Christina Aguilera vs Shakira

Songbird Title Match

With the upcoming Songbird title fight between Christina and Shakira, both fighters trained hard. Christina was going to fight as hard as she could to keep her title. She also knew that Shakira won’t be any easy fighter to beat. She had faced and even beaten tough opponents before. She had beaten Britney Spears for the War Queen title, came to a draw against Beyonce and knocked out Pamela Anderson in a Tampa hotel room. She’s had more than her share of losses as well in the league. She would have to dig deep down in her vast experience and take all the training Janet is giving her in order to beat Shakira.

Shakira’s beaten champs beaten Alicia Silverstone for the bootylicious title, defended it against the bootylicious initial title-holder Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Britney before losing it to Britney in a rematch. Shakira too has had her own struggles in the league, losing to Jessica Simpson and Faith Hill.

“You’ve got to stay focused Christina. Shakira’s the type of fighter that can capitalize on a mistake. You’ve got to do the same with her.” instructs Janet as they went through some practice moves.

“I know Janet. I’ll make her sing after this match is done.” smirked Christina.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.” chided Janet.

“Sorry.” said Christina as she returned to seriousness. “It’ll be a huge boost to my morale and the group’s as well if I can beat Shakira.”

“Any word from Shania on getting the Diva’s back together?” asked Janet.

“Not yet. I’ll have call her and follow up with her about that.” said Christina.

“You’d better. We could use their help to out maneuver Gen Next and the ABA.” said Janet.

“That’s for damn sure.” Agreed Christina. The two continued training for the match for a little while longer before hanging out with Mya and Carmen at Janet’s place. They had a few drinks and talked strategy.

While Christina was training with Janet, Shakira was training with Kelly Clarkson and Keira Knightley. They were using the knowledge and experience of Kelly’s and Keira’s matches with her. They know that Christina will be motivated now that she’s now the songbird champion. The two helped Shakira train hard for the match. Since Kelly was out of the hospital and had some minor discomfort, Shakira would be in the ring tussling with Keira and Kelly watching. As they train together on one of their sessions they started talking about the ‘Divas’ group.

“What were you thinking of doing with the ‘Divas’ group?” asked Shakira.

“I was thinking of possibly using Rihanna and Katy Perry as the new girls for the group. Katy told us that she got fairly close to Shania before the title match.” said Kelly.

“I get Katy, but why Rihanna?” asked Shakira.

“She’s buddies with Katy. We can claim that Rihanna was getting full of herself, like a Diva would, after getting the War Queen belt. That way we’ll be covered.” said Kelly.

“That sounds good. Do we have guarantees that Mariah or Shania want the group back together? Shania mentioned getting the ‘Divas’ together. Will she do it without Mariah though? Besides, how will you get them and Gen Prime to sign off on it.” asked Shakira.

“That I don’t know. I know Mariah and Shania can be Diva-ish. I was thinking I could use that The Dark Wolf dildo on them or even have Rihanna use it on them. Since she’d be in the group and potentially be in charge, she would need it to control them.” Said Kelly.

“Starting to believe in the The Dark Wolf are you?” asked Keira tauntingly.

“Not really, but I’d like to see it in action.” smiled Kelly.

“Ok, after we’re done today, start making the arrangements.” said Shakira.

The training continued for a little while longer after that. After the training was done and showered, the three went clubbing. Both Shakira and Kelly made out and danced while they were there much to the enjoyment of the club patrons. Other patrons hung out with Keira, bought her drinks and kissed her ass, mostly figuratively which she enjoyed. The three of them hammed up the experience. At the end of the night Kelly and Shakira went back to Shakira’s place.


The night for the match and both girls were making final preparations for the match. They each had support in their locker room. Christina had Janet, Mya and Carmen in her room. Shakira had Kelly, Keira, Nelly Furtado and Natalie Portman in her room. After all the training, each star was confident in victory. Shakira was the first one to be introduced as she was the challenger. She was introduced to her song ‘She Wolf’ and she was wearing the swimsuit and boots from the music video. She came in to a loud ovation from the fans. She shook the hands of the fans along the way. She finally entered the ring and quickly went to a corner and squatted waiting for Christina.

