Gen Next vs Gen Prime

“We kept our end of the bargain. It’s time we had our match to see who’s the top dog between us.” said Kelly as she spoke on the phone to Janet.

“That you did and we are very grateful for what you guys did. How about we have our match in a couple of weeks, 8 pm? Your teams practice facility? I’ll let my girls know.” said Janet.

“That sounds perfect. I’ll let my girls know about the fight. We’ll see you then.” said Kelly as she hung up the phone.

“You handled that well.” said Keira with a smirk as she got out of bed, still naked from the night before and headed to the window of her room. “You know what you have to do with the rest of the team.” winked Keira as she looked back at Kelly before looking out the window.

“Of course I do Keira. I’ll do that right away. I’ll include you in my text to not look suspicious.” said Kelly with a smile. Her eyes lingered momentarily on Keira’s ass, the ass of the women she submitted to the previous night before she texted Carrie, Natalie and Keira telling them to meet her in a few hours at their practice facility in preparations for their upcoming match with Gen Prime. She then got up and walked up to Keira.

“Bring me my phone and then kneel beside me.” said Keira as she heard Kelly walking up to her. Kelly did as she was bid, grabbing Keira’s phone and knelt by Keira’s side handing her the phone. Keira replied to Kelly’s text saying that she’d be at the facility. It didn’t take Carrie and Natalie much longer to text Kelly confirming they will be at the facility. Keira turns around and smiles down at Kelly as she caressed her face, “Let’s get dressed, have some breakfast before heading over to the facility and you’re paying for breakfast.” Kelly smiled and kissed Keira’s hand before getting to her feet and went to her pile of clothes.

Both of them got dressed and headed to a local, out of the way diner for breakfast a few blocks from the hotel. Per Keira’s suggestion, Kelly paid for breakfast and gave a good tip for the waitress. They then got into Keira’s car and headed to the practice facility. After getting there, they changed into their workout clothes and only had to wait a little while before Carrie and Natalie showed up and changed into their workout clothes.

“Thanks for showing up on such short notice. I spoke with Janet earlier about our two groups facing off with each other and we all know what the deal is and the consequences are for the fight. The fight is scheduled in two weeks at this facility. Since Keira has the most experience in dealing with Gen Prime, she’ll take the lead in our training and in our fight with them. Got it?” said Kelly.

“I’d say she know how to deal with them. You should have seen her manipulate Christina after our fight in Cabo and lead in her dancing with Christina last night. If anyone can get in their heads, it’s her.” said Natalie.

“Great, let’s get started ladies.” said Keira. Over the next few hours Keira went over what she knows about Gen Prime, especially what she’s been able to gleam from Christina and started the training them. At times, it was more intense than others. After a few hours of training, Keira called it a day.

As they headed to the showers, Kelly grabbed Keira’s hand, “Thank you for doing this. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow from the training.”

“We all will be sore. You’ll be thanking me more after the match.” Smiled Keira as she pulled Kelly in for a kiss. “Let’s go shower. We could both use one.” Said Keira as she broke the kiss and turned to head to the shower. Kelly followed behind Keira to the shower. This wasn’t the first time she had seen her teammates naked, but it was the first time that she had felt excitement in seeing them naked. She was able to hide it by not looking at them while showering.

After they finished showering and went home, they took the next day to recover from the training. After their day off, they continued their training. Keira would have them face off in different match-ups that day and over the next couple weeks in a way to prepare them for the upcoming match. They each ended up pinning or submitting each other in their practice matches with the occasional KO.

While Gen Next was preparing for the match, so was Gen Prime was preparing for the match as well. Janet and Christina drew from their experiences with their fights with Keira and Kelly. Janet and Christina went through plenty of training and numerous practice matches to prepare themselves for the match. There was a sense of confidence amongst them in the wake of their freedom from ABA.

A couple weeks later, the time came for the match between the two groups. The Gen Next girls were there waiting, all dressed in various shorts and bra combinations and ankle boots. The Gen Prime girls arrived just before they were supposed to arrive for the fight. They were escorted to one of the locker rooms by Kelly for them to change in for the match. It didn’t take them long to change. They had jeans, tank-top and sneakers. “Be careful girls and remember your training.” said Janet.

