The Fab Four locker room is in chaos. RAGE! has been a total failure for the group. First Vida Guerra lost her intergender tag team match. Shortening a long story, Vida, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ended walking back to the locker room totally naked and with their heads bowed and tails tucked between their legs. Beyonce loss her match, and as a result loses her War Queen belt and is expelled from the Fab Four permanently. Tia Carrere was demolished by Jessica Alba, and forced to admit Alba's superiority. Finally their rivals, the Resistance won the unconditional surrender of the booking committee, putting them in charge of the future. In that match the Fab Four members took another beating. The Fab Four were out smarted and out fought at every turn.

Halle Berry takes control of the chaotic situation and leads the locker room. She finally has things somewhat calmed down. Tia Carrere is in the press room doing a dreaded press conference. She has to the unenviable task of singing Jessica Alba's praises and thanking her for not shaving her head. Basically Tia is eating every word that she has said about the woman for about three years. Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson attend the conference with Tia for moral support. Pam Anderson is in the medical examiners room. Cameron Diaz gave her a frightful beating as Pam refereed the Unconditional Surrender match. Kimora Lee Simmons and Kim Kardashian looked over Pam as she visited the doctors.

Halle leaves the locker room briefly to attend to a few details, and looking for gossip about what the Resistance have in mind for the booking committee. Jennifer's husband, Marc Anthony exits tne locker room to attend to a few pressing issues for the couple, leaving Jennifer to get a peaceful moment for the first time of the night. Vida is in the shower room.

Jennifer sighs and contemplates their failures of the night. Jennifer feared the worst before the night, but never dreamed it would go this bad. Jennifer pours herself a glass of wine and looks at the television screen in their dressing room. There's a replay showing the highlights of the Pay Per View.

Suddenly Jennifer gasps loudly and almost drops her glass of wine. "What the fuck!" Jennifer exclaims. She could not believe her eyes. Marc was in the corner of the ring totally naked, and Vida wan in front of him on her knees sucking the hell out of his dick. Vida's head is bobbing back and forth at a hectic pace. Marc is slumping against the turnbuckle with his mouth hung open and looking totally intoxicated by the sensations.

The notorious Latin hot head goes from shocked to furious in about point two three seconds. Then before she could explode, the screen switches to another replay of Marc on his knees with his face in Vida's pussy. Jennifer goes nuclear! While all this was happening in the ring, Jennifer was caught in Mariah Carey's head scissors. Her face was pressed against Mariah's pussy and Eminem was piled on her back like they were planking on each other. Mariah again earned her title as the Scissor queen, knocking Jennifer and Eminem out with her thighs wrapped around both of their heads at the same time. Jennifer had no clue what was happening across the ring. However in her wildest fantasy, she never dreamed her friend, Vida, and her husband, Marc, would be doing this to each other.

Jennifer gulps her glass of wine like its shot of liquor, then shouts "Puta!!!!!!" Jennifer leaves the larger locker room area of their quarters, and through a small hall and turns a corner to enter the shower/dressing room. On the right is an open shower room. The Shower room is square with ten shower heads along each wall to accommodate several people showering at one time. The right side of the room is a dressing area with lightened mirrors and still has all the Fab Four's make up scattered on the tables.

Vida is alone in the shower room, casually bathing. Suddenly Jennifer appears at the shower door and livid. "°Jodiendo a puta! Chupů el pene de mi marido" {English translation-"You fucking whore! You sucked my husband's penis."}

Vida gasps. She thought Jennifer knew the situation and why it happened. "Jennifer no! You don't understand! Nick made us do that shit."

Jennifer did not care about the explanation. She could care less why it happened, all she cared was that it happened, and it happened publically. "Puta!" Jennifer screeches again and comes forward after Vida.

Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon had already ripped Jennifer's $10,000 designer gown to shreds. Also Jennifer was not supposed to be competing tonight, she did not bring any other clothes. The stage crew had to scavenge some clothes for Jennifer to wear. They found a pair of jogging shorts and a t-shirt of the event. with no underwear.