It didn’t take much more time before Christina was introduced. The music ‘Not Myself Tonight’ blared in the background. There was a huge cheer for Christina, but she didn’t appear on the ramp. There was murmuring in the crowd when they didn’t see her on the ramp. All of a sudden, Christina pops out of the crowd near Shakira’s corner, rushes her, lunges in and grabs one of Shakira’s legs before Shakira can react. Christina yanks hard on Shakira’s leg making her flop to the mat and pulls her towards the corner post. Christina slams Shakira’s knee into the post several times making Shakira yell in pain. After Christina does that, she releases Shakira’s leg and rolls into the ring. She is wearing the leather outfit from her video.

Christina quickly gets to her feet and stomped on Shakira’s head a few times making her grunt and a bit woozy. After the stomps, Christina bends over and brings Shakira to her feet by her hair. She pushes Shakira into the corner and sends several punches to her torso connecting with each one. Christina then takes one of Shakira’s arms and sends her to the opposite turnbuckle. Christina quickly follows her. As Shakira gets closer to the turnbuckles, she jumps to create space between herself and Christina and grabs the top ropes. As she does that, Christina runs underneath her and hits the turnbuckles with Shakira falling to her feet right behind her. Christina turns around only to find a fist coming at her jaw making her head snap to the side. Shakira sends a few more punches to her head and chest with only the punch to her head connecting. Christina is somehow able to block the punches to her chest. Christina sends several of her own punches to Shakira’s head and chest, some of which Shakira is able to block. Christina sends a knee to Shakira’s stomach connecting making her grunt and forcing her back a step.

Christina follows up with a side-kick to Shakira’s chest only to have that blocked. Christina continues on with several more kicks each of which were blocked by Shakira. Each kick though forced Shakira back a step. Shakira sends a kick of her own at Christina’s pussy. Christina yelps in pain and double over as the kick connects. Shakira brings her knee up slamming it into Christina’s head making it snap upwards and for Christina to stagger back a couple steps. Shakira follows the knee with a punch to Christina’s head. Christina is somehow able to dodge the punch. Christina quickly sends a hard kick to Shakira’s pussy as Shakira tries to pull back her punch. Shakira yelps as the kick connects and doubles over holding her pussy. Christina follows that up with a bicycle to Shakira’s upper back making her grunt and flop to the mat.

Christina follows that up with a knee to Shakira’s lower back and drives it in making her yell in pain. Christina quickly straddles Shakira’s back and pulls on Shakira’s hair making her yell in pain and flail her arms and legs. Christina slams Shakira’s head down onto the mat a handful of times making her grunt with each hit.

Christina soon gets to her feet and sends a kick to Shakira’s back before going to the ropes. As Christina gets closer, she guillotine leg drops Shakira making her spasm. Christina once again gets to her feet and smiles seeing Shakira on the mat face down. She goes to the outside of the ring and heads up to the third turnbuckle. Christina steadies herself and waits for Shakira to turn around before jumping at her trying a cross-body frog splash. Just as Christina gets close, Shakira brings her knees up. Shakira sees Christina’s shocked expression as Christina’s stomach lands right on top of her knees. Shakira shoves Christina off of her and onto the mat.

Both stars hold themselves in pain as they slowly get to their knees and to their feet. Christina gets to her feet before Shakira and charges at her. Shakira sees her coming out of the corner of her eye. She is able to do a drop toe hold on Christina just as she gets close. Shakira grabs Christina’s ankle and uses it to bend her leg in half. After Shakira bends Christina’s leg in half, she puts one of her shins on the ankle to keep her leg bent in half. She leans forward and grabs Christina’s chin pulling it back hard. Christina groans loudly as Shakira does this to her. She brings her hands up and starts clawing at Shakira’s hands, wrists and forearms. She scratches and claws enough to make Shakira release her chin grip. Shakira still has Christina’s leg bent in half. As she releases Christina’s chin, she sends several punches to Christina’s back making her groan.

