Janet Jackson & Christina Aguilera vs Demi Moore & Lucy Liu


“Oh, fuck me!” said a frustrated Janet as she hung up the phone and headed back to the ring.

“What’s wrong Janet?” asked Mya.

“Christina and I have to face Demi Moore and Lucy Liu in the first round of the tag-team tourney.”, replied Janet as she slid into the ring.

“That fucking sucks. I can’t stand those ABA bitches.”, said Mya.

“Tell me about it. I’m still smarting from what they did to us by stealing Denise from us. We might have to go and do some old school sneaky tactics to beat them.” said Janet. “Do you know where Christina is? She’s supposed to be here by now.”

“I’m not sure Janet. I think she mentioned doing a spot for The Voice and that she’ll be here once she’s done.”, said Mya.

“She’d better, I know she’d flip a lid too and we have a lot to cover.”, said Janet as she started sparring with Mya and Carmen again.

A few minutes later, Christina comes rushing in wearing her gym attire and says a tad out of breath, “Sorry I’m late, I miss anything?”

“Yeah, you missed some big news. We’re facing Demi Moore and Lucy Liu in the first round of the tag tournament.”, said Janet as stepped away from Mya and headed to the ropes.

“Just fuck me up the ass why don’t ya. I swear the booking committee and the ABA have it out for us.”, sighed Christina as she put her gym bag down and got into the ring. “So, what’s the plan?” Continued Christina as she stretched in one of the corners.

“We’d better start practicing for the fight. You and I will be sparring with Mya and Carmen. Since you came in late, you’ll be starting us off against Mya.”, said Janet.

“Ok” Christina smiled a bit and nodded as she finished stretching and headed to the middle of the ring where she faced off with Mya.


Roughly a month later, both the Gen Prime team and Demi’s and Lucy’s squad from the ABA arrive separately at the Staples Center for the tag match. Both teams stretch a bit in their respective locker rooms and went over final plans. After about a half hour or so, they were getting called to the ring, starting with the Gen Prime ladies.

Christina Aguilera was introduced first to Keeps Getting Better. Once the song came on and Christina appeared on the ramp, the crowd cheered loudly for her. She waved to the fans. She wore a pair of black dress pants that was tight around her ass, a sleeveless shirt with diving neckline, suspenders and ankle boots. As she came to the ring, she shook her fans’ hands. As she entered the ring, she went between the top and middle ropes slowly to show her ass.

Janet was introduced next to Nasty Boys. The crowd cheered fairly loudly as well. She appeared in a pair of blue jeans, a tank top and boots. She shook her fans hands as she went to the ring to meet up with Christina. As she got to the ring, she slid under the bottom rope and headed over to Christina.

Lucy was introduce next to the theme song from Elementary and wore a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and calf-high boots. She got pretty decent reception when she appeared on the ramp. She came down the aisle to greet her fans on the way to the ring. When she got to the ring she stood a bit off from the Gen Prime girls keeping an eye on them.

Demi was introduced last to American Bad Ass. Like Lucy, she had a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and calf-high boots. She received a good amount of cheers as appeared on the ramp and came down the aisle to the ring. After sliding under the bottom rope to enter the ring, she quickly made her way to Lucy’s side.

“How are you bitches doing?” smirked Demi.

“We’re not bitches… at least not your bitches.” Snarled Janet.

“Of course you are. You and your precious little group are still our underlings to send people to train before bringing them to the big girl group.” smiled Demi contemptuously.

“Denise was supposed to be our teammate until you stole her from us.” chimed in Christina.

“Tsk-Tsk, stole is the wrong word ‘sweetie’.” chuckled Demi, calling Christina sweetie sarcastically. “She wanted, in fact begged, to be with us the whole time she was with you skanks. She told me herself several times. You can ask her yourselves, but she’s not here tonight.”