Vida knew Jennifer long enough that she did not expect Jennifer to be interested in explanations and would be unreasonable. As Jennifer comes threateningly toward her, Vida decided not to wait for intentions. Vida's fist flicks out and pops Jennifer in the nose. Jennifer's head snaps back, and her knees buckle. Truthfully Jennifer was acting on pure emotion as she ran up to Vida. She did not know what she was going to do once she reached Vida, but now she understands that she is in a fight.

Vida grabs Jennifer around the upper body trying to wrested Jennifer to the floor. They struggle a little while, before Jennifer breaks away with the help of a two hand hair pull, and immediately whirls behind Vida. Jennifer seizes Vida by the hair and starts shaking the Cuban around. Vida struggles to get away. Jennifer pushes Vida away allowing her to get free and stumbles a couple of steps forward. Vida immediately spins around to face Jennifer and is wide open for a sweeping right cross that corkscrews her body to the right, then another wide sweeping left hand slams into Vida's face and puts Vida down.

Jennifer brushes her wet hair out of her face and sees Vida on her hands and knees with stars revolving over her head. Both Latinas are soaking wet. Jennifer's white T shirt clings to her body like it is skin. Jennifer delivers a hateful kick to Vida's ribs. The boot is powerful enough to lift Vida off the ground and flip her over onto her back.

Jennifer is widely known to be one of the most dangerous fighters in the league. She earned the nickname, The Bronx Bomber, for her quick, hard hitting fist. She is easily the best striker in the league. However few have seen Jennifer like this. Everyone who viewed the security tape footage were amazed at how much of a tiger Jennifer was. Few would have predicted Vida to beat Jennifer under normal circumstances, but she has absolutely no chance of beating Jennifer tonight.

With Vida groveling on the shower floor trying to locate her faculties, Jennifer reaches down and rips Vida up to her knees with a handful of hair. Jennifer draws her fist way back and slugs Vida in the face one more time. Vida is vaulted down again. She lies on her side in a wet, naked ball whimpering holding her face.

Jennifer is a turmoil of emotions. She turns to walk away, while tearing up. Vida looks up with the same boiling Latin blood that flows through Jennifer's veins in hers. When provoked Vida is just as big of a hot head as Jennifer, and she definitely feel provoke about now. Vida springs to her feet and seizes Jennifer from behind.

Vida throws Jennifer against the shower wall. Vida gets behind Jennifer and tries to smash her face into the unforgiving shower tiles covering the shower wall. Jennifer's elbow shoot up and back and nails Vida in the face. Vida's head snaps back and she reels backward stumbling awkwardly several steps. Jennifer goes after Vida, grabbing her by the head and throwing Vida into the shower wall. Vida bounces off the wall and falls to the wet shower floor.

Vida is again down on the floor dazed. Jennifer reaches down, grabs a handful of Vida's soaking wet hair and lifts Vida up into a seated position. "I'm telling you, you better stay away from my husband!" Jennifer warns as her starts beating Vida in the face repeatedly. Jennifer keeps punching Vida's face past time that she was sure that Vida was done. Jennifer punched until she released most of her anger, frustration and hurt. Jennifer releases Vida, allowing her to crumble to the shower floor. Water flows around Vida's inert body from the shower still running. Jennifer steps away from the naked victim, and goes out of the shower and into the dressing area.

Jennifer breaks down in tears. She is not buying that Nick Cannon made Marc engage in sexual acts with Vida. It is not the first time Marc has been unfaithful. Actually their marriage is hanging together by threads. All marriage counseling has failed. Jennifer no longer fears that her marriage is about to come to an end. She knows it is coming to an end. Jennifer buries her face in her hands and lets the tears flow.

