ABA vs Gen Next et al

A week after Rihanna’s loss to Jennifer Lopez, the plans for the hit on the ABA had been finalized. G-man had reached out to current and former MMA fighters and got Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano to agree to help out. They have thoughts of trying to get into one of the celeb wrestling leagues (most notably the Stone Rage league) after their MMA careers are done. There’s been concern by the various leagues that they might be too dangerous for the leagues considering their fighting skills. Kelly, through G-man, promised to at least get matches for them to see if the league would let them in.

Their instructions were to take out or sideline the group’s enforcer and any other fighters that are with her before the main attack goes down. Kelly and Keira instructed them to reach out to the ABA about possibly joining their group. But they all knew this was a rouse to get some of their ‘guard dogs’ out of the way. They would ‘blame’ the attacks on anyone who meets with Gina, Miesha and Ronda on the Fab Four. They were able to find a way to spoof numbers from a couple of the Fab Four leadership and imitate their voices. The hope was that the ABA would take the bait and blame them so that when the attack does come, the ABA would be taken off guard.

Rihanna herself has Mariah Carey and Shania Twain to help out. It wasn’t hard to get them to help since Rihanna has them under her control via The Dark Wolf dildo. Kelly instructed Gina to contact one of the bosses at the ABA to set-up a meeting being that she has the least beef with the other two and could hopefully keep the two from fighting each other.

Jenny and the other bosses were excited to hear from them. They were looking to add some muscle in case any trouble had occurred from the various production companies with the new deals they were making. Just like Kelly and Keira had figured, they wanted to play it safe and set up a meeting by sending some of their girls out to meet with them. They had sent out Lisa Lipps, Minka and Buffy The Body. The meeting was setup for a couple days later at one the ABA practice facilities.

“Whatever happens, we stick to the plan. Got it?” said Gina as the three of them got to the entrance of the facility.

“Got it.” Said Ronda and Miesha in unison as they entered the facility.

“It’s good to see you girls came as planned.” said Lisa as she and the other girls stood up and headed towards them. “We just have a few questions for you to make sure you ladies aren’t putting us on.”

“Sure thing, we understand. You’re Lisa, right? Gina, Miesha, Ronda.” said Gina.

“We know who you girls are, we’ve watched enough TV. We know you girls have been trying to get in the league. But they seem to think that you’re too dangerous to let in.” said Lisa.

“We already know that. That’s why we’re here meeting with you girls. Jenny told us that you guys have a way for us to get in. Some sort of loophole.” said Miesha.

“There is a way. We have been working secretly until recently on funding via our own pay-per-view fights among other things. With that, we will run the league like we’ve planned for so long. There are groups out there that will try to stop us. Hopefully, you girls will be at our side as all this goes down.” said Lisa.

“Totally, we would love to help. Here’s the thing though, the Fab sent us to take you guys out. They want a bigger share of the money and influence in the league. They don’t trust you guys to keep your end of the bargain.” said Gina with a smirk as Miesha and Ronda flanked out. All three girls take their jackets off and toss them to the ground.

“Excuse me?” said a surprised Lisa.

“You heard me. They want the ABA’s share of the money and influence. Considering their history with you guys and the league itself, you can understand why they’d want your group’s share.” said Gina.

“You can tell the Fab bitches they can go fuck themselves.” snarled Lisa.

“We’d rather fuck you guys over.” Smiled Gina as she Ronda and Miesha got into fighting stances.

“I think you’re mistaken. We’ll be the one doing the fucking.” Smirked Lisa as she, Minka and Buffie each got into fighting stances. Lisa stood off against Gina, Minka faced off against Ronda and Buffie against Miesha.

The three sets of women circled each other and sized each other up. Lisa, Minka and Buffy didn’t waste time as they lunged forward taking the MMA girls a bit off guard driving them back with a few punches and knees. The first couple combo attacks connected before the MMA girls blocked the next round of attacks. It didn’t take long though for Gina, Miesha and Ronda before they started using their MMA experience and counter-strike. They countered with several right-left-right combos of their own along with a front kick to the stomach.

The counter punches and kicks connected with the girls, but Buffie was able to block to kick to her stomach. Buffie countered with a right hook and a knee to Miesha who was able to block them. Ronda and Miesha kept up their counter-attacks forcing Lisa and Minka back. Gina and Buffie got into a slug fest. They each sent kicks and knees towards each other.