“Don’t worry about it Janet, we’ll remember it and the rules and consequences of the match.” said Christina.

“I certainly hope so. Come on, let’s go.” said Janet as she headed to the door. The girls followed Janet to the ring, where the Gen Next girls were waiting and G-Man was in the ring to be the referee for the match.

“You girls ready to fight? I hope you don’t mind G-Man as the referee for the match.” said Kelly.

“We are ready and we don’t mind him being the ref. He is happy to be around us.” smiled Janet as she looked him over. The two teams got in the ring and shook hands, wishing each other luck in the match. They went to their corners only leaving Janet, Kelly and G-Man.

“I beat you before and I’ll beat you again.” smirked Kelly as the two of them circled each other.

“That was a while ago Kelly and I wasn’t in the right mind frame then.” Said Janet as the two of them locked up and pushed against each other. After a moment of struggling against each other and neither gaining an advantage, they released they backed off from each other. They tried punching and kicking each other, but each blocked most of the other’s hits.

Kelly got one of her kicks through to Janet’s stomach making her grunt and hunch over. Kelly sent a roundhouse kick to Janet’s chin making her spin around and fall to a knee. Kelly followed that up with a kick to Janet’s chin, but Janet was able to grab Kelly’s leg and pull it towards her upending Kelly making her fall to the mat. Janet quickly pounces as she straddles Kelly and starts punching her face rapidly with her right fist. After giving the five count, G-Man instructs Janet to relent. Janet complies as she gets off of Kelly and stands up.

Kelly was slightly dazed from the punches but gets to her knees before Janet sends a kick to her chin knocking her to her side. Janet goes for a stomp, but Kelly quickly rolls out of the way. Kelly goes for a sweep of Janet’s legs, but Janet jumped up in the air and sent a kick to Kelly’s back on the way down making her yell in pain. Janet sent another kick to Kelly’s back connecting before attempting again and whiffing as Kelly rolls away and gets to her knees. Janet sends a quick right front kick to Kelly’s chin only to have Kelly grab it and pull it towards her. As Janet came hurtling towards her, Janet sends a left punch to Kelly’s chin making her head snap to the side and grunt. Both their bodies collide and fall to the mat. Both girls groaned as they slowly made it to their knees. They each sent a handful of punches to each other. Every other punch gets through making the other grunt from the punches.

After the punches, Kelly lunges at Janet knocking her to the ground. The two start punching and kneeing each other as they roll around on the mat. After rolling around a few times before the end up by the ropes and both fall on their backs on the mat. They each take a moment to get to their knees and finally to their feet.

Kelly takes the initiative as she feigns a left punch which Janet goes for it. Kelly smiles seeing this as she pulls back the punch and sends a knee to Janet’s gut making her grunt and hunch over. Kelly grabs Janet’s arm and sends her hurdling to the other side of the ropes. Kelly soon follows behind her. As Janet approaches the ropes, Natalie comes over a bit raising her knee up making Janet yell in pain and drop to her knees. As Kelly gets close to Janet, she plants her foot and front kicks her in the chin. The kick makes Janet grunt, her head and body to snap back hitting the ropes bouncing off of them and fall back to the mat. G-Man wags his finger at Natalie to which she smirks and shrugs her shoulders. Kelly leans over, grabs Janet by the arm pulling her to the center of the ring and rolls her over to her back. She gets on her knees and covers Janet for a pin. G-Man comes in and pounds the mat three times to count out Janet. Kelly then rolls the half-conscious Janet over to Gen Prime’s corner before stepping back to see who comes at her next. Carmen helps Janet off of the apron and puts her onto a nearby bench.

Christina watches Kelly carefully as she makes her way through the ropes. The two briefly circled each other before Kelly moves in to lock up with Christina. However, Christina steps out of the way and sends a quick kick to her gut making Kelly grunt. Christina holds her leg up and kicks her gut again forcing Kelly to take a couple steps back.

