“Alright ladies, just sign here and here and your steel-cage match is good to go.” Said Marina Sirtis as she placed the contract before Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga pointing to the lines where the needed to point. Christina took the contract and signed one line and handed it over to Lady Gaga who signed it as well. Gaga then handed the contract back to Marina and both singers shook Marina’s hand. They then turned and shook each other’s hands and looked at each other wearily as they did. “I’ll set things up and will see the two of you in New York in a couple weeks. Good luck to the both of you.”

“You’re the one that’s going to need luck Christina. You’ve got a spotty winning record.” taunted Gaga as the two exited Marina’s office.

“Oh please, you’ve got a worst record than me Gaga. You’ve only won one match and you recently lost your second match to Carrie in memorable fashion. I especially liked the peep show at the end.” said Christina.

Gaga turned, shoved Christina and pointed at her. “That ‘peep show’ was for Carrie’s eyes. What you jerk-off to is your business.” snarled Gaga.

“Don’t get your panties up in a bunch Gaga. I tried giving you a back-handed compliment, but apparently you didn’t like that. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed seeing you naked.” responded a defensive Christina.

Gaga raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms, “You’ve got an odd way of complimenting people Christina. I’ll be giving you my own ‘compliment’ in the ring next week.” She then snorted her nose shook her head and walked off.

As she watched Lady Gaga walk off, Christina muttered “Bitch” under her breath.

The next couple weeks were a mix of training, interviews and public appearances for the two stars as they prepared for their upcoming fight. The night before the fight, the two stars went to separate clubs, each of which was happy to have them. They got on stage and performed several of their songs. The club managers comp’d all their food and drinks for the night, which was more than made up by the other patrons that were jam packed in their establishments.

At one point in the night, Christina felt someone’s hand grab hers and leave a note. When she turned to see who it was, she couldn’t make anyone out clearly. She opened the note and read it: “Meet me upstairs in five minutes in the Champagne Room.” She gulped a bit nervously at the cryptic note and wondered if she should go or not. When the time came, Christina nervously went up to the Champagne Room.

She cautiously and slowly opened the door and stepped inside. As soon as she was inside, she heard a low voice. “Please keep the lights dim Christina.”

“Who’s there?” asked a nervous Christina as she looked at and stepped closer to the person cross-legged in the middle of the room. The voice sounded familiar to Christina. When she got closer to the person, she sighed and she smirked a bit, but her eyes showed a bit of pleasant surprise and slight frustration, “KEIRA?!?… You son of a… you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry about the cloak and dagger tonight. I didn’t want the ABA’s spies to see us together tonight.” said Keira as she looked up at Christina.

“What do you want? I can’t be gone for too long; they’ll be looking for me.” asked Christina.

“We’ll be watching your match with Lady Gaga tomorrow. I’m sure your girls in Gen Next and even the ABA will be happy if you beat the newest member of The Resistance.” said Keira. She then reached into a pocket and pulled out a small vile filled with liquid. “You can use this if you need to tomorrow. It’s water with a little bit of salt and lemon. It’ll sting her eyes for a moment. Use it wisely.”

Christina took the vile, checked it out and put it in her own pocket. She smiled at Keira, “Thank you.”

She turned to leave when Keira grabbed her wrist. She turned back to Keira who uncrossed her legs and stood up to face her locking on to her eyes in the process. With her free hand, Keira grabs the back of Christina’s neck pulling her towards her and planting a kiss on her lips. This takes Christina by surprise. Her eyes widen and she starts to slap and push at Keira’s side with her own free hand as she tries to free herself from Keira’s grasp. She can tell from the smell of her breath and skin that Keira’s had several drinks. Christina’s resistance starts fading as Keira continues to kiss her and as her own excitement grows. Within a short time, the hand she was using to slap Keira’s side with was now being wrapped behind Keira’s back to pull her closer. Noticing Christina’s acquiescence to the kissing, Keira releases the wrist she was holding as well as the grasp she had on the neck and wraps both her arms around Christina’s neck. After nearly a minute of making out, Keira breaks the kiss and looks into Christina’s eyes, “I think I found one of your weaknesses. If I’m not mistaken, I think you’re falling in love with me, aren’t you?”

