Catherine Zeta Jones vs Pamela Anderson

NOTE - This match follows events of Catherine Zeta Jones vs Elizabeth Hurley THE GOLD EXPERIENCE II
“But it didn’t work.”

“That’s not my fault,” replied Catherine. “You said you’d get me a title match. I voted for you because I thought you were going to look out for my career. Now you say there’s nothing you can do.”

“I can’t pull a title match out of thin air. There are others in line,” replied the only other in the office, Loni Anderson.

“Fuck the red tape. You owe me even if you didn’t get to keep your job on the committee.” Catherine moved in close to Loni and looked down into her eyes with an evil stare. Loni felt the implication that Catherine would be fighting someone fairly soon and if she didn’t come up with something it may be her.

“Calm down Cat. Wait a minute. You know… ah, how about the Drama Queen title. Hayek has it now. I happen to know Rage is looking for a challenger for it.”

“What about Milano? She’s gunning for that title or better yet gunning for Hayek.”

“Yep, but she fucked up. All these ambushes and gang wars are really pissing Rage off. A lot of legal matters go into running a fight league and every time one or more of these hoochies go off on a killing spree, Rage gets into it with the fight commission. Alyssa isn’t going to get a shot at the title and it’s her own doing.”

Catherine smiled and stepped away from Loni, “Can you get me that shot, Loni?”

Loni breathed a sigh of relief, “It may not be easy, but I’m sure I can convince Rage. The Booking Committee is another story.”

Catherine was now confident, “Don’t worry about them. We can count on Marina.”

Next Day

The deal for Catherine to face Salma for the Drama Queen Title was close to being signed when the meeting between Catherine, Loni, and the Booking Committee was interrupted by Christina Applegate. “Ladies,” she said in a firm but soft tone. “May I speak with you?”

Loni sensing something was wrong, “Wait a minute. We were just about too…”

Applegate cut Loni off, “Don’t worry. I won’t keep them for long.”

The Booking Committee stepped out with Applegate for a minute and after a swift conversation, returned to the room with Applegate in the lead. Applegate picked up the papers for the Drama Queen match and put down a new set of papers. She then spoke to Loni and Catherine, “Ladies, I’m sorry to inform you that the Drama Queen Title match is no longer on the table.”

“What,” quickly snapped back both Loni and Catherine.

“I’m sorry,” Christina said with a smile that denied her sincerity. “But the Committee has decided to go with a better offer, a three way match between Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, and Jenny McCarthy. It’s nothing personal, just a better matchup.”

The smile and smugness was proof that it was personal indeed and Catherine wasn’t going to stand for it. She stepped up into Applegate’s face the same way she had Loni the day before, but found there was still a lot of Kelly Bundy in Applegate’s heart as Christina met her gaze with not a bit of concern. Christina spoke as if Jones was still across the room, “Don’t worry Cat. I got a title for you. Just sign on the line.” Christina backed away so Catherine could get to the papers she’d put down earlier.

Cat scanned the papers, “Cock Fight? Pamela Anderson? You must be joking.”

“No joke,” responded Christina. “You wanted a title match, you got one.”

Cat, “This is shit. I’m not one of your little porn whores. I’m a fighter.” That comment lost Cat some points with Committee member Ebony Ayes, the resident porn queen and fight extraordinaire.

Christina egged her on, “Scared Cat? You scared of Anderson?”

Catherine spit back quickly, “Fuck no. I’m not scarred of anybody.”

“Great. Then sign.” Another minute or two of arguing and the match was on.

Match Night

Besides the special guest referee Jenna Jameson dressed in a sexy white and black striped ref bikini, Catherine was in the ring first with little more than a lacey black bra and panties combo and a tightly secured strap-on. Pamela made her entrance with Rosario Dawson and Kimora Lee Simmons in tow. Pam and her girls wore tees and shorts and sensible shoes except for Pam who strutted to the ring in high heels. Catherine who had gone with sensible sport shoes let out a chuckle as she spied Pam’s footwear. The awkward bulge in Pam’s shorts was also amusing. This was going to be easier than she thought, she thought to herself as Pam entered the ring and Rosario and Kimora took position in Pam’s corner outside the ring.

Pam immediately upon entering the ring removed her tee and shorts revealing her bare breast and muff to a thankful crowd. Plus the bulge that had been present in her shorts was revealed to be her 12” strap-on. She then looked at Catherine and silently signaled with a wink that it was Cat’s turn to shed. Catherine refused. She felt what she was wearing showed enough.

