The ring filled with the sounds of Nicole Scherzinger and Kelly Clarkson practicing, the two of them trying to see what the other is capable of with each of their attacks. It took nearly the whole match before it happened. Nicole ducked under one of Kelly’s punches before sending a handful of punches to her torso. Kelly sends a kick only to have Nicole grab it in mid-air. Nicole smirks a bit at Kelly before sending several kicks to her gut before pulling on her ankle causing Kelly to stumble to her. As Kelly got close, Nicole sends a punch to her breast-plate. Kelly grunts and her eyes widen a bit from the pain as she takes in a few deep breaths. Nicole sends several punches to her head and chest followed by a front kick to her gut which sends her into the corner.

Nicole smirks seeing Kelly in the corner taking a breath and holding her chest and steps forward grabbing the top rope and placed her barefoot against Kelly’s throat. “You’ve fought well, Kelly; but the practice session is almost done.” Said Nicole as she kept her foot on Kelly’s throat and saw her gasping for air. After a moment of keeping her foot on Kelly’s throat; she releases her foot and snaps her foot several times hitting Kelly’s face making it snap back and forth. Nicole then kicks Kelly’s gut making her double over and quickly followed that up with a knee to her head making her fall back into the corner. Kelly groans as she slowly falls to her ass.

Nicole sends several kicks to Kelly’s chest making her grunt some more. Nicole then reaches in and pulls Kelly by her hair and pulling her away from the corner. Kelly sends several punches to Nicole’s gut making Nicole grit her teeth. Before letting go of Kelly’s hair, Nicole yanks Kelly’ towards her and knees her gut. Kelly immediately stops punching and doubles over just as Nicole puts in her in a headlock. A few seconds later, Nicole drops to her ass performing a DDT. Kelly groans from the hit and falls to her side and with a bit of a shove from Nicole, Kelly rolls to her back. Nicole rubs her stomach as she gets up and stands over Kelly.

Nicole places her bare foot on Kelly’s chest. Kelly groans and tries to squirm under her foot and grab at her ankle. Nicole smirks down at her and wags a finger as she presses her foot down: “Uh-uh…stay down, Kelly.” Kelly gives out one last groan before releasing Nicole’s ankle and lies calmly on the mat. “Good girl. You know when you’ve lost.” Smirks Nicole as she looks down at Kelly and counts her out.

After counting her out, Nicole takes her foot off Kelly’s chest and extends her hand down to Kelly: “You’re a decent fighter, but you could use some further training…and you’re not as submissive as I’ve heard.”

“Thanks for the training session, Nicole.” Says Kelly as Nicole helps her up. “I could always use some more training. I’ve seen your initial match and a few you’re matches in the other league. You’re a good fighter. My submissiveness is only outside the ring with my teammates and with people I like or even attracted to. When it comes to the ring, I fight as hard and as well as I can.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Keep one thing in mind though. I could tell you were checking me out during our match and I know you think I’m hot, but you have to keep it in check. I know about you fucking with Shakira, possibly Keira and who knows who else. I’ve had a few flings myself and I don’t really hide it. You shouldn’t hide it or be ashamed of it yourself. Make it a part of yourself and accept it with a touch of ‘so what?’ attitude. Then if someone tries to use it against you, it won’t side-rail you at all. I can help with a bit of that training if you like so your ‘attraction’ to your opponent doesn’t get in the way of a match with them and you’ll be more feared.” Smirked Nicole as she looked Kelly over who looked slightly shocked at Nicole’s forthrightness.

“You certainly are one hell of a confident woman. If you can do all that you say; I’d be happy for you to train me. I do think you’re hot and please don’t tell anyone that I’ve slept around.” Said a slightly nervous Kelly.

“Don’t worry Kelly, I may be bitchy at times, but it’s not my place to air people’s personal lives in public.” Said Nicole as she puts her hand on Kelly’s shoulder making her smile. “Let’s go shower. I have to meet with Rihanna and Shakira later today about my 3-way match coming up.” The two then headed to the shower to clean up. Kelly didn’t hide the fact that she was checking Nicole out while the two showered making Nicole wink and smirk at her.

“Good luck in your match, Nicole. I hope you win.” Said Kelly as they finished getting dressed.

“Thanks Kelly; that’s the plan.” Smirks Nicole as she heads out swaying her ass a bit knowing that Kelly would be able to help but stare.