“I do like you Keira, but it’s not quite what you make it seem to be.” said Christina meekly but defiantly.

“I think it is; especially what I made you do, what I did to you and how you gave into me tonight when I kissed you. You enjoyed every bit of it.” smirked Keira.

Christina stammered for a few seconds before stopping and gathering herself. She smirked at Keira in a near mocking look, “You’ve found me out Keira. I have a huge crush on you and it all started in Cabo.”

“Don’t mock me.” bristled Keira. “You know what I’m saying is true, I can see it in your eyes.” Christina gulped and squinted her eyes as she looked at Keira. Christina knew deep down that Keira was right.

“I’m going to tell you something I haven’t told anyone else. Whenever I was with the brunette that was in my video ‘Not Myself Tonight’, I imagined it was you.” said Christina nervously as her lips quivered. It wasn’t really true, but it sure sounded good and sounded like something that Christina would do.

“I knew it.” said Keira confidently as her lips curled upwards a bit cruelly. “You’re mine.” Christina bowed her head slightly.

“When you beat me in Cabo and later made me eat you out, I was going through a rough spot in my personal life. I allowed myself to be manipulated by you, which for some reason I actually enjoyed.” said Christina. “You’ve been inside my head and a few of my dreams ever since.”

“You’re in love with me aren’t you?” asked Keira as she used her pointer finger to prop up Christina’s head so she could look in her eyes. Christina gave a slight nod to the question. “I promise I won’t tell anyone, at least until all this ABA business is all done with.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that.” smiled Christina. “I should get going before anyone gets suspicious.”

“Of course, I’m sure you don’t want to keep your fans waiting. I have just one question for you before you go back. Who’s your daddy?” smirked Keira.

“You are Keira.” replied Christina as she cracked a smile. She then turned and headed out swaying her hips and ass along the way. Christina spent the rest of the night partying and singing. Keira watched from afar and enjoyed the show.

Lady Gaga was also enjoying her time at the club she was at singing for and dancing with her ‘little monsters’. She also had her new teammates from ‘The Resistance’. Both stars partied until the early hours of the morning.

The following night the press conference was packed for the fight. Both girls arrived separately to the arena with their fellow teammates for support.

Gaga was called out to the ring first. As she was about to leave for the ring, Cameron Diaz calls out to her, “Go out there and kick her ass Lady Gaga.”

“I plan on it. I’ll put a hurting on her she won’t soon forget.” replied Lady Gaga as she looked back at Cameron. She then headed out to the ring. She was introduced to the song ‘Born This Way’. Before she entered the walkway to the ring, Gaga laid down on a sofa had four muscle bound men carry her out to the ring. Gaga was wearing a roman tunic that stopped mid-thigh and had one shoulder strap. She also had a pair of sandals. The crowd cheered her entrance. When she got to the ring, the men lowered the sofa onto the ground allowing Gaga to enter the ring. She struts around the ring waving to her fans.

A moment later, Christina was introduced herself to the crowd. She came in with the song ‘Not Myself Tonight’ and was wearing the leather outfit from the video. She waved and blew kisses to them as well. She played to the crowd a little bit before entering the ring. After one of the ring attendants locked the two sexy singers in the ring, the two of them looked each other up and down.

The referee called both ladies to the center of the ring and explained the few rules for the match. It is an anything goes match and the only ways to win is to either pin your opponent or be the first to set both feet outside the ring. There were several weapons and other random items lay around the ring both inside and outside. The ref then called for the bell and stepped back to watch them fight.

The two singers circled each other as the bell sounded. Christina was the first to make a move as she moves raising her right arm up for a test of strength with Lady Gaga. Gaga looks her over quickly with an inquisitive look before shrugging her shoulders and raising her left hand to meet Christina’s right. Both stars bring their other hand up and intertwine them. As Christina starts to push forward, Gaga takes a step back with her left planting it on the mat and quickly shooting her right foot up into Christina’s exposed stomach. Christina’s cheeks puff up from the kick and she is hunched over as well. Christina tries to pull her hands away, but Gaga holds onto them and sends several more kicks making Christina grunt with each kick. Gaga punctuates her initial attack with a knee to Christina’s forehead. Lady Gaga releases Christina’s hands just as she jumps in the air. As she leaps in the air, Gaga swings her right foot out and right into Christina’s cheek. Christina grunts as she spins around and falls to the ground. She groans as she holds her stomach with one hand and her cheek with the other.

