Dateline March 10, 2006 Location: Small Persian Gulf Island
Sheik Khosrow sits in his favorite chair, which resembles a monarch's throne, in his huge palace. Only some of his closest friends were invited, to witness his favorite activity, a celebrity catfight.

On his left stands a blonde heroine. She is his favorite, and his lover during her stays. Jaime Pressly stands in a white bikini that is trimmed in gold. Her body appears cut out of stone. Hard muscles reflect perfection under golden tanned skin. The young woman is at the peak of physical condition. She is breathtakingly beautiful. Jaime reminds the Sheik of mythological hero and heroines of yore. She is like the modern day equivalent of the legendary warrior Perseus, Hector or Achilles. She embodies all the best the human race can generate. She is young, beautiful, and courageous. She is truly the Sheik's heroine.

However every superlative that the Sheik assigns to his heroine, the woman to his right far exceeds his heroine in every category. Halle Berry stands stretching in a red and black bikini. As perfect as Jaime appears, Halle surpasses Jaime so much that the Sheik could only refer to Halle as a goddess. Perfection was simply not enough to describe Halle. Also the goddess has a presence or an aura about her. Everyone in the room felt it. They knew they were in the presence of a great and powerful being. This goddess of beauty had the power to enchant every male in the room, and did so much that the men had to stop themselves from worshipping the woman. While the Sheik could tell his heroine worked hard to reach her perfection, the goddess reached it effortlessly. The Sheik paid handsomely for Halle to fight for him at the palace, but he would have paid double just to be in her presence. He brought her because he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Now he knows that she is the goddess of beauty itself.

The match begins. The Sheik knows his heroine is determined to disprove him and his colleagues from calling Halle the most beautiful woman in the world. She starts fast trying to take out the older goddess. The goddess moves and fights effortlessly, she is easily dismantling the gallant heroine. Minutes into the fight, the Sheik realizes his heroine is simply overmatched. The goddess is too much for her.

Just when things appear loss, the heroine finds a way to hurt the goddess. Spurred by her success at a seemingly impossible task, the heroine fights back. The down to earth and grounded heroine loves her lot in life, and has no desires to be a goddess. However this goddess has invaded her territory, and she will be dealt with woman to woman. Slowly the heroine is able to bring the fight to the goddess and bring the fight back even.

The goddess came roaring back with a vengeance. She recaptured control of the fight, and threatened to put the smaller heroine down. The heroine holds on through mostly determination and heart. She is still obviously overmatched by the goddess, but the golden heroine will not let that stop her. She may not be able to defeat this goddess regularly, but she is determined to best the witch today. The heroine was able to match the goddess' intensity and battle the goddess tooth and nail.

The Sheik and his compatriots saw a phenomenal fight. It was indeed a clash of Titans. The goddess was truly phenomenal, but the heroine, at her peak physical condition, and with her youth, and fighting one of her best fights, was every bit the goddess' match. As their heroine battled the goddess evenly, the goddess' power over the men began to weaken. After being totally enchanted and mesmerized by the goddess, they start to notice and support their very own heroine who is frequently in their midst.

Without the reverence, worship, love and support of her followers, the goddess seemed to weaken and falter. Her powers were draining, her glow and aura was being extinguished and her strength was fading fast. As the heroine continues beating on the faltering goddess. It seemed like the heroine was not only robbing the goddess of her power, that power was seeping into the heroine.

At long last the heroine had pilfered the goddess of most of her power, she had drained most of her strength, she had stolen her precious worshipers, she had stripped the goddess totally naked literally (Halle was completely naked, having her entire outfit stripped while Jaime's bikini bottoms survived). The goddess' defeat was unpreventable.

However the heroine had no intention of letting the goddess off that easy. The goddess had to be punished for lording over her, and flaunting her power to enchant her Sheik and his friends. Instead of letting up or finishing off the embattled goddess, the heroine started torturing the goddess with one painful hold after another. The goddess knew the heroine harbored jealousy and resentment towards her and expected punishment for her failure. However she had no clue of the extent of the punishment that the heroine was seeking to heap on her.

