MARIAH CAREY /with Nick Cannon VS VIDA GUERRA /with Eminem

This is wonderful for Vida Guerra. She is on the biggest stage in celebrity catfighting. Vida is not much more than a rookie herself, but she is sharing the ring with two sure Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in one of the most anticipated event of the year. This is the kind of things that she would dream about as a little girl who wanted to grow up and be famous. Everything was just fabulous!

That was until Vida waltzes in the Fab Four gym. Everything was wonderful until Hurricane Lopez blows into the facility. The Fab Four's Jennifer Lopez walks straight to Vida and goes bonkers on Vida for taking a match involving Mariah Carey.

Jennifer and Mariah have been arch enemies for at least a decade now. Jennifer has been working very hard behind the scenes to end the feud between her and Mariah, as well as between Mariah and the Fab Four. Vida's match will probably destroy months of Jennifer's efforts to bury the hatchet with arch nemesis.

Jennifer screamed and scolded Vida in front of everyone like she was an angry parent yelling at a child. First, Jennifer complained about Vida taking the match against Mariah. She went into detail on how she has been trying to build a relationship between the Fab Four and Mariah. Then she reiterated how stupid it is for Vida to threaten that progress. Mariah is one of the most dangerous competitors in the league, especially if she is focused by her emotions and medication.

Second, Jennifer admonished Vida for associating with Eminem. She describes how he has proven himself to be an untrustworthy individual in his first stint in the league. Eminem conducted a feud with Christina Aguilera by hiring other celebrities to battle Christina. Jennifer got messed up in the feud by accident. This lead to Christina cursing Jennifer with the Curse of Aguilera. That curse nearly destroyed Jennifer's catfighting career and the Fab Four too.

In the end, Vida was embarrassed by being berated by Jennifer. Although Jennifer apologized afterward for over reacting, Vida was still a little spurned by the incident. Despite the apology, Jennifer still warned that this match will have long term detrimental effects on Vida and the rest of the Fab Four. "Mariah Crazy is definitely not someone you want to make an enemy. Trust me, I know." Jennifer warned. She left the final decision to Vida, and promised her and the Fab Four's blessing and backing.

Vida understood Jennifer's reaction and the weight of the matter, but decided this was far too large of a pay day to pass up. Vida accepted Jennifer apology, but felt that she did not have the whole hearted support of the group. So Vida relied on Eminem's considerable resources for the vast preparation for the match. She used his trainers, gym and dieticians to prepare for this huge event.

Vida found training with Eminem completely different than at the Fab Four gym. Things were very lax there. It was not the normal stringent and discipline routine that her mentors Jennifer Lopez, Tia Carrere, Halle Berry and Pam Anderson install. None the less, Vida works very hard for the match. Eminem took his training very light, and showed little concern about the bout.

Eminem did take the promoting and the trash talking to the fight very seriously. Obviously he and Mariah had some type of relationship prior to her marrying Nick Cannon. The extent of that relationship between Eminem and Mariah is debatable. Eminem describes a long steamy affair, with plenty of hot, passionate evenings. Mariah depicts it as a couple uneventful dates. Nobody really knows the truth, even Vida. However that is the basis for the match.

During the buildup, Eminem depicts Mariah as a stupid slut. He never refers to her by her name, only calling her 'Mary Poppins' in every interview. Eminem implored and encouraged Vida to thrash talk the married couple with him. He begs and demands that Vida brag about how she is going to "bust Nick's balls" in the ring. Vida barely even knows Mariah or Nick, and did not want to get as derogatory and personal in the insults as Eminem did. However he convinced Vida that it is all marketing and that they had to 'sell the match' as a grudge match. Vida gets on board with the jokes and trash talking reluctantly. Before she knew it, Vida was getting carried away, hurling insults and threats at Mariah and Nick.

The whole experience is intoxicating to Vida. Her head is swirling. Between being in this huge event with these mega stars, the argument with Jennifer Lopez, the training differences, entering an explosive situation between Mariah and Eminem, and the trash talking sessions, Vida never got an opportunity to sit down and decipher the situation. Before she knew what was happening, she was gyrating down the aisle at RAGE! wearing a light blue bikini with Eminem by her side. Eminem wore a black pair of Dickies work pants and a Dickies shirt. A really pissed off looking Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are waiting in the ring for them. Vida felt like she was in a daze. She never got a grasp on the situation, but now she must seize the moment.

As soon as Eminem gets into the ring, he starts popping off at the mouth. His motor mouth calls Mariah a litany of bitches and Nick all kind of punks. Nick gets so upset that he tries to go after Eminem, but Mariah holds him back. "No baby, he's my problem. I'll handle his stupid ass." Mariah explains.

Seeing the volatile situation, the referee takes control of the ring. He orders both teams to their corners and ques the time keeper to be ready to start the bout. After both teams have complied, he calls for one member of the teams on the apron and one in the ring. A couple of moments later everything is in order, allowing the referee to give the signal for the opening bell.