The two circle each other again. Christina smirks as she presses her early advantage. She steps forward and sends a handful of punches to Kelly’s head followed by a kick to her ribs. A couple of the punches get through along with the kick to the ribs. Christina sends another kick to her ribs, but this time Kelly grabbed Christina’s leg and pulled Christina towards her and sending a right hook to Christina’s jaw. Christina grunted and head snapped as the punch connected with her jaw. Kelly punched her head several times making Christina grunt each time. As Kelly punched her face, Christina sends several hard punches to Kelly’s chest and gut. They each send several more punches to each other.

The hard, deep punches to Kelly’s gut and her battle with Janet took its toll on her as she let go of Christina’s leg and groaned from the punches. Christina smirks seeing the pained look in Kelly’s face. She sent several more deep gut punches into her gut, forcing her back a step with each punch. Kelly sends several hooks to Christina’s head and a knee to her gut. Christina blocked the punches and her knee. Christina steps in and peppers Kelly’s torso with several more punches before grabbing her arm and shoulder and sending her to the opposite ropes. Christina follows closely behind her and as Kelly bounces off the ropes, Christina jumps in the air, their bodies colliding and fall to the mat with Christina on top of her. Christina quickly straddles Kelly and starts to rapidly punch her face. After a handful of punches, G-man steps in to stop Christina from overdoing her attack on Kelly. Christina smirks at G-Man as he pulls back her arm. Christina stands up and looks back at Kelly who is groaning in pain on the mat.

Christina bends over, pulls her up to her feet by her hair and starts to lay into her with punches into her torso. Kelly meekly tries to block the punches and even return a few of her own but to no avail as Christina powered through Kelly’s block attempts and blocked Kelly’s punches. Christina sees an opening and sends a knee to Kelly’s side making her grunt, followed by a knee to her gut making her double over. Christina quickly followed that up with a knee to her head making her head snap and torso up. Christina sends a pair of quick kicks, one to Kelly’s knee to open and destabilize her stance and then one to her pussy. The pair of kicks drops Kelly to her knees.

Christina smirks seeing Kelly on her knees before her before spinning around and sending a kick to her jaw making Kelly grunt and spin a bit as she falls to the mat. Christina steps towards Kelly, bends over and turns a barely conscious Kelly to her back. Christina promptly puts her foot on Kelly’s chest as she poses over her. G-man does the three-count as Christina beats Kelly. Christina steps back and waits as Kelly slowly rolls out of the ring. Christina turns to the Gen-Next girls and holds out her arms with a smirk on her face, “Which of you is next to lay on the mat in defeat?”

Keira looks at Carrie and motions her head to the ring. Carrie looks back at Christina and enters the ring. Christina smiles seeing this and makes her way back to her team’s corner and tags in Carmen.

Carmen and Carrie circle each other. As they go to lock up with each other, Carmen grabs at Carrie’s arms and steps aside and sends a pair of kicks to Carrie’s unprotected gut. Before Carrie could do anything, Carmen, puts her foot behind one of Carrie’s calf and shoves Carrie, tripping her and making her fall to her back. Carmen goes for a stomp on Carrie’s stomach, but Carrie was able to roll out of the way.

Carmen cautiously approaches Carrie as Carrie gets to her feet. As she does that, Carmen sends a kick to Carrie’s chest. Carmen’s kick connects making Carrie grunt and fall back and hit ropes and bounce back towards Carmen. Carmen quickly sends a kick towards Carrie’s chin connecting with it. Carrie grunts as her head snaps back and she collapses to the mat. Carmen scoffs at Carrie before she bends over and pulls her to her feet and sends her hurdling to the other ropes. Carmen bounces off the ropes near her and comes at Carrie. As the two come at each other, Carmen extended her arm out to clothesline her. Surprisingly though, Carrie ducked underneath it and send a deep punch to her gut as she ran by making Carmen double over. Carrie continued on to the other ropes and quickly came back to Carmen and as she did, she leaped in the air and slammed Carmen’s head into the mat. Carrie takes the opportunity to swing her legs over and wraps them around Carmen’s neck.

“Shit!” Carmen grunted as her eyes bugged from being scissored. She kicked her legs and slapped at Carrie’s legs. Carmen slowly wiggled her body and kicked her legs trying to get them closer to Carrie’s head.