The goddess was totally helpless and at the heroine's mercy. The heroine showed her little to no mercy at all. It was all for the glory of her king, her Sheik. The goddess was forced to shriek and call out repeatedly. To her credit, the goddess maintained her immense dignity and grace and refused to plead or beg for mercy. Then when the goddess thought her torment had ended, the heroine seizes the goddess by her heavenly breasts and drags her closer to the Sheik, so he can get a good look at his heroine tearing the last vestiges of power and glory from his precious goddess.

There is only room for one woman to rule in this palace and the heroine was determined to make that her. Even if she has to vanquish this goddess who she herself respected and had previously instructed her. The heroine mauls and crushes the goddess' breasts as the goddess' former worshipers loudly support their heroine. The men now beg and cheer for the heroine to punish the goddess further. They just did not want this fight and this moment to end. It was just to sexually gratifying, and erotic. They now mock and laugh at the suffering deity that they perceive unobtainable and feel they were not even worthy to poses. Something inside them enjoyed watching the goddess fall and come down to their level.

Finally the heroine ends the match, and accepts the glory from her supporters. The goddess lies powerless and helpless, sweating on the floor. She cannot even find the strength to rise and carry her exquisite body out of the room. Meanwhile the heroine is greatly heralded. The goddess tries to invoke the last vestiges of her power to enchant men enough to get some sympathy and assistance. She only received laughter, mockery and disrespect, with her powers totally depleted.

The goddess commands enough strength to rise. She walks away with her shoulders slumped and her head bowed in shame. She may still be the most beautiful woman in the world elsewhere, but she is no longer that in this palace. Just like the ancient Greeks and Romans outgrew their gods and goddesses, so have these people. They have replaced the goddess with a woman of flesh and bone more like them to herald. The goddess leaves the palace, never to return again.

Dateline March 1, 2012 Location: Fab Four Training facility Los Angeles, CA
Training is long and hard at the Fab Four facility, called the Fort. Halle Berry felt she lucked out. The four Fab Four girl each are assigned two members of the Fab Corp to mentor. Halle was lucky to get tremendously talented and long time friend, Jessica Biel. However she was also assigned the temperamental, outspoken and rash young Megan Fox to mold as well.

Megan is difficult to work with at times because of her rebellious spirit. She is young, strong willed and independent. Megan is opinionated and rarely does her opinion follow main stream or conventional consensus. She does have enormous respect for all her Fab Four leaders. She is really trying to get along and learn all the wisdom from them she can. Megan grew up idolizing the glamour movie stars of days long past like Judy Garland, Eva Gardner and Liz Taylor. The leaders of the Fab Four are their modern day equivalents. Megan wants to be respected and admired for her talents, like her glamorous leaders have become. Megan looks to gleam any tidbit from them she can to be a glamorous, successful icon as her leaders someday.

So far she is off to a rocky start. Initially she was paired with Pam Anderson, but switched after a couple of days. Their personalities clashed, there were too many D cups around. She then went to Tia Carrere's guidance. Megan did not flourish in Tia's strict military environment. Finally she ended up with Halle. Megan starts to feel like that is a punishment. Halle is a workaholic. She keeps the longest hours, and assigns lots of tapes to review during off hours.

One afternoon, Megan was in the gym ring, working on holds and technique alone with Halle. Megan appeared troubled, or had something on her mind. Finally she reluctantly tells Halle. "I know I shouldn't be asking this, but have you ever heard of Sheik Khosrow?"

"Oh fuck, is her trying to get you for one of his private catfights?" Halle says almost in disgust.

"You know about him?" Megan asked wide eyed in surprise.

"Of course." Halle explains. "He is a super crazy rich oil barren in Iran with a catfighting fetish. He pays celebrities millions to participate in secret catfights in his palace. You're sworn to secrecy under threat of an iron clad contract. You're supposed to never tell anyone about the fights or him."

Megan is flabbergasted that Halle knows about this mysterious Sheik that approached her. "Have you ever fought for him?" she asks.

"Once a little over six years ago." Halle reminisces. "It was against Jaime Pressly."

