Madonna & Kesha vs Paris & Nicky Hilton


They had barely been together a couple weeks as a group when Rihanna walks in and watches Kesha practicing in the ring with Nicole Scherzinger. Rihanna walks up to the apron and leans forward, “Hey Kesha, you got a second?”

Kesha and Nicole paused their training as Kesha heads over to Rihanna, “What’s up?”

Kesha shrugged her shoulders at Rihanna’s comment, “Sure, I’ll do it. I’d need a partner though.”

Rihanna smirks, “I got that taken care of. I’ve done some searching and Madonna agreed to help out and be your partner while the two of you are still in the tourney. She’s kind of getting up there in age, but she makes up for it in experience.”

“Damn, you got Madonna to be my partner. I’m such a fan of hers. I’m sure I’d go all the way and win the title with her experience.” Smiled Kesha after hearing Madonna was her teammate.

“Don’t get too cocky, you might have to face me in the ring on your way to the top and I’ve already got a title.” Smirked Rihanna trying to keep Kesha in her place. “Madonna will be here within the hour to start training.”

“Cool, I look forward to training with her.” Said Kesha as she headed back to Nicole.

“I’d like to do some training with her too.” Said Nicole as she and Kesha started practicing together again. The two continue practicing for a little bit more and before they knew it, they heard a duffle bag drop outside the ring. They both turned their heads and saw Madonna smiling at them as she took off her leather jacket revealing a one-piece black swimsuit, “Hello ladies.”

“Hey.” Both Kesha and Nicole almost simultaneously as Madonna rolled into the ring.

“So… you’re the one I’m supposed to partner with for the tourney.” Said Madonna as she walked up to Kesha. “I’ve seen you fight… not bad, but you’re still young and could use some training.”

“That’s why Rihanna asked you to help. I’m such a big fan of yours. I can’t wait to learn from you and fight with you in the ring.” Said Kesha.

“I’d like to learn from you too Madonna.” Interrupted Nicole with a crooked smile.

“Sure Nicole, though I’m not sure how much I can actually teach you. I’ve seen you in the other wrestling leagues and you’re pretty good. Besides, this tournament is part of my retirement tour.” Replied Madonna as she looked over Nicole.

“Thanks for the compliment, but even a wrestler as good as me can always learn new stuff.” Said Nicole.

“Sure, I’ll teach you too.” Replied Madonna cautiously and with a wry smile. Over the next couple hours and weeks, Madonna trained Kesha and Nicole. Almost from the beginning of the training, there was a connection between the three of them, but especially between Kesha and Madonna.

In the meantime, Paris and Nikki Hilton started practicing at the gym at their Beverly Hills mansion not long after hearing about their tag team match. Being the older sister and more experienced fighter, Paris took the lead in the training. Paris taught her what moves she had learned over the years and from Britney during the little time that they hung out. Paris was getting back into fighting mindset after a bit of a hiatus and focusing on her personal life. After flipping Nikki to the mat and getting her in a small package pin and does a three count.

After she releases the pin and gets up, she helps Nikki, “You have to be able to stand your ground more Nikki and get rid of that deer in the headlights look when someone comes after you. If you can do that, we’ll do fine in our match.”

“I know Paris. I just have to get used to actually being in a fight, especially in front of such a huge crowd.” Said Nikki shyly.

“The good news is, if you can call it that, is we’ll be facing the tag team of Kesha and Madonna. Kesha is pretty new and Madonna is over the hill. All we need to do is practice some more and we’ll be fine.” Said Paris confidently.

“Don’t forget that I’m new too.” Replied Nikki.

“I know you are, but you’ve got me to train you. Now lets get back to practicing.” Scoffed Paris as she smiled at Nikki.

A couple weeks later, the fighters arrive at the Staples arena in LA for the fight and head to their respective locker rooms to make their final preparations. Rihanna walks into the locker room to see the two of them giggling as they change into their outfits. Kesha is changing into a leather knee-high leather boots, bra, panties and a sheer top over the too. Madonna is wearing a pair of calf high boots, black jeans and a tank top.

“Ok ladies, I just spoke with the refs about your match and you guys are coming up next.” Said Rihanna with a smile as she looked at the two of them getting along.

“That’s great. I’m up for kicking those snooty Hilton girls. They’ve never had to work a day in their lives.” Said Kesha.

“Don’t get over-confident Kesha, you never know what surprises they can come up with.” Said Madonna with a somewhat serious face, before cracking a smirk, “But you’re right, those snooty bitches deserve an ass kicking.” The three of them chatted a few more minutes before they were called to the ring.

Madonna was introduced first to Like a Prayer. The crowd went wild when they saw her walk onto the ramp and start heading down the aisle to the ring. She shook hands or gave fives to all her fans on the way down. When she got to the ring, she smiled and waved to the crowd. Her music went on a little bit longer than usual, as she’s a living legend in the league and in the music world.

After that extra time was up, Kesha was introduced to her song Blow. The crowd cheered as she came onto the ramp and headed down the ramp to the ring. Like Madonna before her, Kesha high fived and shook the hands of her fans on the way to the ring. After she gets into the ring, she and Madonna give each other a peck on the lips and a quick hug before Kesha waves to the crowd. She goes to one of the corners, gets on the second rope and plays to the crowd a bit.

