"THIS IS THE MATCH THAT YOU'VE ASKED FOR!" The ring announcer screams. It is not hyperbole but a true statement. This is the match that the public demanded and voted to have through the internet. The match comes at great costs to the league. Both women will be handsomely compensated to compete in this match. Neither woman carries a grudge against the other. In fact they are long time acquaintances. This match is simply for the money. There is a huge bonus for the winner. There are also bonuses for stripping their opponent. Each article of clothing, tops, bottoms, bra and panties garner an increasing bonus. After all the bonuses the fully clothed winner has the opportunity to beat her totally naked opponent and walk out of the ring with almost twice as much money as her humbled opponent.

Both women are evenly matched; both stand at 5'7". Kate is fitter and 44 years old. While Catherine is a little heavier and older at age 48. Kate is wearing a black latex pants similar to the ones she wears in her Underworld movie series. However up top, she wears only a black latex bra that shows off her flat firm stomach and succulent. She knows that Catherine cannot compete with that. Ever the diva though, Catherine chose a similar outfit, with tight black latex pants, but her top is bright cherry red to outshine and eclipse the beautiful woman across the ring. Catherine's top is a tight form fitting vest, that shows a little skin and makes Catherine’s breasts plump and sits up, but remains very classy.

They meet in the middle of the ring for the official's instructions. "I hope you don't take this personally Catherine." Kate confidently says. "I’m going to light your ass up and put on a show for these fans, and leave here a wealthy woman."

Catherine laughs in amusement. "Kate dear, you're new to this league. I'm one of the originals here. I'll go easy on you, I like you. So, I won't hurt you like I did Salma Hayek or Christina Applegate."

"Catherine always stuck in the past." Kate responds. "Check the calendar, it's 2018 not 1998!" Kate replies with a smile. "I'm Underworld 6 fit. What are you like 2013 Red 2 fit?"

"Underworld? I graduated from those types of roles in 1999. Remember? That's when they started casting you in real movies." Catherine jabs at her fellow thespian. "Let's ring the bell and get this over with." Catherine adds getting annoyed. Catherine knows that it is time for her to reassert herself on top of the heap in the UK. That is the true purpose of this match. That is truly why she is here.

Catherine and Kate return to their respective corners. Catherine notices Kate's confident smile. Catherine recognizes the all too familiar face of a woman that is tired of taking a backseat to her. However, Kate may be the only woman who has no need to take a backseat to Catherine. This is going to be a fight.

The bells rings and Catherine smiles and comes out of her corner. It takes a lot to get Catherine to leave her beautiful home for any project, whether it be a movie or a catfight. However she told her husband that the price is right for her to kick Kate's ass tonight". Most exciting of all she resumes being queen of the territory.

When Catherine meets Kate in the middle of the ring, she extends her hand for a handshake. Kate takes the gesture and shakes her opponent's hand. However Catherine does not release Kate's hand but twists her arm 360 degrees and puts her opponent in a wrist lock. Catherine laughs at her rival's naivety and cranks on Kate's arm one more time. Catherine wrenches and twists Kate’s arm with vigor, as Kate struggles and tries to jerk and pull away. Kate stumbles toward the ropes and gets a hold of the top rope. Kate uses the rope for assistance to leap in the air and do a back flip. In the process, she untwists her arm instantly and alleviates all the pain. Next Kate immediately twists and cranks Catherine's arm and reverses the situation and captures Catherine in a wrist lock.

Kate's wrist lock is just as effective as Catherine's and has its capture in just as much pain as Kate was in previously. Catherine has no plans to linger in the hold. Catherine flicks her free hand's fingers across Kate's face to rake her eyes. After that unbalances Kate, Catherine grabs a handful of Kate's hair and throws her to the mat, rudely breaking the hold.