Megan eyes widen even more and her mouth falls open. "He wants me to fight Jaime Pressly." Megan admits.

"I'm not surprised. They have something personal going on between them." Halle explains. "We fought right after Jaime filmed DOA and she was in phenomenal shape. We went at it hard and really kicked each other's ass. We knocked over furniture, threw each other into walls, and broke shit. I had the upper hand a lot, but couldn't put Jaime down. Jaime just wanted the fight more, she wouldn't be denied. I've fought Jaime a lot of times before, but she was never like this. Eventually she wore me down. Then instead of putting me away, she tortured me, she punished me. She could have ended the fight whenever she wanted, but she locked me in hold after hold and made me suffer. She drug me over close to the Sheik so he could see me suffer up close. I could feel him lusting after me. I could feel his eyes looking at my ass and tits jiggling as I flopped around in pain from Jaime's holds. If you read the contract, there is a clause that says you must give maximum effort in the fight, and he is the sole judge as to the amount of effort. I've heard stories of him cutting girls money for submitting too quickly, so I was afraid to give. Finally Jaime had me in a Boston Crab and asked me to submit. I immediately said yes. She wanted to make an example out of me, and prove that she was in control, and she did for the Sheik."

"Sounds awful" Megan comments.

"That wasn't the worst part for me." Halle adds. "Over there the winner is exalted and the loser is nothing. I was too weak and tired to get up initially. So I had to lie in the floor while the Sheik and his guest flaunted and glorified Jaime, while I laid there and listened to them tell jokes about how I got my ass kicked. Meanwhile they treated Jaime like she was a goddess and told her how wonderful she was. The Sheik was all over her. Finally I got the strength to get up and make it back to the bedroom. The Sheik's two hand maids were allowed to help me there. They put me in the shower, and helped bath me. They dressed me, packed my bag and escort me out. Before I knew anything, I was in the limo on the way to the airport, and the Sheik's private jet like a used up hooker. They put me on the plane. I took a nap, and when I woke up I was back in Cleveland and I had a suitcase with 1.96 million dollars in cash."

"Whoa, I don't know if I should take the fight. Do you think it's a good idea?" Megan asks.

“I said I got a briefcase full of 1.96 million dollars in cash, for one day's work. That's usually a pretty damned good idea where I come from." Halle answers. "Just expect Jaime to be at her best. Her and the Sheik have something romantically going on, so she'll be fighting like hell to save face in front of her man. Besides, there is a rumor going around that somebody beat Jaime over there, and she is just getting back in the Sheik's good graces. You never really know because everything is sworn to secrecy."

"Gotta admit, that money would be sweet right now." Megan says reflectively. "I guess I'll take it. I have to face a Fab Four enemy sooner or later."

"Oh no, Jaime is not our enemy." Halle quickly corrects. "She adores Tia, and has nothing against J.Lo. It's just me and Pam that she has some differences with. We better start training. Jaime is always a handful, but under normal circumstances you can take her. But over there it's a totally different story."

So the training began. However the same problems that Pam and Tia had with Megan persist. First, Halle has to constantly explain her logic to Megan because of the young woman's independence and trust issues. Second, Megan gave enough commitment and effort to be good, but not enough to be great. Halle sees tremendous potential in the young lady, but cannot access it. It was getting to the point where Halle was about to give up hope. She suddenly remembered why they did not bother and train younger stars for so many years.

Halle tries everything for a better working relationship with young Megan, but could not penetrate her guards. She tried bringing Jessica Biel as a sparring partner, but that only made things much worst. The presence of Halle's prize student only alienated Megan much more. Megan refused to work hard enough to reach her true potential, and Halle was getting livid.

Halle dutifully continued to try and train the challenging young woman. Finally Halle broke from all of Megan's resistance. Totally frustrated and ready to whip Megan's ass herself, Halle explodes, "That's it! Enough!" Halle walks up tit to tit with Megan. "You're the big bad renegade, the maverick. I get that and nobody's trying to change you. But if you're going to be part of this team, you're going to have to stop being so pig headed and listen. Potentially you can be the next War Queen, but you've got to work hard, and get out of your own way! I've taught you all I could. Maybe Jaime can teach you more. Training is over." Halle says and walks away. As she is leaving the gym, Halle looks over her shoulder saying, "You're a comic book fan so you'll understand this. Even Wolverine found a way to fit into the X-Men. You and Jaime may be two southern gals, turned teen models, turned big time Hollywood actresses, but you are not the same. You're destined for far greater things than Jaime could ever imagine."