Christina starts to squirm on the mat to get free from being trapped under Shakira. She doesn’t get far as Shakira grabs Christina’s waist and digs in her nails like talons making Christina scream. She continues to put pressure on Christina’s leg as she squeezes and digs into Christina’s waist. She continues the assault for half a minute before releasing Christina’s waist. She quickly takes one of her hands, grabs onto Christina’s mane and slams it into the mat several times making her grunt with each hit. After that attack Shakira gets up off of Christina and watches as she holds onto her knee in pain.

“Paybacks a bit of a bitch, isn’t it?” snickers Shakira. She moves in and brings Christina up to her feet by her hair and right after she does, sends a knee into her gut making her hunch over. Shakira is still holding onto her hair as she hunches over and as Christina hunches over, knees her in the forehead releasing Christina’s hair as she does making her head snap up and to stagger back a couple steps. She reaches out and grabs one of Christina’s arms pulling her towards her. Christina resists as much as she could but Shakira uses her superior strength to pull Christina toward her and then wrap her arms around her chest applying a bear-hug.

Once Shakira applies the bear-hug, Christina starts to head-butt Shakira making her grunt and head snap with each hit. Shakira counters though with several low blows making Christina yell in pain. The referee moves in to stop Shakira’s attack, but the intended effect has already been done as Christina stops head-butting her. Before letting go of Christina, Shakira head-butts her several times.

Christina staggers back a couple steps holding her head and feeling woozy and sore from Shakira’s attacks. Shakira too holds her own head as she feels the effects of the head-butts but quickly shakes it off. Before Christina could do anything, Shakira kicks her in the stomach making her double over. Shakira quickly hooks Christina’s elbows before doing the ‘pedigree’ on her. Christina grunts as her head hits the mat, then snaps up and then her body flops to the mat. Shakira flips Christina to her back and straddles her stomach. She sends one combo left-right hook punches after another to Christina’s chin snapping her head from side to side. As she does that, she also lifts her ass up slightly and slams it into Christina’s stomach making her grunt and her cheeks to puff up. Christina was too woozy from the ‘pedigree’ to fight back as she gets pummeled from the double attack. Shakira could tell that Christina’s strength is quickly waning with each punch and butt slam.

“You want me to finish you off?” asked Shakira tauntingly. Christina only groans in response. “I think you do want me to finish you off. I know the best way to do it and that’s to smother you out under my ass.” continued Shakira.

Shakira stands up and strips naked much to the enjoyment of her fans. Shakira then straddles Christina’s chest with her ass towards her face. Shakira pats her cheeks just before she starts swaying her ass on her way down to planting it on Christina’s face. Christina flailed her arms and kicked her legs to show everyone she was putting up resistance to Shakira to the end…but that’s all it was…just for show. She had been too beaten to put up much resistance or have the strength left to push Shakira off of her.

Within a couple of minutes, Christina’s ‘resistance’ faded away as her arms and legs eventually flopped to the mat. The referee then came over to pick up Christina’s arm and release it. He picked it up three times and let it drop to the mat three times. As the referee let it go for the third time, Shakira showed everyone a huge smile and flexed her biceps for all to see. The referee called for the bell and the belt giving it to Shakira. She takes the belt as she stands up, putting on her shoulder. She then poses over Christina and smiles for her fans as they take pictures. She soon heads back to the locker room where the girls are there waiting for her to congratulate her on the victory. The girls hugged Shakira on her victory over her Christina.

“Congratulations on your victory Shakira.” said Kelly as she hugged and kissed Shakira as she was the last one to congratulate her.

“Thanks hon. Do you want to challenge me for the title Kelly?” taunted Shakira as she stroked the belt.