“Just give up and tap out, bitch. I can do this all night and I’ve got strong legs.” said Carrie through her gritted teeth as she slowly countered Carmen’s movements while keeping the scissor-hold. Carrie’s eyes bulged as Carmen bit down on Carrie’s inner thigh. Carrie yelled out in pain, “Ooooowwwww…You Bitch!” Carrie soon released her scissor hold and rolled away as Carmen continued to bite Carrie’s thigh. Both Carrie and Carmen slowly got to their feet. Carrie and Carmen each tagged out, Carried tagged in Natalie while Carmen tagged in Mya.

Mya and Natalie circled each other briefly before Natalie attempted to drop-kick Mya. Caught off guard by the move, Mya tried getting out of the way only to get partially hit by Natalie’s kick making her stagger back towards the corner. Natalie gets to her feet and charges after Mya to shove her into the corner, only to have Mya move out of the way and help ‘guides’ Natalie to the corner. Mya waits for Natalie to turn around before peppering her with a half dozen punches and a handful of knees to her gut making Natalie grunt with each hit.

Mya quickly bends over and sends several shoulders into Natalie’s stomach making Natalie grunt and lurches forward with each hit. After a couple shoulder hits to her stomach, Natalie sends several punches to Mya’s back nearly making her drop to her knees. Mya counters with several punches to her gut, only to have Natalie counter with several more punches and a knee to her head. The knee made Mya stand up and take a step back. The two start pounding on each other with one punch after another. Natalie finds an opening and sends a kick to Mya’s pussy making her scream in pain and double over in pain. Natalie followed up her kick with a knee to Mya’s head making her snap upright. Natalie quickly spins around and sends a kick to Mya’s chest sending her flying back and onto her back. Natalie smiles as Mya lays on her back groaning in pain. She wastes little time walking over to her and stomps her a half dozen times followed by an elbow drop to her chest. As Natalie stands back up, she brings Mya up with her and puts her in a head-lock. Natalie then drops back down for the DDT. Natalie shoves Mya onto her back and goes for the cover. As G-man goes for the third count, Mya kicks out breaking the count.

“Dammit.” said Natalie under her breath as she started to sit up. Natalie’s eyes opened wide as Mya reached up and grabbed and squeezed her throat. Mya brought both their heads together as she head-butted Natalie several times making her grunt and light-headed. As she still held onto Natalie’s throat with one hand, she brought her other hand down to her crotch and rolls her over for a pin. Natalie tried kicking out, but to no avail as Mya pinned tightly to the mat. G-man came in and counted her out.

After the pin, Mya release her hold on Natalie and got to her feet. As she got to her feet, she sees Keira sending a kick to her gut making her double over. Keira grabs Mya’s head and puts it between her legs. Keira then hoists her upright and drops to her knees for the pile-driver. After the pile-driver, Mya limply falls to the mat whereupon Keira rolls her over and covers her for the pin. G-man comes in and counts her out. Mya slowly makes it out of the ring soon after being pinned. As she makes it out of the ring, Natalie extends her a helping hand out of the ring.

“Which one of you victims is next?” taunted Keira as she opened her arms out. Carmen smirks as she steps out into the ring to face Keira. The two circle each other, each feigning to lock up with each other before backing out at the last second. Carmen ducks down and charges at Keira’s stomach; Keira grunts as Carmen’s shoulder connects and drives her back. Keira punches at Carmen’s back while Carmen continues to drive her back and punch her at her side. Carmen eventually pushes her up against the ropes. Keira uses the opportunity to send several knees to Carmen’s chest. The knees made Carmen grunt and step back and as she does, Keira brings a knee up to Carmen’s head snapping her upright. Keira presses her attack with several more punches to Carmen’s head and kicks to ribs. Carmen blocks a couple of the punches, but the rest get through as well as the kicks. Carmen counters with a few punches and a kick of her own. Keira blocks most of the punches and the kick. Carmen follows up with a jump kick to Keira’s head only to have Keira dodge the kick. As Carmen comes back down, Keira sends a kick to Carmen’s exposed stomach causing Carmen to double over from the kick. Keira grabs Carmen’s head shoving it between her legs. Keira then hooks her arms before executing the pedigree. She then rolls Carmen over and hooks her for the pin. G-man comes over for the count and counts Carmen out.