Kate gets right back to her feet and fans grumble at Catherine's dirty play. "If you want to play that way and be a bitch, two can play that game." Kate announces and reaches out and bitch slaps Catherine across the face. By the time Catherine's head reels around from the first slap, another one spins it the other way. Again and again the slaps keep coming, keeping Catherine's head spinning. Ten or more hard bitch slaps knock the taste out of Catherine's mouth, slap the bitch out of the woman, and start to slap the Alpha out of the female. Catherine reels against the ropes, shocked and dizzy from sweet Kate's uncommon assault. Few would dare to treat, 'Cat the Crippler' such a way.

Kate confidently approaches Catherine as she leans against the ropes. Catherine's lips move to form a word and quickly Kate's back hand slaps across her face and takes the words out of her mouth. Catherine's eye turn wild, now meeting a woman who has finally found that x-factor to tame her and put her on a leash. Catherine roars like a cougar and pounces on Kate. With her hands bared like claws, Catherine sinks them into Kate's hair and face, knocking them both to the canvas. Kate respond in like fashion and the two helllcats roll across the mat trying to tear each other to shreds.

Catherine quickly regains some control because this is more her style of fight than Kate's. Kate had to get just as nasty and claw Catherine's eyes to escape the lock up. Kate rolls away and scrambles to her feet seeing there is no benefit for her in this manner of combat.

Catherine stands too. She wears a slight smile seeing that she has re-established her position. That was until Kate exploded and swoops in with a forearm aimed at Catherine's jaw, followed by a shot to Catherine's gut. Catherine retreats back in a defensive position, but Kate stays on her, striking any time possible, especially to the body. Catherine realizes her rival seeks to dismantle her one piece at a time. More frightening to Catherine is that she knows she is entirely capable of accomplishing it.

Catherine fights back, lashing out and striking Kate in the face a few times. However Kate is far superior in a fist fight and hits Catherine more times and harder than Catherine is able. Catherine bobs and weaves then moves to her right, firing a flurry of punches. They graze Kate or are slipped. Kate strikes with quick straight fists that snap Catherine's head back. The fans give a voice of excitement seeing Catherine simply getting her ass kicked. Suddenly a hard flurry from Kate sends Catherine to mat on her ass. Completely over matched, Catherine rolls out of the ring to escape more punishment.

Not about to let her quarry escape or breathe, Kate hops out of the ring and catches up with Catherine and assaults her foe. Kate slams forearms and jab knees into Catherine's body. Catherine covers up into a defensive position by covering her body up as much as possible with her arms and legs. Also she twists and turns to allow her back and shoulders to bear much of the punishment as the veteran hopes to allow Kate to tire herself out. Realizing Catherine's obvious strategy, Kate snatches Catherine's hair and starts jerking and yanking. With Catherine squealing and off balance, Kate hair whips Catherine to the arena floor. Kate does not stop there; she maintains a hold on Catherine's black locks and snatches Catherine back to her feet. Next Kate tosses Catherine several feet by her hair. Catherine takes a short trip through the air for an abrupt landing with a loud thump a few feet away on the arena floor.

Kate comes over to Catherine and applies the boots to her foe. She stomps and kicks Catherine's body. Soon Kate sees the doubt and concern growing on Catherine's face. Watching Catherine's up and down career through the years Kate realize that when Catherine is confident, she is nearly unbeatable. However when she is unconfident, she mentally crumbles to the point of being a proverbial jobber. Kate knows that Catherine came into the contest really confident, but now it is fading. If Kate breaks her spirit, Catherine will become her little play thing for the rest of the match.

Catherine Zeta JonesSeeking for more of a mental edge, Kate reaches down and grabs Catherine's vest. Kate starts yanking and jerking trying to snatch it off of Catherine's body. Buttons pop while Catherine swipes at Kate trying to protect her top. Kate beats the buttons and yanks the vest open, then she starts stripping it off. Catherine still resists, but this stripping has given her a chance to recover some from her beating. Losing the vest is an acceptable casualty. Catherine makes Kate work for it, but eventually gives up her vest.

