4 Months Earlier
"Nicki! What's going on. How are you doing?" Quatro Calderone excitedly exclaims as her walks into Nicki Minaj's dressing room unexpectedly.

"Quatro Calderon" Nicki answers as she sit in front of a mirror as one of her hair dressers is busy at work preparing Nicki's hair for her performance later that night. "So what do I owe the honor of this visit? Let me guess you've got an offer that I can't refuse." She continues half sarcastically.

"Actually I do" Calderon answers getting past his fake pleasantries. "You've got to admit, my offers have worked out very well for you in the past. I doubt your career would be where it is today without them." Calderon has been crucial in Nicki's crossover appeal and marketing, and endorsement deals.

Nicki chuckles, "You're right. They have been very beneficial for me. What do you got?"

"Stone Rage's league" Calderone responds. "The Studio executives are tired of Rage's rogue behavior and are asking me to bring him down. I'm working with the studios and keeping him shut down in court. We're working a promotional deal with Rage to settle out of court, and make me the league's Studio Consultant. I'm taking over and I need your help Nicki." Calderon pauses and notices the interest in Nicki's eyes. "I'm putting together a group that will take down The Fab Four and you are my first choice in building the group." Calderon adds, "Eventually we will force Rage out and make him sell to my constituents and run this league from the on."

"I'm interested" Nicki says quickly considering the huge paydays behind being the star and headliner of the league. Her eyes twinkle at the thought of beating Jennifer Lopez and taking her status in the industry, or winning an Oscar after deleting Halle Berry's career. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

"For now training" Calderon states. "I will help you all I can, but eventually you have to get it done in the ring, and kick Halle (Berry), Jennifer (Lopez), Pam (Anderson), or Tia (Carrere)'s ass. The plan is for this group to take down and replace the Fab Four as the top and most popular group in the league. Once I eliminate Rage's precious Fabs and control the marquee names on the roster, I will take control away from Rage." Calderon explains. "I want your name to be on top of that marquee Nicki. Can I count on you?"

Nicki contemplates for a moment, but after all, it is one of Calderon's deals that she can't refuse. "I'm in." Nicki answers.

"Great!" Calderon exclaims.

"What about Britney Spears? I'm still in her Fem Fatal group."

"Who cares about Britney? She isn't part of your plans. She is way too erratic. Just go along and still pretend you are in the group. We don't want Rage figuring anything out before it’s too late. I'll have my trainer that will work with you to be able to beat anybody in the league. Who do you want to face in your first match?"

Nicki smiles there are a lot of stars who's ass she would like to kick. "Remember when you got me booked on American Idol Calderon? That crazy bitch fucked it up, let's start with her.

"Excellent" Calderon responds. "Do you remember Victoria from the WWE a while back? She's going to be the trainer for your super team. She'll call you tomorrow, to begin training. On the first event after I'm studio consultant, you'll wipe the mat with Mariah Carey!"

As with Nicki's normal experience with Calderon, things started working like clockwork. Victoria contacted Nicki the next day, and her training began. Nicki quickly learns why Calderon and the studio hired her to be the backbone behind their team. Nicki found Victoria to be a spectacular trainer. It was not long before Nicki felt she could whip anybody's ass in the league. On Calderon's side, before long Rage signed a marketing deal with the Studios and Calderon was named the Studio Consultant, just as promised. When things got started, Stone Rage's booking committee chairman, Christina Applegate offered Nicki a lucrative multi-million dollar contract to face her old American Idol rival Mariah Carey. Interesting enough, nobody realized that Calderon had promised this match many months before. Nicki was totally mystified that nobody made a connection between her and Calderon. Everything was done in total secretly. Calderon plan is working to perfection. "Damned he's good. Nicki thought. She has chosen a great master to learn under to make her a great mogul in the lines of Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey or Jimmy Iovine.

For Mariah Carey, it was a deal that she could not refuse either. She was offered millions as well, and guaranteed more money than Nicki. No doubt she is headliner and focal point of the marketing. After Mariah came off a stint with her Las Vegas show, the press picked on her for being fat. Mariah is also coming off a broken engagement to her Aussie billionaire and has a new Christmas song about to drop. This match comes at the perfect time to maximize her new life. She trimmed down, preparing for the match as well as upcoming tour. She is stepping out with a new boyfriend, wearing form fitting designer dresses and looking luscious again while wearing a big smile.