“You fucking bitches.” Snarled an angry Janet. The rage in Janet and Christina was rising from Demi’s pouring salt on an old wound. Janet and Christina charged at the pair with a pair of haymakers hoping to catch them off guard, only to have them step aside and kick them in the guts. Both Janet and Christina grunt and double over from the kicks. Lucy leg sweeps Christina as Demi leg sweeps Janet. As they are about to stomp on Janet and Christina, they roll away making Lucy and Demi miss. Christina and Janet get to their knees and launch themselves at Lucy and Demi tackling them to the mat with Christina tackling Lucy and Janet tackling Demi. Both Christina and Janet quickly straddle their respective women and started punching their heads and chest. Both Lucy and Demi grunt as they get punched. After a handful of punches, Demi and Lucy send pointed jabs at the throats of their respective opponents causing them to gasp momentarily, gasp and hold their throats.

Both Lucy and Demi pushed their respective opponents off of them and they stood up. Lucy and Demi stomped Christina and Janet a handful of times before missing as they rolled away. Janet rolled toward the center of the ring, while Christina rolled out past the ropes. Janet and Christina got to their knees once they got away from Demi and Lucy.

Demi headed towards Janet while Lucy rand and a baseball slide towards Christina knocking her off the apron. Lucy follows after Christina by jumping off the apron and picking her up by her hair. Christina surprises Lucy by uppercutting her pussy. Lucy screams in pain as she doubles over and holds her pussy. Christina promptly puts Lucy in a headlock and DDTs her. “So much for being a tough bitch.” Christina scoffs at Lucy as she lets her roll onto her back, groaning in pain. Christina gets to her feet and stomps Lucy’s head several times before walking away and heading to a corner far away from Lucy and gets on the apron to watch Janet and Demi fight it out.

The battle between Janet and Demi is going back and forth as they are pounding away at each other in the middle of the ring. After one of the punches, Demi grabs Janet’s arm and sends her hurtling to the opposite ropes. Demi comes to the ropes near Christina. As she gets to the ropes, Christina comes close to her and sends a knee to her back causing Demi to grunt and stagger forward. Seeing her opportunity to gain an upper hand, Janet comes in with a side-kick to Demi’s chin upending her and sending her to her back. The knee to Demi’s back didn’t go unnoticed by the ref as he came and reprimanded Christina for the hit. Christina just smirked at the ref and shrugged it off.

Janet goes to the top rope to do a high risk move. As she is about to jump off the ropes, Lucy comes up from behind her and shake the ropes causing Janet to fall off the ropes and slam her pussy on the top turnbuckle. Janet was so focused on Demi that she didn’t see Lucy on the mat outside of the ring stirring and getting to her knees. Janet opens her mouth in a silent scream as her pussy connects with the turnbuckle. Christina points at what just happened to Janet, but the ref claims he didn’t see it as he was reprimanding her. Demi gets to her feet and heads to the corner with Janet perched on top of it and goes to the second rope. Demi wraps one arm around Janet’s head and grabs a loop on Janet’s jeans with the other. After a couple of good heaves, Demi hoists Janet off the turnbuckles and onto the mat below.

Both Janet and Demi grunt as they hit the mat. Both try to get to their feet, but Demi is the first to her knees. She lunges at Janet with a punch to the jaw as she tries to get up knocking her to her back once again. Demi promptly straddles Janet and sends several right-left-right combos to her head snapping it back and forth in the process. After the combos, Demi grabs Janet’s hair and brings her to her feet. Demi sends several jabs to Janet’s chest before sending a kick to her gut making her double over. Demi grabs Janet’s head and shoves it between her thighs. She then wraps her arms around Janet’s waist and power bombs her. Janet groans when she hits the mat as she arches her back and holds it in pain. Demi briefly looks over to Christina with a smirk before back at Janet. Demi leans over, picks up Janet’s legs and promptly puts her into a sharpshooter hold.

