“What do you mean you still want to go ahead with restarting the ‘Divas’ group? You heard what Mariah and Shania said when we met them.” asked a slightly miffed Kelly Clarkson.

“I think it’s for the best Kelly. I’m doing this to help you and Gen Next. Katy Perry and Kesha have each agreed to join the group. I know you’d hate to lose me as part of the group, but look at what the ABA and the Fab Four have been doing with each of the members having their own groups as part of a larger umbrella group. We should do the same in order to secure our own survival.” Said Rihanna.

“We’re not big enough and don’t have enough friends right now to start dividing ourselves up like them.” Said Kelly.

“I know, but it’s not that hard to find girls that don’t want to be part of the ABA, Fab Four or even The Resistance. We can ask our celeb friends that haven’t joined them to join us. Besides, I have control of Mariah and Shania after I used the Dark Wolf on them. We can use them to find girls for us and for themselves. Besides, you own me one after I did that favor for you.” Said Rihanna.

“I almost forgot about that.” Smiled Kelly. “Hhmmm, I guess you being in charge of your own group doesn’t seem so bad now that you brought them up. You can go and be the Queen Diva. I just have to find someone to take your spot in the group.”

“Thanks Kelly. I knew you’d see it my way.” Said Rihanna as she stood up and walked over to Kelly.

Kelly looks up at Rihanna, “I wish you the best Rihanna. It’s not easy being the leader of a group. I wonder what’s going to happen after you get your Divas group finalized and control Mariah and Shania’s groups…” Kelly gives Rihanna a teasing smirk. “…am I going to be doing your bidding instead of the other way around?”

“That can be arranged.” Smiled Rihanna teasingly as she caressed Kelly’s face.

“You’re so damn sexy Rihanna.” Said Kelly as slowly stood up, wrapped her arms around Rihanna’s waist and started kissing her.

Rihanna momentarily breaks the kiss, “I can keep this kiss secret from Shakira for a small price.” Rihanna’s eyes spoke of what she wanted and Kelly read them well.

“I’ll pay that price. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while and have falling for you ever since you hypnotized me.” Replied Kelly with a husky voice and a smirk. The two began kissing again. Rihanna smiled knowing that the hypnotic suggestion she had placed in Kelly’s mind had worked. Not much later, the two of them were in Kelly’s bedroom leaving their clothes lying in the hallway floor along the way. Rihanna soon had Kelly bent over the edge of her bed with her legs spread and reaming her pussy with a traditional strap-on dildo. The thing about Kelly that surprised Rihanna was how Kelly promptly complied with her suggestion ‘turn around, bend over and spread them’…not that she minded. Rihanna enjoyed fucking Kelly doggy style as much as Kelly enjoyed getting fucked that way by Rihanna. On several occasions, Rihanna slapped and grabbed Kelly’s ass with only a yelp and moan in response. Rihanna brought Kelly to several orgasms while she fucked her before slowly removing the dildo. She sits next to where Kelly was, spreads her legs and motions to her to clean off the dildo. Kelly complied by kneeling before Rihanna and cleaned it off.

“I like being the submissive one when it comes to having sex, but I didn’t realize just how submissive you were when it came to sex.” Said Rihanna.

“Well, I don’t like to let it out. I wasn’t as sexually submissive as I am now, then Shakira and I became lovers and she tamed me. Now I’m submissive in only that regard and to those that I actually like and I like the both you and Shakira.” Smiled Kelly as she looked up at Rihanna from her knees.

“Am I as good as her?” asked Rihanna.

“Oh yeah.” Said Kelly with a huge smile.

“I hope she wouldn’t mind if I steal you from her and make you my lover.” Smirked Rihanna.

“She would mind and so would I. We’re lovers and we’ve been together for a while…” said Kelly sternly before smirking at Rihanna “…but I wouldn’t mind the occasional…’indiscretion’ with you.”