The Present
Fans know nothing about secret plans or studio executives or the such. They are excited in seeing the culmination of a feud that started on American Idol years ago. The two superstars repeatedly clashed on the TV show. They were at odds and snippy with each other the whole season. They plan on seeing a brawl between one legend in the industry against one of the hottest names in the business today. Will the refined veteran overcome the rowdy legend in the making? Will Mariah's size advantage be enough to negate Nicki's youth advantage? These were the questions on the fan's minds.

In the present, Nicki is waiting in the ring, waiting for Mariah. Nicki is wearing a latex bodysuit with her tits about to pop out of it. The outfit is so tight; Nicki's cameltoe is proudly and obviously on display. The ring announcer has just called Mariah to the ring. Mariah is jogging to the ring. She is wearing a black bustier with her big tits looking like they are served up on a platter. She has the matching trunks that covers her ass allowing her historic long lovely legs on display.

Mariah enters the ring to a roaring cheer. She is still obviously beloved by the SSE Arena, Wembley audience in London. Mariah acknowledges the fans and does a deep bow like an opera diva. Immediately Nicki attacks as Mariah has her back turned. The referee quickly calls for the bell seeing that the fight has already begun. (He heard a rumor something of the sort might happen from secret sources) Mariah dropped to one knee after the first blow. Nicki continues with a kick to the middle of Mariah's back. Nicki grabs Mariah by her long flowing hair, and snatches her rival back to her feet. Mariah immediately start firing hard retaliating chops to Nicki's chest. Three smacking chops across Nicki's bulging tits have her backing off.

Mariah reaches out and grabs Nicki by the wrist and whips her toward the ropes. Nicki reverses the try and sends Mariah into the ropes instead. Nicki tries to hip toss Mariah as she comes off the ropes, but found the much bigger woman easily able to block the move. Thanks to Victoria's training, Nicki flawlessly went to another tactic. She grabs Mariah's hair and jerks her hair down at the same time raising her knee up until the two meets. Mariah shouts as her head connects with Nicki's knee. She is further off balance allowing Nicki to whip Mariah down to the canvas by her hair. With the veteran instincts learned from Victoria, Nicki drops on top of Mariah and hooks the leg for a pin fall. Mariah kicks out from the early pin attempt.

Nicki quickly pops to her feet while Mariah gets up much slower trying to clear her head. Nicki kicks Mariah hard in the ribs while Mariah is still on her hands and knees. The kick makes a loud pop and sends Mariah rolling against the ropes. Nicki pursues and hauls Mariah to her feet by the hair. Nicki also intertwines Mariah in the ropes at the same time. Mariah's legs are inside the ropes in the ring, meanwhile her upper body is between the middle and top rope with her chest outside of the ring. Nicki grabs Mariah's hair and bends her backwards using the ropes as a fulcrum to inflict more pain. Mariah screams as the referee starts counting for Nicki to release the rule infraction. Nicki releases Mariah, allow her to fall doubled over the middle rope, half in the ring and half outside. Nicki returns quickly. She pulls Mariah upright, and turns her around at the same time. Basically Mariah is now seated on the middle rope with her legs in the ring with her upper body on the other side of the ropes. Nicki pulls down on Mariah's head pressing her throat against the top rope to choke her. The referee starts counting to break rule infraction. Nicki drops down guillotining Mariah's neck across the top rope. Mariah is catapulted up and down between the middle and top ropes until she falls inside the ring. The fans stand and voice their disapproval of Nicki's rule breaking. Nicki stands and laughs it off, shouting, "What's good bitch?" to her fallen rival. Nicki drags Mariah away from the ropes and goes for the pin. She gets a two count before Mariah kicks out.

Nicki quickly pops to her feet again and gives Mariah another sharp kick to her back when she sits up. Following Victoria's instructions Nicki hair hauls Mariah to her feet. Next Nicki hooks Mariah into position for a suplex. Nicki struggles but hoists the much larger woman off her feet and upside down for a suplex. Then Mariah's size wins out and she fights her way back to her feet. Then Mariah counters sending Nicki flipping head over heels in a snap suplex.