Janet yells out in pain and her arms flail as Demi applies the hold. A couple seconds after applying the hold, Christina comes out of her corner and tackles Demi forcing her to release the sharpshooter. She punches Demi’s face several times while she’s on top of her before trying to get to her feet. As she’s doing that, Lucy comes in and sends a kick to Christina’s gut. A quick thinking Christina catches the kick and pulls on it making Lucy start to fall to the mat. As she’s falling, Lucy sends her free foot to Christina’s head snapping it sideways and making Christina stagger towards the ropes.

Christina, Demi and Lucy quickly get to their feet. Christina sends a kick towards Demi’s ribs only to have it blocked. Both Demi and Lucy send kicks of their own towards Christina’s ribs. Christina jumps back and partially blocks the kicks. Christina quickly charges them, ducks down and tries to punch each of their guts. However, Lucy and Demi quickly grab her arms as she does that and each send several knees into her unprotected gut. Christina grunts from the knees and drops to her own knees after they stop kneeing her. Demi and Lucy extend her arms out forward and take turns kicking her head stomach or chest a handful of times each before the referee comes in and stops them. They let go of Christina’s arms and watch as she crumbles to the mat groaning and holding herself in pain. Lucy steps forward, scoops up Christina and tosses her over the top rope to the floor outside. Christina lands in a thud on the floor below. Lucy then comes out of the ring and stands next to Christina. She then leans over and pulls Christina up to her knees by the hair.

“Your tag-team hopes are about to go up in smoke, bitch.” whispers Lucy into Christina’s ear.

As Lucy says that in Christina’s ear, Demi walks around Janet who is getting to her feet from her knees. As Janet sees Demi, she lunges at her with several punches only to have them blocked by Demi. Demi responds with several of her own punches and a pair of knees to Janet’s ribs. Each of the hits finds their mark making Janet grunt and step back. Demi then sends a kick to Janet’s stomach once again making Janet to double over. Demi quickly grabs Janet’s head and shoves it between her thighs again. This time, Demi hooks Janet’s arms and performs the Pedigree on Janet making Janet grunt as her head hits the mat and rolls onto her back. Demi barely moves as she leans forward and places her hands on Janet’s chest. The referee comes over and slams his hand down three times. He then calls for the bell signifying the end of the match. He calls Lucy into the ring who promptly shoves Christina to the side before entering the ring. The referee then raises their arms in victory. They then head out of the ring and snicker as they see Christina on the ground outside getting to her feet to enter the ring and tend to Janet.

“You ok Janet?” asks Christina as she gets to Janet.

“I’m a little woozy, but I’ll make it. This shit has got to end with the ABA. I can’t take it anymore with them.” groaned Janet as Christina helped her to her feet.

“I know. I’ll take care of it. I’ll call Kelly and Keira and go over some plans with them.” said Christina.

“Please do that. I’m trusting you to handle this.” Said Janet as they made their way to their locker room. As they were changing, Janet mentioned she was still feeling woozy from the match and was going to the medics to see if she is alright. As she did that, Christina called Kelly Clarkson and Keira Knightly for a meeting. They each responded soon afterwards and were willing to having a meeting. They agreed to meet in a hotel room in the outskirts of Los Angeles late in the evening a few days later. The area is known for people minding their own business and don’t give a second thought to people entering or leaving hotel/motel rooms.

The three girls arrive separately at the hotel room with Christina arriving last. Keira had insisted that she take the lead in the negotiations with Christina to which Kelly acquiesced.

“Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice.” Said Christina as she sat in one of the chairs near Kelly and Keira, crossing her legs.

“You’re welcome. We saw the match the other night and got your message and figured it was important.” said Kelly.

“We need to hurry up our plans for getting us out from under the ABA’s thumb. You girls have any ideas?” said Christina.

“We can sideline some of their members, including their enforcers. G-Man and I have been seeking out some of the female MMA fighters to contract with them to do that for us so it won’t look like either of our groups are involved.” said Keira.

“Then we strike?” asked Christina.

“No.” said Keira.

“What do you mean, no?” asked Christina.