Keira stands up, confidently looks at Christina and motions for her to come into the ring. Christina gulps as she nervously enters the ring to face Keira allowing Carmen to exit the ring. As she gets close to the center of the ring, Keira says in a low voice so that only Christina can hear, “So, how would you like to lose?”

“I will leave that up to you Keira. There’s no way I’m beating both you and Carrie. Besides, we both know you’re in my mind.” said Christina as she kept her arms at her side.

“That’s certainly true.” Said Keira as she step towards Christina and slammed her belly with a punch making Christina groan and hunch over. “You could make somewhat of a show of it before losing.” whispered Keira into Christina’s ear. Keira removed her fist before sending several hooks to Christina’s face followed by a front kick to her gut sending her flying into the turnbuckles.

Christina looks out at Keira as she charges at her. Christina moves out of the way before Keira arrives making her hit the turnbuckles. Keira turns to face Christina who sends several punches and a knee towards her gut. Keira is able to block the punches but not the knee to her gut making her grunt and hunch over. Christina sends an uppercut to Keira’s chin snapping her head backwards making her light-headed. Christina moves in with a deep gut punch of her own. “How’s this for putting on a show?” whispers Christina with a twinge of sadism.

“Just remember, who’s the boss.” said a winded Keira. Christina smirked at her as she grabbed her arm and shoulder and sent her hurdling to turnbuckles on the other side of the ring, which happened to be Gen Next’s corner. Christina followed behind her. As Keira hit the turnbuckles, Christina connected with a body splash slamming her back into Keira. Christina slammed her body into Keira’s several more times before turning around and bending over. In that split second, Keira reaches over to Carrie to tag her in. Christina slams her shoulder into Keira’s stomach several times. As she does that, Carrie comes into the ring and sends a kick to Christina’s stomach as she came back to send a shoulder into Keira’s stomach. The kick caught Christina by surprise as her body jolted, takes a step back and drops to her knees.

Keira steps onto the apron holding her stomach in pain. Carrie sends a follow up kick to Christina’s head. Christina grunts as the kick connects and falls to the side. Carrie quickly moves over to Christina and sends her foot down to stomp on Christina. After a dozen stomps to Christina’s torso, Carrie stops as she leans over to bring Christina to her feet by her hair. As Carrie brings her up, Christina uppercuts her gut making Carrie’s cheeks puff up. Christina follows that up with another uppercut to her gut. After Christina pulls her fist back, Carrie drops to her knees holding her stomach and gasping for air. Christina goes to the ropes and comes charging back at Carrie and sending a sidekick to her chin. The kick sends Carrie to her back. Christina comes over and covers Carrie. G-man counts Carrie, but as he is about to get to the three count, Carrie is somehow able to kick out.

“Shit!” Christina mutters under breath as she pulls Carrie up to her feet. Christina sends several jabs to Carrie’s face, a knee to her ribs and a kick to her gut. Carrie grunts with each hit and the kick caused her to double over. Christina then shoves Carrie’s head between her legs and pedigrees her. Christina flips Carrie unto her back and covers her. This time, there was no kick-out from Carrie as G-man counted Carrie out.

Keira steps into the ring and locks her eyes with Christina’s. The two steps closer to each other and start to circle each other. “Just say the word Keira and I’ll lose to you.” said Christina softly.

“That’s good; because I’m ready to beat you. It’ll be quicker if you don’t fight back.” said Keira as she comes in and sends with several hooks to Christina’s head making her grunt and head snap with each punch. Keira continues with right-left-right combos to Christina’s head and chest forcing her back to the ropes. As Christina gets to the ropes, Keira grabs Christina’s throat with one hand and the ropes with the other. Keira then sends a half dozen knees to Christina’s stomach. After the knees to the stomach, Keira keeps her hold on Christina’s throat as she slowly guided Christina to the center of the ring. Then with the help of her other hand, Keira raises Christina up and choke slams her. Christina grunts as she hits the mat.