Eminem starts the match for his team. Mariah narrowly convinced her husband to allow her to start the match. Nick vigorously protested, but Mariah wears the pants in her family, and put her spouse in his place. Mariah dawned a leopard print bikini for the match. Nick was shirtless, baring the large tattoo across the back of his shoulders saying 'MARIAH' and long baggy shorts.

Mariah and Eminem square off. They are about to lock up collar and elbow, but Eminem captures the songbird in a head lock instead. Outside the ring Vida is pleasantly surprised at her partner's skill and expertise. Mariah quickly retaliates with elbows to Eminem's belly. However Eminem simply flips Mariah to the canvas. The diva lands on her back with Eminem lying across her chest and maintaining the head lock the whole time. Mariah searches for a way out of the head lock, with her hands wandering, trying to scratch and poke her tormentor somewhere. Finally brings her long legs up and captures Eminem's head between them. Mariah's legs force Eminem to release the lock and subjugates him lying on his back, caught in Mariah's leg scissors. With a powerful thrust, Eminem breaks free from Mariah's legs. The two superstars scramble to their feet. Mariah is shocked to find that Eminem beats her up by a split second, and is waiting for her. Eminem acts fast, apprehending Mariah in another head lock.

After the first exchange, Mariah finds herself exactly in the same position as she started. Eminem is wrenching in tight. After a few struggles, Mariah drops to one knee. The vixen does not stay down long. Mariah soon starts powering up to her feet. Mariah bombards Eminem with elbows to the stomach until his grip on her head slightness. Then Mariah pushes the rapper off and sends him running into the ropes. When he rebounds back to her, Mariah decides to take him off his feet with a shoulder block. To her surprise, the 5'7" man trucks over the 5'9" solidly built Amazon. Mariah is knocked totally off her feet. She is launched and lands on her back with both feet sticking straight in the air. Mariah hears Eminem laughing tauntingly at her failure.

As Mariah scrambles to her feet, Eminem takes off and runs into the ropes. When he rebounds, he goes for a clothesline. Mariah easily ducks under the attempt and allows Eminem to run by. She spins around to find him waiting. Eminem seizes Mariah around both thighs and topples her with a double leg take down. With a firm grasp on both Mariah's legs, Eminem tries to flip her over onto her stomach, and lock her into a Boston Crab. Mariah immediately starts squealing and frantically clawing her way to the ropes to avoid the hold. Eminem does his best to contain the hellcat, and put the hold on her, but cannot stop Mariah from scratching and clawing her way to the ropes, and forcing the referee to call for the break.

Mariah rises with a lot of frustration showing on her face. She cannot believe that Eminem is out wrestling her. The commentators speculate that the male's strength was giving her problems, but he is just out maneuvering and out wrestling the catfighting all-star.

Mariah's expression practically shouted, "How dare you do that to me!" as she locks up again with Eminem. Meanwhile the rapper wore a satisfying, smug and taunting smirk. Then he adds to Mariah's frustration by seizing Mariah's arm as they lock up. He quickly twists her arm and locks into an arm bar. Mariah squeals and squirms, trying to elevate the pain as Eminem cranks up the pressure. Mariah searches for a way to escape, but cannot find any.

Mariah suddenly jerks back and starts pointing behind her, frantically shouting, "He's pulling my hair Ref! He's got my hair!" Eminem looks shocked. He is not pulling Mariah's hair. The referee runs around behind Mariah and Eminem. He is out of position to see Mariah's own hair pull on Eminem. She swiftly follows her hair yank with a finger to Eminem's eye, before tripping him and throwing him to the canvas.

Mariah is wearing a scowl then adds a few spiteful kicks on her opponent's head. Nick is outside the ring pleading for a tag, but Mariah ignores him. If she cannot handle Eminem, then she is positive that the novice Nick could not do it. Eminem slowly rises to his feet while holding his head and blinking his eyes to clear his blurred vision. The songbird bludgeons him with a forearm shot to the side of the face.

Mariah grabs his arm and whips him into the corner as hard as she could. Eminem's body shudders as he slams into the turnbuckle. Mariah runs right after him and leaps in the air for a body splash. Eminem's eyes enlarge seeing the whopping woman with long legs and bountiful breasts literally flying out of his dreams and toward him. Quickly muttering, "Oh shit!", he drops down and ducks out of the way at the last moment. Mariah crashes tit first into the corner turnbuckle. The she-wolf howls and staggers backwards after her big round tits bounce her off of the turnbuckle. Next thing that Mariah knows, Eminem is behind her and jerks her knees, snatches her feet out from under her. Mariah falls flat on her face, again flattening her perfect boobs.