“Fair enough. I’d probably be the submissive one too if Shakira and I were lovers.” Smiled Rihanna. “I want you to eat me out. Then I want to shower with you before I have to go prep to see a match between Shontelle and Nicole Scherzinger. I was going to have Shontelle join, but apparently Nicole wants to join the Divas. I want to see who the better fighter is before I let either join the group.”

“Good luck with that. I heard from others that Nicole can be a good friend, but she could also be a real Diva at times in every sense of the word.” Smiled Kelly as she watched Rihanna get out of the strap-on dildo and put it aside. Kelly dove in and promptly started eating Rihanna who promptly started moaning. Rihanna put her right hand on Kelly’s head to keep it in place. Kelly licked and sucked Rihanna’s pussy passionately and tried to imagine she was servicing Shakira. Within a couple minutes, Kelly brought Rihanna to a climax and lapped up Rihanna’s juices as best she could. After Rihanna finished climaxing, both girls stood up. Rihanna gently grabbed Kelly’s hand and guided her to the bathroom and into the shower all the time Kelly was looking at her sexy ass and legs.

When they got in the shower and she turned it on, Rihanna smirked at Kelly and asked, “Were you checking me out from behind?”

Kelly blushed a bit and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Thought so.” Smirked Rihanna as she wrapped her arms around Kelly’s waist, started making out with her and slowly pushed her against the shower wall. Kelly was content to let Rihanna take charge. While making out, Rihanna slid her right hand around, brought it to Kelly’s pussy and started to play with it before inserting several fingers making Kelly moan. As Rihanna fingered her, Kelly broke the kiss and looks into Rihanna’s eyes. Rihanna looked into Kelly’s eyes and smiled seeing Kelly’s passion and submission towards her. Rihanna slowly brought Kelly to several orgasms while in the shower, after which Rihanna brought her cum soaked fingers to Kelly’s mouth. Without a word, Kelly sucked Rihanna’s fingers clean. The rest of the shower went on without any more orgasms, but there was plenty of kissing between the two. They also felt each other up.

“Tonight was awesome Rihanna. I never realized you were so good sexually.” Said Kelly as the two stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.

“It was awesome for me too. You’re not too bad yourself. I look forward to continuing to tap and dominate that pussy of yours.” Smirked Rihanna.

“Damn you’re one confident bitch. But that’s one thing I like that about you. You will be the dominant one whenever we meet between the sheets.” Smiled Kelly.

“It’s good to know that you know who’s in charge in bed. I’ll have you screaming my name. You’ll be my lapdog too.” Smirked Rihanna as she turned to face Kelly, stuck her tongue out and wagged it a bit. “Well, I do have to get dressed and go.” Kelly nodded as the two picked up their clothes and got dressed. Before Rihanna left, Kelly gave Rihanna a peck on the lips and wished her good luck.

Over the next few days Rihanna checked in with Nicole and Shontelle as to how their training was going. She even spent some time with each of them and trained each one. She saw promise in each of the girls and patiently waited for the day of the fight, which was only a few days away. The fight is scheduled to take place at Staples Arena in Los Angeles to a packed arena.

Both Nicole and Shontelle arrive at Staples Arena and head to their locker to make final preparations for the fight. Rihanna visited both fighters and wished each of them good luck in the fight before heading to a balcony seat along with Kesha and Katy Perry. It wasn’t too much longer that the fighters were announced. The first one to be introduced was Shontelle. She came out to her most popular song ‘Impossible’. She was wearing jean shorts, a form fitting tank-top, ankle boots and had her hair in a ponytail. She got a fairly good response from the crowd. She waved to the crowd, shook several hands on the way and signed several autographs before entering the ring. She pointed and saluted at Rihanna before she began stretching in one of the corners and looked confident from the moment she showed up. Rihanna smiled and saluted back at her. Not many know that Shontelle was her Drill Sergeant in Barbados when Rihanna was a cadet in a military program before venturing off into her musical career.