Megan viewed Halle's outburst as another example of her lifelong inability of being to get along well with other women. She has listened to Halle some, and she has progresses a lot. Megan realizes that Halle is a workaholic that is obsessed with winning, achievement and success. So maybe that is "Why that girl be tripping so damned much!" as Megan puts it. Megan knows Halle truly wants the best for her and means well. So Megan has been ignoring these occasional clash of wills, which frustrates Halle even more. Megan feels like she will justify her actions and stance with a win over Jaime. Then she could convince Halle to back off some.

Dateline March 18th, 2012 Location: Small Persian Gulf Island
Jaime awakens in Sheik Khosdow's palace, where she has been staying for the last three days. Her visits there have become much more infrequently. Their relationship of convince has not been as hot as it was in the past. As Jaime reached and surpassed the age of thirty, she felt the Sheik was trying to replace her with a younger woman. In fact a younger woman had defeated Jaime and banished her from the palace for over a year.

However today is the kind of day that Jaime relishes. The Sheik is bringing a woman that he calls The Hottest Woman in the world to battle her today. Jaime loves getting her hands on these false idols that the Sheik has built up and destroying them in front of his eyes. The first was Halle Berry. The Sheik still fucks her madly whenever remembering that day.

The time for the fight arrives, and again Sheik Khosrow is seated in his favorite chair, with his closest friends near. Megan Fox walks into the room wearing a bright red bikini. Suddenly the Sheik is stricken by her beauty. "She's awesome, amazing!" the Sheik thinks. Megan's body radiates beauty and sexual desire in an unearthly way. Only once has he felt a woman with such power, and aura. That was the mighty goddess, Halle Berry. The Sheik realizes that Meagan is a goddess in her own right. Her glow is different from Halle's. Halle has a golden glow like the brightest beacon that the Sheik has ever seen. Megan is radiance, like a neon light. He concludes the young lady with the unearthly perfection is the goddess of hotness.

Jaime stands in a light blue bikini. She is definitely aware that the young woman has just stolen every lustful eye in the room. That is of very little concern to her. She knows she will win her due back by the end of the fight. Jaime has to work harder than Megan to maintain her hottness, and has shown more signs of aging over the last six years than the timeless Halle, but Jaime is still a world class beauty and a pillar of hotness. Even if the Sheik sometimes forgets it, Jaime has not.

“Naw offense lil' girl" Jaime says in a southern 'down east' North Carolina accent. "But I'm gonna kick tha shit out of you, break you in half, then send what's left back to the Fab Four." Jaime spoke very directly like the results are a foregone conclusion.

“You're welcome to try." Megan confidently replies in her native Eastern Tennessee drawl. "I'm just here to collect my winner's bonus and get the hell outta here and get back home."

“Hmpt" Jaime rebuffs sensing her adversary's supreme confidence and cockiness. "Before you go stupid from getting slapped around, be sure to send Tia my love.” Jaime fondly requests. "By the way, who's been trained you?"

“Halle" Megan answers.

Jaime's expression instantly turns cold. "Halle?" she says as her body gets rigid. "Halle sent you her for some payback huh? I suppose she told you what I did to her when she was here. I beat tha shit outta her, then drug her scrawny ass around the room by her tits. Then I put her in every hold that she ever showed me." Jaime quickly adds "Like I'm gonna do you."

Meagan instantly wears a confused expression. "Halle showed you? You trained with Halle?" Meagan asks wondering why Halle never told her.

"Yeah I was one of the Rescue Rangers dat Stone Rage sent ta Vegas to help the Fab Four." Jaime explains "After we got back, me Roselyn Sanchez and Kelly Hu worked with them some. I trained with Halle for a lil while. Tha bitch was a workaholic and a pain in tha ass. It didn't end well. I wuz too independent for that team shit anyway."