“Demi and the other ABA leaders will want to start asking why their girls are being targeted and that’s where you and Gen Prime will come in. You’ll need to convince them to have a full meeting with the remaining members of the ABA to show them ‘evidence’ that the Fab Four is behind the attacks for breaking their truce they made.” Said Keira as she looked at Christina who was growing nervous.

“How will we convince them to have the meeting?” asked Christina.

“I’m sure you girls will find a way. It’s not too hard to convince the ABA that the Fab Four might be holding a grudge against them over letting the Resistance beat them up a couple years ago.” smiled Keira.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” said Christina after a momentary pause.

“Good, because when they’ll have that meeting, we’ll come in with a surprise attack, take them out and by doing that force them to no longer have their hold over you.” said Keira.

“Sounds like a plan.” Nodded Kelly.

“I like it too. I and Gen Prime are in your debt once again.” said Christina a tad nervously.

“Well, I should get going. I promised my hubby I wouldn’t be out too late tonight.” said Kelly as she stood up and excused herself.

“You seem to becoming more and more indebted to us each time you see us.” Smirked Keira as she uncrossed her own legs and opened them. Christina gulped as she looked between her legs for a brief moment before looking back up to Keira’s piercing eyes.

“Do I have to?” asked Christina softly.

“Do you have to? No. Do you want to? Definitely. We both know I own your ass. You even admitted to it. So the real question is, how long before you’re on your knees and in between my legs worshipping me?” smiled Keira.

“There’s no fooling you, I see.” Christina said as she sighed and got to her knees before Keira. “Can I worship more than your pussy tonight?” she asked.

“You can worship any part of me you want.” Smirked Keira as she stood up, unzipped her pants and slid them off before going to the bead and sitting down with her legs spread out. “Crawl to me and eat me.” Commanded Keira in a seductive voice. Christina nodded as she crawled to Keira and started eating her out. After making Keira climax and cleaning her juices, Christina lowered her head and over the next few minutes takes Keira’s feet and plants numerous kisses on the top and soles of her feet. “You really do like me don’t you?” smirked Keira as she sat up and as Christina finished kissing her feet.

“Yes, I do.” Smiled Christina.

“Good. I like you too, but we both know that you’re my bitch and that’s how we both like it. Now lay down on the bed next to me, face up.” said Keira.

“Yes Keira.” Christina nodded and did as she was told.

Keira lay down next to her and slid her hand down to Christina’s pants, unzipped them and started massaging her already wet pussy: “Now, listen carefully. Later tonight, you’ll call Janet and tell her the meeting went well and that we came up with the plan. You’ll go over the plan with her and let her know how great it is. Understood?” said Keira.

“Yes Keira.” moaned Christina.

“Good girl.” Said Keira as she leaned in and started kissing Christina and fingering her pussy. Keira slowly worked Christina’s pussy with her fingers and eventually made her climax. After making her climax, Keira brought her fingers up to Christina’s mouth and Christina instinctively cleaned them. “I’ve got this room for the night under a fake name, what say you and I stay here tonight?” whispered Keira.

“I’d love to do that. I’ll do whatever you want.” said Christina wistfully as she cuddled up to Keira.

“That’s what I like to hear. Let’s shower up first.” said Keira.

“Shower together?” Christina smirked as she looked in Keira’s eyes. Keira nodded and winked as she stood up, quickly followed by Christina. They both stripped naked and headed to the shower together. They spent as much time making out with each other as they did washing each other. Christina even sucked on Keira’s nipples for a brief moment. After the shower, they dried each other off. As Christina dried Keira off, she gave a quick peck to each ass cheek catching Keira by surprise. They soon headed back to bed and lay down next to each other.

“You should call Janet now about the plan before we do anything.” said Keira.

“Ok.” Said Christina as she grabbed her phone and called Janet. She called Janet and told Janet what Keira had instructed her to say about the plan. Janet liked the plan and supported it. There were some chatter back and forth before Christina hung up the phone. “You did well.” said Keira as she pecked Christina’s lips.

“Thank you.” Smiled Christina as she kissed Keira back. They made out for a little bit longer in bed before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


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