Nicole was introduced next to the PCD song ‘Buttons’. She wore her outfit from the music video (i.e. bra, mini-skirt with the slit up her right thigh and calf high boots). She came out to the platform and extended her arms out. She smirked a bit when the crowd cheered for her. She strut down the aisle towards the ring with her arms out and high-fived her fans as she made her way to the ring. She got onto the apron and bent over as went through the second ropes wanting to give her fans a good look at her. She looked Shontelle over quickly before taking a quick walk around the ring waving to her fans. She then looked up to Rihanna, winked at her and blew a kiss to her. Shontelle was taken aback a bit by the look Nicole gave her but didn’t want to show it. Rihanna blew a kiss to Nicole in response.

The referee called the two fighters to the center of the ring and quickly explained the rules to them before calling for the bell. The two sexy celebs circled each other for a couple seconds before locking up with each other. Their muscles strain as they push against each other. Shontelle uses her five-inch height advantage to push Nicole back to the corner. As she gets Nicole into the corner, she keeps her left hand by Nicole’s throat pushing it back while taking her right hand to punch Nicole’s chest several times. Nicole grunts from the punches. As Shontelle goes for another punch, Nicole raises her knee up into Shontelle’s pussy. Shontelle yells in pain from the knee to her pussy, but keeps the hold on Nicole’s neck. The referee yells at Nicole about the low blow, but Nicole ignores the warning as she knees Shontelle’s pussy several more times. This time around, Shontelle releases her hold on Nicole and staggers back holding her pussy. Nicole steps forward and sends several right-left-right combos to Shontelle’s head before finishing with and uppercut. The series of punches sends Shontelle towards the center of the ring. The uppercut sent Shontelle to her ass. Before Shontelle could shake the cobwebs from her head, Nicole sends a kick to her jaw sending her to the mat sprawled out.

“I’m going to enjoy beating you bitch.” Scoffed Nicole as she walked around Shontelle. As Shontelle got to her hands and knees, Nicole kicked her in the stomach sending her flat on her stomach. Nicole stomps on and kicks Shontelle’s back making her grunt with each kick and stomp. After a dozen stomps and kicks, Nicole elbow drops Shontelle’s back and digs in her elbow for added effect. Nicole quickly straddles Shontelle’s back, plants her feet on the ground, intertwines her fingers around Shontelle’s chin and pulls back. Shontelle flails her arms as she groans in pain. After the five count, the referee comes over and has Nicole release her hold. Nicole nonchalantly releases her hold and stands up. Nicole wastes no time as she leans over, grabs Shontelle’s hair and pulls her up to her feet. She sends a flurry of punches to her head and chest sending her stagger back a couple steps. Nicole finished up with a sidekick to Shontelle’s stomach that sent her flying into the turnbuckles.

Nicole charges at Shontelle and slams her back into Shontelle a couple times increasing the pain that she already has and driving the wind out of her as well. After the body splashes, Nicole keeps her body pressed against Shontelle’s and hits her ribs with her elbows causing even more pain to Shontelle. After the referee finishes the five count and comes over to tell Nicole to let up, Nicole complies by stepping away from Shontelle and turning around. The few second break that she got because of the referee helped Shontelle gain a quick breather.

Ignoring her pain, she charges out at Nicole with a flurry of jabs and several kicks. Nicole is able to block or dodge most of them, but a few get through making Nicole grunt and stagger back a few steps. Shontelle then sends a haymaker, which Nicole is quickly able to duck underneath. Before Shontelle could bring her fist back, Nicole sends a right hook into her unprotected gut making her grunt in pain and hunch over. The crowd groans as they see the punch. Nicole then does a sideways split in front of Shontelle and follows up with a left hook to her stomach and another right hook. The punches take the wind out of Shontelle as she doubles over and holds her stomach. Nicole swings her left leg around and sweeps Shontelle’s legs out from under her. Shontelle’s arms go flying in the air as she falls back and hits the mat in a thud.