Pam, “Well, I guess if I had flabby tits like yours I’d keep’em covered too.”

“Fuck you,” responded Jones.

Pam, “No. Fuck you. And I will.” Pam stroked her strap-on like a dude working his cock from limp to hard. “Come on Cathy. Free those banana tits and that over grown rain forest bush. We both know your body is no match for mine, but I didn’t think you too much of a pussy to face me woman to woman.”

Pam’s taunts went on till Catherine’s anger got the best of her. She stripped quickly throwing her bra and panties at Pam. That seemed to be all Jenna was waiting for because she immediately called for the bell to start the match. Pam admires how Catherine’s tits had grown over the years as they swayed back and forth about her chest while both fighters circle each other. They couldn’t match Anderson’s enhanced super bouncy juggs, but Pam at least had two large weaknesses of Catherine’s to exploit now.

Catherine’s strategy is simple, bring back Cat the Crippler and pummel Anderson until Pammy calls for momma. Then after breaking Pam in half she’d make use of the provided strap-on just enough to secure the win.

Catherine raises her right hand, fingers individually waving, signaling she’d like a test of strength. Pam approached cautiously. She knew Cat was strong but Pam felt she was no wimp either. She raises her hands in agreement to the test of strength, but as their fingers touch Cat steps in and boots Pam in the jaw. Taken completely by surprise Pam is almost KO’d by the attack, her legs turning to jelly as she crumbles straight down into a heap. With Pam on all fours, Cat circled around behind her.

Cat drops a knee into Pam’s back causing the blonde to crumble flat to the mat howling in pain. Cat stands pulling back on Pam’s hair to force Pam up to her knees and her eyes to the ceiling. “Arggghhh,” screams Pam as Cat jerks her head about. Cat then stuffs her dildo into Pam’s gaping mouth. She had Anderson gagging as she forced the blonde to deep throat the 12” cock. After twelve good deep strokes Cat pulled the cock out and started slapping Pam with it bathing her cheeks in her own saliva.

“I can see why you like these matches whore,” Catherine cooed down to Pam. Cat continued, “…any chance to get a cock in your mouth.” Cat then picks Pam up by the hair and walks her over to the ropes. Zeta plans to put Pam’s upper body between the top and middle rope and fuck her doggy style till she cums, for the win. Then Cat would reach over the top rope and grab the overrated cock whore by her sleazy blonde hair to force her to look out into the crowd as Zeta fucked her Baywatch ass into oblivion. However Pam wasn’t the push over Cat expected and some forced cock sucking wasn’t the way to put the Cock Fight Queen out of a fight. Pam was still ready for action, a fact she proved by raising a high heel swiftly up into Cat’s crotch nailing her right on the button.

Jones’ cock bounced violently due to the force of Pam’s kick. Her mouth gaped open as she screamed. Her facial features froze in a state of shock as she staggered a step or two back. Pam turned to face Cat, leaned back on the ropes for support and brought both knees up to her massive chest. Then she planted both high heel clad feet into Catherine’s plump melons, mashing the tit flesh painfully into Zeta’s ribs and knocking the brunette off her feet. Cat hit the mat hard on her back. Ever the fighter she fought pass her sore kitty, her battered breast, and her aching back, and turned over to get to her hands and knees. Despite Cat’s relative speed Pam had plenty of time to move in and insure Zeta didn’t make it to her feet with a punt to the kitty that would make any field goal kicker proud. As Jones hit the mat her large strap-on was ground into her pubic mound and down between her thighs causing further pain. Screaming in torment Cat slid a good two feet from her previous position and immediately rolled to her side to sink both hands into her crotch for comforting.

Pamela rolled Cat onto her back by manipulating her legs and then to Cat’s horror stabbed her heels into Zeta’s clitty. Cat’s strap-on proved no protection as Pam easily brushed it aside before starting her torture session. Empowered by agony and growing rage Zeta’s kicks were proving too much for Pam to contain so Pam released the legs and straddle her opponent. Pinning Cat’s arms under her legs Pam was free to sink her claws into Catherine’s bouncy teats. “Oww, my tits,” screamed Zeta. “You bitch. I’ll rip you tits off,” she threatened Pam.

“How bout I rip your tits off,” replied Pam ass she seized both of Cat’s nipples and pinched them till she got another scream from the brunette. Then with some twisting to insure a flawless grip, Pam tugged hard on Cat’s nips till her tits were stretched to their limits.