Eminem pounces on Mariah's back and takes a seat. He wrests her upper body off the canvas with a handful of hair. Eminem securerís Mariah's arms over his thighs and clasp his hands under Mariah's chin. Eminem pulls back, locking Mariah in a tight camel clutch. Mariah is howling and screaming while struggling to escape. It is too early in the match to get a submission from Mariah, but Eminem knows it will severely weaken his former sweetheart.

Mariah CareyEminem looks over and laughs and jokes at Nick as he looks on in distress. He cannot stand to see his lovely wife in such pain. Eminem calls Nick a punk and dares him to do something. Next Eminem takes his hands from around Mariah's chin, and moves them down to Mariah's tits. Eminem teases Nick, squeezing and massaging Mariah's juicy globes. Of course he squeezed hard enough to cause Mariah a lot of pain. However Mariah did more screaming and bitching about being fondled than about the pain.

Nick cannot take seeing his wife being groped anymore. He tries to enter the ring, but is restrained by the official, and ordered out of the ring. While the referee has his back turned, and busy with Nick, Eminem repays Mariah by gauging her eyes. Eminem is like a kid in a candy store. He has been secretly training and planning for this night for almost a year now.

The referee finally contains Nick and gets him back out the ring. Eminem soon grows board with his camel clutch/titty grab. He releases Mariah and shoves her to the mat. Then he grabs Mariah's bikini bottoms and drags her to his corner. Mariah is forced to either scoot along with Eminem or loose her bottoms. She decided to keep her bottoms and go along for the trip.

Once Eminem is back to his corner, he tags Vida instructing, "Fuck this cunt up Vida!" Vida hops over the top rope standing 5'3" full of confidence. Despite giving up 6 inches and more pounds than Mariah cares to tell, Vida goes to work on the downed diva with a barrage of vicious kicks. Mariah tries to fight through and gets to her knees, but a wicked knee to her nose puts the diva back down, and into another barrage of kicks.

Finally Mariah rises to her knees and pushes Vida away. As Vida stumbles backwards, Mariah gets to her feet. Vida relentlessly returns by bulling forward like a ram butting her head into Mariah's chest and knocking her back into the corner. Vida traps her quarry in the corner, then strikes with vicious chops across Mariah's chest. Mariah's bulging breasts that are overflowing out of her bikini top are targeted and destroyed. It sounds like someone clapping hands as Vida's open hand slaps against Mariah's cleavage.

More out of desperation and frustration Mariah lashes out at Vida, and clobbers her over the side of the head. The blow gets Vida to back off momentarily. Mariah breathes a sigh of relief. Then she gets clobbered over the back of the head and crumbles to the mat. Mariah forgot that she was trapped in enemy territory in Eminem and Vida's corner. Eminem had nailed her in the back of the head from outside the ring.

Vida is on Mariah as quick as a flash. She wraps her legs around Mariah's battered tits, locking the self professed Scissor's Queen in a leg scissors. "You're not the only one around here with a great pair of legs puta." Vida growls as she squeezes Mariah between her legs.

Mariah looks down at Vida's muscular thighs smashing her tits flat. "Not bad." Mariah groans, "but these short stumps can't keep me down." Mariah says as she bends her head down and bites Vida on her knee cap.

Vida screams and releases Mariah, "IIIyyaaa! You sick freak! You bit me!" Mariah starts crawling toward her corner and Nick, but Vida intercepts her before she moves very far. Vida kicks Mariah over, then drops to the canvas and captures Mariah's head between her legs. "That's cool, Let's see if you can get out a figure four head scissors." Vida finishes with a grunt.

Mariah is lying on her back with the back of her head pressed against Vida's crotch. Vida's legs encircle her head, with Vida's right calf bent under Mariah's chin and restricting her air flow. The Scissor Queen knows very well the predicament that she is in. Mariah gags and coughs. Then Mariah starts hitting and digging her nails into Vida's knee joint. Vida tries to maintain the pressure and endure the pain, but Mariah was truly a Scissors Queen. She not only knew how to apply them better than anyone in the league, she knew every nuance of the hold. That includes multiple escapes and counters to the scissors, and how to counter the counters. Vida endures as long as she could, but Mariah found a claw hold that digs in Vida's knee joints. She had to release the hold, or barely be able to walk afterward. Vida releases Mariah.

Mariah immediately starts crawling for her corner again. She almost gets there when Vida darts past her and drop kicks her awaiting husband in the mouth. Nick goes flying off of the ring apron and takes a nasty tumble to the arena floor. Mariah stops in her tracks with a gasp, seeing her husband suddenly disappear out of sight. Out of anger and frustration, Mariah pops to her feet with a mighty roar and charges at Vida. The Cuban ducks under Mariah's charge, allowing the singer to run into the ropes. Mariah bounces off the ropes and comes charging back at Vida. This time Vida leaps into the air and snares Mariah's head between her legs. Next Vida sends Mariah to the mat with a flying head scissors. Mariah makes a flip then goes skidding and sliding across the canvas like an out of control car heading for a wreck.