It didn’t take long for Gina’s MMA training to kick in by her sending a kick in between Buffie’s legs making her scream in pain and hunch over. Gina followed that up with a pair of knees to her ribs, a right-left-right combo to her head and a spinning roundhouse kick to her head sending her to her back unconscious. Ronda and Miesha weren’t too far behind in knocking their opponents unconscious. The women smirked as they looked down at their unconscious opponents as they posed over them.

“Good job girls. Now, all we have to do is make a video and send the video to their bosses.” Said Gina as she grabbed her phone and they each took photos and video of each other posing over the defeated foes. “You see how easy it was for us to beat your teammates. We finally found a team we can work with.”

After she finished taking the photos and videos, Gina opened the app that spoofed numbers and used Tia Carrere’s number as the sender’s number and sent the photos to the ABA leadership. She sent a short message with the attachments: ‘Sign over any royalties and other income to us from your deals or we’ll take more of you ABA bitches out.’ Once she sent the message out, Gina looked at the other girls, “Now that the message is out, let’s lock these girls up in a secure spot and head out.”

After receiving the pictures and videos of their teammates out cold at the feet of Gina, Ronda and Miesha… Demi and Jenny called a meeting of the ABA brass. They even invited the Gen Prime girls as they thought they might need a few extra hands in a possible fight. They made a few calls to their own teams for additional workouts and pep-talk after their meeting.

“Are these girls insane?” asked a pissed off Jenny in the meeting room of their gym.

“I don’t know if it was them. It doesn’t make any sense. Why have hired guns attack our girls and not their own?” asked Lucy.

“It’s called plausible deniability. They can deny they sent these girls in to attack you girls even though they said they did.” said Janet Jackson.

“I don’t know about that. They are a bunch of goodie two-shoe girls and wouldn’t stoop to this level.” said Demi.

“They just might for the right price. You guys and the Fab girls have been battling it out on and off for years. Both you guys have moved into new territory with these money making deals, I wouldn’t put it past them to do it. I would do something like this if I were them.” Christina chimes in.

The debate went on for a while longer between the ABA and Gen Prime. Meanwhile on the outside of the gym, Kelly and Keira were making sure everyone was in place and ready for the attack. They would each lead a group into the ABA’s practice facility as there were several entrances.

“Your team ready to go?” asked Kelly.

“We’re ready, are you guys ready?” asked Keira.

“We are. Time to move on in.” said Kelly.

It was at this point that the two teams moved in. Kelly took the half the team, consisting of Gen Next (minus Keira), Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Mariah Carey and Shania Twain and led them through the main entrance. Keira took the remaining team consisting of the Divas, Shakira, Shontelle, Gina, Miesha and Ronda. G-man had his contacts disable the security protocols for entering the building as well as the cameras through-out the building being on loop making it easier for the girls come in undetected. Kelly took a couple deep breaths as she and the girls moved into the practice area.

The ABA members were in the middle of their practicing when Kelly and the girls came charging in. There was a look of shock in them as they didn’t expect to be attacked. Amber Rose, Chiaki Kuriyama and Pink were the first to meet the charge. After the initial shock of being attacked and barely any time to put their defenses. They faced Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood and Mila Kunis.

They put a spirited defense despite being surprised and worn out from training hard all day. The rest of the ABA girls went after Kelly and the rest of the intruders. The first wave of attacks turned into a Royal Rumble in the ABA practice facility. The battle raged on for a moment and so far, all was going according to plan as the ABA girls had their backs to the other entrance. Just as Kelly and her team were being forced back, Keira comes into the practice arena with the remaining girls to surround the ABA girls. Over the next few minutes of fighting, the girls in the Gen Next Alliance started knocking out the ABA fighters one at a time until they were all unconscious.

“The leadership’s not here. They must be up in the meeting room. It’s time to go have a little talk with them.” said Keira with smirk on her face. “Thanks for your help girls. We’ll see you later at our after party?” said Keira to the MMA girls.

“Sure, we’ll see you there. It’s been fun kicking ass.” said Gina.

The crew then followed Keira up to the meeting room. It didn’t take long for them to get to the meeting room.

“We have to do some… Hey! Excuse me! What are you doing in here? How did you get by all the fighters?” said a confused an angry Demi.

“I wouldn’t worry about your fighters Demi. We took them all out before we came up here. We have things to discuss.” said Kelly.

“You girls took our fighters out? The cameras show them trai… you hacked into our system and looped the cameras didn’t you?” said Demi a little ominously as she looked around the room.

“Yeah, we did. The cameras will be back on momentarily so you can see your girls.” smiled Kelly as she looked at the monitors as they came back to the live feed showing the unconscious ABA girls. “Now for what we want, we want you to release Gen Prime from being your lackies.”