“Biiiitchh,” was the only coherent word in Cat’s horrible screams. Tears surfaced in the brunette’s beautiful eyes as Pam played tug of war with her breasts. The brunette struggled amongst her screams to get her arms free and as she was just about free, Pam released her tits and grabbed her wrists. Pam pinned Zeta’s wrists by her head and smiled at her prey. Then Pam kicked off the mat raising her hips and legs into the air and brought as much of her weight as she could down into Catherine’s tits with both knees. Pam’s knees flattened Cat’s boobs into her chest devastating Cat’s resolve. Cat was at a whimper as Pam allowed her knees to slowly drift back to a straddle kneading Catherine’s destroyed jugs along the way.

Feeling little resistance from Jones, Pam released one wrist so she could maneuver her strap-on into Cat’s open quivering mouth. As the cock found its new home, Pam pinned both wrists above Cat’s head and took a push up position to properly deep throat Jones. Catherine could offer no resistance as Pam face fucked her hard, fast, and deep. Pam ignored Cat’s gagging at first, but once she decided she didn’t really want to see Cat’s lunch she pulled out. Pam stood and backed away as Catherine turned back to her side coughing uncontrollably amidst desperate gasps for air. She held her throat comfortingly as if she’d just been strangled. With the heart of lion though, Cat fought to get back to her feet before she’d fully recovered, and Pam wasn’t about to let her recover and get that second wind.

Swiftly, Pam was on her back, wrapping her legs round Cat’s waist. Pam locked a figure four around Cat, managing to snake her left foot under her right knee. To her surprise she’d also managed to catch Catherine’s left arm in the hold. Pam stretched out Cat’s free right arm above her head and pinned it to the mat. Cat was on her knees, and with Pam riding her, her head was weighed down to the mat. Pam maneuvered her left arm under Cat’s neck for a near choke, but continued on till she got a grip of Cat’s right arm about the triceps. Now with both arms pinned and still on her knees in the most awkward of positions, Cat could offer no resistance as Pam took her own free right hand and embedded her claws into Jones’ tits.

First the right tit was clawed furiously. Pam pumped her sharp talons into the melon like she was squeezing a stress ball. Zeta fought back the screams at first, but when Pam clawed at her left tit just as furiously, she finally gave in to the torment. Powered by agony, Catherine raised her upper body off the mat till she was just on her knees. Pam made Zeta pay for her new found strength by raking sharp nails across Cat’s tits leaving gross welts across the plump mounds. Catherine howled, and in a panic managed to tear her right arm free. Pam fought to recapture it to no avail. Cat managed to get to one knee and as soon as Pam saw she could end up on her back, released her leg lock to take a standing position behind Cat.

Cat who by now was beyond exhausted tried to escape from Pam. She sought the ropes for escape. It wasn’t in Cat’s nature to flee, but she was still suffering from a loss of oxygen. Besides the oral raping Pam had put her through, the leg lock around her waist had damn near cut her air off for good. It was literally all she could do just to break free. Now she literally needed to get her second wind. Once again though, Pam didn’t plan on giving her that time. Pam was on top of her again struggling to scissor the brunette in the same way. Cat knowledgeable of the danger she was in struggled violently to keep Pam from securing the hold again. They rolled around the ring in a fury, Pam always on top but just out of reach with Cat on bottom but always scurrying away in a blaze of kicks and punches.

It was a no win situation for Cat in the end. She was already dangerously low on air and every moment her lungs refilled they were exhausted again as she called upon all she was worth to keep Pam from catching her again. So focused was she on keeping Pam from locking another scissors on her waist she was completely taken by surprise when Pam spun around and locked a scissors around her head. Pam forced Zeta down face first into the mat and rested on top of her. Anderson was then able to spread the exhausted Jones out flat. As the scissors hold stretched the gasping Jones’ neck, Pam was free to target Cat’s lower bits. Pam untied Cat’s strap-on. “You won’t be needing this anymore,” she said as she tossed the phallus away.

Then after snaking her hands between Cat’s thighs, Pam inserts both middle fingers and ring fingers into Cat’s kitty and anus. Cat’s eyes popped open wide in shock and humiliation. Pam was taking Cat’s pride away with each rhythmic pulse of her double penetrating double fingered hold. Pam licked Cat’s pulsating left hip in a little dirty maneuver just for herself. “Tasty,” she proclaimed to further shame Zeta. Cat struggled violently in her heart, but weakly physically. Pam had her gasping for air and approaching deep sexual satisfaction. Like many would be dominators, being dominated is the ultimate hidden fantasy. Cat was no exception to the idea. Pam’s sexual dominance of her just hurried her towards the inevitable, a thunderous pussy dripping orgasm that sealed her loss of the match.