The water flowing on Vida's face wakes her up shortly. She opens her eyes and sees Jennifer with her back turned to her and balling. Vida's Latin temper is boiling. It has been a bad day to be Vida Guerra. She is already angry at being duped and abandoned by Eminem in the intergender match. Vida is also not happy about getting her ass kicked by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon during and after the match. She still holds a grudge against Jennifer Lopez for admonishing her for trusting Eminem and reigniting the Lopez/Fab Four versus Mariah Carey feud. The only enjoyable part of her day was Marc Anthony eating her out. Now Jennifer is bringing a fight to her doorstep, at least that is how Vida sees it although Vida actually threw the first punch.

Vida definitely is not going to take this assault from Jennifer lying down, like a wuss. Although one this is obvious, that Vida cannot beat Jennifer in a fair fight. Vida looks around the shower for a weapon. She finds her bar of soap, and her wash cloth and thinks that will be sufficient. While Jennifer sobs over her failing marriage, Vida quietly craws around the shower, collecting the soap and the cloth. Vida puts the soap in the cloth and holds the cloth by the corners, so the soap can swing inside the cloth.

Through the tears, Jennifer senses Vida walking up behind her. Jennifer spins around to face Vida saying, "Vida I'm so sorry for hitting you. I shouldn't have taken my....." Jennifer's apology is interrupted, by Vida swinging the soap in the cloth like a slapjack. The swipe nails Jennifer in the temple. Before Jennifer realized what had just happened, the bar of soap slams into her temple on the other side. Jennifer barely moves again before the soap bar came swinging down, hitting her across the nose.

Vida drops her makeshift slapjack, with a now broken bar of soap in its core. While Jennifer wobbles and is dazed, and not really sure what just hit her, Vida pounces on Jennifer. Vida easily tackles Jennifer and gets on top and mounts her antagonist. Jennifer barely has a chance to gather her wits and mount a defense for Vida's ground and pound offensive.

"You fucking dumb bitch! I don't need your man!" Vida insults as she works to penetrate Jennifer's defenses.

"This is all your fault!" Jennifer counter back. "I warned you not to take that match! I warned you not to team with Eminem, but you wouldn't listen." Jennifer feels like she is holding back a rabid dog trying to chomp at her throat. After the beatings she has suffered tonight, she does not know how long she can hold out.

"You're always treating me like a child! I'm tired of it. I'm going to whip your ass!" Vida says as she tries to penetrate Jennifer's defenses. Vida is trying to get her elbows and forearms into position to ground and pound Jennifer into the ground. However Jennifer keeps her guard up, protecting her head, and grabbing and clutching her adversary. Both felt like they are wrestling with an alligator, constantly moving, snapping its jaws and persistent in their goals.

Outside the dressing room, Halle Berry and Marc Anthony are both returning from their errands. As the walk to the locker room together they start talking about all the crazy, insane happenings of the night. They walk through the door together, continuing their conversation. Immediately both hear the sound of struggle coming from the showers and rush into the shower room really not knowing what to expect, giving the unpredictability of the night.

Halle and Marc stop dead in their tracks in shock, when they see Jennifer and Vida scrapping on the dressing room floor. It was not because the two friends, and teammates were fighting. That was predictable, given the indiscretions between Marc and Vida. It was not seeing a totally naked and drenched Vida battling and equally drenched Jennifer. It was because Jennifer was on her back and Vida is on top. That neither of them expected to see.

About that time, one of Vida's elbows bursts though Jennifer's defense and blasts her across the jaw. Jennifer exclaims, "Yeeeeooowwww!" The scream make Halle and Marc come to a startled jolt. Both knew what that sound meant. It meant that Jennifer is hurt, and Vida is about to slaughter Jennifer. Neither Marc or Halle would be able to coexist with Jennifer if they allowed that to happen.

Marc and Halle charge over to the battling Latinas and try to break up the fight. Jennifer and Vida fight to get at each other and to get in the last punch while, Halle and Marc struggle to break them apart. At the last moment Vida and Jennifer latch onto each other's hair to continue their battle. However Marc has a tight grip around Vida's waist, and Halle has Jennifer pinned down and grabbing at their hands to make then let go of each other's hair. Finally Marc rips Vida away and Halle keeps Jennifer down long enough to get them separated.