Mariah's head is spinning, but she rises up to her hands and knees. Then the dizziness came down on her hard. Again like a flash, Vida comes out of nowhere. The Cuban comes in and delivers a two foot drop kick to the downed diva's face. Mariah's head violently torques to the side. Then she flips over and lies limply on her back. Mariah looks vacantly up at the lights.

Vida grins and is very pleased with herself. She feels like she had done her part in Mariahís destruction. Vida grabs Mariah by her ankles, and drags the big woman back to her corner and tags Eminem back in.

Eminem wears a smile as he climbs into the ring. Finally this bitch that has toyed with his emotions for six months is lying helpless at his feet. At least that is his perception of the situation. "What's the matter Mary Poppins?" Eminem cracks at the fallen idol. "Ran out of magic?" he says as he stomps down on Mariah's stomach. Next Eminem grabs both of Mariah's legs and lifts them off of the mat. Eminem places his foot on Mariah's crotch and pulls her legs up as hard as he could. Mariah screams as Eminem appears to be trying to pull her legs out of their socket, while grinding her precious pussy as the same time.

Eminem let's Mariah's legs go, then takes a seat on her belly. He reaches down with both hands and squeezes Mariah's very full breasts. "So these are those big titties you hardly ever let me touch." Eminem quipped. "I gotta admit they are pretty nice; big, soft, round fuckers." Eminem added while seemingly enjoying himself. However he made sure that he squashed Mariah's tits hard enough that she did not enjoy the experience. "Too bad they're attached to a psycho bitch!"

Mariah starts fighting back. She punches up at the man seated on her, but seems to have little effect on him. It actually amuses Eminem. Her futile resistance is proof positive of her mental and emotional torment. This match is more about revenge, humiliation and humbling Mariah instead of beating her up for Eminem.

After a good chuckle, Eminem drops a few hammer fist down on Mariah's face to return her to dream street. This allows Eminem to dismount Mariah and roll her over face down across his right leg. He scissors Mariah's thighs with his left leg, keeping his victim in place just like he wants her, face down, ass up. Eminem quickly reaches the next stage of degrading Mariah.

"Nice ass. It's big as hell" Eminem comments. Next Eminem draws way back and starts spanking Mariah's butt. He watches it bounce jiggle and wiggle from the spanking while Mariah squeals and squawks in his clutches. "Damned! It's pretty flabby though. I guess you should expect that of a woman your age." Eminem cracks. Meanwhile Mariah's face is turning as red as her ass. She is getting absolutely furious at Eminem, but helpless to do anything about it at the moment. Her fragile ego cannot take much more of Eminem's degradation.

After spanking Mariah to his hearts' content, Eminem brings Mariah's right arm across her throat. Then he hauls Mariah to her feet with Mariah's own right arm drawn so tight across her throat that it is actually making it hard for the diva to breath. Mariah wiggles and squirms but the rapper has her trapped and subdued. "Big bad Mariah, you act like you're such hot shit." Eminem says as his other hand journey's down and strokes his captive's pussy. "But you're nothing but a stupid alcoholic cunt. You're an overrated slut that's definitely not worth the trouble. Carry your dumb ass over to Nick, somebody who's stupid enough to give a damned about your worthless ass." With that said, Eminem releases Mariah.

Mariah is totally shocked that Eminem just let her go after bringing her on the verge of defeat. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Mariah takes off running to her corner and tags in Nick.

Nick has been waiting for this moment for a long time. He has been dreaming of getting his hands on Eminem since this feud began. He has included cracks about Eminem in his stand up comedy routine. He started boxing lessons all for this moment to defend his wife's honor and kick Eminem's ass.

Vida GuerraNick climbs into the ring and charges toward his enemy. Eminem calmly waits for Nick then at the last moment before Nick gets to him, he slaps Vida on the shoulder and slips out of the ring.

Vida's mouth drops open in shock that Eminem just tagged her in to deal with this rampaging man. Eminem stands from the safety of the ringside floor, ordering Vida to get into the ring. Vida starts arguing back with her partner. Nick stands at the ropes yelling at Eminem to get into the ring and fight like a man.

The standoff continues for a moment or two. Then Nick remembers all the cracks Vida said about him during the months and days leading to this fight. He remembers her threats to bust his balls. Then he remembers the abuse she just handed to his wife and the drop kick to his mouth. Nick reaches out with one hand and grabs Vida by the hair, then her snatches her over the top rope and into the ring.

Vida flips in the ring and is deposited on the mat. Nick looks down at the video model, "I'll get your little boyfriend later. Now it's your time bitch" threatens Nick. Vida begs off and backs into the corner. She looks terrified of the angry entertainer. Nick takes a purposeful step to haul Vida up, when the vixen strikes like a viper. Vida fires one straight hard fist into Nick's groin. Nick howls and clutches his man parts and hobbles away. Vida pops to her feet, then leaps on Nick's back, then starts scratching and gouging Nick's eyes.

