“C’mon Rihanna, I want to take that bitch on. She’s still working with the idiot Dr. Luke who mistreated me. She doesn’t seem to care what he’s done to me or others.” whines Kesha.

“She’s a tough opponent Kesha. She beat me and I’ve been in a few tough matches myself. If you want to face her though, I’ll support you, get the match set up and help train you.” said Rihanna.

“That would be a great help, thanks.” smiles Kesha.

Over the rest of that day Rihanna helped go over some helpful techniques to combat J’lo before reaching out to the league to set up the match.

“Damn, you got Madonna to be my partner. I’m such a fan of hers. I’m sure I’d go all the way and win the title with her experience.” Smiled Kesha after hearing Madonna was her teammate.


“This no name bitch Kesha wants to face me? I’ll show her how outclassed she is in so many ways.” smirked J’lo.

“Rihanna mentioned your working with Dr. Luke on one of your songs and you do remember that he and Kesha have been going at it in court.” said Pamela.

“Oh yea… that does ring a bell.” sighs J’lo as she rubs the temple of her head. “Too bad she didn’t have the brains or maturity to handle him and now she wants to take it out on me for working with him.”


Over the next few weeks, the two prepared for their upcoming match, J’lo practicing with each of her teammates while Kesha practiced with Rihanna and Shakira as they were the most familiar with J’lo. The match itself would take place in a packed Staples Arena. Each one arrived separately with their respective groups. They each made their last minute preparations for the match.

Kesha was the first to be called to the ring as she was the challenger. She had on a pair of leather bra and panties with a sheer covering and leather knee-high boots. She came in introduced to her song ‘Tik-Tok’. She waved to her fans and shook their hands on the way down to the ring. She did some stretching as she awaited J’lo to enter.

A moment later, the song ‘Booty’ blares on the speakers and J’Lo appears on the ramp. She is wearing a pair of tight jeans and tank-top and ankle boots. She smiles and waves at her fans as she confidently struts down to the ring, swaying her hips. She slides into the ring, handing the belt to the referee and smirks at Kesha, “So you’re Kesha, huh?” She steps towards her as she looks her over. “Just make this easy on yourself and lie on your back and let me pose over you.”

“Fat chance of that happening.” Growls Kesha as she steps towards J’lo.

“Fine, have it your way.” responds J’lo.

As they faced each other, the bell rang to start the match. J’Lo quickly sends a kick to Kesha’s gut making her grunt and double over. J’lo follows that up with a knee to her head snapping her body upwards. J’lo keeps Kesha off guards with a few jabs to her head making her stagger back with each step until she hit the ropes. J’lo sends a pair of knees to Kesha’s gut as she grabbed Kesha’s arm. After the knees, J’lo sends Kesha hurdling to the other side of the ring. As Kesha bounces off the ropes and comes back to the middle of the ring, J’lo is there waiting for her. Kesha launches herself at J’lo with a drop-kick knocking the shocked J’lo to the ground. Each girl rolls away from the other and gets to their feet. Kesha quickly charges at J’lo sending a handful of punches to her head and knees to her ribs. J’lo blocks a few of the punches, but one of the knees comes through and hits her ribs, followed by another. J’lo grunts from the knees as she staggers towards the ropes from the knees. Kesha charges in towards J’lo with her arm extended, knocking her over the top rope making her tumble onto the floor below.

Kesha ducks between the ropes, jumps down to the ground and steps towards J’lo to stomp her. J’lo rolls around a bit avoiding Kesha’s stomps. As she rolls around a bit, she sends a kick to Kesha’s knee before bringing her knees back and slamming them into Kesha’s stomach. Kesha puffs her lips from the kick to her gut making her stagger back and fall to her ass.

J’lo chuckles a bit as she gets to her knees, lunges at Kesha knocking her to the ground and straddles her. J’lo sends a handful of punches to Kesha’s head knocking it back and forth. She then grabs Kesha’s hair and brings up to her feet as she stands up. J’lo tries to slam her head into the apron, but Kesha puts her hands forward and stiffened her arms as she pressed them against the apron. J’lo tries a couple more times to slam Kesha’s head into the apron with the same results. As J’lo was pushing Kesha’s head down for the third time and watches as Kesha holds onto the apron, she uses that opportunity to take her free hand and deep punches Kesha’s gut. The punch causes Kesha to release her hold on the apron and her cheeks puff up once again. J’lo takes her punch out and gut punches her again depriving Kesha or more of her air. With her new advantage, J’lo uses her grip on Kesha’s head to slam it on the apron three times. J’lo then re-grips her hands on Kesha’s hair and one on Kesha’s panties as she hoists her up and rolls her into the ring before rolling in the ring herself just ahead of the count.