Lady Gaga smirks a bit as she turns and heads to the corner. She picks up a whip and unfolds it while she turns to face Christina. Lady Gaga rears her arm back and cracks the whip at Christina’s torso connecting with her back as she tries to get up. Christina arches her back and cries out in pain. Lady Gaga sends the edge of the whip out several more time making Christina cry out in pain with each contact of the whip. Lady Gaga tried to whip Christina one more time by whipping at Christina’s ankle as she plants her right foot down. This time, Christina reached out with her hand towards the whip and watched as the edge of the whip wrapped around her wrist. She quickly grabbed the whip with both hands and pulled as hard as she could making Lady Gaga staggered toward her. As Lady Gaga got closer, Christina double punches her in the gut. Lady Gaga doubles over holding her stomach and lets out a puff of air. Christina spins around sweeping her left leg out and taking Lady Gaga’s out from under her. As Lady Gaga falls to the ground, Christina yanks the whip handle from Lady Gaga’s hand. She then stands up and unravels the whip from her wrist as she grabs the handle.

Christina takes a couple steps back and cracks the whip towards Lady Gaga and gets a scream from her lips. She tried again, but missed as Lady Gaga rolled away and was able to get to her feet.

Lady Gaga quickly made her way towards the corner to grab the aluminum trash-can top. Christina tried to head her off by running towards the same corner. Lady Gaga gets there first and grabs the top first. Christina puts Lady Gaga in a side bear-hug and tries to shake the trash-can top free. Each groaned as they struggled against each other. Lady Gaga stomps her foot on Christina’s foot causing her to groan and loosen her hold. Lady Gaga then elbows Christina’s stomach several times making Christina groan, puff her cheeks and step away from her. Without any hesitation Lady Gaga slams the trash-can top into Christina’s face four times forcing Christina back with each hit. The sound of the aluminum hitting Christina’s head reverberates throughout the ring and by the fourth hit Christina had become dizzy, lightheaded and had now dropped the whip to the ground.

Lady Gaga slams the trash-can top Christina’s stomach with the edge of it several times causing Christina to groan and double over holding her stomach. Lady Gaga then slams the top into the back of Christina’s head hard dropping Christina to her knees hunched over. “Little girl on her knees.” taunts Lady Gaga as she looks at Christina on her knees.

Lady Gaga drops the trash-can top, picks up the whip and steps behind her. Lady Gaga wraps the edge around her hand as she leans over, wraps the whip around Christina’s neck and pulls back. Christina’s eyes widen and her arms flail as she gasps for air. Lady Gaga places her right knee into Christina’s back to increase the pressure on the neck. Christina grabs at the whip around her neck trying to free herself from the hold. Lady Gaga continues to keep the hold on Christina’s neck and even wraps the whip around several times to tighten the hold on the neck. Christina’s eyes bulge from the lack of air. After a little time, Lady Gaga releases her whip and pushes Christina down to the mat with her knee. Lady Gaga chuckles as she sees Christina slowly remove the whip and gaps for air. Christina looks up at her and spits out at her, “You’re one crazy-ass bitch”.

“You haven’t seen crazy.” Said Lady Gaga with a cruel smirk as she took a few steps stood between Christina’s legs. Lady Gaga reached down, grabbed Christina’s legs and spread them wide as she brought them up. Christina saw a twinkle in Lady Gaga’s eyes as she slammed her sandal covered foot onto her womanhood a handful of times. Christina arched her back and screamed with each stomp. Lady Gaga then slides her feet underneath Christina’s ass and grasps her shins. Lady Gaga then rolls back onto her ass and Irish-whips Christina into the ropes. The momentum of the Irish-Whip causes Christina to leap over the top rope and hit the steel-cage. Christina staggers back and falls to the ground in a fetal position holding her head and crotch.