A sly grin develops on Vida's lips having craftily turned things around. Finally she throws her shoulder into the back of Nick's knees, chop blocking him and cutting him down to the mat. Eminem returns to standing on the ring apron of his corner now that Nick has been subdued. Vida stands over the downed comedian. Vida leaps in the air and comes down with her much celebrated ass first in the middle of Nick's chest. Vida stands then kneels with her shin across Nick's throat, choking him. Nick gags and thrashes under Vida's body weight while the referee issues a stern count to break the hold. Vida has used nothing but questionable tactics since entering the match with Nick. He is trying to regain control over the rule breaking. Once Vida breaks the choke, the referee admonishes the Cuban.

However Vida has no desire of being in a fair fight with Nick. It is a physical mismatch for her. After her tongue lashing, Vida simply stomps down on Nicks balls, eliciting high pitch scream from him before he softly mutters, "Fucking bitch" in a high voice as well. Again Vida sits down on Nick's chest and wraps both hands around his neck and squeezes. Her hope is to choke Nick and wear him down and negate his strength advantage.

Again the referee calls for the break and adamantly admonishes Vida for her rule breaking tactics. His words fall on deaf ears. Vida reaches down going for Nick's eyes again. Only Nick has had enough. As Vida stoops over, Nick sits up and fires a straight fist as hard as he could into Vida's stomach. Vida pauses and gasps. Next Nick fires an uppercut as hard as possible up into Vida's cunt. Vida erupts in a shriek of agony. Vida clutches her cunt and drops to her knees. Then she falls forward till her face rests on the mat and her ass in the air.

Both stars lie like that on the mat clutching their crotches for a while. Vida makes the move first, sucking up the pain and slowly standing. Nick follows soon after. Everyone watching realizes that Vida was in big trouble. The 5'3" Cuban looks up at Nick, who stood just under six feet tall and six years younger than Vida.

Right now the Latin spitfire could care less about any physical disadvantages. Vida is irate about getting kicked in the pussy. "You fucking bastard!" Vida exclaims and starts hitting Nick in the face with both fists.

However Nick has had more than enough of Vida too. "You little slut!" Nick growls and reaches out and clutches Vida around the neck with one hand. He hoists Vida above his head with one hand and choke slams Vida to the mat. Vida's body bounces on the canvas like a rubber ball. Vida bounces back to her feet and turns with all intentions of making a mad dash to tag her partner. "Get back here! I ain't done with you!", Nick snaps. Nick snatches Vida by the waist band of her bikini bottoms and pulls her back into his clutches. Nick spins Vida around, scoops her up in his arms and body slams her to the mat.

Vida lands with a boom. Her body and brains are rattled, but her instincts tell her to get to her feet. "This is for busting my balls!" Nick says to the dazed beauty standing in front of him and looking at him dumbfounded. Then he nearly takes her head off with a wicked left hook. Vida's head twists violently to the left, her hair swirls around her head and spit goes flying. Vida goes down like a ton of bricks. Fan's ooh and ahh at Nick's perfect punch.

Vida raises from the mat without a clue who she is or where she is. Vida is crawling around on the mat searching for a way to get to her feet. She looks just like Mike Tyson after Buster Douglas knocked him out. When the befuddled and stupefied beauty finally reaches her feet after bumbling several attempts to stand, Nick is waiting on her. "Hey Vida!" Nick calls. "This is for putting your stinking hands on my wife!" Nick fires a straight right handed fist into Vida's nose. Vida's head snaps back, and she drops to the mat, and lies spread eagle looking up at the lights.

Nick has plenty of time to showboat and flaunt as Vida lies on her back like a slab of beef. Mariah thanks her husband for defending her honor. Eminem actually shakes his head and laughs at his partner's plight. Nick returns to Vida as the disoriented beauty is trying to find a way to her feet. Nick helps her stand with two strong hands around her shoulders. Nick's grip on Vida's shoulders keep the stunned stunner upright, although severely swaying. Nick pats Vida's face trying to bring her around. "Vida, be a good little hoe bag, and tag Eminem in, so we can finish this man to man." Nick points Vida in the direction of her corner. Then with a very harsh smack on her ass, he sends her on her way.

Vida wobbles toward Eminem's out stretched hand with her big knockers swaying with each heavy, unsteady step. Vida reaches her hand out to slap Eminem's, but just before they make contact, Eminem pulls his hand back and drops off the ring apron to the arena floor. Eminem backs away to the announcer's table and grabs the microphone. "Hey Vida" Eminem began. "Remember when you dissed my boy, The Game? Remeber how you lied about not trying to fuck him, and that sorry ass diss rap you made?" He continues as he moves toward the ramp to the dressing rooms, "Nobody fucks with our crew and gets away with it! Bye bitch! Good luck with Nick and Mariah by yourself! Payback's a bitch, and so are you! You're just another bullshittin' dick teasing hoe like Mariah."

