey's ass. I've wanted to kick her arrogant ass for almost 20 years now. I was so glad to see you whip her ass. How did it feel to spank that ass? It was awesome! She just laid there with 'Help me I'm a pathetic old bitch that talks too much' look written on her face. I fucking loved it!" Chrisitna exclaims.

A few weeks later Christina Aguilera starts following Cardi B on Twitter. Xtina fans know that Christina rarely follows anyone unless she is working with them in some compactly. Christina only follows 29 people including Cardi B. Also Cardi B tweets about a special song that she put all her feelings into. "But this shit sooooo fucking fireeeeeeeeeee I out did myself". Cardi also posted on Twitter a picture of the recording studio that looks like the same studio that Christina usually records at.


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