Later that day, Nicole sat down with Rihanna and Shakira to go over the match. Rihanna had fought Lady Gaga before and Shakira has known Nelly for years and had fought her before. They went over some tips on how to fight them. They all knew that Nicole could easily take them individually, but fighting the two of them together might make things more difficult, even for Nicole.

They also mentioned that this match was also cover for information drop by Nelly and Lady Gaga. They wanted the information from Lady Gaga more since she has been with ‘The Resistance’ and they could use any info on them they could get. They would need it when they go meet with them. They wanted any advantage they could find over ‘The Resistance’ as they’re starting to really rub them the wrong way.

Over the next couple days, Nicole trained with Rihanna and Shakira before her match. The training wasn’t very difficult as both Shakira and Rihanna had good knowledge of Nelly and Lady Gaga. The night before the match, Nicole rested up in her LA home, while Shakira and Rihanna slept together in Rihanna’s place. The next day, Nicole, Nelly and Lady Gaga showed up to the Staples Center a little early for the fight to make last minute preparations for the fight.

After about an hour or so, they were all called to the ring individually, starting with Lady Gaga. She was introduced to ‘Poker Face’ and she came onto the stage in her blue bikini, blue gloves and short boots from her video. She waves to her fans on the way down to the ring. She finishes stretching as soon as ‘Maneater’ comes over the air waves. Nelly came out in a pair of black jeans, a tank-top that barely that showed her mid-riff and a pair of boots. She didn’t have as many cheers as Lady Gaga, but she still did have some. She made her way to the ring waving to her fans on the way. She nods at Gaga as she gets into the ring and starts stretching. Finally the song ‘Whatever you like’ comes on the speakers and Nicole appears on the ramp in spanx leggings, leather bra and ankle boots. She waved to her fans as they cheer her as she makes her way to the ring. She slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.

She smirks at the Nelly and Gaga, “I’m sure you two have heard my reputation. Let’s just make this easy and have you girls lie on your back for me and hand over the info.”.

“It’s not that easy, Nicole. It doesn’t matter who wins. We have to make this look good.” Said Nelly as she patted the pocket on her pants.

“She’s right, we don’t want to tip anyone off, at least not yet anyway.” Said Gaga as she patted her ass.

“If that’s how you girls want to play this.” Smiled Nicole as she looked at the girls.

The referee called the girls to the middle of the ring to quickly explain the rules to them before calling for the bell. The girls step back and start circling each other. Gaga and Nelly come at each other and lock up with each other, straining against each other. Nicole watches them for a moment sizing them up and deciding what to do watching them push each other back and forth. She drops down and leg sweeps Gaga as Nelly pushes her back, making Gaga fall to the mat and Nelly to fall on top of her. Nicole quickly gets to her feet and sends several kicks to Nelly’s ribs making her grunt and fall off of Gaga. As Nelly rolls off, Nicole goes to stomp Gaga but she grabs her ankle making Nicole’s eyes widen in shock. Gaga pulls on the ankle hard making Nicole fall to the mat in a thud. Gaga quickly gets to her knees at the same time as Nelly and leaps at her, their bodies colliding sending Nelly to her back. Gaga quickly straddles her, grabs her throat with her left and punching her with her right. “You look so pretty being beaten, Nelly.” Taunted Gaga. Nelly grunts with each punch.

After a few punches, Gaga yelps as Nicole pulls her hair back and up. Gaga flails her arms a bit and screams some more as Nicole pulls Gaga up to her feet with her left. Nicole sends three hard punches to Gaga’s ribs followed by a knee to her lower back making her grunt with each hit. With one of the punches, she quickly reaches into Gaga’s pocket to grab the thumb drive and slip it into her own pocket. She then kicks one of Gaga’s knees sending her to her knees before releasing her hair. Nicole then kicks Gaga’s back sending her to her stomach groaning in pain. As soon as she does that, she sees Nelly jumping at her for a clothesline. Nicole’s eyes widen as she connects and she falls to her back. Nelly steadies herself on her feet and starts to kick and stomp Nicole’s body. After a half dozen kicks and stomps, Nicole rolls away from Nelly and gets to her knees. Nelly quickly runs after her and drop kicks her sending her to her back once more.