Jennifer almost breaks away from Halle, but the slim Academy award winner gets a grip around Jennifer's waist and anchors her down. "You little slut, get out of here! You're out of the Fab Four!" Jennifer shouts.

"No!!!! You can't..." Halle rebuts.

"Fuck you!" Vida blurts back. "I quit! I don't want to be in a group with a dumb bitch like you!" Vida finishes as Marc lift her off her feet and carries the thrashing Cuban around the corner and out of the shower/dressing room.

As soon as they exit the room, Jennifer angrily turns to Halle. "What the hell you mean I can't throw that slut out the group!"

"We're a team J.Lo", Halle calmly implores. "That is a team decision, not one person's."

"She sucked my husband's dick in the middle of the ring!" Jennifer argues "You're my friend, you should be helping me whip the skank's ass! This isn't about a team." Jennifer's words struck home for Halle. She understood the Jennifer's pain from her personal experience. Halle changed her approach and began a more supportive approach to calm Jennifer down.

Marc is trying to cool Vida's hot, Latin temper in the other room as Halle is in the shower room. Both are having some success and get both divas to listen to reason. That was until Jennifer realized that her husband is in the other room with a stark naked Vida Guerra. She knew Marc could not resist that kind of temptation. Jennifer could not blame him if he faltered in that scenario. Jennifer abruptly storms out of the shower room, while Halle is still talking.

Jennifer walks into the other room and sees Vida although still buck naked, calmly talking to Marc. As Jennifer walks toward them Vida turns to greet her. "Jennifer, I'm sorry." Vida apologizes. "I was out of line..."


Jennifer decks Vida with a right cross. Vida slowly crumbles to the floor, out ice cold. Jennifer then responds, "Apology accepted."

"What the hell did you do that for!" Marc explodes.

"Because she sucked your dick!" Jennifer yells back, while getting Marc's face.

"She was trying to apologize." Marc shouts back.

"I know, because she sucked your dick!" Jennifer screams back.

"This is all your fault to begin with!" Marc accuses.

"How the hell is it my fault that SHE SUCKED YOUR DICK!!" Jennifer shouts putting a lot of emphasis on the last words that really have her infuriated.

"You can't stand not being in the spotlight!" Marc explains. "You had to be mega star J Lo and run to the ring trying to steal the show! You were not scheduled to wrestle tonight. You had no business being in that ring. You got what you deserved when Mariah beat your ass for sticking your nose where it didn't belong!" Marc rationalizes, "If you did run in that ring, none of this would have never happened. Remember we had this discussion with our marriage counselor?"

"Bullshit!" Jennifer explodes back. "You're not changing the subject. The fact of the matter is, that while I was on the other side of the ring getting the shit kicked out of me by Mariah and that pervert, you took the easy way out and got your dick sucked by this slut." Jennifer explains pointing down at the KO'd Cuban at their feet. "Its just like when I was in the studio, working on my album, you were fucking the fight attendant for weeks! It is like when you decided to go over Jada's to rehearse lines, while I was doing a concert!"

"How many times do I have to say, nothing happened!" Marc loudly protests.

"Will and Jada have been our friends for years." Jennifer complains.

"Nothing happened, I swear!" Marc rebuts again. "Me and Will are still friends."

From that point the shouting match escaladed. Marc and Jennifer shouted at each other, not even listening to the other's argument. The shouting match continues until Vida starts stirring and moaning as she awakens on the floor.

"Oooohhh, what the fuck." Vida moans as she rubs her jaw, and moves her mouth from side to side to make sure itís working properly. "Ouch my jaw is killing me." Vida says feeling a sharp pain when she moved it. Vida sits up and inspects her jaw carefully.

By now Marc is furious at his wife. After all, he is the head of the household, and Jennifer should not be disrespecting him like this yet again. Marc is getting tired of it all. He is getting tired of Jennifer and her career, and her projects. It is like he is being transformed into Mr. Lopez. Right now he is sick of Jennifer, her mouth and accusations, although some of them are true. He truly loves the woman, but cannot help himself from hurting Jennifer again. He knew just how to hurt her the worst right now.