Both women get to their feet and approach each other. Nicki walks into a wicked right hook to her body. Nicki backs off with a howl. Mariah steps up and strikes with a chop across Nicki's chest. Fiery Nicki answers with cracking bitch slap across Mariah's face. The legendary singer reels backward then erupts with fiery eyes of her own. Mariah retaliates with an even harder chop across Nicki's chest that knocks the diminutive rapper off of her feet. Nicki scrambles right back up, only to be leveled by a clothesline. A furious Mariah shouts, "Come on!" as Nicki scrambles right back up to be clotheslined right back down again. "Come ON!" Mariah demands as Nicki rises back to her feet, only to be met with a big bitch slap across her face, which sends Nicki reeling into the ropes. Mariah grabs Nicki's wrist and whips her to the other side of the ring. When Nicki rebounds back, Mariah knocks her down with an awkward looking drop kick to Nicki's chest. The larger older woman lacks the agility of Ricky Steamboat, but accomplished the goal none the less. Mariah crawls on top of Nicki for a pin fall, and hooks both of Nicki's legs. Nicki is able to kick out however with a handful of Mariah's hair helping her.

Mariah is now the aggressor and hauls Nicki to her feet by the hair. Mariah strikes with a kick to the gut that doubles Nicki over. She follows with an uppercut that launches the diminutive rapper in the air for a short flight to crash for on her big phat legendary butt. The landing is so sudden and hard, Nicki's big breasts pop out of the over stretched bodysuit and bounce free. Mariah dives on top of her for another pin attempt. Nicki struggles and gets a shoulder up to break the count.

Mariah pulls Nicki up by her hair again as she rises. "You lil' piece of shit! You never know when to go away." Mariah shouts at Nicki. Mariah grabs Nicki by the waist and lifts Nicki off her feet. Mariah holds the hourglass shaped rapper horizontal to the mat, almost like a baby. Then Mariah mutters, "Three Year old" and drops down, driving Nicki back into the mat with a side slam. Mariah tries to cover one more time, but Nicki escapes again for another failed pin attempt.

Feeling some frustration, Mariah gets up and decides to tell the referee how to do his job, and to count quicker. Nicki sits up looking like she has definitely been in a fight. Her tits are overflowing outside their cups and she is soaked with sweat. However she sees an opportunity because Mariah has her back to her yelling at the referee. Nicki springs out and grabs Mariah around the waist and jerks backward rolling Mariah up on the canvas Mariah rolled up with her shoulders on the mat, and Nicki sitting on Mariah's thighs. Nicki grabs the waist band of Mariah's shorts, pulling them to hold Mariah down. Only Mariah is bigger and stronger than Nicki expected. Nicki pulls harder on Mariah's trunks and starts exposing Mariah's ass. The referee sees the obvious pulling on the trunks and does not even start the count, but tells Nicki to release Mariah. In the meantime Nicki loses her balance and falls backwards, and accidently pulls Mariah's shorts down to Mariah's knees. "What the hell, your fuckin' highness" Nicki asks, and goes ahead and pulls Mariah's shorts all the way off.

The two celebrities stand and faceoff striking an very odd pair. Nicki's naked breasts are out on one side, as opposed to Mariah, now naked from the waist down with her twat on display. They were once cool with each other and did a song together. Now they are beefing rivals with no end in sight. They stare maliciously at each other for a second or two. Then Mariah hauls off and smacks Nicki with a big open hand. Nicki reels from the hard smack before she fires back with her own bitch smack. From there they exchange three more smacks a piece, before Nicki failed to answer back. Mariah fires off two more smacks in a row before Nicki falls to the deck.

Mariah lets out a loud gloating laugh, standing in a power stance with her hands on her wide hips. That is until Nicki pops to her knees then fires a punch directly into Mariah's naked pussy. There is a loud smack and immediately Mariah's laugh comes to quick halt. "Pussy ass bitch!" Nicki says as she rises to her feet and at the same time grabs Mariah under her hips and hoists her in the air then drops Mariah pussy first across her extended knee for a cunt buster. When Mariah's pubic bone makes contact with Nicki's thigh, Mariah lets loose a high note that she has not hit in years. "Dats right, pussy ass bitch, you can't take it!" Nicki shouts as Mariah stands frozen in pain with both hands clutching her crotch. Nicki finishes her tirade with her biggest bitch slap of the night, that knocks Mariah to the mat.

Nicki grabs Mariah's ankles and raises her legs off the mat. Nicki sees Mariah's groin area still with Mariah trying to protect it with both hands, but Nicki knows that it will not be enough. She draws her foot back and kicks Mariah the cunt. She yells "Pussy!" with the kick. Nicki continues kicking Mariah's cunt and yelling "Pussy!” with each kick. The fans join in yelling too, seeing a dominant rap diva and jumping on her band wagon.