In the meantime, Gaga gets to her feet and sees both Nelly and Nicole on the ground. Gaga waits for one of them to get up before doing anything. As Nelly gets to her knees first, Gaga sends a kick to Nelly’s head sending her to her back. As Nicole gets to her knees, Gaga sends a kick towards her head only to have Nicole grab her ankle with her left and pulls her towards her. Gaga stumbles a bit towards before Nicole sends a right punch to her gut making her double over. She follows that up with a left-right pair to her jaw before sending an uppercut to send her staggering back a few steps holding her jaw. As Nicole pulls her punch back, Nelly tackles Nicole again and quickly straddles her and starts to punch her head quickly with punch after punch. Nicole’s head snaps from side to side from the hits.

Gaga surprises Nelly by grabbing her hair and kneeing her face. She pulls her to her feet and shoves her to the corner. Gaga then jumps at her sending a knee to her chest. She follows that up with more punches to her chest and head and a knee to her get. Nelly grunts and then holds onto the ropes and hunches over. Gaga looks over her shoulder only to see Nicole standing there, but she doesn’t see the kick coming between her legs from behind. Gaga screams in pain as she hunches over and leans into Nelly. Nicole grabs Gaga, turns her around and shoves her into Nelly. She punches Gaga several times in the head then her chest and finally several knees to her gut. Gaga doubles over from the knees. Nicole sends a knee to her head snapping her back up. She takes a step to the side, grabs the top rope and places her foot on Gaga’s throat pressing it back and into Nelly’s head. Gaga grabs onto Nicole’s ankle as she gasps for air. After the ref tells Nicole to release the hold, she smirks at him and pulls her foot back hard taking it out of Gaga’s grasp. She sends a half dozen snap kicks to Gaga’s face snapping her face from side to side. She then sends a kick to her chest and then her gut making Gaga double over from the pain. She kicks the back of Gaga’s head sending her to the mat.

Ignoring her own pain from before, Nelly jumps at Nicole and slams into her, hugging her as they collide. The two of them roll against the ropes kneeing each other’s sides and punching the other’s ribs. One of Nicole’s knees connects with Nelly’s pussy making her scream. She then head-butts Nelly making her take a step back. Nicole sends a pair of punches to Nelly’s head and chest, followed by a knee to her gut, then to her forehead when Nelly doubles over. Nicole then spins around sending a kick to her head sending Nelly to the mat. Gaga is now on her feet and charges at Nicole only to have Nicole dodge her and hit the ropes. Nicole sends a pair of kidney shots to Gaga before grabbing her and turning her around. She grabs Gaga’s head, holds it back as she sends a knee to her gut several times. Nicole then sends a handful of punches to Gaga’s head. Gaga grunts from all the hits and is dazed. Out of the corner of her eye, Nicole sees Nelly standing up. Nicole grabs Gaga’s arm and hurdles her towards Nelly colliding both of their bodies and sending them to the mat. Nicole then bounces off the ropes as she runs, jumps in the air, brings her knees up to her chest and lands on Gaga’s back making both girls grunts and groan in pain.

Nicole grabs Gaga’s hair as she gets to her feet making her yelp. As she gets to her feet, Gaga sends several punches to Nicole’s stomach to try and fend off. Nicole grunts and releases Gaga’s hair as she steps back. She sends a kick to Gaga’s stomach making her grunt and double over. Nicole then knees her face snapping her back upright. She continues her assault with a couple punches to her head before bringing her leg up and kicking Gaga’s chest sending her tumbling backwards and tripping over Nelly. Nicole turns her attention to Nelly who was getting to her feet when Gaga tripped over her and fell to the mat. Nicole leans over to grab Nelly by her hair and pull her to her feet. Unlike Gaga, Nelly doesn’t hit Nicole at all while being pulled up. Nicole uses her free hand to punch Nelly’s face a half dozen times making her grunt with each hit. After the punches, Nicole takes one hand behind her neck and the other between her legs. She scoops up Nelly and slams her down to the mat. As she brings her hand back from between Nelly’s legs, she grabs onto the thumb drive and pulls it out and quickly puts it in her bra. Nicole once again grabs Nelly’s hair to pull by the hair up to her feet. By this time, Gaga was getting to her feet.