Marc quits arguing with Jennifer and reaches down and helps Vida. "Are you okay?" he softly asks. Marc helps the diminutive Cuban to her feet and says, "Let's go get some ice for your jaw. I need some fresh air, and to get away from this room."

Marc gets a towel from the floor and wraps it around the naked Vida. Jennifer tries to contain her fury and jealously, to not give Marc the satisfaction. Finally she squawks, "Marc! if you leave this room with her, don't bother coming home."

"Don't worry. I have no intentions of coming home tonight." Marc suavely answers and disappears through the door with Vida.

Halle comes beside Jennifer and places a consoling arm around her shoulder. Jennifer and her friend stand there as Jennifer's eyes tear up watching her marriage goes from being on the rocks to crashing and burning.


It has been ten days since the RAGE! card. The Fab Four girls have all separated and gone their different ways, attending to their children and careers. Jennifer Lopez called Halle Berry, Pam Anderson and Tia Carrere for an important meeting. She said she had huge news and a colossal new concept for the Fab Four. All of them were curious about what Jennifer had to present, but they trusted their friend and figured it would be a positive move.

Jennifer said she had a huge surprise and road around in her limousine to pick up her friends and take them to the surprise. After she had finally collected her three team mates from their Los Angeles homes, Jennifer cracks open a bottle of expensive chardonnay for herself and her friends, and began explaining her concept.

"There's no need to tell you that we got are asses handed to us at RAGE! and honestly, we deserved it" Jennifer begins. "I started realizing the error in our ways that night I fought Daisy Fuentes and Stacey Dash in my office. For years we have been taking from this league and not doing the most important things, we haven't been giving back. We've failed to nurture the younger girls in the league. Meanwhile the Resistance and even the ABA have found places for them in their organization, and set themselves to survive today, while we have never changed. That's why those same girls we neglected are rising up and kicking our asses now."

Jennifer takes a sip from her wine glass and feels the need to explain further. "Remember Eva Mendes and Kelly Hu were allies of ours when they first entered the league. When Jessica Simpson left Gen Prime, she just wanted to pal around with us, especially you Halle, but we didn't have time or a system in place to bring them into our organization and hearts. Now Christina Applegate has found a way to collect them, turn them against us."

"Even bringing in reserves we were outnumbered, and out gunned. If we are to compete with the ABA and their syndicate concept, and the super group, Resistance, we must find a way to utilize the younger girls who look to us for guidance." Jennifer proposes. "More importantly we need to help train, promote and push the younger girls, and give something back to the league. If I've learned anything from my American Idol experience, we've got to nurture and promote the youth."

Jennifer pauses an looks around the limo at her friends to to see if they were following her line of logic. She could see that they were firmly behind her logic. "We've just fought and loss an Uncivil War without an army." Jennifer starts. "I'm proposing we really gather an army, an army of friends. I want to introduce you to The Fab Corp!"

"The Fab Corp will be our army to promote, train, and give the younger girls an opportunity and a real shot in this league." Jennifer explains. "The four of us will be the leaders, actually the generals of this organization." Jennifer pulls out four garment bags. The girls in the limo unzip the bags and pull out four outfits. They are mock military jackets, complete with elaborate shoulder bars, and military style decoration. Each jacket was low cut with fancy gold trim accents, polished gold buttons and military metals and bars, and gold fringed epaulets. They were cut off at the mid-drift, displaying their sexy bare bellies. Most importantly they all had general bars on the arm, and 4 stars on the collars. The outfits had matching booty shorts with panty hose. Each also matching military style hat emblazoned with a gold star with a 4 in the center of the star. There were different colors, blue, black, green and white, representing each arm of the military branches.

"Come on put on your uniforms, we're almost to the big surprise." Jennifer encourages. While they were talking, the limo was enroute to the surprise location. Bubbling with excitement, Pam, Halle and Tia put on their military uniforms. Soon after they had finished, the limo stops in the back of a large building.