Meagan gives an agreeing chuckle. Then the Sheik stands and yells, Silence!" immediately ending the chatter. "Let the fight begin!" He bellows.

Instantly the frivolous faces disappear and an intense expression overtakes the combatant's eyes. They slowly circle each other testing each other out. Finally they collide together with smack of flesh. There is a brief struggle with the girls grappling for position before Megan captures Jaime in a headlock. Jaime shoots elbows and fist into Meagan's side to escape. Megan flips Jaime over off her feet. Meagan pins Jaime to the floor and keeps the blonde trapped on her back by lying across Jaime's chest as she maintains her headlock.

Jaime and the Sheik are surprised by Megan's strength, and being able to hold Jaime down. The Sheik was drawn into staring at Meagan. The confident yet still gorgeous expression on her face hypnotized him, until he tore his eyes away long enough to see her young plump taunt breasts jutted out as she tries to pour more strength into her headlock. Meagan exuded strength, confidence, power and hotness, at a rate like the older goddess that graced his palace many years earlier.

Jaime thrashed around under Meagan. Jaime's body is hard from many years of working out strains to throw Meagan off of her. The Sheik stops to admire Jaime. While older, she still was the Sheik's courageous heroine. She is not the ageless beauty like the goddess, but she is just as amazing. Jaime is a self made woman, and she has done a spectacular job. Jaime has progressed from playing hot chicks, and sex kittens to now playing hot chick's mother in her new tv series, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Jaime struggles more and starts getting embarrassed in front of her Sheik. Next anger and frustration sets in.

Meagan had proved she has learned a lot from Halle. Meagan grinds knuckles into Jaime's temple during the headlock. She presses her tits into Jaime's face, smothering her whenever possible. Also Meagan frequently socks Jaime in the eye and reapplies the wear down grappling hold. Jaime fought to get from underneath her capture, but Meagan rode her out. Through the ordeal, Jaime powered to her feet a couple of times. Meagan rode her, making the blonde spend as much energy as possible, then threw her back to the floor and regained her dominate position on the blonde.

Megan thought she had this match and double her money well in hand. That was until her arms started cramping from the constant exertion. Jaime felt Meagan falter. She immediately powers Meagan away and escapes the hold. Both women scramble to their feet. Meagan shakes her arms, getting circulation flowing again. Jaime is breathing hard to catch her breath, finally able to breathe uninhibited.

Meagan leaps in determined to keep her advantage. Meagan blasts Jaime in the chest, just below her neck, with a forearm and elbow. Jaime gags and swoons. Meagan draws her foot back and swings her leg forward. Meagan drives the point of her knee in Jaime's cunt. Jaime explodes with a scream and drops to her knees. Jaime holds her crotch with both hands muttering, "Oooooh little bitch, I'm gonna get you for that."

Megan raises her hands above her head and sends then crashing down with a double chop to either side of Jaime's neck. As Jaime howls, Meagan seizes Jaime by her blonde hair and hauls her to her feet. Meagan pushes Jaime back till she puts her back against one of the palace walls. Meagan slam's Jaime's back against the wall, followed by the back of Jaime's head. Meagan's blood lust flares, and the Sheik and his crew loves it. They are attracted and enticed by it. Meagan's calm peaceful blue eyes blaze with a blue flame reminiscent of a real bag girl. A bad girl who casts a spell over men, and have them doing any and everything for them. The ultimate sexy vamp.

Meagan buries several sharp skinny knees into Jaime's belly. Next the goddess' hands find Jaime's breasts and snatches them from behind their bikini covering. Meagan's hands grip, twist and mauls tits. Jaime breathlessly cringes and suffers in the vamp's clutches.

The Sheik’s cronies could smell defeat in the air. They all move to the edge of their seats. Jaime was an old friend of theirs, but they were all under this sexy young vamp's spell, and they were under her will.

The Sheik sat forward with his chin in his hand a long time as he carefully examined the situation. The Sheik is a real expert and connoisseur of catfighting. Then he sits back and a smile creeps on his face. "Meagan Fox is definitely a young goddess but, is no match for my heroine." he predicts.