“That’s ok. I don’t want to diminish your accomplishment.” replied Kelly.

“Are you sure about that? The winner could make the loser *ahem* sing at the end of the match.” smirked Shakira adding the incentive.

“We already make each other… sing on a regular basis.” Blushed Kelly.


A couple days after Shakira’s victory over Christina, Shania was hanging out with Katy Perry at a restaurant in the LA outskirts.

“I’m kind of happy that Christina lost her title to Shakira. I just wish I had beaten her in my match to get the title back.” said Shania.

“It does suck that you lost. I wish I could have done something to help you win.” replied Katy.

“Thanks Katy. I could use a little pick me up. I haven’t been laid in a while.” said Shania.

“I know just the person that can help. It’s my friend Rihanna. She’s a good fuck and we banged each other during my bachelorette party.” Replied Katy with a smile as she put her hands on Shania’s.

“Rihanna?!? Why would I want to fuck someone from Gen Next?” asked an inquisitive Shania.

“Our friendship goes back before Rihanna got into Gen Next. She did the party and agreed to be my maid of honor as a favor to me and didn’t ask permission from Kelly. You can trust her.” said Katy.

“I don’t know. I guess I could do it.” said Shania.

“That’s awesome. Once we get you laid, we can go pay a visit to Mariah about the Divas group and then tell Christina your decision.” continued Katy.

“Well…I think Mariah has been stalling me on that. She said she needs more time to think about it.” sighed Shania.

“I’m sure we can convince her one way or another.” said a confident Katy.

“I hope so.” Smiled Shania. The two talked for a little while longer at the restaurant before heading out. After they left, Katy placed a call to Rihanna to have her come by and fuck Shania. The next evening Rihanna comes over to Shania’s place carrying the case with The Dark Wolf inside.

“Please come in.” said Shania as she opened the door and invited Rihanna into her house. Rihanna smiled as she walked in and looked over Shania who was wearing just a silk night gown. Shania showed her to the living room. “I’d like to have a few drinks before we go ahead with why you’re here.”

“That’s fine by me. I’ll have some wine.” Replied Rihanna as she sat down and crossed her legs. Shania poured several glasses of wine giving one to Rihanna. Over the next hour they talked about their friendship with Katy and the ‘Divas’ group. As they talked, Shania was getting excited by the idea of getting fucked by Rihanna, but did her best to cover that up and not show it to her. Instead of revealing how she felt, she brought out her ‘Diva’ attitude and tried her best to assert her will with Rihanna. Even though she was caught off guard at first, Rihanna quickly surmised that Shania’s ‘Diva’ actions were a ruse to see if she’d submit to her. She used tactics that she’d learned from Keira on how to turn the tables on Shania and to her success, she brought the tactics to her favorability. In the meantime, The Dark Wolf was humming more and more.

“That the dildo?” asked Shania as she looked at the briefcase.

“Yes it is. You ready?” asked Rihanna. Shania nodded as she bit her lip. Both finished their own glass of wine before placing it on the table and getting up. Rihanna grabbed the briefcase and followed Shania to the bedroom. Shania went straight to the bed and turned toward Rihanna. She bit her lower lip as she slipped the night gown off of her shoulders and revealing her sexy body. Rihanna smiled seeing Shania’s naked body and stripped naked herself. She opened the briefcase and strapped on the dildo.

“That’s one big dildo.” remarked Shania.

“It certainly is”, grinned Rihanna as she approached Shania grabs her cheeks and starts making out with her. Shania wraps her right around Rihanna’s torso and Rihanna slides her hands down Shania’s torso wrapping them around her back while they are making out. Rihanna lifts Shania up and plops her ass down on the bed. Shania scoots back, lies on her back and spreads her legs. Rihanna climbs up to the bed like a predator, hooks Shania’s legs and leans forward.