“So this is what this whole charade was about? They put you up to this and what do you get in return? Your own set of lackies?” scoffed Jenny.

“No, their fate will be decided later, but at least they will be deciding their own fate.” said Keira.

“We’ve had an arrangement with them for years, that’s not something that we can just end.” said Demi.

“We want out Demi. We’re been increasingly unhappy with the ‘arrangement’ we’ve made with you guys.” said Janet.

“Excuse me? You guys are unhappy? You can’t be serious? We’ve had problems, but nothing on the level you’re talking about?” said Demi.

“You guys have treated us like crap and never saw us as equals. We had to do something.” said Christina.

“Your ‘understanding’ with them will end. It must end… now. You’ve seen what they’re capable of doing… what we’re capable of doing. I’d say you don’t have much of a choice. You’re sorely outnumbered and your girls won’t be up for a while to help you out of your troubles.” said Keira.

“Fine… they’re free of us. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.” said Demi as she leaned back in her chair and thinned her eyes as she looked at Keira, Kelly and the other girls standing there.

“Demi, you can’t seriously think of giving in to them like that.” said a surprised Lucy.

“We don’t have much of a choice do we, Lucy? They’re proved they’re nothing more than sneaky, little traitors tonight. Besides, we’re better off without them.” said Demi to Lucy before looking at the alliance: “Good luck with your ‘friends’, ladies. They will eventually turn on you like they did with us.” She leaned her head on her hand and started rubbing her throbbing vein in her head. She and the other ABA bosses did not look happy at all about what transpired.

The Gen Prime girls smirked as they stood up from the table and made their way out. They softly muttered ‘Thank You’ to Kelly, Keira and the other girls on the way out. The moment the last of the girls walked out the room and closed the door, the meeting room erupted into an argument between the ABA bosses.

Later that night, after everyone had washed up and gotten dressed, Gen Next, the DIVAs and the rest went to a night club to celebrate their victory over the ABA and Gen Prime’s freedom. Kelly had reserved one of the function rooms in the club for all the girls. They all showed up and everyone was having drinks and enjoying themselves.

“Hey everyone, before we have too much fun tonight, I just want to thank everyone for helping out in taking down the ABA and freeing Gen Prime from their clutches. If we can do something like this tonight, we can do more. Now, let’s go have some fun.” said Kelly. The music started playing, the drinks started flowing that night and everyone started dancing.

“Are you up for dancing with me? We don’t have much to hide anymore.” said Christina as she approached Keira.

“I’d love to dance with you.” Smile Keira as she held her hand out. Christina took her hand, went to the dance floor and started dancing. Not long after that, the other celebs started coming to the dance floor. Natalie and Mila pair up with each other. Kelly danced with Shakira, but as they danced with each other, they each eyed Rihanna, who was dancing with her team, while trying not to get caught by the other.

As Kelly went for a bathroom break, she happened to pass by Rihanna on the way. “You’ve got some nice dance moves there Kelly. I could give you some private dance lessons later.” said Rihanna as she blocked Kelly’s way.

“I’d love to have you as my personal dance teacher Rihanna. I still owe you big time for helping me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got to go.” said Kelly pointing to the bathroom.

“Of course, I’ll see you around sweetie.” said Rihanna as she turned to the side to let Kelly by, slapping her ass on the way by. Kelly smirked and winked at her as she walked by. As Kelly was in the bathroom, Rihanna approached Shakira while at the bar and gently placed her hand on her ass, “Hey sweetie, this round is on me.”

“Thanks sweetie, you look amazing tonight.” said Shakira as she leaned in and kissed Rihanna. “Will you stay with me tonight? I’m sure we can find some excuse to leave without Kelly finding out about us.”

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem.” smiled Rihanna as she got her drink and winked at Shakira.

As Kelly walked out of the bathroom, she heard moaning coming from the coat room: “mmmm… that’s right… right there…mmmm… that feels good…mmmmm.” The drinks and her curiosity got the better of her as she made her way to the coat room. Her eyes widened to see Miesha with her dress hiked up above her waist, her legs open and a half naked and disheveled Ronda between her legs eating her out. “Hey Kelly, unless you want some, can we get some privacy?” smiled Miesha in between moans a moment later after noticing Kelly. Kelly was torn between leaving and wanting to kneel between Miesha’s legs and possibly Ronda’s.

“I’ve got to get back to the party.” Said a distracted Kelly. Miesha winked and blew her a kiss as Kelly turned and headed to the party.