Eminem backs up the ramp, leaving the fight. The fans are booing profusely, Vida stands stunned in the ring, while Nick and Mariah look very pissed, that Eminem is escaping their wrath. Vida snaps back to reality first. She goes to the ropes screaming and cussing at Eminem. Nick and Mariah whisper, planning their next move. Nick still wants a piece of Eminem. Mariah is adamant that they should punish Vida, get the all important victory, and advance her catfighting career, and get the winner's money share.

Eminem disappears behind the backstage curtain, only one second later to come flying out from behind the curtain like he was pushed or thrown. A split second later Jennifer Lopez steps through the curtain. She looks dazzling in an extravagant, glamorous black gown, and her legendary Latin temper blazing. The crowd goes wild.

Jennifer points to the ring, ordering Eminem to return. Eminem responds "Bitch!" and hauls off with a big right handed punch. Jennifer blocks the punch with her left hand and nails him with a looping punch to the rapper's gut. A left hook follows with alarming speed then Jennifer rips and upper cut. Eminem staggers back. He cannot believe the speed and power of Jennifer's punches.

While he stood stunned and amazed, a full barrage of Jennifer's fist are launched at his face. Left's and rights come at him too fast to stop and too fast to count. Eminem now knows why they call Jennifer, the Bronx Bomber around the league. When Jennifer stops, Eminem is swaying in the breeze like he is in a Three Stooges movie. Jennifer grabs Eminem by the front of his shirt and starts ushering him to the ring.

Shortly Jennifer has bum rushed Eminem to the ring, and rolls him inside under the ropes and delivers him to his enemies. Jennifer enters the ring herself. Eminem looks up to find himself surrounded by Mariah, Nick, Vida and Jennifer. He feels like a rabbit surrounded by four wolves with their fangs bared. Then they all pounce on him, hitting, kicking and stomping while he curls up into a screaming and shouting ball.

Like when someone being 'beat in' a street gang, it does not take long for four people kicking and stomping a helpless victim to do severe damage. Eminem is turned into an unmoving lump of flesh in seconds. With the deed done, the roaring crowd going berserk, all four take a self gratifying moment to acknowledge the crowd. After Jennifer and Vida get their gloating out of the way they turn back to Nick and Mariah. Mariah's mile long leg flashes up and nearly kicks Jennifer's head off her shoulders. Vida turns into a right cross from Nick. Both Latinas fall to the mat in semi conscious heaps.

Jennifer LopezNick grabs Jennifer by her shoulders and hauls Mariah's arch enemy to her feet. Mariah slaps Jennifer's face a couple of times to make sure she is awake enough to comprehend the words she is about to say. "Get this through your thick skull, you dumb ass bitch! I don't know you, I don't want to know you! I don't want to be your friend. I don't like you! You're a sneaky conniving hoe! I don't want your ruthless, back stabbing ass anywhere near me!" Mariah finishes with a fist buried into Jennifer's gut.

That was the first of countless punches. While Nick held Jennifer, Mariah started with punches to her arch nemesis' flat belly, worked her way up to Jennifer's tits, and finished with blasts to Jennifer's flawless face.

Next Mariah grabs the front of Jennifer's elegant black gown and jerks hard. Nick changes his grip to the back of Jennifer's dress. Nick starts jerking from behind and Mariah jerks the opposite direction from the front. Jennifer is caught like a leaf in a hurricane between the two, being jerked to and fro. The $10,000 gown starts splitting at the seams down the side. Nick and Mariah don't stop till the dress splits in two and Jennifer pours out and falls to the canvas. The Latin legend was only wearing black panties under her dress. The low cut dress did not allow for a bra. Mariah quickly slips off Jennifer's panties, not allowing her the dignity of any clothing.

The crowd explodes as Jennifer's super star husband, Marc Anthony bolts to the ring. He had issue with Nick putting his hands on Jennifer. Marc slides into the ring and tackles Nick. The two men start wrestling on the mat. Eventually they roll under the ropes and out of the ring. Mariah does not give Nick a second glance. The person she wants to hurt most of all, even above Eminem, is lying at her feet. Mariah reaches down and grips both of Jennifer's breasts in her hands. She pulls the suffering beauty to her feet with squeezing tugs on Jennifer's boobs. Jennifer stands on shaky legs, moaning and wailing as Mariah mauls Jennifer's tits.