Christina looks up as Keira places her foot between her breasts. Christina didn’t bother to do anything, even though she could have. Keira smirks and flexes her arms as G-man comes over and counts Christina out. After her victory, Keira keeps her foot on Christina’s chest for a brief moment before taking it off and offering a hand to Christina to help her up. The girls from Gen Next and Gen Prime slowly made their way back into the ring.

“Looks like you guys won, Keira. Gen Prime could use you. We’ll follow your lead. You know Carmen and I certainly would.” Said Christina as she got up and faced Keira.

“I know you and Carmen would follow me. Gen Next is willing follow my leadership too as you saw tonight. Things would have to change with Gen Prime if I were to accept leadership.” said Keira.

“Whether you accept or not, please come by my place later tonight. Besides, we don’t have to hide our relationship anymore.” said Christina as she kissed Keira on the lips before the girls got close to them. The Gen Next girls hugged each other.

“You girls should enjoy your victory. Congrats on being the top dogs. I hope you girls are different than the ABA. I know at least you girls are at least a few steps more honorable than the ABA.” said Janet.

“It has been fun. You girls were helpful in beating the ABA, but it also gave an insight into you guys. Since we’re the top dogs, I think you guys should kneel and kiss our feet and/or asses. You don’t have to worship all of ours. Just the ones you want.” said Keira.

“Um… I get this is a power thing, but is that really necessary?” said Janet.

“Yes, it is necessary. It’s really just a post-match thing. I promise, we won’t make it a regular thing, unless you want it to.” said Keira.

“Fine, we’ll do what you ask this time. I know I won’t be making it a regular occurrence.” said Janet as she knelt before Kelly. The other girls followed suit as Christina knelt before Keira, Carmen knelt before Carrie and Mya before Natalie. The Gen Next girls bit their lips trying to hide their joy at seeing their opponents on their knees. Keira smirked seeing how they did as she suggested. They took their boots off and presented their feet to their opponents. The Gen Prime girls bowed their heads and kissed both their feet. Christina kissed each of Keira’s feet a few times and quickly licked them. The Gen Next girls soon turned around, unzipped their shorts and lowered them. Each of the Gen Prime girls leaned in and kissed the ass cheeks of their opponents.

“Satisfied?” said Janet a bit unhappy as she and the Gen Prime girls got up.

“Yes I am.” said Keira as she and the other Gen Next girls put their shorts and boots back on. “I say we all go shower up. We’ll see you around at some point.”

The teams quickly went to their respective locker room and started showering up. As they showered up, Keira leaned over to Kelly’s shower stall and said softly, “Hey Kelly, I’ve made my decision. You’ll step down in favor of me. You can do it now.”

“Hey Carrie… Natalie, listen up, I’ve got something to tell you girls.” said Kelly as she stepped out of her stall to face them. “After some thought and discussion with Keira, I will be stepping down as leader of Gen Next in favor of Keira. We’ve all witnessed her leadership skills, both recently and in the past and I know that she will be a good leader for the group.”

“Wait? What? You’re stepping down?!? For Keira?” said Carrie a bit surprised.

“Yes I am. I know it’s a bit of a surprise, but we wouldn’t have been able to beat the ABA or prepare for the Gen Prime fight without her. You saw how she handled things with both of those groups and how she got Gen Prime to cow to us after our victory over them. She’s smart, gutsy and has a take charge attitude.” said Kelly.

“I hope you girls won’t bow out of the group on my account of being its leader?” said Keira as she step out of her stall and stood next to Kelly.

“We’ll follow you Keira. It was just the sudden nature of the news that caught us off guard. We were hoping for more of a discussion or at least some notice.” said Carrie.

“I’m with you too Keira. Congrats to you… I guess.” said Natalie with a smile.

“Thanks for your support everyone. I promise to be a good leader.” said Keira with a smile. “Is there anything anyone would like to add?”

“I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning or not, but ever since Shakira and I have had sex, she’s brought forth the lesbian part of me. I’ve always liked you girls and have kept my feelings above board, but recently started having… feelings for each of you and had thoughts… even dreams of being with each of you in bed. If that’s too much for any of you to handle, I’m sorry.” said Kelly.