Kate steps back with her prize vest in hand. Catherine stands and she and everyone else notices that her tits have popped out of her bra during the struggle. Seeing Kate look hungrily at her tits and bra, Catherine reaches behind her back and unfastens the clip herself. She takes off the bra and tosses it at Kate. "Here take it! You obviously need the bonus more than me." Catherine adds, referencing the huge bonuses earned for taking clothing in this match. Reminding Kate of her financial and career superiority balances the scales in the mental war between the two.

More so than just maintaining the pecking order between the divas, it pisses Kate off. Kate mutters, "Why you..." then charges and tackles Catherine. Now topless, Catherine finds herself in the familiar position of Kate on her and whipping her ass.

Nasty Catherine however likes this brawling style. First she attacks Kate's eyes. The angry woman was an easy victim for this tactic. Next Catherine wraps her hands around Kate's throat and starts choking her. Catherine is able to roll Kate onto her back and really bear down. Kate strike up and lands a hard fist to the point of Catherine's chin. Catherine's grip weakens. Two more fists convince Catherine to abandon her choke hold and leave Kate alone.

In this mutual break, Catherine coolly returns to the ring, and then invites Kate to join her. Kate is getting emotional and annoyed at Catherine's arrogance and air of superiority. Kate cannot wait to get into the ring and whip the smirk off of Catherine's pompous face.

Kate enters through the ropes, and quickly realizes the need to calm her emotion. She is making a mistake. Kate's emotions told her to charge Catherine again. Her head told her to box Catherine again. Kate cannot quickly decide. She has had success doing both so far. Seeing Kate's indecision, Catherine closes the distance between them and grabs Kate's hair. Kate responds likewise and engage in a hair pulling battle. Catherine growl as she takes control, whipping Kate's head left and right by her hair. Catherine jerks Kate toward her and buries her knee into Kate's stomach. Kate releases a long gasp and wants to double over. Catherine not only allows her, she helps her by pushing her head down into Catherine's knee rocketing up into her face. While Kate reacts to that pain, Catherine's elbow is driven into the base of Kate's skull. Kate's body has a flash of numbness and she drops to one knee. Cather backs up the strikes with a kick to Kate's face. The flat of Catherine's foot lands square in Kate's visage and knocks her to the over to the mat.

Kate lies on her back, looking up at the lights, and seeing stars too. She feels like she has just gone through some kind of grinder. She thinks that it is impossible that Catherine inflicted that much pain on her in that short of a time. None the less, Kate forces herself to her feet, to limit the amount of weakness she shows Catherine.

Catherine Zeta Jones is a veteran and knows just how hurt Kate is. Catherine closes and strikes with a kick to Kate's belly. Kate barks and doubles over for a moment. Kate rises and throws a wild looping punch to Catherine's head. She easily side steps the fist, but the strike had already accomplished Kate's goal, to make Catherine back off. At least Kate thought it did. However Catherine whirls like a ballerina to Kate's side and lands a kick to Kate's kidneys. Kate arches her back and howls as she gets out of Catherine's striking distance.

Everyone can see that the smaller Kate is having trouble handling Catherine's heavy blows. Kate throws a couple of jabs at Catherine that do not land but keeps her foe off of her, while the heavy breathing Kate composes herself. Catherine responds by shooting in and grabbing Kate around the waist. Kate bolsters herself and refuses to go down. Immediately her clasp together fist hammer down on Catherine's back. Next Kate reaches down and grabs Catherine around the waist. Kate hoists Catherine up and suplexes Catherine to the mat with a gut wrench suplex. Kate slams Catherine down hard hoping to weaken Catherine's body and wanes her spirit.

Both women slowly get to their feet. Catherine is angry that Kate responded so fiercely and refused to let her bully her. Kate realizes that Catherine is nowhere near a mental collapse. She is going to have to out wrestle and fight this bitch from here out.

"Come on you little snot! I'm tired of you!" Catherine yells angrily at Kate.

"Just shut up!" Kate shouts back getting tired of Catherine's mouth arrogance and tactics.

Kate's feistiness offends Catherine further. Catherine marches up to Kate. Kate smacks her face just as disrespectfully as she did early in the match. Catherine responds with a backhanded slap that spins Kate around, buckles her knees and sends her reeling into the ropes. Catherine chuckles then follows after her opponent.