Eminem recovers enough to lift his head and see what was happening around him. All he sees in Jennifer's naked bouncing and jiggling butt in his face. It was Jennifer that ruined his master plan for the night. He had executed everything perfectly. Mariah felt his wrath, Nick got battered, and Vida was put down. it was perfect until Jennifer arrived, and it is Jennifer who will pay. Eminem gets to his feet behind Jennifer. He reaches under her massive ass and locks on a pussy claw. Jennifer screams in torment. She is trapped facing Mariah who is mauling her tits in both hands, and Eminem is behind her clawing the hell out of her pussy.

Vida wakes from her funk looking around as well. She sees Mariah and Eminem torturing Jennifer. Her initial thought is to help Jennifer, but then reconsiders. Jennifer is beyond her help at this point. If she interrupts, Jennifer is in no condition to help Vida fight off Mariah and Eminem. Then Vida sees Nick and Marc battling at ringside. Nick is slowly taking control of their conflict. Vida decides it is best to help Marc.

Vida rises to her feet, and takes a second to steady herself after being knocked loopy so many times. Then she goes to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Nick and Marc are trading punches below her. She faces Marc, and Nick has his back to her. Vida leaps off, headed toward Nick's back. Nick saw the reactions of the fans and knew something was happening behind him. Something told him to duck, and he does. Vida sees her target has moved, and she is headed toward Marc instead. She tries to put on air breaks like Bugs Bunny. Unfortunately this is real life, and not an animated cartoon. Vida goes careening into Marc Anthony. Because she tried to lessen her impact against Marc, she ends up hitting him awkwardly and hurting herself in the dive.

With both Vida and Marc down, Nick acts fast. First, he hauls Vida off top of Marc, and slings her petite body into the security wall surrounding the ring. Vida's body bounces against the wall and goes down in a heap. Second, he seizes Marc by the front of his tuxedo shirt, and starts pummeling in the face with his fist.

Eminem and Mariah unshackle Jennifer, allowing the American Idol judge to topple to the mat. Jennifer wraps one arm around her tits and the other holds her cunt while she bites her bottom lip to fight back tears. Eminem looks at Mariah and smiles, "Hey baby... Iím sorry about all this shit. It was all the drugs, the X and shit." Eminem opens his arms like he is asking for a hug. "Let's just forget this mess and part ways."

Mariah grins and nods her head a bit. She pauses a moment, considering the offer. "You know Em, you're right. After tonight we'll forget this", she says as she walks toward Eminem, "And part ways." Mariah gets close, then her knee shoots up and nails Eminem in the nuts. "After tonight, but right now we finish this Dahhhling!!" Mariah finishes as Eminem starts sinking. Mariah grabs him about the head and falls back, DDt'ing Eminem to the canvas.

Mariah goes over to the still downed Jennifer and drags her over to Eminem. She sits Eminem and Jennifer up, so that Jennifer is between Eminem's legs with her back pressed against his chest. Then Mariah sits on the mat behind both of them and wraps her long legs around the duo. Mariah locks her ankles together and squeezes both of her enemies in a double body scissors.

Both Jennifer and Eminem grunt in anguish, feeling the power of the Scissors Queen. The pain instantly revives Eminem from his funk. "Owww You fucking bitch. This is all your fault that I'm in this mess, J-Ho. If I'm going to hurt, them I'm going to make sure you hurt worst!" Eminem reaches around and grabs a double handful of Jennifer's breasts. Every time the Python Princess squeezes their sides, Eminem squeezes Jennifer's already over abused tits. Jennifer is paralyzed in pain. Between the two vice grips, she can barely breath. Jennifer only occasionally makes ghostly howls. By her expressions, she is clearly reaching the limits of her pain thresholds.

Outside the ring, Nick is having a field day punching Marc and Vida's lights out. He punches Marc till he floors him, then he goes to Vida, and floors her, before returning to Marc. Vida is literally getting beat out of her baby blue bikini. Vida is being knocked silly, slipping in and out of awareness. But every time she becomes aware, she finds another body part uncovered. First one tit was out of its cup, then the other. Then her top was missing all together. Next she woke up without her bottoms. Finally she realized that she was flat on her back, and Nick was fingering her pussy. Not trying to hurt her, but stimulating her, having fun with her. Mariah saw Nick feeling up Vida, but did not mind. "Let him have his fun with the skank" she though. "He deserves it."

Finally Nick is the only one standing. Marc and Vida lie beaten at his feet. He rolls Vida and Marc back into the ring, and returns himself. "Kicking your ass is boring me." Nick comments "Do something, entertain me, suck his dick or something before I really open a can of ass whipping on you."

"No, I'm a married man. I can't do anything... like... that...." was all Marc could say before Vida was between his legs, unzipping his pants, pulling them and his underwear down and whipping out his dick. An instant later Vida had it in his mouth with her head bobbing. Vida was determined not to take any more beatings tonight. If sucking Marc off eased her pain, she is happy to do it. She is actually thrilled to be with the Latin heart throb. Once Vida started, Marc was not complaining either.