Just as she is about to insert the dildo into Shania’s pussy, Rihanna smirks, “I’m gonna make you my bitch now.” As she said that, she reams the dildo into Shania’s pussy making her gasp at the insertion. Rihanna’s hips swayed back and forth as she fucked Shania making her moan and making the dildo grow and making it hum louder while inside Shania. As she fucks Shania, Rihanna reaches down and starts playing with Shania’s breasts.

The two look into each other’s eyes as well. The more Rihanna fucks Shania, the more control she has over her. Within the next couple of minutes, she brings Shania to an orgasm. Shania’s juices flow all over The Dark Wolf. Once Shania climaxes, Rihanna takes the dildo out of Shania’s pussy, drops Shania’s legs to the bed and straddles her stomach and scooches up to her chest. She smears the juices on Shania’s lips without so much as any resistance from Shania.

Rihanna then sits up a bit, takes the dildo off and places it on the bed. After she takes the dildo off, Rihanna scooches up and plants her pussy on Shania’s face. She looks down into her eyes and commands, “Eat me out until I climax.” Shania complies and starts to eat out Rihanna’s pussy. Shania’s head swayed from side to side and back and forth as she licked and sucked on Rihanna’s already wet and excited pussy. In just over a minute, Rihanna herself climaxed sending her juices all over Shania’s face and pillow and as ordered by Rihanna a moment earlier, Shania stops eating Rihanna’s pussy.

Rihanna quickly grabs The Dark Wolf, gets off the bed and puts it into the briefcase. She looks at Shania, “Come kneel before me.” Shania gets off the bed and kneels before Rihanna. “You will arrange a meeting with Mariah, you and I in the next couple days. When we meet with her, you will help me convince her to let me fuck her like I fucked you tonight. Do you understand me?” said Rihanna.

“I understand Rihanna.” says Shania.

“Good, when Katy asks, tell her how much you enjoyed my fucking you tonight. Kiss my ass cheeks for acknowledgement.” said Rihanna as she turns around. Shania leans in and kisses each of Rihanna’s ass cheeks. Rihanna smiles as Shania kisses her ass. She then puts her clothes back on, takes the briefcase and starts to head out the door. She stops at the door and looks back at Shania, “Clean up all the cum, get a good night’s sleep and get to work on the meeting with Mariah first thing in the morning.” She then heads off back to her place.

Shania does as Rihanna tells her and heads off to bed. The following morning, she calls up Mariah. After some pleading with Mariah, she finally gets her to agree to meet with Rihanna the next night. She called Rihanna and told her that they will meet at here place the following evening. Rihanna complimented her on her work and reiterated her order to Shania in helping convince Mariah to have sex with her before hanging up.

Rihanna excitedly awaited her meeting with Mariah. The following evening, she went back to Shania’s place at the arranged time along with the briefcase carrying The Dark Wolf. When she arrived, both Mariah and Shania were there waiting for her. They all sat down in the living room with Mariah and Rihanna sitting next to each other on one of the couches.

“What did you want to see me about?” asked Mariah cutting to the chase.

“I was thinking of possibly joining the ‘Divas’ group. The three of us, maybe even throw Katy Perry into the mix, would make an awesome team.” said Rihanna.

“Well, it sounds great and all that you want to restart the group and to join up. It’s been such long time that I’ve worked with Shania. We’ve each gone our own ways since the group broke up years ago. Besides, ever since Whitney died recently, I just think I would better serve her memory by going my own way.” said Mariah.

“Your own way? I was hoping to team up with you two and learn from the two of you as well. What am I to do now?” said Rihanna trying to play on Mariah’s heart strings.

Mariah puts her hand on Rihanna’s thigh, “You’ve still got Shania to learn from… that is if she still wants to be in the group.”BR>
“Well, since Mariah came out against coming back to the group, there’s no reason for me signing up either.” said Shania.

“Oh geez… not you too.” replied Rihanna as she rolled her eyes. They each apologized to Rihanna. “So much for having sex with you Mariah and consummating the reinvigorated ‘Divas’ group.”