Mariah tries to protect her crotch with her hands and fingers. Nicki tries to kick hard enough to break Mariah's fingers or hands if necessary. She definitely kicks hard enough that the impact is felt though Mariah's hands. The fans are definitely enjoying Nicki's big bare titties bouncing around with each kick.

Nicki's pussy assault has put Mariah in dire straits. Nicki drops Mariah's legs and walks around her victim. Whimpering Mariah draws her legs up into a ball. The last four month’s training with Victoria has been very hard, but now Nicki sees that it was well worth it. Nicki is very early in her catfight career, but now she has an established pillar and championship fighter near defeat.

Suddenly all fun and games end as a pissed off Mariah sits up and growls, "You fucking little shit!" Nicki's smile instantly disappears. She looks like she may have peed her jumpsuit a little bit. Nicki developed a healthy respect for Mariah over the match. First, Mariah is strong and her punches fucking hurt. Second, Nicki knows full well that Mariah is an accomplished fighter and an elite level combatant in the league. Nicki has every reason to fear Mariah. Suddenly Mariah pops to her feet like a creature in a Nicki Minaj horror flick. "You want to fuck with my pussy? Huh? It's going to be A Nightmare on Nicki Street Bitch, and guess who's playing Freddy!"

Mariah charges at Nicki who had backed into the corner of the ring. The wild look in Mariah's eye should intimidate even the most valiant of hearts. Vexed Mariah pounces on Nicki, trapping her in the corner and starts wailing on her diminutive rival. Rights and lefts have Nicki covering up and cowering in the corner. Mariah fans that had been quiet or even jumped off her bandwagon now rise with voices, seeing their goddess in her full blazing glory. Fists, elbows and forearms come crashing down on Nicki with a fury, and find places to land to hurt Nicki best. Nicki's crab style of defense may be the best that she can craft at this point, but it cannot contain Mariah's fury.

After her shower of pain, Mariah grabs Nicki by the arm and whips her out of the corner. She sends Nicki diagonally across the ring and crashing into the turnbuckles opposite of her. Nicki's back slams into the turnbuckles with more velocity and harsher than she ever felt before. Nicki bounces off the turnbuckles then her legs give out and she falls flat on her face.

While lying face down on the mat, Nicki lifts her head up wearing an expression of pain, shock and confusion. Nicki's expression at the sudden reversal of fortune amused and satisfied the veteran vixen. Mariah jots over to Nicki and stomps on her back. After a few more stomps, Nicki springs up to her knees while bringing her forearm up between Mariah's legs at the same time. Nicki thrusts her arm up until it rams into Mariah's crotch for a classic low blow. Mariah howls like a wolf and clutches her crotch.

Just as before, Nicki gets to her feet while grabbing Mariah under her hips and hoists Mariah in the air. Nicki drop Marian down pussy first on her extended thigh after Nicki drops to one knee. Mariah shrieks as her pelvis makes contact with Nicki's hard muscular thigh. But to Mariah's horror, Nicki grabs her under her ass again and is standing to pick Mariah up again. Nicki drops Mariah cunt first on her knee again. Mariah shrieks again, but this time there was much more desperation and despair in her cry. The fans can tell that the young warrior is taming the older warrior's spirit.

The adrenaline is sweeping though Nicki's body. She feels like she can do anything right now. Nicki stands while hooking Mariah's head under her arm at the same time. Next thing Nicki has Mariah suspended upside down in position for a suplex. It is an incredible display of power. Small lil' Nicki has big bad Mariah helpless and upside down with ease. Nicki marches around a few steps with Mariah then instead of falling backwards, Nicki snaps Mariah down with a little hop, and drives Mariah to the canvas and lands on top of her, chest to chest. The move is called a delayed vertical suplex powerslam. However the move was made legendary by Bill Goldberg with his version and finishing move, called the Jackhammer.

Nicki comes crashing down on Mariah's chest and stays on top of her for the pin. The impact was hard enough to knock the breath out of Mariah. Nicki hooks Mariah's leg and the fans count a long with the referee. "One.... Two.... Thr... What the fuck??!!?" fans exclaim as Mariah kicks out of the pin fall.

Fans gasp is shock that Mariah was able to kick out and a murmur starts across the arena. Nicki looks surprised for a little bit too. However Victoria has mentored her about moments like this. "Don't look at this as a disappointment or despair. Look at it as an opportunity to really fucking hurt the bitch!" Victoria instructed Nicki.