Nicole stands up and smirks confidently as she looks down at Shontelle. Nicole lifts her right leg up and leg drops her across Shontelle’s chest making her grunt and spasm. As Nicole gets to her knees to get up, she grabs Shontelle’s hair to bring her to her feet. Once Nicole gets herself to her feet, she peppers Shontelle’s head and chest with punches. Shontelle feebly tries to block the punches, but they are coming in too fast and most of them are connecting. Nicole adds in a few left and right kicks to Shontelle’s ribs to keep her on the defensive. With all her punches and kicks, Nicole forces Shontelle to the ropes. Nicole grabs one of Shontelle’s arms and sends her hurdling to the opposite ropes. Nicole runs back to the ropes that she started from and bounces off those and charges at Shontelle. As the two come closer to each other, Shontelle bends over hoping to catch Nicole and flip her over. Nicole though sees her bending over and sends a powerful front kick that connects with Shontelle’s head. The kick sends Shontelle staggering back a few steps, flailing her arms in the process.

Nicole follows up the front kick with several spinning roundhouse kicks to Shontelle’s head then hits her with a spinning sidekick to her chest. There was a loud smack with each hit. The sidekick sent Shontelle flying into the ropes and then bouncing back towards the awaiting Nicole who puts her into a bear hug when she gets to her. Nicole squeezes hard for several seconds before hoisting Shontelle up and around for a belly-to-belly suplex. Shontelle groans as she hits the mat and holds herself in pain. Nicole once again reaches down and pulls Shontelle up by the hair. She then hooks one arm between her legs and one around the shoulder and hoists her up across her chest. Nicole holds her up for a couple seconds before dropping down and slamming Shontelle’s back on her extended knee. Nicole presses down with her hands for a few seconds making Shontelle scream in pain before releasing her and letting her drop to the mat. Shontelle groans in pain and holds her back.

“Don’t worry Shontelle, it’s almost over.” Snickers Nicole at Shontelle just before she goes to the apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. She waits until Shontelle is on her back before launching herself at Shontelle who’s eyes widen seeing Nicole flying in mid-air. Nicole brings her legs together and extends them out as she gets close to Shontelle. Nicole’s legs slam into Shontelle’s stomach. Shontelle’s cheeks puff up and she nearly folds in two from the force of the kick.

“Damn she’s good.” Says Kesha as she leans and whispers into Rihanna’s ear.

Nicole has Shontelle once again on her feet. Shontelle is wobbly on her feet; her arms dangling at her side and has the look of a defeated women. Nicole sends a kick to Shontelle’s stomach causing her to double over. Nicole then shoves Shontelle’s head between her thighs and hooks her elbows. After a few seconds, Nicole drops to her knees for the pedigree. Shontelle’s head hits the mat in a thud. Her ass stays in the air for a couple seconds before falling to her side and then to her back. Nicole moves to Shontelle’s side when she falls to her back and hooks her legs as she goes for the cover. The referee comes over and slams his hand down three times, then calls for the bell to end the match. After both the referee and Nicole stand up, the referee raises Nicole’s hand up for the victory. The crowd cheers loudly for her, including Rihanna, Kesha and Katy. Nicole goes to each corner and goes up to the second turnbuckle to wave to her cheering fans. After a few minutes of taking in the adoration of her fans, Nicole heads to her locker room.

“Congratulations on your victory Nicole. It was quite the performance.” Said Rihanna as she entered Nicole’s locker room.

“Thank you.” Smiled a cocky Nicole as she turned around to see Rihanna, Kesha and Katy entering the locker room. She then asks, “Does this mean I’m part of the group?”

“It does. Congratulations on that part too. I’m going to call for a press conference in a couple days to make the announcement public to all.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll be there.” Responded Nicole.

“Good, see you then.” Smiled Rihanna. They all hugged Nicole. Before Nicole hugged Katy, she raised her eyebrow, smirked and looked her over.

“What was that look for?” asked Katy.

“Oh… nothing. I never got to see you so close. You’re very beautiful.” Said Nicole with a smirk.

“I want to bring John [Mayer] to the press conference to be with us.” Said Katy as she Rihanna and Kesha left the locker room.

“No you won’t. The press conference is about us. John will just be a distraction.” Said Rihanna sternly.

“But he’s my boyfriend Ri-Ri and I love him. I want him to share in our success.” Whined Katy.