“Are you ok? You seem a little distracted.” asked Keira as Kelly got to the bar.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just saw Ronda eating out Miesha in the coat room and from the looks of it, it wasn’t the first time.” said Kelly.

“I thought they didn’t like each other.” said a confused Keira.

“That’s what I thought too. Maybe their public feud had been a ruse all this time just to throw everyone off their trail.” said Kelly as she threw back another drink. She then looked at Keira, smiled and slid her hand towards Keira, “I want to properly thank you for your help and leadership throughout these past few months. Is there any way that I can thank you?”

“I do have something in mind. You did shoot me down when I hit on you soon after joining Gen Next. Do you want to go through with this?” Smiled Keira as she put her hand on Kelly’s.

“Yeah, let’s do this. I was a little harsh back then and my mind was on other things.” smiled Kelly as she took Keira’s hand and kissed it making Keira smirk. Kelly texted Shakira “I’m going home for the night. I could use the rest. Enjoy the rest of the night sweetie.”

“Ok honey. I’ll see you later on.” texted Shakira. As she sent her text, Shakira sat next to Rihanna at the bar and put her hand on her thigh: “Kelly just left for the night, so now we don’t have to worry about making a lie for us to leave together.”

“That’s good news. We can have some fun then.” Smiled Rihanna as she leaned in and kissed Shakira.

As Shakira and Rihanna enjoyed their time at the club with more drinking, dancing and making out, Keira drove Kelly to the hotel. They had some chit-chat on the way to the hotel, but nothing serious. Once inside the hotel, they made their way to the elevator where they promptly started making out. The elevator got to the floor sooner than they expected and they got out and went to the room with Keira leading the way. When they got to the room and Keira closed the door, she smirked at Kelly: “You mentioned you liked my leadership skills earlier, what say I take the lead tonight?”

“Fine by me.” Smiled Kelly.

“Works for me. Strip and get on the bed.” smirked Keira as she started stripping. Kelly nodded and smiled as stripped as Keira suggested. She then got on the bed and watched a naked Keira walk to her bureau and pull out a 10” strap-on dildo. She strutted to the bed and smirked as she crawled up and hovered over Kelly’s body as she hooked her legs, “I’m going to enjoy this.” Keira promptly inserted the dildo into Kelly’s already wet pussy. Kelly moaned and wrapped her legs around Keira’s waist as Keira pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy with increasing speed. Keira intertwined her fingers with Kelly’s as she kissed Kelly’s lips. Keira broke the kiss after a brief passionate kiss. She smirks seeing Kelly’s breasts jiggle from the force of her thrusts and hearing her moans as well, “That’s right Kelly, take it. We both know you’ve wanted me to fuck you for a while.”

“Mmmmm…yesss…please fuck me…please make me cum. I’m getting close.” moaned Kelly as her body arched from the fucking.

“I knew it. You can cum at any time.” smirked Keira as she fucked Kelly harder. Kelly moaned faster and shallower from the fucking and it didn’t take longer to make to make her cum, her body shaking as she did. Keira inserted the dildo in her a few more times before taking it out, “Flip over and get on all fours.” Kelly moaned as Keira took the dildo out and quickly flipped over and got on all fours. Keira smiled seeing Kelly do this as she grabbed her hips and reinserted the dildo into her pussy. Being already excited from just cumming, Kelly moaned loud again. Keira slapped and grabbed Kelly’s ass as she fucked Kelly hard and fast. Being near climax from already, it took Keira less than a minute to make Kelly climax again. Keira fucked for a little more before taking the dildo out of her pussy. She got a glimpse of Kelly’s asshole and got a big smirk on her face. “Let’s see if you’ll take this.” Said Keira as she placed the tip of the dildo on Kelly’s asshole and started pressing it in her.

“Keira? W..what.. are you..” muttered Kelly as she looked back at Keira.

“Ssshhh…I’m in charge, remember?” said Keira. Kelly bit her lower lip and nodded as Keira started to fuck her anally. “You naughty girl, who knew you liked anal?” smirked Keira as she drove the dildo all the way in and started fucking her. Keira slapped Kelly’s ass and pull her hair as she fucked her anally. Keira fucked her slow and hard up the ass, her smile growing bigger as she heard Kelly’s moans. She took her time fucking Kelly up the ass making sure her next climax was a big one. Her fucking slowly brought Kelly closer and closer to a climax. Within the next couple minutes, Keira brought Kelly to another climax. “That feel good for you, Kelly?” asked Keira as she took the dildo out of Kelly’s shaking body.

“Yes, that felt awesome.” said Kelly as she fell to her side and rolled to her back. “Can I clean the dildo, please?”