“Holy Crap!” said Carrie with her eyes widening. “You’ve wanted to have sex with each of us?”

“It was more like wanting you girls to fuck me…but yeah. It’s really a recent phenomenon.” said Kelly shyly.

“I wouldn’t mind fucking you Kelly. You’ll be screaming my name by the time I’m done with you.” said Keira as she slapped Kelly’s ass.

“Oh… I wouldn’t have thought that you were attracted to us or wanted us to fuck you Kelly.” said Natalie as she looked Kelly over, not completely sure what to make of the news. “I wouldn’t mind a little fun with you Kelly.”

“It’s a little tough for me to digest right now, but it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve come across. Maybe one day, I’ll fuck you.” said Carrie.

“Thank you for understanding girls.” smiled Kelly as she returned to her shower stall.

“Thank you for going through with stepping down and giving me your support. Although that sexual revelation you made was a tad unexpected.” said Keira as she stepped into Kelly’s stall.

“You’re welcome. I do keep my promises. There’s really nothing for me to hide, now that I’m not leader anymore.” said Kelly as she looked submissively towards Keira.

“No there isn’t anything for you to hide my pet.” smiled Keira as she stepped towards Kelly, embraced her and kissed her on the lips. “I will be meeting with Christina later today. Rihanna wants me relay a message to her and Gen Prime. Rihanna knew of my intentions to lead one of the groups and told me to propose an alliance of all three of our groups. The studios are looking to fight back against the ABA and The Fab for cutting into their profits with what they’ve been doing. Hopefully we can cut a deal with the studios. Wish me luck.” said Keira between kisses.

“Good luck Keira. I hope they will go along with Rihanna’s proposal.” said Kelly as she kissed Keira back.

“I’m sure they will.” Keira smirked as she slid her hand down and worked Kelly’s pussy slowly with a couple fingers. Keira saw out of the corner of her eyes that Carrie and Natalie were starting to look at the two of them. She looks at them and winks: “It’s ok, you girls can watch. We don’t mind.” Keira looked back at Kelly as she worked her pussy with increasing speed and heard her moans. As she worked Kelly’s pussy, Keira leaned in and started kissing Kelly’s neck. Carrie and Natalie slowly make their way over to Kelly’s stall.

Keira kissed and fingered Kelly for the next couple minutes until she brought her to an orgasm. Keira removed her fingers and watched as Kelly dropped to her knees. She then brought her fingers to Kelly’s mouth who in turn opened her mouth and cleaned her fingers. After having her fingers cleaned, Keira pointed to her feet. Kelly complied as she bowed her head and kissed her feet. After a few kisses to each feet, Keira turned around and patted her ass cheeks. Keira looked over her shoulder and smirked as Kelly leaned in and kissed both of Keira’s ass cheeks. Natalie and Carrie could hardly believe how sexually submissive Kelly was. As much as they liked and respected Kelly as a person, fellow teammate and leader, they have noticed Keira in recent weeks and months was the more dominant type, was a stronger leader and stronger willed. Kelly could tell that Carrie and Natalie have accepted her as leader. “I do have some business to attend to tonight ladies. You girls can have some fun with Kelly if you wish.” Said Keira as she grabbed a towel and started drying herself off. Carrie and Natalie offered their hands to Kelly to help her up. They then helped each other dry off and get dressed.


Later that night, Keira made her way over to Christina’s place where she had gathered the rest of Gen Prime as Keira requested.

“Thanks for coming over Keira.” Smile Christina as she opened the door and let Keira in to her place. Keira greeted everyone before sitting down, with Christina sitting down next to her and placing a hand on her thigh. Keira looked at Christina quizzically, to which Christina said with a smirk, “They know about us.”

“Let’s get to business shall we? Why did you want to meet with us, Keira?” asked Janet.