Catherine goes to Kate and starts raining down heavy blows. Kate cowers and covers up. Then Catherine grabs Kate around the waist and hoists her up then throws Kate over backwards sending her on the back of her head with a belly to back suplex. Catherine stands over the fallen woman. "You're a hell of an actress. You act like a tough woman when we both know you're not." Catherine tells Kate then slaps her across the face.

Catherine reaches down and grabs Kate by her leather bra and jerks her up to her feet. "You little fluff. Underworld is a movie, but I'm a real life Catherine Zeta Jones! You don't measure up!" Catherine preaches to Kate as she drives her knee into Kate's gut several times.

Catherine scoops Kate up in her arms. She walks to the middle of the ring and body slams Kate down, trying to throw her through the canvas. "You fucking little bitch! This is my world!" Catherine shouts. "I'm Catherine Zeta Jones! You're going to learn some respect!" Catherine adds a few kicks and stomps.

Kate is feeling the pain, and realizes that she has awakened a monster. Her mental assault has created an mental explosion instead of a collapse. One good thought is that if she somehow manages to survive crazy ass Catherine, the collapse in probably very near. However Kate has learned that Catherine is not so crazy after all. Those knees to the body and hard throws have taken a lot of fight out of Kate.

"So, you wanted to see my breasts?" Catherine asks as she takes a seat on Kate's stomach. "They are magnificent, aren't they? Take a good look." Catherine taunts before she plunges her naked breast down on Kate's face. Although not huge, Catherine's tits are able to cover Kate's face and make breathing extremely difficult.

Kate flops around underneath Catherine hoping to wiggle free. There is a marginal chance of that happening. Catherine is a veteran, and has mastered the breast smother along with many other aspects of catfighting. Catherine has her legs grapevine around Kate and her arms around her head keeping her face in place between sweet breasts. She rides Kate out while her sweaty breasts rob her of more energy and oxygen. Kate's muffled screams and protest inform Catherine she is being successful.

Determined not to go out in this embarrassing manner, Kate starts punching either side of Catherine's body. Kate hears meaty thuds and grunts. She starts feeling like she is beating the bass drum in a high school band. Kate aims her fist higher on Catherine's side where there is less body fat to protect Catherine's ribs. Catherine tries to ride it out, but she knows the bulk of damage has been done. Catherine lets Kate go and rolls away.

Catherine stands but her sides still hurt. Kate sits up shaking her head and is light headed. Seeing the opportunity Catherine swoops in and kicks Kate in the chest, knocking her back to the mat. Catherine kicks Kate over onto her belly then sits down on the upper portion of Kate's left thigh. Catherine grabs Kate's left arm then pulls it back until she lifts Kate's upper body off the mat. Next Catherine grabs Kate's right ankle and pulls in to meet her left wrist. Kate screams as her body is stretched in an unnatural position. Also Kate has never encountered this unusual stretch hold before, so she struggles to figure out an escape or a counter.

Catherine laughs at Kate’s discomfort. Catherine looks around the arena and noticed that the crowd slightly favored Kate. This is yet another thing that did not make Catherine happy. Catherine snarls, "Those fans do love you." Catherine smacks her lips. "Unbelievable! They are cheering for you when I'm in the fucking ring fucking topless!" Catherine releases her stretch and stands up over Kate. "Let's see how they feel about what I'm going to do to you next." Catherine finishes.

Catherine grabs one of Kate's legs and wrenches it backward again. She tucks Kate's ankle under her arm, and sits down on Kate's back, applying a single leg Boston Crab hold. Catherine wrenches the hold tightly and chuckles at the anguished sound that Kate makes. However Catherine had something much more fiendish in mind when she applied this hold. Catherine balls her fist and starts punching Kate's crotch with her free hand.