The Hilton sisters were introduced next to Paris Hilton’s Stars are Blind. They appeared on the ramp in matching designer leather tube tops, panties, fishnet stockings and ankle boots. Paris’s outfit was mostly red while Nikki’s was mostly black. They received mostly cheers from the crowd with a smattering of boos and catcalls. They each smiled as they walked down the aisle waving to their fans. Like Madonna and Kesha before them, they shook the hands of their fans on the way to the ring. As they came down the aisle towards the ring, Kesha and Madonna look at each other with smirks. After the Hilton sisters entered the ring and played to the crowd, the referee called both teams to the center of the ring and quickly explained the rules.

As the bell rang for the start of the match, both Kesha and Madonna charge at the Hilton sisters with Madonna going after Paris and Kesha going for Nikki. Both girls were caught off-guard by the sudden attack as they back-pedaled. Paris was at least able to block a few of the punches and kicks that Madonna sent her way as she was forced back to the ropes. She was even able to send a few punches of her own, but Madonna deftly blocked those attacks. Madonna leans in and knees Paris’s gut before she grabs Paris’s arm and upper back and sends her hurtling towards the other ropes. As she comes back towards her, she is greeted by Madonna’s outstretched arm clothes lining her making her land on the mat in a thud greet her.

Nikki on the hand had a deer in the headlights look as Kesha pounds head and chest with one punch after another. Kesha forces her back into the corner with all her punches. Once she gets Nikki into the corner, Kesha sends several knees to Nikki’s gut making her grunt and double over. Kesha smirks seeing Nikki prone before her as she grabs her hair with her left hand and pulls her upright. Kesha gets up to the second rope, yanking Nikki’s head back so that she’s looking up at Kesha who is snarling down at her. Kesha uses her right fist and pounds Nikki’s face like a jackhammer. After a dozen punches, the referee comes to Kesha after the five count. Kesha just looks at him and shrugs her shoulders before looking briefly to see where Madonna is and finally turning her attention back to Nikki. She takes her feet off the ropes before quickly placing them on Nikki’s stomach and rolling back and as she rolls onto her back, Kesha springboards Nikki into the air. Nikki flops a couple times on the ground before arching her back and holding it in pain.

As Kesha finished flipping Nikki onto her back, Madonna was pulling Paris to her feet after DDTing her. Kesha grabs Nikki’s hair and brings her to her feet before she could do anything and puts her into a headlock and starts to knee Nikki’s chest and stomach making her grunt and her body jolt. After a dozen knees, Kesha releases her headlock and grabs a tuft of Nikki’s hair with one hand and panties with the other hand. She sends Nikki hurtling towards one of the corners and watches as head hits one of the turnbuckles making her moan softly. Nikki then crumbles like a sack of potatoes in the corner and out of commission. Kesha scoffs at Nikki as she wipes her hands and heads to the opposite corner, “What a creampuff.”

As that is going on, Madonna hoists Paris up in the air and suplexes her. Paris groans and arches her back as she hits the mat. Madonna gets to her feet and promptly starts to stomp on Paris’s prone body. After a half dozen stomps, Madonna runs to the ropes and charges towards Paris jumping in the air part of the way back and landing with an elbow to Paris’s midsection making Paris spasm and groan. As Madonna gets to her feet, she brings Paris up with her by the hair. She holds Paris by the hair as she brings her to the corner where Kesha is and tells Kesha, “Foot.” Kesha nods as she brings her foot up and puts it on the top rope. Madonna slams Paris’s head into Kesha’s foot making her grunt.

After that, Madonna shoves Paris into the corner before tagging in Kesha and says to her: “Finish her.” Kesha smirks as she looks at a prone and badly beaten Paris. She lets loose a flurry of punches to Paris’s head and body and handful of knees to her ribs and guts. Kesha then gets up to the second set of ropes, pulls Paris’s hair back with her left hand and pummels her face with her right. After a five count, Kesha gets down from the second rope. Kesha kicks Paris’s gut making her double over. Kesha puts her in a reverse headlock and bulldogs her. Kesha grunts as her head hits the mat, her body trembles a bit before falling to the side and rolling to her back. Kesha goes to the corner and climbs to the top ropes. She steadies herself on the ropes before launching herself towards Paris landing on her stomach with her own taking a lot of air out of Paris’s body. Kesha then hooks Paris’s leg and goes for the pin. Paris is too out of it and too beaten at this point to kick out of the pin. The referee comes over quickly and slams his hand down for the three count. The referee then calls for the bell and calls Madonna back into the ring to raise both her and Kesha’s arms in victory. The crowd cheers them as they have their arms raised up.

As Madonna and Kesha start to head out of the ring, Kesha looks over Nikki and gets a cruel smirk. She heads to her, grabs her by the hair, pulls her to her feet and whispers in her ear: “Why don’t you go check on Paris and see how she’s holding up?” Kesha tosses Nikki towards Paris and watches as she staggers towards her and falls on top of her in a near perfect 69 position with their faces in the other’s crotch. Nikki tried to move away, but was too weak to move. Kesha and Madonna shrug at each other as they make their way out of the ring and back to their locker room. They shower up and then head to a nightclub to celebrate their victory.


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