“Ahem… I wanted to meet with you ladies to pass along a proposal from Rihanna. Since she rebooted the DIVAS group, Gen next has been a close ally of theirs. Since you ladies aren’t under the thumb of the ABA, we all know you are vulnerable to them and anyone else that wants to take shots at you. Since what’s happening between the Studios, the ABA and the FAB bitches, she wants to extend her hand out and have an alliance between Divas and Gen Prime. Rihanna and the DIVAS will obviously be the lead group with Gen Next and Gen Prime under their umbrella.” said Keira.

“An alliance? Why is she sending you to do her work and not proposing this herself? How do we know you guys won’t treat us like the ABA has in the past.” asked Janet.

“That is what she wants. She’s also been busy with her music career and tour, so she asked me to do it. I can assure you that are not the ABA. We went out of our way to help you get under their thumb. It would be foolish and dumb of us to do that.” said Keira.

“Thank you for helping us with the ABA. You girls were a big help there. As for entering into an alliance with the DIVAS and Gen Next, I would have to ask the girls. Would you mind giving us a moment?” said Janet.

“Of course Janet.” smiled Keira as she stood up and walked into the next room. Keira tried her best to listen to what they were saying. It sounded like they were going back and forth on accepting the proposal. A few minutes later, Christina comes into the room and beckons her back with the others. “Well, what’s the verdict?” asked Keira.

“We’ve decided to take Rihanna up on her offer and be allies.” said Janet.

“That’s good news. I will relay it Rihanna.” smiled Keira.

“Christina mentioned the potential of you taking over as leader of Gen Prime. Something like that would be too much to ask and would have to say ‘No’ to that. I know she and Carmen are disappointed in that, but that is how it has to be.” said Janet.

“That works out fine with me. I wouldn’t be able to be head of Gen Prime anyway. Kelly Clarkson has stepped down as leader of Gen Next in favor of me.” said Keira.

“You’re head of Gen Next?” said a surprised Christina.

“Yeah, it happened soon after our match. I’ve grown into the role ever since I joined the group, so Kelly stepping down in my favor was more of a formality. Carrie and Natalie already see me and have accepted me as their leader.” smiled Keira.

“Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll be a good leader. I’m just sorry you didn’t come over with us.” Said Christina. “Thanks Christina, I do plan on being a good leader. There’s nothing to be sad about, our two groups will be seeing enough of each other and getting closer in the future.” Said Keira. “Anyway, I’ll leave you two…love-birds alone.” Said Janet as she stood up, quickly followed by everyone else in the room. Keira shook all their hands. Keira watched as Janet and Mya left the room. “She doesn’t like me much, does she?” asked Keira after they closed the door.

“She’s upset that we lost to you girls. She yelled at me for not putting up more of a fight against you before losing.” said Christina. “It’s understandable that she’s upset. You girls did put up a decent fight.” Said Keira.

“Thanks Keira, but I’m up for celebrating our new alliance.” said Carmen as she patted Keira’s ass cheek.

“I can only imagine the celebration you want.” said Keira as she raised an eyebrow to Carmen. “I may not be leader of Gen Prime, I’m in charge when it comes to our… fun. Strip naked and kneel before me.” said Keira forcefully, yet sensually as she faced the two of them.

“Yes ma’am.” said the two in unison.

“Such good girls you are.” Keira smiled seeing the two of them do as she commanded. Keira too started stripping naked before them. She proceeded to have them worship her body individually at first and then together. As the night wore on, they went from worshipping Keira’s body to making out with her or each other. Christina offered her the use of one of her strap-on dildos, which Keira gladly took and used on them. Keira let them use it on each other, but not on her as a symbol of her being in control. She let them use their tongues and fingers on her pussy to bring her to orgasm. By the end of the night, they were exhausted and happy from all the sex. As Carmen and Christina drifted off to sleep; Keira texted Rihanna that Gen Prime had accepted her offer for alliance and shared the news regarding Gen Next as well.

“That’s great news regarding Gen Prime. Good job on that front. Congrats on becoming leader of Gen Next. I’m sure the girls will follow you and I’m sure Kelly will too.” replied Rihanna.

“They’ve accepted me as their leader. I know Kelly will be a good teammate and follower.” replied Keira.

“Excellent! I knew I could trust you.” replied Rihanna.