This match started as a battle between the fans favorites. There were no hard feelings. Catherine now battles a woman her equal in beauty. She is very talented on the screen and very competent in the ring. Worst of all she had the nerve to stand up to her and tried to punk her in her home, London's SSE Arena, Wembleys. This witch has even enchanted her loyal subjects. Kate Beckensale must be punished to maintain the pecking order. Catherine pounds Kate's cunt, or sometimes grinds her knuckles in Kate's crotch.

"You're lucky I don't take off your pants and really fuck your cunt up." Catherine shouts. "I just don't want to give these stupid fans the pleasure of seeing your body!" Catherine jealously finishes hearing many fans yell in protest of their heroine's treatment.

You're not taking my clothes off because you know that your body can't compare to mine, you pompous slug!" Kate spews back at Catherine.

The fans shout to encourage their gladiator, Kate to hold on, resist and come back to defeat this she devil. However Kate knows that she is done. The body shots, followed by the breast smother, now the crotch punishment is too much for her to take. Her strategy did not work. Catherine's arrogance far exceeded her expectations. Kate now just hates that she has to suffer through this arrogant bitch's attempts to embarrass and discipline her."Arrogant heifer!" Kate shouts in frustration.

Catherine liberates Kate from the half crab, and the pussy punches. Kate crumbles to the mat, holding her crotch and whimpering at Catherine's feet. Catherine looks around the arena again. Her reaction is mixed to say the least. She did not care really. She is still the reigning queen of that building. At GOLD EXPERIENCE II she beat her rival Elizabeth Hurley and made her feel her wrath. She was defeated, stripped, and left tied to the ring post. Now London's SSE Arena, Wembleys are going to see their latest best thing humiliated too.

Catherine reaches down and grabs Kate's hair and jerks her to her knees. Using her hair Catherine sticks out her butt and turns around, and then shoves Kate's face between her ass cheeks. It is an impactful demonstration of her power. Kate is helpless. Catherine controls Kate's head by the hair on the back of her head. Kate displays her displeasure with muffled insults. She smacks the side of Catherine's ass venomously. Catherine pulls Kate's head back then slams her face into her ass again. Then she grinds her face in deeper. Catherine pulls Kate's head back then slams her face back into her ass. Some more grinding puts Kate in her place.

Catherine ends Kate's humiliation by letting her hair go and giving her a hard bump to Kate's face with her ass. Kate falls back to the mat. Catherine gloats to the fans by raising her hands above her head in a pre victory pose. Then during a mixed reaction from the crowd, Kate's foot shoots up and boots Catherine in the cunt.

Catherine's arms drop to her pussy an she rapidly stumbles away. Catherine is shocked that her subservient victim had the gumption to still retaliate. Kate is tired and worn out, but she is tired of an arrogant Catherine trying to humiliate her. This goes beyond putting on a good show for the audience.

Against her body's wishes, Kate gets off the canvas and charges toward her arrogant foe. Catherine is holding her crotch and quietly talking to herself. She is shocked as Kate comes up and chops Catherine across her breasts. Catherine yelps and reels back. "Fucking bitch! You're tits aren't so spectacular anyway." Kate says as she vengefully chops Catherine across her boobs again. After suffering earlier to Catherine's breasts, she is glad and excited to punish them now. Catherine's tits are open for another chop that Kate gladly delivers.

Catherine looks hurt and leans against the ropes for support. Kate increases her attack. She adds forearm smashes too. Kate's strikes go strong until she adds smacks to Catherine's lovely face. That is when Catherine starts laughing.

Then a revelation is made. "Who says I'm not a helluva actress?". Catherine announces. Fact is that Catherine was never really hurt by Kate's blows. Body shots and smothering have already taken Kate's power from her punches. Catherine was on the ropes to do the old Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope. Meaning she was using the ropes to lean back and take some of the sting out of Kate's blows, until she tired herself out. Now Catherine smiles at a very tired Kate Beckensale.

Now Catherine uses the favorite move of the night, a big disrespectful bitch smack. Kate is totally drained and accepts the demeaning blow. The bitch slaps keep coming like a turnstile. Slap after slap reddens Kate's cheeks. They make Kate dizzy and knock that spark of resistance that birthed that cunt kick out of her with quickness. Now slap happy and exhausted, Kate's attempts to defend herself but her weak attempts are knocked away and avoided.