Jennifer leads her friends out of the limo and into the back door of the building. After leading them through some back halls Jennifer announces, "Ladies, at substantial expense of myself, welcome to the new Fab Four headquarters. It us a state of the art facility with everything we need. Each of us have offices on the other side of the building, and work stations for staff." Halle, Tia and Pam gasp as Jennifer opens a double door and they step into a large gym room. There they see a wrestling ring in one quarter of the room. Wrestling mats in another section. Weights and exercise equipment in another. Basically it was a state of the art training facility.

Seeing the famed quartet entering the room, Roselyn Sanchez shouts "Commanders on deck!" at the top of her lungs. Suddenly all the women in the training room immediately drop whatever they were doing and formed a line in ranks and stood at attention. The bevy of Beauties were all attired in uniform camouflage tank tops and army green shorts.

Pam, Tia and Halle saw familiar faces. Jennifer Biel, Kim Kardashian, Rosario Dawson and Kimora Lee Simmons are on the first row. The second row consisted of one familiar face, Roselyn Sanchez, and several surprises, Coco Austin, Ice T's wife and star of reality tv show, Ice Loves Coco. Sexy Avatar and Columbiana star, Zoe Saldona was beside Coco. The final surprise is the enigmatic budding superstar, Megan Fox.

Tia marvels at the discipline and organization of the group. She has been craving more structure in thier group. Halle sees her peers leaping at her commands and standing at attention in her presence, and almost creams on herself. She adores this attention, respect, and power. It turns her on. Halle is already pulling out her blackberry to text her boyfriend to meet her at her house.

"I've hired Trish Stratus to come in two days for some extra wrestling training in the ring." Jennifer adds. "I have Tanya Danielle coming a couple of days after that for extra training in catfighting too.!"

Pam coos "OOooooo... I'm going to need a little extra private training with both of them."

Jennifer gives the command, "At ease ladies. As you were. Sergeant Sanchez, they're your troops." With the order given, the corp returns to their various training that they were doing before the Fab Four entered. The ladies deferred to one of the eldest members of the corp, Roselyn Sanchez, to run the proceedings in lieu of their generals. Roselyn quickly earned the nickname, Sergeant Rock Sanchez.

Jennifer huddles her generals at the back of the room, asking, "So what do you think."

"Oh I love it!" Halle says, while trying to mask her excitement. She loves the concept of the other celebrities giving her reverence and near idolization. It excites and really arouses her. She cannot wait to see big breasted, and drop dead gorgeous actresses leaping to follow her orders.

""I think it's brilliant" Tia quickly adds. "We need the youthful infusion. At this stage in our careers, we should really do more managing and reducing our match load." After being demolished by Jessica Alba RAGE! Tia fears her best days in the ring are clearly behind her.

"I think everything is wonderful" Pam says, "but its missing one thing, Vida. I talked to Vida yesterday. She knows that she fucked up royally in that match. She just got carried away. She knows that she stepped over the line with Marc. She wants you to know that she's sorry, and for the record, nothing happened between her and Marc after she left with him."

Jennifer chuckles and shakes her head in response. "Marc told me nothing happened, and I believe him." Jennifer pauses contemplating the matter carefully. "As far as I'm concerned, she can go ahead and fuck him. We're through! I'm done! Itís in the lawyers hands now. Itís obvious that she really wants to fuck him, and besides, Marc is a great lover." Jennifer says definitively. "For right now, I'm not ready for her to be part of the corp. I'll think about it though." Everyone respects Jennifer's decision. All of them have dealt with cheating husbands more than once before.

"Back to business" Jennifer begins refocusing. "I don't want anymore days like at **ONSLAUGHT** or RAGE! I'm not taking anymore ass kickings. I'm only giving them out. If I have to go back to the old Jenny on the block days, and do whatever necessary to win, and humiliate bitches, I will. If the Resistance want a war, we're ready to bring them one! The ABA are going to get theirs too."