“You wanted to have sex with me? You do realize I’m happily married?” said a bit of a shocked Mariah.

“I do realize that and both Shania and I would’ve kept it quiet from Nick.” said Rihanna as she looked into Mariah’s eyes.

“She’s right, we will keep it quiet. She is an awesome lover. She brought me to an amazing climax when we fucked.” said Shania.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it with another woman before. Nick keeps me pretty happy.” said Mariah nervously.

“Look at me Mariah.” said Rihanna. As soon as Mariah looked at her, Rihanna locked eyes with her. “Let’s talk woman to woman here, shall we?” Rihanna spoke about how much she looked up to Mariah and Shania as she grew up in Barbados and listened to their music and wanted to sign like them. Mariah said she appreciated her compliments. While they were talking, Rihanna kept her eyes locked on Mariah’s eyes.

Over the next few minutes, Rihanna did more of the talking and kept her eyes locked on Mariah’s eyes. As the eyes were locked, Mariah was slowly getting mesmerized by Rihanna’s eyes. Rihanna realized that and kept talking with her eyes still locked on Mariah’s. Once couple of minutes, Rihanna would ask if Mariah wants to have sex with her and each time Mariah would decline. However, each time Mariah declined, it was with less emphasis. After some time and a few drinks, Rihanna asked Mariah if she was willing to have sex with her and she finally accepted.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom, shall we?” smirked Rihanna as she stood up and grabbed the briefcase. Mariah got up as well. They both headed back to the bedroom and stripped naked. Rihanna looks at Mariah, “I’ll be wearing the dildo, so why don’t you lay on the bed and spread’em for me.”

“Ok.” said Mariah as she gets on the bed and spreads her legs. Rihanna takes the dildo out of the briefcase and climbs up on the bed. She intertwines her fingers with Mariah’s just as she inserts the dildo making her gasp at the insertion. Mariah quickly starts moaning as Rihanna sways her hips back and forth reaming her pussy with the ever growing Dark Wolf dildo. Within a couple of minutes, Rihanna brought Mariah to an orgasm and with that, becomes complacent with Rihanna.

Soon after Rihanna makes Mariah orgasm, she takes the dildo out of Mariah, scooches up Mariah’s torso and smears the tip of the dildo on Mariah’s lips. Just like with Shania the other night, she takes the dildo off, puts it on the bed and scooches up a few more inches putting her pussy on Mariah’s face. Rihanna told her to eat her out and Mariah complied by licking, sucking and kissing Rihanna’s pussy. Rihanna was getting satisfaction on several levels as Mariah was eating her out. She was not only getting the obvious sexual satisfaction from Mariah, but also the satisfaction that she will now be in control of two ‘Divas’ in the music industry and all within the past few days. Within a couple of minutes, Mariah licked, sucked and kissed Rihanna’s pussy making her orgasm. After the orgasm, Rihanna gets up off of the bed and puts the dildo back in the briefcase. She calls Shania into the bedroom.

“I will set up a meeting with Christina and Gen Prime so you can tell them the news about ‘Divas’. They’ll be so happy to hear the news.” said Rihanna as she finished with some sarcasm as she got dressed. “I’m sure you girls can enjoy yourselves until then.”

As soon as she left Shania’s place, she called up Kelly, “I got some good news. I used The Dark Wolf on both Shania and Mariah. The bad news is that Mariah wants to go her own way and once Shania heard that, she followed suit.”

“That’s good news Rihanna. We can use their wanting to go their own way as a positive. We can have you guide them as to which girls to work with and use them to do our bidding.” said Kelly.

“That’s fine with me. I think we should set a meeting between ourselves, Gen Prime, Mariah and Shania. I bet Christina won’t be all too happy that her ‘bitch’ couldn’t come through and get the ‘Divas’ back together.” said Rihanna.

"I agree. I’ll set up the meeting.” said Kelly.