Lady Gaga plays to the crowd for a moment before walking past Christina to head to the steel-cage door for her victory. As she walks past her, Christina grabs her right ankle with both hands and pulls as hard as she can causing Lady Gaga to fall flat on her face.

Lady Gaga shakes her head as she slowly gets to her feet and turns to face Christina, “Not as finished as I thought.” Lady Gaga reaches down and pulls Christina up by the hair to her feet. Lady Gaga then reared her fist back to pummel Christina’s face, but as she did that Christina sprayed the liquid concoction onto Lady Gaga’s face that Keira gave the night before. Most of the liquid went around the eyes temporarily blinding Lady Gaga and causing her to take a step back and start wiping her eyes.

Lady Gaga yells at Christina, “What the hell did you do to me you skanky ass bitch?” Lady Gaga sends a few misguided punches in front of her in the hopes of finding Christina, but only finds air. Christina sends the tip of her leather boot between Lady Gaga’s legs hard several times causing Lady Gaga to double over in pain. Christina then does a short hop in the air and drops an elbow on the back of Lady Gaga’s neck dropping her to her knees.

Ignoring the pain she’s in, Christina runs towards the ropes to bounce off them and jumps in the air as she comes toward Lady Gaga and lands on her back. The force of the jump forces Lady Gaga to fall flat onto her stomach and groan in pain. Christina doesn’t have the stability to stay on Lady Gaga’s back for long as she staggers off of her.

Christina smirks as she sees the whip, grabs it and heads back to Lady Gaga wrapping the whip around her wrists as she does. Christina places her knee on Lady Gaga’s back and wraps the whip around Lady Gaga’s neck and pulls back. The tables have turned now with Lady Gaga gasping for air, her eyes bulging out and initially flailing her arms out before grabbing onto the whip trying to loosen the grip. Christina wraps the whip and tightens it around Lady Gaga’s neck and taunts her, “Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Christina doesn’t wait for a response as she grabs both ends of the whip with one hand and grabs Lady Gaga’s hair with her other hand and slams Lady Gaga’s head into the mat below a half dozen times before releasing both the whip and the hair. Lady Gaga gasps for air as she writhes in pain on the mat.

Christina stands up and takes a quick look around the ring and smiles as she sees the empty aluminum trash can. Christina walks over to the trash can, picks it up and puts it by the ropes across from Lady Gaga. Christina walks over to Lady Gaga and stomps on her a few times causing her to grunt and spasm with each stomp. Christina doesn’t waste time as she rolls Lady Gaga onto her back and grabs both her legs, lifts them up. She smiles down at Lady Gaga as she stomps her boot heel on Lady Gaga’s crotch making her scream with each stomp. After a half dozen stomps she places her feet under Lady Gaga’s ass. Christina then rolls back onto her ass and Irish whips Lady Gaga across the ring. Lady Gaga hurdles across the ring and falls onto the trash can flattening it and taking out what breath she had left. Lady Gaga groans in pain as she lay on the flattened trash can.

Christina gets back to her feet and takes a look at Lady Gaga and a cruel smirk comes across her lips. She walks over to Lady Gaga and strips her of her tunic and sandals with minimal resistance.

After she strips Lady Gaga naked, Christina heads to the door of the steel-cage. Lady Gaga groans as she tries to get to will herself up as she reaches out and grab Christina’s leg, but she’s too weak and too far away. Lady Gaga was helpless as she watched Christina open the door and walk out. The second that Christina stepped outside the ring, she turns around and smirks as the bell rings to signal her victory.

Christina then turns and heads to her locker room to meet the rest of Gen Prime who was there to congratulate her. Lady Gaga slowly gets to her feet after a couple of minutes of recuperating on the mat. She heads to ‘The Resistance’ locker room. She sees Cameron turn to face her as she walked in.

“I’m sorry for losing the match Cameron. I should’ve been more careful with Christina.” said Lady Gaga.

“That’s ok Gaga. You couldn’t have foreseen that she had some stuff to spit in your face. You did give her a beating though.” said Cameron as she placed her hand on Lady Gaga’s shoulder.

“Thanks Cameron. I do want to make you proud of me.” said Lady Gaga.

“I’m sure you will. I have faith in you. Let’s discuss it tonight over a few drinks with the girls.” replied Cameron.


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