“I know you love him, but you can’t bring him there. I’ve told you before about him, he’s a player and he’s just using you for your fame, looks and some sexy time.” Said Rihanna.

“But Ri-Ri, I…” said Katy as she stomped her foot, put her hands on her hips and pouted at Rihanna.

“But nothing Katie. He’s not coming and that’s final.” Said Rihanna as she stopped and pointed at Katy before turning to leave. Katy grit her teeth for a second before following after Rihanna.

A couple days later, the reporters filled the pressroom along with members of Gen Next, Shontelle, Shakira and Natalie Portman at the Staples Arena for the press conference Rihanna called. They all mingled together before Rihanna called the conference to order. She had all the members of the ‘Divas’ group and the allies come on stage.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming to this press conference. I have a major announcement to make that will change the league. When I started in the league, I was alone with maybe some friends to call on then I joined Gen Next and found a home there with them. They welcomed me in as a member of their group and more importantly as a friend and I can’t thank them enough for that. Now, I have the biggest announcement to make. We all know that the group known as ‘Divas’ has been inactive for some time now. After discussing this with the one time members of ‘Divas’, Gen Next a little bit and primarily with Kelly Clarkson about this, I’ve decided to reactivate the group.” The reporters started to murmur and whisper with each other about this comment. Rihanna continued, “I will head up the group with new members. The previous members of ‘Divas’ have decided to go their own way and because of that, I have reached out and found new members to fill the ranks. The new members, other than myself, will be Katy Perry, Kesha and the forth and final spot will go to Nicole Scherzinger. I was going to have Shontelle as part of the group, but since she lost to Nicole the other day, she didn’t make the cut. She will remain a good friend of mine and I hope she will remain on as an ally to the group.” Rihanna looked at Shontelle who nodded and smiled at Rihanna. “Finally, going forward, the groups ‘Diva’ and ‘Gen Next’ will be allies.” She looks at Kelly, “Want to say anything?”.

Kelly shrugs her shoulders and steps to the microphone: “I just want to say that I loved having Rihanna as a member of Gen Next. From the time she joined the group, she showed herself to be a good friend and teammate. It was fun while she was part of the group. I didn’t want her to go at first, but she convinced me that it was for the best. Our groups will be close allies going forward.” She turned to Rihanna and the two of them hugged.

Kelly and Rihanna took questions from the reporters, including several as to how they think this new alliance will change how others look at them. Rihanna stepped to the podium, “Well, with the ABA and the Fab Four and even the Resistance groups each having their leading members called Bosses or Generals or whatever they want to call them and each of them having leading other celebs, this is our way of standing out from them and telling them we will not be trivialized or pushed to the side.” The rest of the conference went fairly smoothly with both Rihanna and Kelly each answering questions for another half hour before they called an end to the press conference. They mingled with the reporters and their groups before leaving.

When she left the arena, Kelly left with Shakira to go stay with her at her penthouse suite. “How come you didn’t tell me about this new group arrangement sooner? I might have been able to help out with that.”

“Well, I didn’t want to keep bothering you with stuff. Besides, I’m the leader of Gen Next and you’ve also told me a few times over that I have to stand on my own two feet.” Said Kelly.

“That’s certainly true. You’ve certainly grown as a leader and I like that about you. I’d like to see this alliance that you and Rihanna created continue between the two groups.” Said Shakira.

“It will and grow, just like our love has grown from the time we first met in the league. I still adore you to this day and enjoy being your lover.” Said Kelly with a smirk.

“Thanks Kelly. You’ve been good friend to me all along and a wonderful lover and I love and appreciate that about you. I want to continue to be with you going forward.” Smiled Shakira as she rubbed her hand on Kelly’s thigh. After they got to the penthouse, the two got back into the groove by quickly stripping and making out. Shakira continued her role as the dominant lover of the two as she soon put on the strap-on and reamed Kelly to several orgasms before having her clean the dildo and then letting her eat her out until her own orgasm. After some more sex, the two settled into bed with Kelly cuddling up to Shakira for some sleep.