Nicki shrugs off the disappointment and rises to hair haul Mariah to her feet. Only Mariah has a new idea. The crafty veteran rolls Nicki into a small package when Nicki puts her hands on her. ONE! TWO! TH.... Nicki kicks out.

Mariah knows that she is tired. Nicki's Jackhammer took the breath and strength out of her, and she needs time to recover. Mariah climbs on top of Nicki's stomach and takes a seat, trying to use size and weight advantage to buy some time. Mariah is on Nicki facing her feet and plants a good punch into her gut. Nicki's legs jack knife up, then go higher and encircle Mariah and jerk her forward until Mariah is face down on the mat with Nicki's short but incredibly strong legs pinning Mariah securely in that position.

Mariah is trapped face first, with her cheeks and lips kissing the mat. Her pelvis is served up, sitting on Nicki's lap. The tired tigress cannot overpower Nicki's legs to escape. Meanwhile Nicki sits up and finds herself in the fortuitous position of Mariah's upper body securely pinned and she is in-between Mariah's legs. Nicki laughs heartily as she spreads Mariah's ass cheeks and finds Mariah's exposed and vulnerable pussy. Nicki laughs harder as she punches and claws Mariah's pussy at will. Mariah wails and withers helplessly.

"I love this phat ass, hahaha!" Nicki sings as she claws Mariah's pussy with one hand while the other slaps Mariah's wide jiggly butt to a beat. "Yeah! This one is for my bitches with a fat ass in the fucking club! I said, where my fat ass big bitches in the club? Fuck the skinny bitches! Fuck the skinny bitches in the club! I wanna see all the big fat ass bitches in the muthafuckin' club Fuck you if you skinny bitches, what?!" Nicki laughs and spanks Mariah to the beat. "MARIAH'S GOT A BIG! PHAT! ASS!" Nicki sings and spanks Mariah’s ass cheeks punctuating every word.

Nicki turns her and Mariah over so Mariah's back is on the mat and magically Nicki is sitting on top of her rival. "Now it's time you get some of my phat ass." Nicki announces and starts moving her ass backwards into position to engulf Mariah's face.

"No, Nicki please don't do this!" Mariah immediately begs "I'm sorry Nicki! I'm sorrrry.... Mph! mphh! mphmmm!" Mariah plea for forgiveness are cut short as Nicki drops her humongous ass on Mariah's face. Nicki leans forward and extends a hand to squeeze Mariah's cunt. Immediately, Mariah frantically taps out. One hand slaps the mat while the other taps Nicki's big soft ass, begging to be free. Luckily the referee calls for the bell and Nicki is so excited about winning that she immediately gets off of Mariah and starts celebrating. Mariah is relieved. Her body could take more, but her immense pride could not go through life seeing the vision of Nicki sitting on her face. Mariah clutches her pussy and slowly rolls out of the ring. She drops out of sight on the ringside floor. Once Nicki's celebration has garnered everyone's attention, she rises and slinks backstage. He head is hung with yet another defeat marked against her ledger, but more importantly another defeat to a rival.

Meanwhile Nicki is jumping up and running around the ring like she has just won the world championship. Nicki leaps on the middle turnbuckles playing to the crowd and bathing in their cheers. This is easily the biggest win in Nicki's career. Although Mariah has taken some losses lately, a win over the legendary diva is still a big deal. Victoria's training was awesome. Calderon and his plans are very promising.

Once Nicki gets backstage and everything has calmed down, Nicki looks for a secret passage. These secret passages are built into most major arenas so the multi-billionaires and Secret Society member have an emergency escape route in the event of an emergency. Also many use them to have secret meetings. While the public think they are in their luxury suites, they are in the passages below planning on world domination.

Nicki opens a random fuse box and flips a switch. Suddenly a panel opens with stairs leading below. Nicki jots down the stairs as the panel closes behind her. At the bottom of the stairs, Calderon and Victoria are waiting for her. Nicki runs to Victoria and leaps into her arms exclaiming "I did it! I did it!"

"You were amazing Nicki", Calderon compliments. "I knew I made the right decision by making you my first choice. Now do you believe me when I say I'm going to take over this league and make you one of my centerpieces?"

"Hell yea Calderon. I'm down. Let's do this!" Nicki answers accepting Calderon's handshake, pledging her loyalty to Calderon and his cause.

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