“It’s got your juices and ass all over it, but if that’s what you want, come and clean it off.” said Keira as sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. Kelly made her way to her knees before Keira and started sucking the dildo. “You are one nasty girl.” smirks Keira as she watches Kelly suck on and clean the dildo. Once Kelly finished cleaning the dildo, she looked up at Keira. “Since you’re on your knees before me, help me take the dildo off and eat me.” Kelly nodded as Keira stood up and helped take the dildo off. Keira sat back down, opened her legs again and watched as Kelly leaned in and started eating her already wet pussy. Keira placed her head on Kelly’s head to keep it in place. Kelly used her experience from eating out Shakira and Rihanna to help please Keira. “You certainly know how to eat pussy, Kelly.” moaned Keira. Kelly continued eating Keira for the next couple of minutes until Keira climaxed sending her juices all over her face. Keira moaned some more as Kelly lapped up the juices.

“You are good with the dildo and your pussy tastes awesome. I’m just wondering if I can worship your feet and ass.” said Kelly a bit nervously as she gulped.

“Are you serious? It’s one thing for me to make you do those and another for you to ask to do those. Besides, it’s a sign of submission on your part to ask to do those. If I agree to let you do either or both of those, I can’t in good conscience see you as my leader or take orders from you seeing that you’ve willingly submitted to me.” said Keira a tad condescendingly.

“I am serious about my request Keira. I haven’t been the best leader, but I have been trying. I’ve had a slight crush on you, hard as it may seem, combined with your looks, strong personality, smarts and good leadership skills… plus a few drinks, I couldn’t help but want to submit to you.” said Kelly.

“So you are serious about it.” Smirked Keira as she crossed her legs. “Very well, I accept your submission to me. I don’t know if I want you to step down as head of Gen Next in favor of me leading it or maybe I’ll head up another group… perhaps Gen Prime. I do have a couple of fangirls in the group that might help me take over. We still have that match with them to decide one last thing with them. I’ll decide after that match what my path will be. Now get to worshipping my feet and my ass.” said Keira.

“Of course Keira, I will support whatever decision you make. If you want to be leader of Gen Next, I will gladly step down as leader in your favor.” said Kelly as she bowed her head, took her foot in her hands and started kissing and licking her foot. Keira smirked knowing she has power over Kelly and can make her do whatever she wants. She watched as Kelly kissed and licked her feet and even sucked each of her toes. After sucking her toes, Kelly licked and kissed her sole. After Kelly finished worshipping her foot and Keira was satisfied with it, she re-crossed her legs showing her other foot. Kelly repeats the process of kissing and licking Keira’s foot and sucking on her toes. Both girls were enjoying the foot worshipping. It took a few moments for Kelly to finish Keira’s foot. After finishing worshipping her other foot, Kelly looks up at Keira, “I have to admit, you have nice feet and toes and I enjoyed worshipping them.”

“Thank you Kelly. Now time to kiss my ass.” Said Keira who uncrossed her legs, stood up and turned around.

“You do have a sexy ass Keira. Thank you for accepting my submission and letting me do all this.” Said Kelly as she leaned in and placed numerous kisses on each of Keira’s ass cheeks and even a few licks as well.

“Thank you for telling me how you feel about me. I do like you too and had respect for you. I wouldn’t say I lost respect for you tonight with your complete submission to me tonight and the manner of it, but I can understand it. What respect I lost in one regard has been gained in another aspect with you telling me the truth of how you feel towards me and that takes courage to admit.” said Keira as she laid down in the bed. “Come up and sleep with me knowing that you’re effectively my bitch and you love it.”

“Thank you for your honesty Keira.” smiled Kelly as she got up in bed next to Keira and cuddled up to her. “If I submitted to you back when you first hit on me, I’m guessing you would be leader of Gen Next now and not me.”

“You’re probably right about that. I wouldn’t have had the fangirls in Gen Prime at that point. I would have had them eventually anyway.” said Keira. “Speaking of Gen Prime, when we do face them, I’ll obviously be taking the lead in the preparations and in the fight.”

“Of course Keira, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll certainly follow your lead too. You’re dealings with Gen Prime will be invaluable. I’ll let the girls know about you taking the lead for the fight.” said Kelly as she kissed Keira.

“That’s a good girl. You’re certainly learning your place quickly. Perhaps I should have pushed harder when we first met and I would already be in charge. No need to dwell on that.” Smirked Keira as she kissed and slid her hand down to Kelly’s still wet pussy and started playing with it. The two spent the rest of the night making out in bed and feeling each other up before heading off to sleep.

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