After marching Kate backwards with slaps, Catherine dropped to her knees, puts her forearm between Kate's legs and drives it up for a classic low blow. Kate shrieks and clutches her cunt and drops to her knees.

Catherine stands certain that Kate is ready for her final destruction. Catherine looms over the deflated Kate who is on her knees. "Time for me to show you this Cat's claws." Catherine announces then puts her hand around Kate's head and applies a dreaded Claw hold.

Catherine applies the power behind the claw hold, squeezing Kate's head like a cantaloupe. Catherine decided to perfect this move after her last match. Like most artist that are as accomplished as her, she is a bit of a perfectionist. Needless to say Catherine has become quite efficient with the hold. Her ring finger and thumb press into Kate's temples and apply pain at pressure points. Catherine's hand engulf Kate's face masking much of her torment.

Kate feels like her skull is being crushed. The pain is excruciating. She feels her body going limp, while her brain shuts down. The pressure on her head makes thinking next to impossible. She finds it just as challenging to catch her breath. Catherine is pressing Kate over backwards to the mat. Slowly Kate finds herself flat on her back on the mat. Kate kicks several times trying to escape. However the pressure on her skull is taking all the energy and what little fight she has out of her. Soon her body tires and she lies flat on the canvas. The referee dives into position and heartily slaps the mat three times to count Kate out and awards the match to Catherine.

Catherine takes her time releasing her claw hold on Kate, but she dramatically lets her go and slowly stands to her feet. She moves slowly giving the crowd an opportunity to cheer and applaud her achievement. Many choose not to. but Catherine is not about to allow that to tarnish her glory. She allows the referee to raise her hand in victory. Catherine tilts her head back and holds her arms out to the side, exalting her sweaty naked breasts while she soaks in all the majesty. The referee leaves Catherine momentarily to retrieve a diamond tiara, Catherine's prize for winning the main event at GOLD EXPERIENCE III. The official places the tiara on Catherine's head.

The ring announcer enters to proclaim Catherine the victor. As he is about to speak, music blares across the arena. The song is Somebody Help Me, performed by Michael Starke, the theme song for the E! TV show, Royals. To everyone's surprise Catherine's opponent from GOLD EXPERIENCE II, and the star of Royals, Elizabeth Hurley is strutting to the ring.

Absolutely everyone in the arena is overjoyed to see the busty 52 year old veteran actress enter the arena. The very beautiful goddess walks to the ring wearing black leather pants and a very low plunging tank top showcasing a truly unbelievable pair of breast. Fans remember the last time she was seen in a Stone Rage ring. Elizabeth had been defeated by Catherine Zeta Jones. She was seated on the middle turnbuckle with her legs spread wide open and her hands handcuffed behind her back, and totally stark naked. Her final words swore revenge on Catherine.

Elizabeth slid into the ring under the bottom ropes. Catherine is actually smiling, happy to see her interruption. Catherine already has vision of kicking Elizabeth's legendary ass, and leaving her laid out with Kate Beckinsale. There will be no denying that Catherine Zeta Jones is the one and only queen of the land tonight.

As soon as Elizabeth gets her feet under her from sliding into the ring, she races toward Catherine like a sprinter exploding out of the blocks. Elizabeth barrels into Catherine and tackles her to the mat and knocking the tiara off of her head. Elizabeth starts clobbering Catherine with both fists immediately. She rains down hammering punches with both fists as fast and hard as she possibly can. Catherine has no choice but to cover up and endure.

Finally Catherine tries to scurry away. She escapes rolling from Elizabeth. She gets halfway out of the ring when Elizabeth captures her by her long silky black hair. Elizabeth drags Catherine rather roughly back into the ring. Elizabeth gets to her feet and continues dragging Catherine across the mat to the middle of the ring. Elizabeth hair hauls Catherine to her feet and looks at her eye to eye. "I told you I would get my revenge on you!" Elizabeth sassily says then drops to a seated position to the mat, driving Catherine's face into the canvas at the same time executing a Facebuster. Catherine's face slams into the mat with a bang. She shrieks loudly for an instant followed by long moans.