However Jaime stayed caught in Meagan's clutches for far too long. So long that the Sheik started to second guess his original hypothesis. Suddenly it happened. Jaime flares to life and her hand seizes Megan's pussy and squeezes. Meagan gasps and tries to scream at the same time. What came out was the sexiest dick teasing sound that the Sheik had ever heard. "Fuck you little girl." Jaime grows as she squeezes Meagan's pussy even harder. Meagan's knees go weak, she cannot concentrate, her tight grip on Jaime's boobs is reduced to fondling. Jaime starts marching Meagan backwards from the paralyzing pain flaring between her legs.

Meagan cannot take this pain anymore. She raises her right hand and hits Jaime across the cheek with a half punch, half slap as hard as she can.

Jaime releases her grip on Meagan and just stands there for a moment. Her eyes are stretched to the max, her body turns ridged and trembling while she looks like she is about to explode in rage from the insulting slap to the face. The Sheik gets caught up in the moment. He rises out of his seat roaring, "Yes my golden heroine! This young goddess is no match for you!"

Meagan is not about to wait for Jaime to hulk up. She draws back and comes forward with an overhand right. As the goddess leans forward, Jaime nails her on the chin with a sneaky uppercut. The uppercut lands first, making Meagan wobbles back a step. The heroine shout "That's it hot bitch!" and unleashes a flurry of piston punches to the goddess' slender body. The fists come too fast and furious to count. The goddess stands doing an unfortunate dance as her body violently gyrates from the series of riveting punches. The goddess finishes the assault with a hook to the goddess' unmatchable face.

The goddess reels away, but answers back with her own combination to the heroine's lovely face, that sends her golden hair swirling.

All the answers start falling in place for the Sheik now. The heroine and the goddess trade blows. The goddess hurts the heroine with a punch to the nose. The heroine drops back holding her nose. The goddess moves forward for the kill and is impaled by a straight punch to her gut. The Sheik though he would see his heroine's fist emerge out the back of the thin goddess the punch sunk so deep. It was a trap, and the young goddess stepped right into it. "Yes! Finish her!" The Sheik loudly cheers.

The goddess is hunched over, holding her stomach with the breath knocked out of her. The heroine tees off on the goddess' unprotected face. After four walloping blows, the goddess' arms dangle by her sides in a punch drunk stupor. The heroine fires at will with a bomb that sends the goddess falling backward. The goddess luckily falls on a sofa with her body splayed across the seats and her legs dangling off. Her long black hair covers the goddess face totally as she lies there barely moving. The Sheik's dick shot up. The goddess of hotness looked so titillating lying there.

"Get up hot bitch! I'm not done with you." the heroine commands. The goddess stirs and slowly starts to rise. It was not quick enough for the heroine. She grabs the goddess by her arm and jerks her up to her feet.

The young goddess recovers and resumes the fight. The Sheik chuckles and wonders how he could have ever doubted his heroine. The heroine is a wise and crafty warrior. She has bested the highest level goddess including the mighty goddess of beauty. This young gifted but lesser goddess of hotness is simply no match for her. The heroine sets traps constantly and the goddess walks into them every time and is getting destroyed. The goddess is spirited and spunky and keeps fighting to the best of her ability, but she is way over matched. By her expression, she knows it too.

Meagan learns that Jaime is too much for her. The worst thing is that Jaime is using the exact same tactics and techniques that Halle was trying to teach her, but she was too hard headed and lazy to absorb. Halle was right, she should be over here whipping Jaime's ass right now, instead of getting brutally punished for her lack of commitment to her training.

The Sheik enjoys the last stages of the fight. The heroine is beating the hell out of the young goddess. She teases the young deity constantly calling her "Hot bitch" as she rips at her face. Sometimes the heroine calls her victim "Tennessee hick" as she punishes her with holds. However he is amazed that as the goddess falls, she starts looking even hotter. When she was winning the goddess looked like a sexy, hot, mean vamp, now in defeat she looks like a fetching damsel in distress. Unlike Halle, Megan is even hotter in defeat.