Pam released Zeta completely, standing and shooting her hands into the air in victory. She approached Jenna to show off her souvenir, two fingers thoroughly coated in Cat’s juices. Jenna, ever the horn dog, takes a taste to confirm the win and raises Pam’s hand in victory. “One thing left,” Pam said.

“That’s right,” Jenna said. “It really isn’t official till you cock an orgasm out of her.”

Pam returned to the beaten brunette and easily found home in Zeta’s upturned ass. Jones hadn’t moved from the spot, to humiliated to budge she just laid there sucking much needed air. She couldn’t believe she lost to Pam and in such a horrible way. And in the middle of her depression she felt an anal violation. 12 inches of cold hard cock found its way deep into her ass. Jones screamed and attempted to scramble away, but Pam immediately pinned her down. They lay flat on the mat except for Pam’s hips raising and lowering to pump her strap-on deep into Cat’s dirty love box. Pam fucked the tears out of Catherine and another dripping orgasm for a good minute before Jenna approached.

“She’s done,” announced Jenna. “Let her up. One last thing…” Pam hip to Jenna’s plans got off of Cat’s back, who was no longer resisting. Still cock deep in Jones’ anus Pam continued to doggy style the shit out of Cat’s ass, but now she was able to reach into the brunette mane and force Cat off the mat up to her hands and knees. Cat was blinded by tears and sweat soaked hair so she didn’t see her own strap-on heading for her lips until it was too late. Jenna stood in front of Cat with Cat’s own strap-on; the one Pam had removed and discarded earlier, and with it firmly strapped on dipped it deeply into Jones’ gaping mouth. Jenna now pumped the plastic phallus deeply pass Cat’s tonsils. She put her hands in Zeta’s hair to keep Jones from escaping and fucked her mouth like a wild bull.

After another minute or two, Jenna stepped back and laughed as a foot long thick stream of saliva dangled from Cat’s mouth to her cock. Pam broke the stream by falling to her back and pulling Cat along with her. What was left of the stream of saliva bathe Cat’s chest and tummy. Jenny leaned over and spread the saliva all over Catherine’s tits. Now underneath Cat, Pam bucked her hips stronger and faster the impact of which forcing Cat’s pelvis into the air only to drop down harder on stiff cock. Cat groaned in agony and ecstasy as Pam pounded her tight ass. Then when Jenna moved in and plowed her cock into Cat’s pussy, the double penetration immediately caused another dripping orgasm. Cat was little more than a fuck doll now, offering no resistance whatsoever.

Two more minutes and a final orgasm later, Jenna stood and unstrapped the strap-on. Jenna asked just one question, “Who’s the little porn whore now?” She let the dripping strap-on fall on Cat’s tummy and exited the ring. Jenna’s words wouldn’t strike home till hours later when Catherine makes it home and remembers her own comment at the match signing. Jenna made her way purposely Rosario and Kimora and brushed pass them ill mannered like without a word. There was obviously no love lost between these girls. Jenna wasn’t seeking a Fab membership in fact as she stopped and looked back at Rosario and Kimora she confirmed this with, “Oh girls, congratulate Pam on her title defense for me. Then tell her to get ready to loose that title.” Not waiting for a response Jenna faced forward and exited backstage.

Pam pushed Catherine off her and lay there for a minute. She was spent. She fucked Cat as bout as hard as she’d ever fucked anyone and she was tired. She rolled to the edge of the ring and slid out. Rosario and Kimora were there to help her stand. She paused for a minute and then spread out from the girls to prove she was fine. Pam, although fairly slowly, left the ring unaided with Rosario and Kimora in tow. She put back on her tee but was too tired to fool with the shorts flashing all on her way out.

Cat lay in the ring devastated. “Ooo poor baby,” came from an all too familiar voice. Christina Applegate stood over Jones. “Well I guess that’s the end of Cat the Crippler, huh? I bet you thought you were making a comeback after taking down that wimp Hurley. Ha, Cat the Cripple, beaten by a little Asian twat half your size and now beaten and fucked by a Baywatch bimbo... I love it.”
The End


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