Elizabeth stands with a smile on her face. She resumes her class and grace of the goddess that she always has been. She reaches down and picks up Catherine's fallen tiara. She holds it above her head for the benefit of the fans then walks to leave the ring. She slips through the ropes and hops off the ring apron. Elizabeth struts back to the backstage with the tiara, a cup of revenge and a huge smile.

Catherine lifts her head and watches Elizabeth leave with a scowl on her face. She looks angry on the outside, but deep down she is actually pleased. Elizabeth has just set the stage for another even bigger payday for a rematch with Elizabeth. Catherine is totally confident that she will destroy her again, then strip Elizabeth and humiliate her like no other. Catherine shakes her head in disbelief. Catherine thinks that even Elizabeth must know that she is no match for her in the ring. "She must be doing this for the money." Catherine thinks. "I'm definitely going to make her every single pound." She is thinking about making Elizabeth kiss her feet and suck her toes next time. "Things aren't so bad" Catherine thinks as she slowly gets to her feet.

One thing had slipped Catherine's mind until she feels a hand on her shoulder. Catherine turns as Kate dips her shoulder and hoists Catherine onto her shoulders in a Fireman's carry. Next Kate starts spinning in circles with Catherine on her shoulders in an airplane spin. Round and round Catherine goes getting dizzier by the moment. Kate finally flips Catherine off of her shoulders, making certain that Catherine falls on the back of her head and neck in a Death Valley driver.

Catherine is dizzy and her body tingles with pain. She slowly rolls over onto her belly then pushes herself up to her hands and knees. Her brain is not sure exactly what just happened. She has gone from celebrating a decisive victory to terrible pain in barely a minute. Her mind tries to conjure up what is in store for her next.

Seeing Catherine on her hands and knees Kate moves into position. She steps closer and pulls Catherine's head between her thighs. From there, Kate hoists Catherine upside down by gripping Catherine's waist. Kate drops down into a seated position and pile drives Catherine's head into the mat. After having the crown of her head planted onto the mat, Catherine's body tumbles over like a fallen tree.

After three consecutive devastating finishing maneuvers, a face buster, A death Valley driver and now a Pile driver, Catherine lies on her back in total shambles. The topless woman lies there totally helpless, and barely conscious. Kate goes to Catherine's legs and starts stripping her of her black latex pants and her panties as well. Poor Catherine cannot even raise her voice to stop her. Kate can truly do anything she wants to Catherine.

All Kate wants in Catherine's pants and panties. After taking them she holds them above Catherine's face, and teases, "Hah! Cha ching! Bonus time bitch!" Kate says and laughs having now made her bonuses for stripping Catherine naked. Kate keeps laughing and leaves the ring. She has a bounce to her step as she walks up the ramp back to the dressing room.

The ring announcers steps into the ring. "Your winner of our main event tonight, Cat the Crippler, Catherine Zeta Jonessssss!" The man loudly announces as all attention is drawn to the totally naked woman lying face up looking at the lights and lolling in pain. "Thank you for attending GOLD EXPERIENCE III. Good night!" the announcer finishes and exits the ring.

The house lights come on the queen of the ring. Our queen Catherine lays spread eagle on her back. The fans start to get out of their seats and file out of the arena leaving her there. No one has come to assist Catherine yet, but the camera man has entered the ring to capture the moment. He revolves around Catherine's celestial body. Viewers notice the sweat on her body from a hard fought victory. They salivate of the sweet, shaven pussy between Catherine's legs. Immediately millions of fantasies and wet dream are being born. He zooms backwards to take in the magical grandeur of the great goddess. Whether fallen, semi-conscious and her body raked with pain, or tremendously arrogant and celebrating with yet another victory, Catherine is magical. The queen of the ring and nobody is complaining.