The Sheik surmised that a lot of Halle's beauty comes from her inner strength, confidence, grace and intelligence. Halle did not look very confident or graceful as Jaime kicked her ass. But Megan inner glow comes from her attitude, flirtatious nature, rebellious spirit and wild side. Jaime cannot beat that out of her. The Sheik's entourage was equally enchanted. They were practically begging for Jaime to strip Megan naked as soon as she turned the fight around. Jaime happily complied and commented, "She's nothing but skin and bones." However the men were loving those bones.

Finally Megan is on the floor, looking up at Jaime. "You win, I quit, I've had enough." Megan confesses.

"Huh, it's for me to decide when you've had enough." Jaime sasses back and reaches down. Megan gasps and starts trying to scurry away. Jaime catches her and goes back to hurting her.

The men thought Megan looked voluptuous before. She now looks like a bondage model, struggling and squirming to get away. Megan did not have Halle's pride and dignity, Megan screamed and begged for mercy unashamedly. It only made her more inviting to the men. Megan no longer resisted or fought back. She just squirmed and tried to escape and crawl away from her tormentor.

The heroine tremendously enjoys slaughtering this insolent young godling. She has imposed her will and fear in the young goddess. So much so, it looks like the goddess could wet herself from a angry terrorizing glance from the blonde warrior. The heroine can tell that the goddess is embarrassed by her shameful, behavior so unbecoming of a great fighter. Although the Fab Four has taught her better, the young goddess cannot help herself from groveling and begging. The heroine ponders whether to end the fight with a knock out or making this goddess of hotness shamefully and submissively kiss her ass and feet.

Finally Jaime decides to end Megan's suffering and locks Megan in a sleeperhold. Jaime did not have hard feelings against Megan enough to subjugate her. As Megan falls asleep in Jaime's clutches, Jaime taunts "What the hell was Halle smoking letting a rookie shit like you here for payback against me? You've got potential kid, but you've got a long way to go. Tell Halle to bring her ass here next time. The Sheik would love to see me kick her scrawny ass again." Jaime says giving the Sheik a come-hither look then blowing a kiss.

Megan goes out quickly and Jaime drops the rag doll brunette to the floor. Jaime kicks Megan over onto her back and puts a foot on her chest. "So who's the hottest woman in the world now?" Jaime asks. Nobody says a word. The men's eyes stare at Jaime then their eyes quickly drop to the ravishing beauty on the floor. No one said a word, but there was only one goddess of hotness, and she is lying on the floor.

"That's what I thought." Jaime says taking their silence as her answer. She walks off Megan's chest and struts to the Sheik and sits on his lap. Realizing Megan was still drawing too much attention, Jaime quickly orders "I'm tired of looking at that lil bitch! Priya! Aria! Get this bitch out of here! She's got a plane to catch!"

The Sheik’s trusty hand maiden run over, and carry Megan out of the room. When Megan wakes up, she is in the limousine, on her way to the airport, and Priya and Aria are trying to dress her. Next thing Megan knows she is on the Sheik's private jet, heading back to the USA with a suitcase full of cash.

Megan lands in Los Angeles and exiting the VIP gate at the airport. She is pleasantly surprised to see Halle at the gate to greet her. "So how did it go?" Halle asks.

"I got my ass kicked." Megan dejectedly answers. "You were right. I should have taken my training much more seriously. I embarrassed you and the team." Megan says dropping her head in shame.

Halle gives Megan a tight, warm loving hug. Megan actually said 'team'. She had never uttered that word to Halle before. "Are you kidding I am sooo proud of you." Halle whispers in Megan's ear.

“Come on” Halle says as she takes Megan by the arm and starts leading her to the exit. "Jessica is waiting in the car. Let's get dinner and have a girl's night." Halle says as the skip out the airport. "I'm the luckiest woman in the Fab Four! I get to work with and hang out with the two hottest young actresses in Hollywood. I've got two future Academy award winners by my side." Halle says. Megan smiles. She finally feels a part of the team, and most importantly accepted into Halle's league as a glamorous superstar.

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