After they each hung up the phone, Kelly called Janet about meeting and going over details on the ‘Divas’. They agreed to meet a week later. Kelly and Janet passed the news on to their teams and Rihanna informed Mariah and Shania about the meeting and told them to tell no one else about it and too come in disguise. The following week, they met in a small function room in a function hall on the outskirts of LA. The function room was typically reserved for family reunions.

“Hey Keira, you’re cuter in person than I imagined. It’s no wonder Christina has been dealing with you.” Smirked Carmen as she looked at Keira.

“Thanks, not too bad yourself.” replied Keira somewhat coldly trying to be serious when it comes to the meeting.

“Maybe we can grab a bite to eat afterwards? Have a little fun while we’re at it.” said Carmen flirtatiously.

“I don’t think so. I’m kind of seeing someone right now. Besides, if we fucked, you wouldn’t walk right for a week.” replied Keira.

“I like your style.” smirked Carmen.

A few minutes later, the rest of the girls showed up, including Mariah and Shania. “Now that we’re all here, let’s get things started. Let’s hear from Mariah and Shania about the ‘Divas’.” Said Kelly.

“As we all know, I lost to Christina recently and because of it became her ‘bitch’. I told her about possibly getting the ‘Divas’ back together. I then reached out to Mariah to see what she felt about a reunion.” said Shania as she looked at Mariah.

“After she reached out to me, I stalled her as long as I could before reaching a final decision. I came to a decision lately. I’ve decided to go my own way and not rejoin ‘Divas’.” said Mariah as she looked at Shania.

“I too will not be rejoining ‘Divas’ and going my own way.” chimed in Shania.

“This is unbelievable. You girls set us up when Christina made the arrangement with your group.” said a pissed off Janet.

“You’re pissed off about this? I don’t like the idea that they don’t want to rejoin ‘Divas’ any more than you do. If you think we coerced them into ditching the ‘Divas’ idea, you wrong. You should know them better than any of us that they’re too full of themselves to be coerced by the likes of us.” retorted Kelly putting on her best ‘tough girl’ attitude.

“Be that as it may, there’s something else at play here.” said a still pissed off Janet.

“Don’t get so pissed off girls. If Shania, myself and Whitney… God Rest her Soul… wanted to get back together in the past few years, we would have done so.” said Mariah trying to be the voice of reason and calm things down.

“She’s right about that. The idea of doing a ‘Divas’ reunion was doomed from the get-go.” chimed in Keira.

“I don’t know about being a doomed idea, but we could’ve worked something out.” said Christina.

“You relinquished those rights when you asked us to find two more girls. Besides, ever since Britney left Gen Next and we’ve taken it over, you girls haven’t had any success against us and Christina only won the Songbird Title because of us.” said Keira.

“That’s not all true. Janet did train me which helped me immensely to win the title and I did make Shania my bitch.” said Christina.

“Actually, I only became your bitch because you threatened to break my arms. Now that you lost the title and the ‘Divas’ reunion didn’t work out for either of your groups, I don’t see why I should be your bitch anymore.” said Shania.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” said a frustrated Christina as she put her hands on her hips. Shania replied with a trite, “Sorry.”

“Before we all go ballistic on each other today and get into a blood bath, why don’t we call it a day and head our separate ways.” said Kelly.

“Fine with me, this meeting was a bust anyway. That is until our next encounter. Let’s go girls.” said Janet as she stormed off. Christina was the last one in tow and as she left the room she looked at Keira. Mariah and Shania left the room shortly after them. Kelly and the girls broke a smile after they all left.

“That was a little intense with them.” said Kelly.

“Definitely, they don’t trust us. Of all the things to charge us with, I don’t think they suspected The Dark Wolf was in play. We can use that to our advantage.” said Rihanna. The Gen Next girls talked about their next moves and what to do with Mariah and Shania now that they’re under Rihanna’s control. After talking for a better part of an hour, the girls went their own ways.