Nicole takes her free hand and grabs onto Nelly’s arm and thrusts her into Gaga making the two grunt from the collision sending both into the ropes. Nicole charges in quickly with a couple kidney punches to Nelly and then a kick to the backside of her knee making her drop to her knees. As she does that, Gaga sends a right hook to Nicole which she easily blocks before sending a punch to her solar plexus. With the punch Gaga’s eyes bulged and she leaned over a bit. Nicole took the opportunity to uppercut Gaga’s chin sending her upright before she bounces off the ropes and crumbles to the mat. Nicole takes Nelly by her hair and pulls her up and while still holding onto her hair, Nicole pulls a slightly limping Nelly to the center of the ring. Nicole puts Nelly’s head into a headlock. She lifts her knee up a couple times into her chest making Nelly grunt and her body tremble from the knees. Nicole holds onto her head for a few more seconds before dropping to her ass for a DDT.

Nicole wastes no time as she rolls Nelly over onto her back and goes for the pin. The referee comes in and does the three-count for the win. The referee calls for the bell and declare Nicole the winner. Nicole gets up and looks at both Nelly and Gaga: “Well ladies, it’s been fun and hopefully very informative but the girls and I have work to do.” Nicole heads out of the ring and for her there. Nicole smiles as she grabs both thumb drives and shows them to both of them, “I got the info from these girls and see what we can gain from whatever’s on them.”

“Good work, Nicole. You are an amazing fighter and asset to the team and a good friend too.” Said Rihanna as she grabbed the thumb drives from Nicole. “I want you to be there when we go over the info off of these drives, we could use your insight on what to plan.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Rihanna. I’d be happy to help you out. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but… are you and Shakira… close?” asked Nicole. She had an idea of how close they really were.

“Any help would be appreciated Nicole and yes…Shakira and I are close as I hope all of us will be close in ‘DIVAS’ The three of us are the best fighters of the group, Katy is a good fighter and Kesha is decent but both need help. Our closeness will help each of us become better.” Said Rihanna.

“Of course Rihanna; thanks for the compliment on my abilities. Anyway, I should shower and then we can get to work on these drives.” Said Nicole. She quickly stripped naked and went to the shower stall. She showers up and comes back to put on a new set of clothes. Over the next couple of days, Rihanna, Shakira, Nicole, Keira and Kelly went over the information from the thumb drives.


A few days later, there was a meeting with Quattro and the Resistance. Rihanna brought Shakira, Janet, Christina, Keira and Kelly to the meeting with her while Cameron brought Jessica Alba, Vida Guerra, Ashley Simpson and Jada Pinkett Smith. There was already tension in the room before anyone started talking.

“Thank you all for coming to the meeting, we have much to discuss.” Said Quattro.

”Are you sure we need…them? I’m sure my girls can handle things.” Said Cameron as she motioned to Rihanna and her allies.

“You actually do need each other. Neither your team nor theirs can take on the Fab Four and the ABA on your own.” Said Quattro.

“We’ve done pretty well so far against them Quattro. They’re made up of a bunch of second rate fighters.” Said Cameron.

“Who the hell are you calling second rate? We’ve got two title holders in our group. Your group doesn’t have any. If anything, it’s you girls are the second rate fighters.” Said Rihanna a little hot and bothered.

“You girls really looking for another beat-down and fucking at our hands? Just say the word and it’s on.” Said Cameron as she stepped toward Rihanna.

“We’d be glad to take you girls down.” Said Rihanna.

“Ladies…ladies, please calm down. We can’t make a better future for all of us if we’re fighting with each other.” Said Quattro as he stepped between the two ladies. “We don’t have to like each other to work together. Can we agree that we want to take down the Fab Four and ABA. There will be plenty of money and percentage of the music and movie companies once this is all done. You guys can go back to fighting each other after that. Please…just get along for now.”

After a moment of silent awkwardness of Cameron and Rihanna staring at each other, Cameron extends her hand out and gives a forced and fake grin: “Fine, we’ll work with them…for the time being. We’re not friends, Rihanna, we’re just working together. Once we’re done with the ABA and Fab Four, you and your group are going down.”

Rihanna extends her hand out and shakes her hand as she glares at Cameron, “That’s tough talk coming from you, Cameron. You guys got lucky once against us, but it won’t happen again.”

“Well then, we’re in agreement then; no fighting each other until after we’re done with the ABA and The Fab Four.” Said Quattro. Over the next hour or so, there were some minor details to work out between the groups and Quattro about their plan of attack before they left.