J’lo chuckles as she gets to her feet and looks down at Kesha and reaches down to pull her up by the hair. Kesha yelps as she is pulled to her feet. J’lo starts with several jabs to Kesha’s face making it snap back as she staggered back. After a few more punches, J’lo sends an uppercut to Kesha’s head sending her into the corner. “Poor girl, you thought you’d be more of a challenge for me.” Taunts J’lo as she steps closer before lowering her shoulder and slamming it in Kesha’s exposed gut. Kesha grunts from the hit to her shoulder and grabs onto the top ropes to hold herself up. J’lo smashes Kesha’s gut several more times with her shoulder before stepping back and watching as Kesha slides down to her ass.

J’lo sends a few kicks to Kesha’s body making her grunt with each kick. After all the kicks, J’lo presses her foot on Kesha’s throat and holds onto the top rope for leverage. She smirks seeing Kesha grab at her ankle and her legs kick out. After a few seconds though, the referee steps in to tell J’lo to release the hold on Kesha. J’lo smirks at the ref as she holds her foot down for a few more seconds before taking her foot away.

J’lo leans over, grabs Kesha by the hair and starts pulling her up by the hair. Kesha groans and yelps as J’lo pulls her to her feet and takes swings at J’lo. The punches connect with J’lo while not as strong as they could be, are strong enough to force J’lo to release the hold on Kesha’s hair and take a step back. Kesha continues on with a few more punches and a kick to J’los ribs. J’lo is able to block half the punches that Kesha sends to her and when the kick comes to her ribs, J’lo grabs her ankle. She quickly yanks it pulling Kesha close to her. Kesha’s eyes widen as J’lo does this as she didn’t expect this to happen. As Kesha lurches forward, J’lo drills deep into Kesha’s gut with a punch.

J’lo whispers into Kesha’s ear, “Time to take out the trash.” J’lo takes her fist out of Kesha’s gut only to send several more punches in several left-right combos to her gut, forcing Kesha back and getting some separation between the two. J’lo then sends several combos to Kesha’s chest and pursuits after her with a few more punches before Kesha hits the ropes. J’lo steps in and sends several knees to Kesha’s gut making her grunt and double over from the hits.

J’lo then grabs Kesha’s hair with one hand and arm with the other before hurdling her to the ropes on the other side of the ring. As Kesha comes back, J’lo steps forward and sends a side-kick to Kesha’s chin. The kick connects with Kesha’s chin taking her off her feet and onto her back knocking her unconscious. J’lo struts over to Kesha and places her foot between Kesha’s heaving breasts. The referee comes over and starts the pin count. It was a mere formality as Kesha was obviously knocked out by the kick. After the 3-count and call for the bell, the ref stands up and raises J’los hand in victory. J’lo smirks as she looks down at Kesha and thinks to herself before strutting out of the ring to cheers and chants of her name, “Bitch though she could compete with me.”

A few moments later as Kesha stirs and gathers herself after her loss to J’lo, she slowly makes her way back to the locker room. She bites her lip and looks down a bit as she enters the locker room to find Rihanna looking up from her phone as she finishes a text message, “You were right about J’lo, Ri-Ri. She was tougher and better than I thought she’d be. I should have listened to you.”

“I tried telling you Kesha, but you wanted to face her anyway. The match wasn’t as bad as it could have been.” said Rihanna as she put her hand on Kesha’s shoulder. “Go shower up and get ready to go hang out later.” Kesha smiled and nodded as she got out of her outfit and went to take a shower.

A moment later, there is a knock at the door. Rihanna looks over to see who it is, “Hello?”

“Hi! Mind if I come in?” says a man as he steps into the locker room. “My name is Quattro and I have an offer for you and your girls, Rihanna.”

“Quattro? I’ve heard of you from my dealings with my agents and crew. What sort of offer are you talking about?” said Rihanna cautiously.