Across the ring, Mariah opens her luscious legs, allowing Jennifer and Eminem to spill out and keel over. Mariah collects Jennifer, and rolls her over onto her stomach with her face right in Mariah's crotch. Mariah stacks Eminem face down on top of Jennifer. Next Mariah clamps her legs shut around both of their heads. The scene has Mariah on her back with her legs straight up in the air. Jennifer and Eminem's head are captured inbetween in Mariah's vice like crush. Jennifer's face is almost against Mariah's pussy and Jennifer and Eminem are stacked on top of each other like cadavers.

Eminem is on top of Jennifer with his dick against her infamous ass. He instantly gets a boner. This experience is almost worth the crushing pain of Mariah's legs. Jennifer was out of it. Her sexy body twitched and quivered beneath him, tantalizing his dick. He is even close enough to catch whiffs of the aroma coming from Mariah's heated pussy. Mariah cranks up the pressure again, causing Jennifer's body to quiver again. He could not help himself, and creamed in his pants.

Jennifer feels Eminem's rock hard penis against her naked ass, but could care less about that right now. Her body is beaten conquered and worst of all powerless. Mariah has beaten everything out of Jennifer. Soon she will be out. Jennifer swears that somebody will pay for this. Somebody will pay for seeing her poweless. Somebody will pay dearly. Then Jennifer passes out.

Over in the corner Vida has already made Marc's penis erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Both collapse to the mat from the exertion. Vida has cum all over his face. Nick is laughing seeing the public sex display. "Haaa Haa... That was great! Now itís your turn to do Vida!" Nick instructs. "Marc do Vida!"

Marc instantly protests "I will not!" I'm a happily married man...."

"Shut the hell up!" Marc is again interrupted by Vida as she rises off the mat and props herself against the corner. "I'm not getting my ass beat no more." Vida says as she grabs Marc by the hair and slams his face into her bare pussy. "Besides I'm so hot and horny right now that I need some relief in the worst sort of way!"

Marc finds his face buried in Vida's pussy and she keeps it there with a death grip on his ears. He is left with little options but to dine into Vida's pussy. At least that is what he tells himself, and what he will tell Jennifer later.

Mariah decides to watch the freak show in the corner. She opens her legs allowing Jennifer's unconscious face to hit the mat. Mariah stands and walks to her loving husband. Eminem has enough sense to roll off top Jennifer and out of the ring, to the safety of the arena floor. Mariah hugs and kisses Nick while Marc continues lapping up Vida's pussy, and Jennifer lies naked, face down on the mat, and out like a light.

Vida "Oooohhh and Aaahhhh" while squirming in the corner. Marc is lapping so hard that he is making slurping noises. Mariah and Nick stand arm in arm enjoying the end of the sex show. It does not take long for Marc to bring Vida's boiling pot to boil. The already overheated model was ripe for the picking. Vida roars as she comes to a climax. She pulls Marc's face as deep into her cunt as she could, spraying her juices all over his face. After the massive orgasm, Vida releases Marc's hair and ears, then they both sink to the mat in exhaustion.

Mariah CareyWith everything over, Nick and Mariah approach Marc and Vida. Mariah hauls Marc up to his feet, then dumps him between the ropes and out of the ring. Nick takes Vida and throws her through the ropes right on top of Marc. Finally Mariah prances to Jennifer's inert body. She takes great pleasure in hauling up her defeated long time arch rival then hurling her over the top rope to land on top of Marc and Vida. In the end they make a pile of defeated, naked, sweaty Latin sexpots.

After a celebratory kiss with Nick, Mariah calls for the microphone. Next she addresses the audience. "This is just a warning to the rest of the league. There is a new power couple in town. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are kicking ass and taking names!" Mariah announces proudly with her chest stuck out. "We'll take on all comers. That includes Bradgelina! Even Jay Z and Beyonce, if you want some, come get some. Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, we'll mop the floor with you. Coco and Ice T can get some too. Demi Moore and Ashton, we haven't forgotten you either. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr are welcome to crawl between the ropes too. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Seal and Heidi Klum, we don't care. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will beat you all. You can ask the power couple, Marc Anthony and J.Lo what you'll get!"

The scene turns to Marc, Jennifer and Vida as they make their way back to the dressing room. Naked and thoroughly whipped, Vida and Jennifer both have an arm over Marc's shoulder, leaning on him for support, as they stagger and wobble up the ramp. Marc is stumbling and staggering as much the women. All of their heads were bowed in shame and defeat, and their tails were firmly tucked like whipped dogs.

"Hey Jennifer, Marc... if you want a rematch, all you've got to do is ask." Mariah offers. "We'd love to do this again and again." Mariah finishes with a chuckle. However Marc and Jennifer never raised their heads to acknowledge Mariah's words.

"So gear up ladies and gentlemen,Ē Mariah smiles. "Cause Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey plan to be around here for a long time. Itís going to be a wonderful ride Dahhhling!!"

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