“Well, it’s fairly simply. The offer I have comes from the studios in Hollywood. I’m sure you know about what the ABA and The Fab girls are doing regarding their business dealings outside of the league here. We know your… alliance has had recent conflicts with the ABA.” said Quattro.

“That’s not really a secret in the league. There are more than a few celebs that don’t like us. I don’t know what their dealing have to do with us.” says Rihanna.

“Well, they’ve had plans of taking over the league for years and with the funds they will be making with their new ventures, it might come true and it will make it a lot tougher for you and your alliance. We’re already making deals with Cameron Diaz’s ‘Resistance’.” says Quattro as he steps forward to Rihanna.

“Speaking of one of the groups that don’t like us, that’s one of them. We’ll take care of them in time.” says Rihanna, trying to look confident and coy at the same time.

“Be that as it may, you may need them… as partners, especially with how you recently used some trickery against the ABA recently with your phone spoofing plan.” Quattro smirks as he says that and Rihanna’s quiet reaction about the plan. “Yes, we know about what you girls did, we do have our resources. We could let it out to the ABA and the Fab about what you girls did and they can both take you on in a joint venture.”

Rihanna snarls at his veiled threat: “You son of a bitch! You wouldn’t dare!”

Quattro smirks at Rihanna, “Such spirit. It’s not a thing I want to do Rihanna, but I will if I have to. Please consider the option of entering into an alliance with them. You and Cameron would each retain your own leadership roles within your respective groups. If we win… and I do hope you join us, we will share any spoils of victory and both the Resistance and your DIVAs alliance will be the top groups in the league and the business ventures of the ABA and the Fab will be dissolved.”

Rihanna grits her teeth and folds her arms, “I’ll have to talk it over with the other girls to see what they have to say about this Quattro. It’s not an easy decision to make.”

“Of course Rihanna… I’ll give you a week’s time to discuss this with your girls. Here’s my contact info when you reach a decision. Have a good evening.” says Quattro as he gives her a card with his contact information before leaving.


“You’ve got to be kidding me… an alliance with ‘The Resistance’? It wasn’t bad enough that they beat Carrie and then us after the lumberjack match, but they fucked and publicly humiliated us afterwards and talked down to us. It’s not something you can just put aside and be friends. I know we hate being in an alliance with a group that has the Simpson sisters. I know we all hat those girls.” said Keira.

“Well my girls don’t the same level of hatred for the Simpsons or the Resistance. Well, we’ve had some trouble with Jessica but that was a long time ago. I’m fine with being aligned with them. It’s better off than being under attack from the ABA and the FAB girls or under their thumbs again. We don’t need to go through that again. I’m not a fan of the Resistance, but I think we’re better off with them than not.” says Janet.

“I know what that humiliation was like and so does Shakira. It’s not the first time she was publicly humiliated after a fight. We both know it wasn’t easy to beat the ABA and we had to call in a few favors from friends. This alliance will help us in that regard. Besides, Quattro knows what we did before our final attack on the ABA framing the FAB Corp for the attack on their enforcers. He threatened to show the ABA what we did.” said Rihanna. “Even without this threat of theirs, we need an alliance and ‘The Resistance’ is the best bet of them all. I don’t like them any more than you do Keira, but it’s the best we have at the moment.”

“So we’re basically being blackmailed into an alliance with them? That’s just great.” says Keira a bit indignantly as she holds the bridge of her nose. “I know it sounds bad, but it’s better than the alternative. Just think about it for the moment, if we go through with this… alliance with ‘The Resistance’ we’ll have them as friends in any possible future conflicts with the ABA and the FAB Corp. We all know ‘The Resistance’ doesn’t like them either.” said Rihanna.

“It’s not the idea of the alliance that I don’t like, it’s that we’re being forced into it. We’re not the ones calling the shots.” said Keira.

“That will come in time Keira. We’ll figure something out in the meantime.” Said Rihanna.

“Fine… I’m not fully comfortable with this, but I’ll go along with this.” sighed Keira.

“I’ll let Quattro know our decision.” said Rihanna as she stood up.

The next day after meeting Janet and Keira, Rihanna reached out to Quattro and let him know that the alliance was approved on their end.

“That’s good to hear Rihanna. I’ll let Cameron know that you girls are on board and set up a meeting with her so we all can get acquainted.” said Quattro as he hung up the phone with her.

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